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Detroit Free Press – Detroit Lions Cheerleader Costume Message: ‘We’re the All-American woman’

Tanya Wildt, Detroit Free Press

They’re 35 all-American athletic women.

That’s the message the Detroit Lions cheerleaders want to send with their new costumes this season, the first of which unveiled at the team’s home opener against the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday.

“We just really wanted those to look athletic looking, but really represent the brand,” said Rebecca Smoker, director of Lions cheerleaders.”We’re the all-American athletic woman.”

The team wore a blue sheer cropped top with a mock turtleneck for the home opener. The top featured the head of the Lions logo and was paired with a blue skirt. Both the top and the skirt were adorned with rhinestones and were light and airy.

“The goal is just to have a real athletic looking, pleasing to the eye costume,” Smoker said. ” … we’re just really trying to set a trend of athleticism without going over the top.”

Pay attention this season, Lions fans. You’ll see more new costumes throughout the season, with a different look each week. Some costumes will be similar to last year, others will mix and match pieces and there may be throwback costumes for the Thanksgiving game. 

Training started in March, earlier than last year, and there’s a greater focus on fitness, nutrition and public relations, according to Smoker. 

The team takes the opportunity to serve as role models seriously — from what they wear to who they are. The squad is made up women who are already leaders in their communities.

“They’re the best of the best,” Smoker said.

In its second season, the team has grown from 28 to 35 members and has more rigorous demands. 

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