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Yes, Chicago dancers can still cheer for their football team; Chicago Thunder Dancers prep classes and auditions are here


The Chicago Thunder Football Club, a proud member of the MidStates Football League of minor league outdoor football, will again include a professional dance team this season. Jenny Hinz, the Director of the Chicago Thunder Dancers (AND also Director of the Chicago Blitz Thunder Dancers) informs us of their upcoming prep class and auditions. Here is the scoop!

Chicago, Are you Ready to Go Pro?
Chicago Thunder Dancers Prep Class
May 28 8:30-10:30pm
*FFC Gym East Lakeview, 3657 N Pinegrove Ave, Chicago Il 60613.

Chicago Thunder Dancers Auditions
June 4 8:30-11pm
*FFC Gym East Lakeview, 3657 N Pinegrove Ave, Chicago Il 60613.

Auditions are $20. Come ‘camera ready’ as we will be filming the web series: Chicago Blitz Dancers, Making the Team!

Email chicagothunderdancers@gmail.com to register or receive additional information.

Registration Starts at 8:15pm
o Train and bus nearby, as well as pay to park
o Plan to come early so you can find the place.
o $15 prep class, $20 auditions

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