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NFL Regular Season Week 6 – The Denver Broncos Cheerleaders

They say that cold, damp weather is “football weather”, but I say that football weather is 80 degree temperatures and sunny skies because I live in Southern California and it’s always 80 degrees and sunny.  But apparently football is played in parts of the country that get cold and rain. 

Rain…what’s that?

Well, they did play some football in a place that was very cold and damp this past weekend…beautiful Colorado where the Los Angeles Rams battled the Denver Broncos.   The Rams must have been affected by the unfamiliar weather and thin air because they didn’t seem like their usual self, at least on offense where they only scored 23 points.  But that was enough because their defense held the Broncos to 20 points. 

So let’s take a look at this week’s photos of the Denver Broncos Cheerleaders as they braved the cold weather to cheer on the Broncos.  Click here to view the team’s game day gallery.

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