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2015 P-R-O Convention All Star: Jets Flight Crew Cheerleader Tara

I am not sure if I’ll ever get to New York to catch a Jets game (yes, I know the game is played in New Jersey), but I can take some solace in that I can always snap a few pics of the Jets Flight Crew at the P-R-O Convention in Atlanta. I usually get some nice action shots of the squad during the weekend, but I was able to shoot only one girl for this series and it happens that she was the last girl I shot that weekend. I was lucky to snag her after the convention had ended and right before she had to catch a flight back home.

I can honestly say she’s my favorite Flight Crew Member because she’s beautiful in this All American Girl kind of way and she has this wonderful smile. It doesn’t hurt that she’s very photogenic and as I understand, she’s a big sports fan. What? An NFL Cheerleader and a die hard sports fan? I must be dreaming.

Introducing our next 2015 P-R-O Convention All Star…Tara, Jets Flight Crew Cheerleader and the biggest sports fan in New York.

JFC Tara 2015 03

JFC Tara 2015 01

JFC Tara 2015 04

JFC Tara 2015 02

JFC Tara 2015 08

JFC Tara 2015 05

JFC Tara 2015 07

JFC Tara 2015 09

JFC Tara 2015 13

JFC Tara 2015 11

JFC Tara 2015 10

JFC Tara 2015 15

JFC Tara 2015 06

JFC Tara 2015 14

2015 PRO 772

2015 PRO 771

2015 PRO  185

2015 PRO  200

We’ve only scratched the surface and there are many more All Stars yet to come, so keep watching to see who is next!

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