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Tampa Bay Rays “Turn Back The Clock” Game

The attendance problems of the Rays are well documented but it’s not for lack of trying. The Tampa Bay Rays always field a competitive team and their fan promotions are second to none. This past weekend they beat the Red Sox in a “Turn Back The Clock” game including retro (but hideous) uniforms.

The Ray Team performers also went all in by finding outfits and music straight from the 1970’s. It always a good day when the Sox lose but the promotion added extra enjoyment to the game.

Good job to the Ray Team for a fun show.

Enjoy the following photos and album.


Rachel, Khrystle and Kiana





4 Zoe-Lacey-Brittany-Tyra

Zoe, Lacey, Brittany and Tyra


Eli, Lorenza, Zoe, Amanda, Brittany and Lacey

6 Ray Team

Ray Team

7 Ray Team

Ray Team


Valerie, Kiana, Khrystle, Lorenza, Rachel, Eli, Tyra

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