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2017 Pro Bowl Cheerleaders – New Orleans Saints Kriste Lewis

Kriste Lewis, who has been a Saintsation for three years, was named to the cheerleader Pro Bowl roster to represent the New Orleans cheerleading squad.

Tamica Lee, appearance team director for the Saintsations, congratulates Kriste Lewis on her selection to the 2017 Pro Bowl to represent New Orleans as team director Lesslee Fitzmorris looks on. The announcement was made at the New Orleans Saints vs. Los Angeles Rams game on Sunday, Nov. 27, 2016.

2017 Pro Bowl Cheerleaders – Washington Redskins Cheerleader Rachel

Fifth-year cheerleader and captain Rachel will represent the Redskins at the 2017 Pro Bowl in Orlando, Fl.

SI.com: NFL Cheerleaders Week 16

SI.com has uploaded a gallery of NFL cheerleaders from week 16. More interesting photos this week. Click here to view the gallery.






Sea Gals

Houston Texans Cheerleaders – FREESTYLE FRIDAYS 12-23-16!

A special holiday themed Freestyle Fridays video from the Houston Texans Cheerleaders!

Alison Of The Dolphins On Military Tour

Cheerleader Alison of the Miami Dolphins tries on a helmet inside an MV-22B Osprey while meeting last September with Marines at Morón Air Base, Spain. The MDC visited Spain as part of their military tour around Europe. U.S. Marines and Sailors assigned to Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force-Crisis Response-Africa Command support operations, contingencies and security cooperation in the U.S. Africa Command area of responsibility. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Staff Sgt. Tia Nagle)

Colts cheerleader meets, forgives teen who used racial slur

by Amy Bartner, amy.bartner@indystar.com

One week after a Russiaville high school student used a racial slur to describe an Indianapolis Colts cheerleader in a photo he posted to Snapchat, the two met in person.

The cheerleader, Leanna E., tweeted a photo Wednesday night showing her next to the 17-year-old Western High School senior during the meeting at the Colts complex. The text of the tweet: “A week ago I was the victim of a racial slur that was shared around the world. Today, I chose forgiveness & feel stronger because of it.”

“To receive the apology and be able to formally and officially forgive him and talk and be able to relate on things and find common ground, it was really comforting and helpful for us,” Leanna said Thursday in an interview with IndyStar. “I’m at peace with it.”

The student took a photo Dec. 14 of him and another student posing with Leanna and another Colts cheerleader at the Howard County high school during an event to celebrate the school’s participation in the Colts Leadership Challenge blood donation program with the Indiana Blood Center. The teen sent the Snapchat with the caption, “Of course (other student’s name) put me next to the (racial slur).” A screen grab of the photo was posted to Facebook and quickly went viral, shared more than 1,000 times.

The story drew international attention, and the student posted an apology on his Instagram account, which has since been deleted. But he had not directly apologized to Leanna.

In a conversation Tuesday with Western High School Principal Rick Davis, Leanna asked how the student was doing.

“I just was concerned for how he was handling it, and (Davis) said he wasn’t handling it well,” she said. “That broke my heart to know that.”

So Davis connected the two for the chance to meet face to face.

The student and his mother met Leanna and her coach in a conference room in the complex on the northwest side, and though Leanna extended a hand to shake, the teen greeted her with a hug and flowers.

“I extended my hand to shake, and he was like, ‘Come on, bring it in, bring it in.’ It was a good ice breaker,” she said. “He was pretty uncomfortable, which is understandable, but he got right to his apology. He said that he was a kid who made a mistake. He actually referred to himself as a dumb kid that messed up, and he said he was trying to be funny and wasn’t and that he made a mistake and he was sorry, very sorry for hurting me and others.”

His mother was extremely gracious, too, Leanna said.

“She was emotional and expressed her gratitude and her appreciation for me being so forgiving and me being willing to meet with them, and she immediately embraced me,” she said. “She said he wasn’t raised that way, that it was peer influence. He grew up in a Christian home, and he was taught better.”

The student has received physical threats and a very public response from thousands of people commenting online, and Leanna isn’t sure his offense is worth the vitriol he has received.

“I hope that people look at themselves and step back and realize everybody makes mistakes; nobody’s perfect,” she said. “I feel like there is so much good in Indiana, and the heart of the state is pure and good. That’s what I feel like draws people in. I would hate to think that somebody would read that story of this one student who’s made one mistake and categorize everybody in the state as being the same way, and if so, that’s just stupid.”

Leanna said she did not believe the student was racist. She was told the student and his friends have used the racial slur as sort of a term of endearment, Leanna said. Although she doesn’t understand it, she said she attributes some of that behavior to what she called the “Trump effect,” the surge of visibly racist behavior and imagery in the run-up to and immediate aftermath of the presidential election.

“It has become acceptable, for some reason, to be racist or make racist comments, and I don’t really know why that is,” she said. “The leaders of the nation are making these mistakes, and it’s seeming OK. It’s not that surprising that these kids would make the same mistakes. That generation, that age group, they need a lot of help, a lot of guidance. They’ve grown up with phones and technology at their fingertips, and I don’t think they have the mental and physiological capacity to fully understand the precautions they should take with the internet and with the future.”

