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Great Show By The Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders

Miami – On Friday, Oct. 27, 2017, the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders hosted their annual Swimsuit Fashion Show at Hard Rock Stadium. In contrast to previous years in which the cheerleaders created a swimsuit calendar, this year the ladies are captured in The Annual, a 100-page book filled with beautiful and iconic images that are timeless.

Proceeds from this Annual, photographed from Key West to Miami Beach, will benefit rebuilding efforts in the Keys and all affected areas from Hurricane Irma through the Miami Dolphins Foundation.

The cover of the Annual was unveiled before the show, with Miami Dolphins Cheerleader Adrianna receiving the honor as the first cover girl for the Annual. A high-energy swimwear fashion show featuring the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders followed.

Adrianna on front cover, Paige on back cover

The Annual can be ordered on DolphinsCheerleaders.com and will ship in mid-November. The cost of the Annual is $19.99, plus shipping.

Adrianna is in her fourth season on the team and is from Parkland, Florida,

The theme this year was Air, Land and Sea. The show took spectators on a journey that started with “Air,” showcasing colorful birds, butterflies, peacocks and more. The next phase of the show was “Land,” featuring exotic animal print bikinis such as a tigers, snakes, cheetahs and zebras. The next stop on the journey took viewers to the beach where a live band HyRyze played tropical tunes while the ladies walked in summer beach attire.

Jennifer is in her second year

Jess is a Line Captain this season

The next scene took the show to the water, with the ladies sporting fun scuba gear, beach props and water guns. The seas then got rough and the ladies ventured into the depths of the ocean dressing as sea urchins, octopi and other dangerous animals of the deep. Progressively getting deeper and deeper, the ladies ended the show in head-to-toe glowing body paint.

Jenny is a 2017 rookie

Second year Agustina is from La Plata, Argentina

Terra cheered for the University of Nebraska

The Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders are the most highly recognized cheerleader brands in the world. They are the most accessible and visible ambassadors of the organization. The Dolphins cheerleaders are the most international cheerleading squad in the NFL, representing six countries and speaking a combined four languages. One of the most visible entertainment groups in all of professional sports, the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders have traveled to more than 30 countries on five continents over the past decade and continue to be an iconic and international face of NFL Cheerleaders.

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