Orlando Magic Dancer Auditions Will Be Extra Special This Year

By Josh Cohen

Orlando Magic Dancers, past and present, all seem to share similar sentiments.


Faces light up when reflecting back on all their performances during games and other events. They cherish the times they were out in the community improving lives. They treasure the friendships they built with teammates. They still laugh about all those elusive moments they shared.

Being a Magic Dancer signifies a lifelong bond that only strengthens as time evolves.

“It was absolutely life-changing for me,” said Lyndsay King, a Magic Dancer for two seasons (2010-2012). “It was a wonderful decision to audition and be a part of the team.”

“There are so many memories with the girls,” she added. “They are all like family to me. Some were even in my wedding and babysit my child. That’s how close we are.”

Dozens of hopefuls will start the audition journey soon (click here for audition details). Only 20 women will be chosen to be part of the 2015-16 Magic Dancers. That journey will only be the beginning of a dream come true or, for some, a dream relived.

Magic Dancer Nicole, who has been with the team since 2012, hopes to relive that dream. She will be auditioning again this year in hopes of making the squad for a fourth straight season.

“I am so excited to hopefully experience another fantastic and exciting season with the best organization and group of women I know,” Nicole said. My favorite memory every year is actually the day of auditions. Seeing familiar faces from previous auditions and knowing that there’s a new season ahead is indescribable.”

The same perspective plays in the mind of Magic Dancer Alex, who hopes to be named to the team for a second consecutive year.

“The idea of being an Orlando Magic Dancer for another season honestly gets me so excited every time I think about it,” Alex said. “Rehearsals, appearances and game days just add so much excitement to my life and always gives me something to look forward to.”

“I had such an incredible year with the team this past year and take so much pride in my role as an OMD, that I would be so grateful and even more excited to come back for a second year, as a veteran,” she added.

Unlike past years when auditions lasted for no more than five days, this year it will be a much more elaborate and extensive process. For one, the entirety of the auditions goes from June 6 until June 19. Between those days, there will be a series of evaluations, including interviews, fitness assessments and obviously performing dance routines in front of expert judges.

Also, for the first time, all finalists will take part in a swimwear photo shoot.

But perhaps the most appealing aspect of this year’s auditions is that the finals will be held at the Baha Mar Casino & Hotel in Nassau, Bahamas. The 30 finalists will travel to the resort on June 16 and return to Orlando on June 20 (finals are scheduled for June 19).

As Nicole and Alex point out, the length of this year’s auditions makes it extra important to prepare for everything and not skip any of the details.

“It consists of working out, eating right, taking dance classes and getting my audition outfit ready,” Nicole said about gearing up for auditions.

“Knowing that there is a possibility of going to the Bahamas for finals and a swimwear photoshoot has made me work even harder this year,” Alex said. “I have been in the gym just about every day, preparing myself for the audition day and to be able to have the endurance to make it through bootcamp.”

For retired dancers like Lyndsay, auditions are now an opportunity to give advice and show support for prospective Magic Dancers.

“You definitely have to prepare yourself mentally and physically,” she said. “It’s about being a well-rounded individual. Someone who will get people excited about the Magic.”