Denver Bronco Cheerleaders Reveal Exercise And Diet Routine: How They Prepare For Super Bowl XLVIII

By Amethyst Tate
International Business Times

The Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks are not the only ones training ahead of Super Bowl Sunday. The 26 Broncos cheerleaders are also working hard to make sure they’re in tip-top shape for the big day. There’s no question that it takes ultimate confidence to show off their dance moves in sexy outfits, especially in front of millions of audience viewers. And they get that sexy confidence by being super-fit. Here’s how they work out:


Lelanna, a benefits & HRIS administrator when she’s not cheering, is getting game-ready with fitness classes. “I’m a member of 24-Hour Fitness, so I go to classes like boxing, I do high interval workouts, or I run on the treadmill — I’m basically just making sure I’m physically fit,” she tells Cosmopolitan. “Especially because when we get to the game, we’re there hours before and then we’re dancing four or more hours once the game starts. Plus, one of our outfits consists of leather chaps that are heavy, so when you’re dancing around in them, you can get tired easily if you’re not fit.”

Emily M

Marine project engineer Emily M is going for less physically grueling exercises, sticking to yoga and strength training ahead of the Super Bowl. “My goal for this game is be toned, so I’ve been taking a lot of yoga classes at Core Power and going to the gym a lot to work my booty and abs.

I like going with friends to stay focused because you push each other more that way. We’ll be bundled up on game day since it’s in New York, but if we need to be in a half-top, I’ll be ready. We have four-hour-long practices twice a week, and since I have a full-time job, I try to fit in 30 minutes a day twice a week, or take a walk around my neighborhood, at the very least,” she says.


Sam, who’s been on the team for four years, focuses on both her diet and exercise regimen. “For a workout, first and foremost, I go to four-hour practices twice a week. That counts for my cardio. But aside from that, I go running about two times a week and then I coach a youth cheerleading team twice a week as well, so I dance with them while I’m there. A lot of the girls also go to yoga sculpt at Core Power, but I haven’t had time since the New Year.” But luckily, she also eats quite well.

“I’m a vegetarian, so I don’t eat a hefty amount of protein, but I’ll usually have two eggs for breakfast with sautéed vegetables (spinach with mushrooms or peppers), a glass of juice, and two cups of coffee. For lunch, I try to make my own meal… always try to snack on nuts if I need a pick-me-up. And then for dinner, I’ll typically eat a pasta with red sauce and legumes to add fiber and protein. I’ll also have a small salad on the side with some vegetables,” she says.

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