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NFL Regular Season Week 7 – The Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders

The New York Giants came a calling to the deep south to do battle with the Atlanta Falcons on Monday Night Football.  There has been a bit of controversy with the Giants of late, some players were reportedly dissatisfied with the play of quarterback Eli Manning and expressed their feelings to the media.  So this game had a little more riding on the outcome for the Giants, who were on the verge of a total rebuild.

There was also some controversy surrounding the hometown Falcons as well, who have so far under performed and have yet to display the consistency on both sides of the ball that a super bowl contender is expected to do.  Falcons all world wide receiver Julio Jones is still awaiting his first touchdown reception, ironic considering he is one of the league leaders in receptions and receiving yards.  And then there is the loss of all star running back Devonte Freeman, another reason for the slow start.  So there was much at stake for the Falcons as well.

This game turned out as one would have expected, except that the Giants, with their embattled quarterback, played competitively.  Eli Manning threw for 399 yards and a touchdown and kept the game close well into the fourth quarter until the superior Falcons ultimately hung on for the victory.  Final score: Falcons – 23, Giants – 20.

Now let us turn our attention to the Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders who were sporting a new look for Monday Night Football.  Click here to view their game day gallery of images.


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