Leanna is looking forward to moving forward, and although she didn’t expect her cheerleading career to head in this direction, she is thankful she was put in this position. Davis and the Colts organization is planning to create an educational program from this experience, she said, and she will be heavily involved.

“If it has to be somebody, I’m glad that it could be me,” she said. “We’re trying to make something positive out of this. I’m able to show more people that there’s a different way than just hate.”

#WCW–Lightning Girls In Winter Whites

The Tampa Bay Lightning Girls were “Crushing” it dressed in Winter Whites during last night’s 4 to 1 victory over the Detroit Red Wings.

Erica, Elena, Crystal Brown, Kori, Jessica (click to enlarge).

Cady (click to enlarge)

For The Chargers…What Tomorrow Brings, No One Knows

This past game was my final Chargers game for the season and as I wrote last year, there is a tremendous amount of uncertainty surround this franchise.  Will it be the San Diego Chargers or the Los Angeles “Re-branded Team”.  A rumor was spread on social media during the middle of the Raiders game that Dean Spanos has planned to re-brand the team for the eventual and inevitable move to Los Angeles.  That made quite a stir for Charger fans in the ether of the internet, but you wouldn’t have noticed it at Qualcomm stadium since it was essentially a Raiders home game and hardly a Charger fan was to be seen.

But to the point, there is a lot of uncertainty when it comes to the future of this franchise.  There is no stadium deal in the works and the last, best chance at a new deal, a ballot initiative, was voted down in the November election.  Relocating to Los Angeles is still on the table, but if you read the reports on the internet, sharing a brand spanking new stadium with Stan Kroenke’s Rams is a less than ideal situation for Spanos, something that he would only consider as a final option when all the other San Diego alternatives have been exhausted.  And now, that seems like the only possibility left for the Chargers.

For what do they get if they move the team to Los Angeles?  They will undoubtedly double or triple the book value of the franchise the moment they change the address on their stationary, but they will also have to build their fan base from the bottom up as the second class tenant in a city that now belongs to the Rams.  The core of it’s current fan base, San Diegans, will not support this team.  They will not buy season tickets.  They will not buy merchandise.  They will not travel north to see a game.  So the worse case scenario for Dean Spanos is to move to Los Angeles and start over in a city rife with teams competing for the sports and entertainment dollar.  And this city doesn’t support losing franchises, not with so many other teams to choose from.

So as the season winds down, so does the doomsday clock.  What would you do, if you were the owner of the Chargers?  Me?  I would exercise the Los Angeles option, but choose to play the next two or three seasons in San Diego until Kroenke’s stadium is built.  Yeah, it’s not ideal, but it gives Spanos a few more years to try to work something out here and if nothing comes to fruition, then I would make the move up north.  I mean the Chargers should be in San Diego.  It’s what the owner wants.  It’s what the NFL wants…so they say.  And it’s what Charger fans want.

But in the end, this has to be a business decision…and the NFL is all about big business.

*                *               *               *               *

Speaking of the game…the 10-2 Raiders were in town to play the Chargers in a game that had a lot of significance in determining the outcome of the AFC West.  There was a lot at stake for the Raiders and their fan base turned out in droves to support their team.  The Chargers radio announcers estimated that the crowd was 80% Raiders fans and that might not be too much of an exaggeration.  It was a sea of black clad fans cheering for the visiting team.

You would have expected the Raiders, whom some consider to be the second best team in the AFC, to come in and plunder the hapless Chargers, but that didn’t happen.  In fact, it was a tightly contested game with the Chargers essentially leading or tying the Raiders well into the fourth quarter when the Raiders scored two field goals to win the game.


Final Score: Oakland Raiders – 19, San Diego Chargers – 16

A most competitive and entertaining game and well worth the price of admission.  And another thing well worth the price of admission…the hottest dance team in the NFL, your San Diego Charger Girls.










Got to love the Charger Girls wearing their blue velvet Christmas uniforms…there’s nothing better than that to kick off the holiday season!  Oh, and you know what my favorite stocking stuffer is?  The Charger Girls!!!  Okay, enough of the bad puns.

Let’s begin our final game day report with the Captains: Marissa, Bridget, Teran and Delani.





Continue reading For The Chargers…What Tomorrow Brings, No One Knows

SI.com: NFL Cheerleaders Week 15

SI.com has uploaded a gallery of NFL cheerleaders from week 15. More interesting photos this week. Click here to view the gallery.


Flight Crew

Charger Girls

Sea Gals

Dolphins Youth Programs, Championship Series: Cheer Competition

Photos are courtesy of the Miami Dolphins.

