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Cheerleader Profile: Ladies of Ontario Fury Dancer Erika

Let’s get to know Erika, a third year member of the Ladies of Ontario Fury.


Why did you become a professional cheerleader?

I was given the opportunity to start cheering/dancing at the age of 9, and ever since then I have been fully captivated by the sport!  Inspired by a former Clippers Spirit Dancer, it was my dream to perform in front of thousands of people someday & that someday finally is here!

What was your favorite experience as a professional cheerleader?

My favorite experience as a professional cheerleader was being selected to perform on a live television show in India called, “Extraaa Innings” for the Indian Premier Cricket League.  It was incredible to be able to take my profession overseas and to perform in front of millions of viewers!

What is your favorite dance style?

I have many different dance styles, but it’s a close tie between hip hop and bachata.

What is your favorite dance move? What is your go to dance move?

When in doubt, Pop Lock & Drop it!  The drop split is my go to dance move, and really gets the crowd pumped!

What are the three words that describe you?

Inspirational, Innovative, Adventurous

What is your favorite music genre? Who is your favorite musical artist?

Anything I can dance to is my favorite kind of music!  Lately I have been listening to a lot of Bollywood & Bachata music.  My favorite music artist is Jennifer Lopez, she is incredible!

What is your guilty pleasure?

Sweeeeeeeeeeeets! Cookies & Milk are my ultimate guilty pleasure snack.

Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? Or some other app.

I’m a very active instagram user, although I don’t like to be on my phone all the time.  My favorite app has to be shazam because when I listen to a new song & want to save it to my phone I immediately press the button and SHAZAM the song is saved!  It’s also great to see what kind of music is trending in other countries around the world!

Who is the one person that inspires you the most?

The one person who truly inspires me is my mother.  My mom is hard working, determined and lets no one bring her down.  I often catch myself doing things my mom would do and I am proud to say I am my mothers daughter.

What advice would you tell someone who aspires to become a professional cheerleader?

Keep focused.  Especially when it comes down to audition day, go in with a positive attitude and show the judges everything you have worked for all year!  There are hundreds of other girls who want that spot on the team, so make it known that you are hungry for it.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

10 years from now I see myself starting new goals, and helping others achieve theirs!  I see my current business growing and would love to open more locations overseas in europe!  With a great support system, I would love to start a family of my own & be a supermom!  I plan on investing in a prestigious dance studio and prep future professional dancers/cheerleaders worldwide!  I want to inspire and volunteer my time by hosting students abroad into our community.  My ultimate goal is to receive the opportunity to be featured on Tedx or Forbes!


You can meet Erika and the rest of the Ladies of Ontario Fury at their next home game on February 13th at the Citizens Business Bank Arena.  For more information about the Ontario Fury, please visit their website here.

[Ladies of Ontario Fury]
[Ladies of Ontario Fury Facebook Page]

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