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2016 P-R-O Convention All Star: Los Angeles Rams Cheerleader Sativa-Skye

We begin our coverage of the 2016 P-R-O Convention with our All Star featurette on Los Angeles Rams Cheerleader Sativa-Skye.

I first met Sativa-Skye at the 2014 Ladies of Ontario Fury dance team auditions and I knew then that there would be big things in the future for her.  Flash forward to April of 2016.  Sativa-Skye is selected as one of the members of the Los Angeles Rams Cheerleaders from a candidate pool of local and nationwide professional cheerleaders.  Big things indeed.

So when Saturday arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to see her and two of her new teammates at the convention.  And on Sunday, we were able to snap a few posed photos for this article.  Beautiful, talented and very personable.  Sativa-Skye…our first P-R-O Convention All Star of 2016.








Stay tuned for more amazing P-R-O Convention All Star Cheerleaders! And for more cheerleader articles, please visit my personal blog: thehottestdanceteam.wordpress.com.

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