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NFL Cheerleaders Tour U.S. Military Bases During Super Bowl Week

Armed Forces Entertainment and Pro Tour Productions have joined forces to bring a little cheer to our servicemen and servicewomen who are stationed abroad during Super Bowl Week.  Armed Forces Entertainment is the official Department of Defense agency providing entertainment to deployed military personnel, reaching more than 400,000 personnel at 200 military installations around the world.  ProTour Productions is an entertainment company that produces high level, high-energy entertainment to venues and military bases all over the world.

Let’s take look at a few photos from their visits.

We will check back in a few days to see their big day performances.


Super Bowl 2018: Cheerleaders for New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles Set to Add Glamour to NFL Showpiece

, TheSun.co.uk

Being an NFL cheerleader is one of the most glamorous jobs in the world and they, like players, aspire to perform at the Super Bowl.

The best two teams in the NFL this season are set to go head to head in the Super Bowl on February 4 in Minneapolis.

But the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles are not the only squads making the journey to Minnesota for the glittering season finale.

Both the Patriots cheerleaders and their Eagles counterparts will make the trip of a lifetime to perform in front of the watching world.

Like NFL players, cheerleaders dream of performing at the Super Bowl and are even nominated for the Pro Bowl – the exhibition game between the league’s best players.

Read the rest of the article here.


Random NBA Dance Team Pic of the Day

The Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders at the NFL Experience in Times Square

In preparation for Super Bowl LII, the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders made an appearance at the NFL Experience in Times Square on Saturday.  Here are a few images from the event.

Jets Flight Crew Audition Prep Classes

Click on the image above for more information.

Random NFL Cheerleader Pic of the Day

2018 Pro Bowl Cheerleaders – Photos From Game Day

After a few days of good weather, Pro Bowl week culminated in a rainy Pro Bowl game.  Check out all the photos from the penultimate day.

Titans Cheerleaders, T-Rac Scheduled for Military Tours

From Jackie Pfeiffer Cheerleaders and Mascot Entertainment Assistant, TitansOnline.com.

Titans Cheerleaders partnering with ProTour Productions to provide U.S. Military cheerleaders and mascots for multiple military entertainment tours.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders are partnering with ProTour Productions for the sixth consecutive year to provide the United States Military with both cheerleaders and mascots as a part of multiple military entertainment tours. These cheerleaders and mascots will travel around the world to American military bases in early February to celebrate the NFL season.ach year ProTour Productions sends NFL cheerleaders and NFL mascots to visit American military personnel across the globe to help make their NFL season a bit brighter. This year, ProTour Productions will be sending over 25 cheerleaders and mascots to Australia, Singapore/Diego Garcia, Honduras/Greenland/El Salvador, Bahamas/Curacao/Cuba and Korea. Of those five tours, the Tennessee Titans will have a number of representatives traveling to South Korea.

Each year ProTour Productions sends NFL cheerleaders and NFL mascots to visit American military personnel across the globe to help make their NFL season a bit brighter. This year, ProTour Productions will be sending over 25 cheerleaders and mascots to Australia, Singapore/Diego Garcia, Honduras/Greenland/El Salvador, Bahamas/Curacao/Cuba and Korea. Of those five tours, the Tennessee Titans will have a number of representatives traveling to South Korea.

This will be TTC Captain Hannah’s first military tour and she is thrilled to travel with fellow cheerleaders from the Falcons, Broncos and Bengals to South Korea.

“One attribute that attracted me to becoming an NFL Cheerleader was how involved they are with the military,” Hannah said. “So when I found out I was traveling on a military tour to Korea I was ecstatic!”

TTC Captain Evony also will be joining Hannah on the ProTour Productions military entertainment tour to South Korea. This will be Evony’s second year in a row traveling with ProTour Productions, after spending Super Bowl LI visiting troops in Singapore and the military island of Diego Garcia.

“I still can’t believe I get to travel to these amazing places as a Titans Cheerleader. It is a dream come true,” Evony explains.

Our favorite raccoon, T-Rac, is also elated to be traveling to South Korea with ProTour Productions. He will have a very action-packed end of winter, flying straight from a week in Orlando for his 10th Pro Bowl appearance directly to South Korea, where he will be visiting numerous American military bases during the week of Super Bowl LII.

T-Rac will be joined by TTC Captain Jocelyn in Orlando for her first Pro Bowl appearance. After previously traveling to Guam in 2015, Jocelyn is excited for this new opportunity of being selected as the Tennessee Titans 2018 Pro Bowl Cheerleader.

“If Pro Bowl is anything like the military tour I was involved with in 2015, I know that I will have friends for life,” Jocelyn said. “It is truly an honor to represent the Tennessee Titans during the Pro Bowl and I am looking forward to meeting the girls from the different teams and all of the NFL fans”

“The experience a young woman receives as an NFL cheerleader is life changing,” says Titans Director of Cheerleading & Mascot Entertainment. “Representing the League around the world on a military tour or at the Pro Bowl is a priceless opportunity that these ladies will cherish forever. Offering these trips to our Titans Cheerleaders is truly one of my favorite parts of the job!”

Random Ice Girl Pic of the Day

Florida’s Pro Bowl Cheerleaders

Congratulations out to the young ladies from the Florida NFL teams who are performing in Orlando.

Allison from the Dolphins:

Allison with teammate Kristan

Chloe from the Buccaneers:

Ginger from the ROAR of the Jaguars:



2018 Pro Bowl Cheerleaders – HTC Cheer Chat! Special Edition Orlando Ep. 6

The Houston Texans Cheerleaders have posted the latest episode of HTC Cheer Chat! with Luaren C. from the Pro Bowl in Orlando, Florida.  Check it below.

