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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Training Camp

The Buccaneers fans are glowing with optimism over possibly turning the corner this NFL season due to the hiring Bruce Arians. The conventional belief is that offensive minded Arians with his Kangol Cap is the man to elevate quarterback Jameis Winston into the upper tier of NFL’s quarterbacks. The thinking is that the success that the Cardinals enjoyed under Arians will surfaced here in Tampa.
In the meantime, Buccaneer Senior Cheerleader Manager, Tara Battiato, has fielded another experienced, talented and beautiful squad for 2019. Enjoy the photos and album.

Demi and Kayla T.


Emily and Sarah

Kristin V.




Abby and Kristin V.

Kayla T.

Demi and Sarah

Emily and Abby

Emily and Sarah

Album is HERE

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