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Yalea and her covalent bond to the Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders

Titans Cheerleader Yalea prior to the Titans-Niners game

I have always wanted to interview Yalea of the Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders. The Michigan native is a chemistry teacher, with Masters degrees in public health and education. But Jayme Lamm of The Blonde Side in Man Cave Daily beat me to it (Titans Cheerleader Yalea Has Chemistry).

Curses, I’ve been scooped! I’ll never know Yalea’s favorite element, if she ever saw a lab experiment go ker-blew-y, or if she would be impressed if a man offered her a bottle of hydrogen hydroxide. Or what her favorite chemistry joke is, like “What did the proton say to the electron? Why are you so negative!” or “Neon walks into a bar. The bartender says, ‘What’ll you have?’ Neon doesn’t react; Neon’s a noble gas, it never reacts.”

But I will concede, Jayme’s interview with Yalea is cool (she also recently interviewed super good friend of UltimateCheerleaders Allie of the Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders, Colts Cheerleader Allie Never Quits). But does she have photos of Yalea at the Halloween game, in her Esmeralda costume? Well, here are some photos of Yalea from that game:

There are more photos at the Continue link below and also at this link…

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