WWE’s Vince McMahon Resurrects the XFL, But No Cheerleaders This Time Round

If you haven’t heard about it, the WWE’s Vince McMahon announced plans to revive the XFL, but things will be different this time.  According to a New York Times interview, “there will be no cheerleaders” McMahon said.

Recall that one of the major criticisms of the new league was the salacious nature of the XFL Cheerleaders, who performed in a style more akin to a strip club than the sideline entertainment that we had seen previously with the NFL.  From the ultra skimpy uniforms to the locker room cam, the XFL Cheerleaders were not the positive entertainment experience that McMahon envisioned.

ESPN ran a 30 for 30 documentary that summarized the reasons why the joint venture between NBC Sports and the WWF failed.  In essence, the schism between NBC, who wanted more of a straight up sports league, and McMahon’s WWF faction, who favored more of a scripted entertainment approach, lead to an internal conflict regarding the direction of the enterprise and the ultimate decision of NBC to pull the plug on the XFL after only one year.

With all the recent missteps associated with the NFL, from domestic violence issues to the reaction against player protests during the national anthem, the time is ripe to revisit the venture.  Let’s hope this time around, Vince McMahon learns from the past and is successful in creating a more fan centric football league to rival the NFL.

And if you ask me, the XFL could use cheerleaders to help launch the new venture…but if I may offer my advice to Vince McMahon, let me start by quoting the inimitable Ron Burgundy, “you stay classy, San Diego”.

Read more about Vince McMahon’s plans to resurrect the XFL here.

Pro Bowl Cheerleader Symone Is World Class

From David George, PhiladelphiaEagles.com.

At 22 years old, Eagles Cheerleader Symone is off to a fantastic start in Philadelphia. In just her second year on the squad, she was chosen by her fellow teammates to represent the Eagles Cheerleaders at this year’s Pro Bowl on Sunday at Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida. A senior at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Symone expressed how honored she is to be selected.

“It meant the world to me to know that my fellow peers, 35 amazing women, felt that I was deserving of this tremendous honor,” Symone says. “I’m humbled to be selected and very appreciative of the opportunity. After every Eagles win at Lincoln Financial Field, I gather my teammates and lead a ‘victory dance’ in the locker room. I’m looking forward to bringing that same camaraderie and enthusiasm as the Eagles Cheerleaders representative at the Pro Bowl.”

Symone will be participating in Pro Bowl Week festivities leading up to the game, including many fan engagement events such as the Pro Bowl Skills Challenge and NFL Pro Bowl Experience at ESPN Wide World of Sports. Symone is especially looking forward to the community outreach she will be involved in, including youth initiatives and hospital visits in the area.

Symone is very active in charitable causes both locally and abroad since joining the Eagles. Back in June 2017, Symone along with her teammates volunteered at the Foundation for a Better World, an orphanage for boys, in Higüey, Dominican Republic. After being informed that the children were in need of many basic necessities and regularly only have canned food, Symone and her teammates were intent on making the visit extra special. The squad stopped at a local grocery store on the way and purchased an abundance of fresh food to surprise the boys and donated all of the essentials they needed such as socks, towels, toiletries, bedding, and shower curtains.

“When we arrived, the boys greeted us with exuberant smiles, and I’ll never forget the look on their faces when they saw the bags of groceries and items. Interacting with the children was the best part though. I even played basketball with some of the boys.” Symone recalls. “There was a language barrier, but we were still able to connect, laugh, and have so much fun together.”

She is also passionate about mentoring children during the Eagles Junior Cheerleading Clinics and camps. The events are designed to foster self-confidence in a non-competitive environment. Symone appreciates the overall impact the camps have on the young participants.

“I think it’s important to communicate positivity and try to integrate self-esteem messaging whenever you work with young children. A child’s future can be limitless when he or she believes in themselves,” Symone says.

Originally born in Japan at Yokota Air Force Base, Symone is proud of her Asian and African-American heritage. Her late father, James, served in the military for 36 years as a Chief Master Sergeant in the Air Force. Her mother, Kaoru, is a first-generation member of her family to leave Japan. Symone and her family also lived in Hawaii and Germany before settling down in Yorktown, Virginia. She is fluent in Japanese and still visits Japan occasionally to see her family.

Symone adds that “performing at the Eagles Salute to Service game is very special to me, because of my father’s military service. I cherish every chance I have to personally thank United States service members for their sacrifices and bravery.”

A fine arts and dance major, Symone intends on pursuing a career in commercial dance once she graduates. Symone mentioned that being an Eagles Cheerleader has provided her with invaluable experience including performing for over 70,000 fans at Eagles home games, being onstage during the televised 2017 NFL Draft, and featured on Monday Night Football.

To prepare for Pro Bowl week, Symone reached out to some of the other NFL Pro Bowl cheerleaders and learned that she will be the youngest on the Pro Bowl squad.

“I’m embracing being the youngest on the squad and even though I’ve only been an Eagles Cheerleader for two seasons, I feel that I have a lot of great experiences to share and talent to contribute,” Symone says. “I also heard that we by far have the most fans attend the Pro Bowl, so I’m really excited about being in Orlando with tons of passionate Eagles fans – the best fans in the NFL!”

2018 Pro Bowl Cheerleaders – Photos From Day 5

Another busy day for the 2018 Pro Bowl Cheerleaders with more practices and an appearance at the Pro Bowl Pep Rally.

Random NBA Dance Team Pic of the Day