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2014-15 Dallas Cowboys Rhythm & Blue Dancers

New team photo! Click to view full size.

New England Patriots Cheerleaders 2015 Calendar Launch Party is September 11th

Come join the 2014 Patriots Cheerleaders as they launch their 2015 Swimsuit Calendar. Mark your calendars for Thursday, September 11th. The 2015 Swimsuit Calendar Launch Party will take place at Toby Keith’s I Love this Bar and Grill at Patriot Place in Foxboro, from 7pm-9pm.

Not only are the cheerleaders looking forward to meeting you, but they will be on hand to sign autographs, pose for photos and perform some of their favorite sidelines routines!

Patriots Cheerleaders 2015 Calendar Launch Party
When: Thursday, September 11, 2014
Where: Toby Keith’s I Love this Bar and Grill, Patriot Place, Foxboro
Time: 7:00pm-9:00pm

Meet Captain Michelle Kolcun: Air Force Officer & Rams Cheerleader

Photo of the Day – August 29

Deonna of the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders at last night’s game.

2014 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

This year’s squad has been announced. Click here to learn more about the ladies on the team.

Photo of the Day – August 28

A New Orleans VooDoo Doll

The 2014-2015 GCC Football Calendar Premieres September 6, 2014

The GCC are unveiling their 2nd annual Football Calendar right in time for the NFL regular season kick-off with a dance-themed style that is a first of its kind in sports entertainment.

Featured as one of the hottest calendars of 2013-2014 by The New York Post and Pix Channel 11, the 2014 publication promises to exceed the high standards of its predecessor with inspiring dance photographs and features of the cheerleaders in their various careers outside of dance.

Bar Anticipation is hosting this exciting event at their renowned Grotto Beach, equipped with sandy bar areas, cabanas and the famous waterfall pool from where guests can watch the show afloat.

Guests will enjoy a dinner buffet, open bar and “meet and greets” with the GCC and surprise celebrity guests.

[More info and tickets]

Photo of the Day – August 27

A trio of USA Sevens Sweethearts

Former RHS cheerleader makes Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

By Travis Simpson
Courier News
August 24 2014

When Ashley Prochazka grew up cheering for the Russellville Cyclones cheer and dance team, she had no idea she would one day take the field as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader.

Prochazka won the spot earlier this summer in a competition against 500 ladies from 36 states and four countries.

But it began on the sidelines at Cyclone football games and under the goal at basketball games.

“In a way, being on the cheer squads, it taught me how to be an ambassador,” she said. “People look at you a lot more than someone who is in the stands. You have to represent your program well. Your school is your brand.”

Prochazka has been involved in competitive cheer since fourth grade and has garnered just about every accolade available for active athletes in the sport. She won a national and world championship in 2009 with a traveling cheer squad from Dallas, Texas and cheered four years for the Baylor University Bears where she earned a bachelor’s degree in health sciences pre-physical therapy.

Still — she never quite dreamed it would go this far. She became interested in the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders in high school when a former teammate tried out and failed to make the team.

“I guess that’s when the idea first came in my head,” she said. “The Cowboys were the only football team I ever paid attention to, so it put that thought in my mind.”

Prochazka first tried out in 2013 but didn’t make the team. In her words, the try-out process was more than she expected. When she returned a year later to try again, she was ready.

“I think it made me grow a lot,” she said. “It was my first time to not achieve something in cheer that I had gone after. It was very humbling. I think it was God letting me know that not everything is handed to you. I’ve always worked hard, but I learned that for some things you have to work extra hard.”

Prochazka’s rise through the ranks was documented for season eight of Country Music Television’s (CMT) “Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team,” a reality show which documents the difficulties involved in being selected for America’s most well-known cheer squad.

The show, which first premiered in 2006, shows the progression each candidate must follow in order to make the final roster and take the field on opening day at Cowboys Stadium. First comes an open audition “cattle call,” then personal interviews, uniform fittings, BMI testing, physical fitness testing, etiquette training, mock media interviews and calender shoots.

The girls are even tested on knowledge of the Dallas Cowboys history, the NFL in general, the rules of the game, general history and current events. That was something Prochazka hadn’t expected on her first go-round, but came well-studied for round two.

