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NFL Regular Season Week 7 – The First Ladies of Football

Whenever the Dallas Cowboys and the Washington Redskins play, there is something big on the line because these two teams have so much history together.  This week, the division lead was at stake for both teams and given the fact that every team in the NFC East has multiple losses, the winner has the inside track to the playoffs…and the loser…well its unlikely that the runner up will get a wild card slot given the competitiveness of the division.

In game that was back and forth, the outcome was decided on a last second field goal attempt by Dallas kicker Brett Maher that bounced off the left upright.  The Redskins endured and won the game, 20 – 17.  With the victory, the Redskins take a 1 1/2 game lead over the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys.

Let’s turn our attention to the First Ladies of Football who were resplendent in their colorful skintight catsuits.  Click here to view the Redskins game day gallery.

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