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Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Fashion Showcase–Part Two

“The 2018 ANNUAL booklet captures the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders’ journey through the Caribbean aboard the MSC Seaside cruise ship. Inspired by the natural beauty of the islands, the cheerleaders photographed in their truest form, makeup-free, embracing their authentic selves to share stories of their personal journeys. Uncover the depth of beauty of the women of the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders, who, like the islands of the Caribbean, represent multi-faceted strength, diversity of talent, and spirited aspirations to lead by example.”

The theme of the Fashion Showcase this past Friday was express on three distinct cover versions: Joyful, Powerful and Beautiful.

Mariela Campuzano, our good friend of the Blog, was the writer for the ANNUAL and she did a great job in capturing the essence of the ladies feelings and comments.

The final scene of the show was titled Authentic and the below photos were from that runway walk. This is me!

Bookmark our album because we will continue to add to it. HERE

The link to purchase the ANNUAL is HERE.











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