“This year, I studied a lot,” she said. “Last year I didn’t know what to expect, but this year we made study guides. I’ve been out of college for a year now, but I was studying like I would have for a test. We [other applicants] would quiz each other, ask questions. Ultimately, we’re out there representing the organization. We aren’t just cheer and dance. We have to be able to hold a conversation, so they have to test us like that.”

Participants undergo dance choreography tests and are hand-picked by a panel of experts. Scoring is based on physical appearance, fitness, dance style, poise, grace, intelligence and showmanship.

From there, the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleading camp opens and the ladies undergo more tests. A woman can be cut at any time. Of the 500 who tried out, only 47 were brought to camp and only 39 survived to officially make the squad.

“Every night could be cut night,” Prochazka said. “You could be let go. You have to learn over 30 routines in a month-and-a-half period just to perform in front of the judges each night.”

Common reasons to be cut include failure to correctly perform dance routines, failure to display an elite level of skill and a lack of physical fitness or meet the body fat requirements.

“Every year is not guaranteed. You have to try out again each year,” Prochazka said. “The veterans don’t join until finals, so they do get an advantage, but they still aren’t guaranteed a spot on the team every year.”

Prochazka said she believes she is exactly where she is meant to be. Her faith is important to her. There’s a time to every season, she reminds herself, including a time to dance.

“No matter how great a dancer you are, sometimes it might turn out that this isn’t where you are supposed to be and that’s hard,” she explained. “I think that’s one of the hardest things for people to take in — when their plans don’t match what God wants.

“I have been blessed by making the teams I have tried out for. God has given me the talent to be on some of the best cheer teams in the nation and the world. When I didn’t make it last year, it was hard for me to accept that.”

But she didn’t give up. According to Prochazka, God had put the desire in her heart for a reason.

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team airs at 8 p.m. Fridays on CMT.

Get to Know NFL’s Kriste Lewis: The 40 Year Old Saintsation

by Kenny Lopez

You might have heard about this Saintsation cheerleaders. Her name’s Kriste Lewis and she’s making headlines. At 40 years old, she’s the oldest Saintsation to ever make the squad.

“I am 40. I think I look 40, and I’m proud of that. I am the most senior Saintsation and the oldest to ever audition,” she said.

Lewis is proving pom-pom shaking doesn’t have an age limit.

“Go for it. Don’t let age hold you back. Don’t let feeling like your past your prime, stop you. If something is bothering you or maybe you have an illness. Don’t let it hold you back from going after you want.”

She’s found joy in the whole process and enjoys dance training again.

“I’m doing dance moves that I haven’t done since I was a little girl,” she said.

As a little girl she always wanted to be an NFL cheerleader. It wasn’t until her 40th birthday came along that she decided to mark the milestone by trying out.

“You got to remember what you enjoyed as a child. As adults we get stuck in our everyday grind and we forget what gave us joy as a child. Usually whatever gives you joy as a child, it will give you joy as an adult,” Lewis said.

Dancing obviously brings her joy, but sod does being a wife to her husband, Tim and a mom to her two sons, 14-year old, Jake and 11-year old, Rob.

“That’s my mom. It’s unbelievable,” Jake said.

“Some of my friends are like, your mom is an NFL cheerleader, and I’m like, yes, she is,” Rob said.

Living in the moment is important to Kriste, especially because she knows in 10 years, she’ll face a health challenge.

“I have polycystic kidney disease, or PKD. It just means cysts grow on my kidneys. Around age 50, my kidneys will lose function and they’ll shut down. I’ll need dialysis and a transplant. I don’t want to waste any time. I want to make memories. That is what this whole experience has been all about,” Lewis said.

Since becoming a Saintsation, she’s been making memories with the other “saintsational” ladies on the team. They respect her and feel age really is just a number.

Saintsation Becca said, “I’m 21 and I think it takes charisma to be a Saintsation, at any age.”

Saintsation Alixx said, “I’m 19 and I think it takes educated and sassy to be a Saintsation, at any age.”

When you see Kriste at the games cheering on Drew Brees and the boys, you’ll most likely be amazed because she really doesn’t look 40.

“I’m a lady. Of course, I love a compliment like that. That makes me feel good,” she said.

Kriste lives in Hattisburg, Mississippi, where she is a dance instructor.

