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NFL Regular Season Week 5 – The Saintsations

Monday Night Football is a big deal.  It’s the biggest stage during the regular season and it’s the place to make a statement, so you’d better come ready to play because millions of people are going to be watching.  Last Monday, the New Orleans Saints came to play and thoroughly outclassed the visiting Washington Redskins.  Saints QB Drew Brees threw for 363 yards and three TDs on the way to setting  an NFL record for all time passing yards.  Melvin Ingram, fresh off of his four game suspension, rushed for two touchdown and reminded people that the Saints have one of the most dynamic offenses in the NFL.

In contrast, the Redskins looked listless and incapable of stopping the Saints offense.  Alex Smith regressed to what people have come to expect from him, a dink and dunk game manager.  Last year’s deep ball throwing prowess has proven to be a fluke year for Smith and he has done little to make people forget Kirk Cousins, who has generally thrived in his new surroundings in Minnesota. 

Bottom line…the Redskins are not a better team with Smith at the helm and as for the Saints…well they appear to be the same old high scoring, play off contending Saints.  Final Score, Saints – 43, Redskins – 19.

Let us turn our attention to what we are all here for…the Saintsations.  Click here to view the Saints gallery of images from the game.

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