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WBAY.com: Former Packers Cheerleaders Reunite at Lambeau Field

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) – A group that used to spend time on Lambeau Field’s sidelines returned to the place they used to call home.

Former Green Bay Packers cheerleaders from the 80’s reunited on Saturday to celebrate their time with the team.

The Packers haven’t had professional cheerleaders for nearly 30 years now. Instead, they have local college cheerleaders at the games.

The cheerleaders got to tour Lambeau and took photos. They finished the day with pom-poms in their hands, cheering on the glory days.

They say nothing was better than leading the best fans in the NFL in cheer.

“It feels really nice to kinda go back in time,” said former Packers cheerleader Barb Sauvey. “It’s good to see that everybody’s doing well, and catch up what they’re doing their lives right now. So it’s just fun to stay in touch and connect with them.”

“I love the Packers, first off,” said former Packers cheerleader Elizabeth McAuley. “And I love cheering. And I’m very enthusiastic when it comes to my team, so. I love the Packers.”

The group says while today’s collegiate cheerleaders do a great job, they would love to see professionals back on Lambeau’s sidelines. Right now, the Packers and Bears are the only NFL teams without pro cheerleaders.

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