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2015 P-R-O Convention All Star: Charlotte Honey Bee Lauren

This year, it seemed to me that the Charlotte Honey Bees brought their entire newly minted squad to P-R-O. There must have been over twenty Honey Bees in attendance…that’s certainly more than I can remember being here at one time. But that was a good thing because Brandii McCoy’s squad is absolutely gorgeous from top to bottom. They have to be the hottest dance team in the NBA…no lie. And my only regret this year is that I was unable to photograph all of them for this series.

You could call our next honoree a hoops hottie, but I read that she was also a former NFL cheerleader for the Carolina Panthers…introducing Charlotte Honey Bee Lauren, our next 2015 P-R-O Convention All Star.

Honeybee 2015 Lauren 07

I don’t know about Panther blue, but Honey Bee purple suits her just fine.

Honeybee 2015 Lauren 03

Honeybee 2015 Lauren 01

Honeybee 2015 Lauren 08

Honeybee 2015 Lauren 02

Honeybee 2015 Lauren 05

Honeybee 2015 Lauren 06

Honeybee 2015 Lauren 09

Honeybee 2015 Lauren 04

2015 PRO  043

2015 PRO  068

2015 PRO  126

Onward and upward. Who will be our next P-R-O Convention All Star? We will see soon.

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