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2019 NHL Ice Girls/Ice Crew Auditions

It’s officially audition season for the NHL Ice Girls/Ice Crews.  Check back here or click on the auditions link at the top of the page for an updated listing of NHL auditions.

UPDATE: Anaheim Ducks, Arizona Coyotes, Chicago Blackhawks, Dallas Stars, Edmonton Oilers, Los Angeles Kings.

NHL Ice Girls/Dance Teams/Promo Squads (2019)

Anaheim Ducks Power Players:  June 15. [Details]
Arizona Coyote Crew:  June 15.  [Details]
Boston Bruins Ice Girls:  [Details]
Carolina Hurricanes Storm Squad:  [Details]
Chicago Blackhawks Ice Crew:  July 15. [Details]
Colorado Avalanche Ice Crew:  [Details]
Columbus Blue Jackets Power Patrol and Ice Crew:  [Details]
Dallas Stars Ice Girls:  July 27.  [Details]
Edmonton Oilers Orange & Blue Crew:  August 10.  [Details]
Florida Panthers Ice Dancers:  [Details]
Las Vegas Golden Aces:  [Details]
Los Angeles Kings Ice Crew:  June 29. [Details]
Nashville Predators Energy Squad:  [Details]
New Jersey Devils Dancers:  [Details]
New York Islanders Ice Girls:  [Details]
Pittsburgh Penguins Ice Crew:  [Details]
Tampa Bay Lightning Girls and Bolt Brigade:  [Details]
Vancouver Canucks Ice Team:  [Details]
Washington Capitals Red Rockers: [Details]

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