Press Release Davie, Fla. — The Miami Dolphins Youth Programs on Sunday, Dec. 18 hosted more than 1,000 kids ages 4-15 years old from Mid Florida, Gold Coast Pop Warner, American Youth Football League, Florida Youth Football League, Miami Xtreme & National Youth Football League for championship cheer competitions at the Don Taft University Center Arena at Nova Southeastern University.

“We’re very excited to be here,” said Cheer Director of Miami Xtreme Football and Cheer Ayana Harris, whose league brought 20 teams from its local competition that placed first and second in their division to compete in the event. “We’re grateful to the Dolphins for having this competition because there really hasn’t been another platform in the community for all of the kids from so many different leagues to come together on this scale. The Dolphins have given these teams the opportunity to come together and compete in this fashion and on this scale. We’re very grateful to the Dolphins and happy to be here.”

“This event is new to our youth programs line up, but we’ve had a tremendous response,” Miami Dolphins Youth Programs Coordinator Cassy Congemi said. “We have more than 60 teams here, and the spirit level is high. The Dolphins cheerleaders are here, escorting groups through the rotations and taking photos. That brings an extra element for these young girls looking up to the Dolphins cheerleaders.”

The Miami Dolphins Youth Programs’ mission is to emphasize the importance of education, physical fitness, and positive choices for kids in a safe and fun environment. The Miami Dolphins Youth Programs’ vision is to prepare the next generation of leaders in staying physically active through our Junior Training Camps (JTC), Youth Football Clinics and Youth Football Camps.


Level One Level Two Level Three
4, 5, 6 Small Doral Lady Broncos 6, 7, 8 Small South Miami Grey Ghosts 6, 7, 8 Large West Kendall Dolphins
4, 5, 6 Medium Plantation Peewees 8, 9, 10 Small Weston Warriors Jr. Prep 8, 9, 10 Medium Miami Gardens Chiefs
6, 7, 8 Small PPO Bengals Youth Prep 8, 9, 10 Medium Coral Springs Chargers Youth 8, 9, 10 Large Northeast Rattlers
6, 7, 8 Medium Coral Springs Chargers 10, 11, 12 Small/Medium Kendall Boys & Girls Club 10, 11, 12 Small/Medium Plantation Juniors
6, 7, 8 Large Coral Springs Chargers 11, 12, 13 Small Weston Warriors Jr. 11, 12, 13 Small Hialeah Youth Athletic Club
8, 9, 10 Small Coconut Creek Eagles 11, 12, 13 Large Doral Lady Broncos 11, 12, 13 Medium Coral Springs Chargers
8, 9, 10 Medium Doral Lady Broncos 13, 14, 15 Small/Medium Pompano Eagles Varsity 11, 12, 13 Large Kendall Hammocks Warriors
10, 11, 12 Medium Sunil and Sundevils 13, 14, 15 Small Central Florida Saints
13, 14, 15 Small Miami Jr. Rockets 13, 14, 15 Medium West Kendall Dolphins
13, 14, 15 Large Coral Springs Chargers Sr.





Augustina with the junior cheers

Augustina with the junior cheers



5th Year Alison Will Represent the MDC in The 2017 Pro Bowl

The talented, beautiful and vivacious Alison has been chosen to represent the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders in the upcoming Pro Bowl to be held in Orlando.

Alison in her fifth year, is a repeat Line Captain for the MDC.  Alison is from Ft. Lauderdale and “has been to every Dolphins home game since she was 5 years old”.

Congrats out to Alison.








Alison (click to enlarge)

Alison with teammate Amina at Breast Cancer Awareness game

Alison with teammate Amina at Breast Cancer Awareness game (click to enlarge).

MDC website is HERE

Second Year Claire Will Represent The ROAR In 2017 Pro Bowl

The Beautiful and talented Claire has been chosen as the Pro Bowl representative for the ROAR of the Jaguars.

Claire is an Alum of Kansas State University where she danced on the Classy Cats squad. Claire works as a Recruiter in Jacksonville. Congrats out to Claire.

During college Claire was featured as a Sports Illustrated Cheerleader of the Week.





Claire supporting Breast Cancer Research

Claire supporting Breast Cancer Research



Claire at K-State (SI Photo)

Claire at K-State (SI Photo)

Claire at K-State, SI Cheerleader of the Week feature

Claire at K-State, SI Cheerleader of the Week feature

Claire, Salute to Service Game (click to enlarge)

Claire, Salute to Service Game (click to enlarge)

SI profile is HERE

ROAR website is HERE


2017 Pro Bowl Cheerleaders – Oakland Raiderette Cassie

Last week, the Oakland Raiders announced Cassie as their 2016-2017 Raiderette of the Year.   Cassie will be joining her fellow Pro Bowl Cheerleaders in beautiful Orlando on January 29th.



Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders Celebrate the Holidays

Our good friends at the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders got into the holiday spirit last week by dressing up in their favorite Christmas Costumes.  Check out their gallery here.






2017 Pro Bowl Cheerleaders – Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader Dana F.

The Baltimore Ravens announced Dana F. as their 2016 Pro Bowl Cheerleader at the Dec. 3rd game against the Dolphins.