2015 P-R-O Convention All Star: Tennessee Titans Cheerleader Elizabeth

Last year, one of my fondest wishes came true…the Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders wore their game day uniforms to the convention.  Wearing your game day uniforms to a working dance convention like P-R-O adds a bit of glamour and specialness to the event.  And when you combine a sexy The Line Up designed uniform with one of the hottest dance teams in the NFL, you get some special images.

Our next P-R-O Convention All Star is the embodiment of the All American Girl and I knew that when I first saw her last year, that she was going to be special…and she is.  So, on this Independence Day, I can think of no other cheerleader to recognize on this special occasion.

Introducing Tennessee Titans Cheerleader Elizabeth, our special Independence Day P-R-O Convention All Star.

TTC 2015 Elizabeth 06

The Titans Cheerleaders got new uniforms this year…special uniforms…hot uniforms…sexy uniforms.  And I must say, the girls looked great in them.

TTC 2015 Elizabeth 02

TTC 2015 Elizabeth 07

TTC 2015 Elizabeth 04

TTC 2015 Elizabeth 09

TTC 2015 Elizabeth 15

TTC 2015 Elizabeth 18

TTC 2015 Elizabeth 12

TTC 2015 Elizabeth 21

TTC 2015 Elizabeth 17

2015 PRO 131

2015 PRO 214

2015 PRO 417

2015 PRO 427

TTC 2015 Elizabeth 16











Hope you all had a Happy Fourth of July!  Our next All Star is a special one (aren’t they all!) and you won’t want to miss that one, so stay tuned.

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