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The Allen Americans Ice Angels Cancun calendar shoot goes top shelf


Stocking stuffer alert! The Allen Americans Ice Angels raised the bar with their 2015 Calendar release on November 22nd. This year, their photo shoot took place in the Playa del Carmen area, south of Cancun. It was a fun filled three-day stay that brought the ECHL dance team even closer together. Known for their beauty, fitness, and over the top dance talent, Ice Angels Director Stephanie Di-Biase Wheat again put together a phenomenal team for this season. Photographer James Higgins and crew handled the photography and a video was done by DJP productions.


Standing Tough – Chargers Last Minute Goal Line Interception Preserves Win Over Rams

[This article was originally published on Thehottestdanceteam.wordpress.com.]

There’s an old saying, “when the going gets tough, the tough go get an interception”. Okay, I made that up, but it is a fitting description to the events that transpired last Sunday in the fiercely contested game between the visiting St. Louis Rams and the San Diego Chargers.

Backed up to their own four yard yard, the Chargers intercepted a Shaun Hill pass on the goal line with 56 seconds to play to hold off the surging Rams and preserve a three point victory.

Final Score: Chargers – 27, Rams – 24

With the win, the Chargers stay in contention for the AFC West title and remain one game behind the Denver Broncos. As for the Rams, at 4-7 they are out of the playoff race and if to make matters worse, there are persistent rumors of an impending move back to Los Angeles.

As for the Charger Girls, well things are pretty much as they always are…wonderful.









I stopped by the Bud Light Power Party to visit with the Charger Girls and snap a few posed photos during a lull in their calendar signing. Here’s a few samples.




We begin this week’s coverage with the Captains: Katelyn, Clarisse, Angela M. and Natalie.





This week’s Charger Girl of the Day is a San Diego native and second year squad member, introducing…Tina.








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Photo of the Day – November 26


A Calgary Stampeder Outrider at  theCFL Western final on Sunday where the Stampeders beat the Edmonton Eskimos and will be heading to Vancouver next week to play the Hamilton Ticats in the Grey Cup Game.  Photo courtesy of the Calgary Stampeders

Photo of the Day – November 25

An Orlando Predators Prowler

Baltimore Blast Cheerleaders Home Opener – Redux

More photos from the Blast Home Opener earlier this month.







[Blast Cheerleaders Gallery]

[Blast Cheerleaders on Facebook]

Dallas Stars Ice Girls Calendar

[Dallas Stars Ice Girls]

[Stars Ice Girls Calendar]

Photo of the Day – November 24

A Philadelphia Wings Angel

2014-2015 Mississippi RiverKings Dance Team

The Mississippi RiverKings Dance Team under the direction of Daly Foncree represent the Southern Professional Hockey League Mississippi RiverKings. You can catch them at home games in Lander’s Center in Southaven, Mississippi, a suburb of Memphis.


[RiverKings Dancers on Facebook]

Pro Dance Prep

Last week former NBA Dancer Shonna Chiles launched her newest endeavor, Pro Dance Prep. The YouTube channel is called “Pro Dance Prep” and a new video is added every Thursday. It is a culmination of dance tutorials, expert advice from current dancers, former pros and directors, and she will teach select free prep classes throughout the Bay Area.

[Pro Dance Prep on YouTube]

[Pro Dance Prep]

Photo of the Day – November 21


A Phoenix Suns Dancer

Denver Nuggets Dancer Makes Move from NFL to NBA

Alicia spent two seasons as cheerleader for the Kansas City Chiefs

From DenverNuggets.com

aliciaGoodbye, frigid Sunday afternoons in Kansas City. Hello, electric heat of the Pepsi Center.

After spending two seasons as a cheerleader for the Kansas City Chiefs, first-year Denver Nuggets Dancer Alicia is ready to make the transition to the NBA.

“I’m excited for the new opportunity,” she said. “I came out to Denver in March to verify that this was something I wanted to take on and do. It was a really neat experience. It was entertaining and high energy.”

Raised in the farming community of Marshall, Missouri (pop. 13,065), Alicia got her start in dancing when her grandmother enrolled her in a class when she was 10.

“She wanted to get some coordination in me,” Alicia said.

Grandma Carol knew what was she was doing. Alicia adapted quickly and eventually became a member of her high school dance teams and cheerleading squads.