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Shares Passion for Dance in Home Town of Sioux Falls

From KSFY.com
By Bridget Bennett

KSFY News – Sioux Falls, SD News, Weather, Sports

Champion Legacy Cheer & Dance Studio is home to several world-champion teams, but the Sioux Falls studio is also where a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader got her start.

“In Sioux Falls when I was growing up, I danced for Champion Legacy, which is a gym that my mother started actually when I was in high school,” said Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Ashley F.

Her love of dance has deep roots in South Dakota.

“I was born in Huron, SD and I did ballet I did Jazz, tap growing up, we moved to Sioux Falls the summer before 6th grade…I also did ballet and jazz classes and I was a Washington High School high stepper,” said Ashley.

She also taught at her mom’s dance studio throughout college, but soon realized she wanted to further her education.

“Following my undergrad at the University of Nebraska, I decided I wanted to go on and get my Master’s Degree at St. Edwards University in Austin; when I finished I realized I really missed dance in my life and I wasn’t done performing,” said Ashley.

In 2012, Ashley tried out for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and earned a spot on the team.

“Getting to do something that I grew up doing that I’ve loved since I was a six-year-old little girl in the coolest environment and the biggest stage in sports in the United States is just such a cool experience. We get to dance at AT&T stadium in front of crowds of 100,000 people and that is just awesome,” said Ashley.

This weekend, she continued to share that passion for performing with her former students in Sioux Falls.

“She’s been my coach since I was two and a half years old. She’s really nice and I was sad when she left, but I like watching her on TV,” said Sioux Falls 5th Grader Ellie Walker.

For these students, Ashley is living proof that hard work really can pay off.

“Ashley made her dream come true so now we know our dreams can come true too,” said 5th grader Lauren Sutcliffe.

Photo of the Day – August 26

On Saturday, Miami Dolphins Cheerleader Line Co-Captain Megan was Cheerleader of the Game.

Baltimore Blast Cheerleaders Open Call Auditions

Brick Bodies in Timonium was the location for Baltimore Blast Cheerleader Auditions earlier this month.

Hopefuls endured two rounds of cuts on audition day…

And then a week of bootcamp.

Finalists competed for a spot on the 2014-15 a week later. Photos coming soon.


[Blast Cheerleaders Audition Gallery]

NFL Cheerleader Alumni Reunion

On August 1st & 2nd, I journeyed to the JW Marriott Atlanta Buckhead for second NFL Cheerleader Alumni Reunion. It was a rare honor and privilege to be a fly on the wall, if not in the ointment, as these ladies took part in a series of events designed to remember days gone by, create some new memories and build the sisterhood. I, like them, had a great time renewing some old acquaintances, and making new ones. I am grateful to all the alumni for allowing me to join in and record the weekend’s events, but would like to single out Terri Crane Lamb, Angela King and Kristi Korpieski Carder for going above and beyond to make me feel welcome.

First night mixer at the JW Marriott

If you’ve never seen 100 cheerleader alumni take over a dance floor, it is a rare treat, as the people at the Havana Club found out.

A bus tour of the Atlanta Buckhead area made a stop at the Georgia Dome for a photo op.

Lucky’s Burger & Brew hosted a lunch event.

A photo of what I called the Mt. Rushmore of Cheerleading; Angela King, who in addition to being one of the leading uniform designers for the NFL, was also one of the founders of the Pro Bowl Cheerleaders; Suzanne Mitchell, the director of the DCC as they rose to national prominence; and Terri Crane Lamb, founder of the first cheerleader alumni organization (WRC).

Right before their performance, the Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders posing with PBC’s Brooke (2012) and Valerie (2008) from the Titans.

Our host, Michelle Mickey Crawford-Carnegie

Master of ceremonies, Lisa Guerrero

Keynote speaker, Shannon Oleen, during her top ten list.

Flavia Berys deftly handling a delicate subject.

Suzanne Mitchell giving her heartfelt speech.

And it wouldn’t be a Pro Bowl Dan event without a shot of all the PBC’s in attendance. Thanks to Mickey for incorporating this into the event.

As many of the attendees as I could fit into the frame.

A second dance floor falls prey to the alumni.

Photo of the Day – August 25

A pair of NY Jets Flight Crew – Photo courtesy of our friend Max