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2015 P-R-O Convention All Star: Tennessee Titans Cheerleader Brandi

The Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders got new uniforms this off season and they wore them to P-R-O. They’re sexy and, needless to say, I like the new look. So you can imagine that the Titans were the first squad that I approached to do some of these one on one features. And why not. The girls are gorgeous, the uniforms smoking hot, and they never disappoint.

Our next 2015 P-R-O Convention All Star is all that and more…introducing Tennessee Titans Cheerleader Brandi.

TTC Brandi 2015 04

Love those clean body lines and precise angles in her poses. Classic beauty.

TTC Brandi 2015 05

TTC Brandi 2015 10

TTC Brandi 2015 06

TTC Brandi 2015 08

TTC Brandi 2015 03

TTC Brandi 2015 02

TTC Brandi 2015 07

One day, I’ll have to schedule a road trip to Nashville. Sooner better than later, I think.

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