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NFL Regular Season Week 10 – The Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders

No one gave the Titans a chance to defeat the visiting New England Patriots, at least no one I know.  After all, the Patriots had won six straight games against five of the best teams in the NFL (Buffalo Bills notwithstanding) and they had the G.O.A.T. at the helm.   The Pats were the prohibitive favorite on paper, but the Titans had a lot of grit and fortitude this day and they decisively defeated the Patriots.  How did they do it?  By keeping the G.O.A.T. off balance and keeping Tom Brady from playing like…well…Tom Brady.  Brady completed only 21 of 41 passes and no touchdown.  Final score, Titans – 34, Patriots – 10.

Let us turn our attention to the lovely Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders, who were sporting some blue camo inspired jumpers.  Click here to view the Titans extensive gallery of TTC images.

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