While expressing her artistic side through dance, Alicia also began to think about her career path while attending Avila University in Kansas City.

Intrigued by the opportunities in technology, she transferred from Avila to ITT Technical Institute to pursue her degree. She then landed a job as a networking analyst for Century Link in Kansas City.

“I don’t fit the typical IT stereotype,” Alicia said. “I have a passion for what I do, and I take pride in how fluent I am in what I do.”

Because Century Link is based in Denver, she was able to stay with the company after moving from Kansas City. The biggest challenge will be juggling her work calendar with her Nuggets dance practice and game schedule.

“I’m pretty good managing my time,” Alicia said. “I can definitely say I don’t know what to expect with the NBA. The NFL was one home game every two weeks. Luckily my co-workers and staff are very supportive. They’re going to work with me on my schedule. My organizer is my best friend.”

Nuggets dance team manager Amy Jo Wagner was impressed with Alicia’s confidence and choreography during auditions in July.

“Without looking at her resume, I could immediately tell that she had performance experience.”

Though she’s an NBA rookie, Alicia brings a veteran presence to the team because of her two years with the Chiefs.

“She understands the pressure of dancing in front of a large audience,” Wagner said. “That will definitely help Alicia as she settles into a new town, new building, and new league.

“In the few shorts weeks we have worked together, she already has proven herself to be a valuable team member and a great role model for our younger dancers.”

[Alicia at the Nuggets Website]

Photo of the Day – November 20


Lora at Philadelphia Soulmates Finals on Tuesday night.

Buccaneer Cheerleaders Military Salute

Congrats goes out to the Buccaneers for a very needed and impressive victory this past Sunday at the Washington Redskins. Next up is a return visit for Lovie Smith and company to the windy city of Chicago.

The attached photo shoot is from the last home game (v. Falcons) which honored the NFL’s “Salute to Service” initiative. Stealing from the men’s saying—“a women in uniform is very sexy and beautiful”.

On Veteran’s day the TBBC and players spent the day visiting with military members at the James H. Haley Veterans’ Hospital in Tampa. Photos and gifts for hundreds of our nation’s heroes.

Buccaneer Cheerleader Jeannie Gonzalez is a Construction Mechanic Third Class , United States Navy Reserve. Check out her bio video on Buccaneer.com

Enjoy the photos from the Atlanta game.

1 Stephanie A.

Stephanie A.

2 Stephanie E.

Stephanie E.

3 Ingrid


4 Jeannie

Jeannie—U.S. Navy Reserve

5 Sydney


6 Ali


7 Norie


8 Tessa,DarlaFaye,Emily,Lauren,Sam

Tessa, DarlaFaye, Emily, Lauren & Sam

[Buccaneers Cheerleaders Gallery]

[Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders]

Congrats 2015 Philadelphia Soulmates


Congratulations to the 2015 Philadelphia Soulmates who were made their first public appearance at Parx Casino last night.

Just Another Day In Paradise: The Chargers vs The Raiders

[This article was originally published on Thehottestdanceteam.wordpress.com.]

It was another beautiful day in sunny Southern California. The weather was a warm 73 degrees and it finally feels like fall has arrived. Yeah…fall for is us 70 degree weather and clear blue skies…just another day in paradise.

And what a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than with some football. This week the Oakland Raiders were in town to test their mettle against the Chargers. After losing the last three games, the Boys in Blue were looking to get healthy against the win less Raiders. Everyone wins against the Raiders. It’s been a year since the Raiders last won, that’s 16 straight losses.

In a rather dull affair, Charger quarterback Philip Rivers threw a 22 yard touchdown pass to Malcom Floyd on the third play of the game and that was the only points needed to vanquish the Raiders as they could only muster two field goals all game. The Chargers added two field goals of their own to finish the scoring.

Final Score: Chargers – 13, Raiders – 6

Where was I? Oh yeah, paradise. When you live in paradise, this is what your cheerleaders wear in November.









It was Salute to Service week in the NFL, so the Charger Girls donned sexy military themed uniforms to celebrate the occasion. No parkas and dance pants for the Charger Girls, booyah!

As is customary, we begin this week’s coverage with the Captains: Katelyn, Clarisse, Angela M., and Natalie.





This week’s Charger Girl of the Day was born in Delaware and raised in California, introducing…Denise.







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