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Local Woman Remembers Performing for Los Angeles Rams

From KESQ.com

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Many are counting down to Super Bowl 50 this Sunday.

One local woman is gearing up for the big game by remembering her days on the field performing for the Los Angeles Rams.

Neva Sjuts was one of the first majorettes for the Los Angeles Rams.

This was before teams had cheerleaders we think of today.

For those of you who might not know, a majorette dances with the band and twirls a baton.

While some sequins might be missing and the fabric on her costume has faded, her memories on the field remain clear as ever.

“It was very popular, so there was a lot of interest. It was a big deal knowing the Rams were in the coliseum,” said Sjuts.

The team chose Sjuts to be one of four majorettes to perform during the Los Angeles Rams games starting in 1949.

She was just 15 years old.

“Half-time we’d get out and twirl and during the game we would try to keep the fans interested in the game. But it was exciting,” Sjuts said.

Back then the games were just starting to be televised, but the pictures of her doing what she loves stand the test of time.

One of her favorite memories on the field were during one rainy game.

“The mud was all over my boots and we started our routine, and the first thing I did was my high kick and the mud hit me right on the top of the head,” Sjuts said.

She was on the team when the Rams won the NFL title in 1951.

And when she heard the news the Rams were coming home to California?

“I think it’s wonderful because L.A. has needed a pro team, period. But to have the Los Angeles Rams with the history which they have had here, and the fans love them they hated to see them go,” Sjuts said.

And when I asked her what she thought about NFL cheerleaders now?

“It’s come a long way; I wish I could be a part of it now because I think I would thoroughly enjoy it


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