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USA Today Photos from Week 3

It used to be that NFL.com and other media site would post galleries of cheerleader images from throughout the season, but it seems like this is a thing of the past.  Somehow professional cheerleading is no longer in vogue or politically correct and that’s a shame.

Well at least USA Today still posts an ongoing gallery of NFL Cheerleader images and that is a good thing because most of their images are shot by AP photographers and they are the best.  So click here to view the USA Today website.

Here are some of the best images from Week 3 of the NFL regular season.

Random NBA Dance Team Pic of the Day

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders Photos from Week 3

Last Sunday was the debut of Daniel Jones, the new starting quarterback for the New York Giants, and he had an auspicious debut, throwing for two touchdowns and rushing for another two.  Unfortunately for the Buccaneers, that performance was just enough to led the G-man back from an 18 point second half deficit for the win. Final score: Giants – 32, Bucs – 31.

Let’s turn our attention to something more positive…this week’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders photos.


Random NBA Dance Team Pic of the Day

Washington Redskins Cheerleaders Photos from Week 3

It was another tough match up for the Washington Redskins and the team still hasn’t seemed to find any semblance of a rhythm as another team, the Chicago Bears, scored more than 30 points against them.  Fans…its going to be a long season for the Redskins.  Its not too soon to start thinking about who you want to select with the second overall pick in the 2020 NFL draft…the Dolphins seem to have a lock on the first pick.

While you ponder your choices, we will keep thinking about the First Ladies of Football who looked spectacular on Monday Night Football.  See for yourself and click here if you want to see the Redskins large gallery of images.

Seattle Seahawks Dancers Photos from Week 3

We continue our coverage of Week 3 of the NFL regular season with the Seattle Seahawks Dancers.  Click here to view the Seahawks gallery of images from Week 3.

Random NBA Dance Team Pic of the Day

Los Angeles Charger Girls Photos from Week 3

One of the preseason favorites to contend for the AFC title was the Los Angeles Chargers, who looked to build upon  strong 2018 season.  Things were looking good for the boys in blue until a hold out by standout running back Melvin Gordon seemed to forebode bad tidings.  It’s never a good thing for your All Pro running back to hold out and for whatever reason, the Chargers haven’t been close to the team they were last year, starting off with a 1-1 record. 

Make that a 1-2 record as the Chargers woes continued in Week 3, when the Houston Texans defeated the home team, 28 – 20.

At least Los Angeles has the Charger Girls.  Click here to view the Charger gallery of images from last Sunday.

Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders Photos from Week 3

The Arizona Cardinals hosted the Carolina Panthers in a game that featured two new quarterbacks and for NFL fans this game was one where you could get a glimpse into the future.  Both QBs played well, but unfortunately for the home team, Kyle Allen played a little better, leading the Panthers to victory.  Final score: Panthers – 38, Cardinals – 20.

And now, let us turn our attention to the lovely Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders.  Click here to view this week’s gallery of images.

Random Cheerleader Pic of the Day – The Manly Seabirds

This wraps up our Manly Seabirds Photo of the Day segments for now.  If you like what you saw, check out their Instagram page here and let them know what you think.

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Photos from Week 3

America’s team is off to a rousing start to the season and in Week 3, things kept on rolling for the Cowboys as they beat up on the lowly Miami Dolphins, 31 – 6.  With the Ezekiel Elliott hold out situation resolved in time for the start of the season and Dak Prescott throwing the ball around like a top five quarterback, the Dallas Cowboys are looking like a Super Bowl contender.  Things are definitely looking up for America’s team.

And speaking of America’s team, let’s take a look at America’s Sweethearts, the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.  Click here to view the Cowboys gallery of images from last Sunday.


Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders Photos from Week 3

The sudden retirement of Andrew Luck put the Colts in a bind, but if Week 3 is any indication, their quarterbacking concerns may be a thing of the past.  Jacoby Brissett, the heir apparent, acquitted himself quite nicely, leading his team to victory over the Falcons by throwing for 310 yards, two touchdowns and most importantly, no interceptions.  Final score: Colts – 27, Falcons – 24.

Another reason for optimism in Naptown…the Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders.  Click here to view their huge gallery of images from Sunday.

Pro Cheerleading Podcast – She’s Got Legs: Interview with Jacie Scott, Former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader & Radio City Rockettes Dancer

Mhkeeba and Brittany interview the amazingly talented and multi-faceted Jacie Scott, former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader and Radio City Rockettes Dancer, writer, and founder of her very own foundation, Declare Hope! Listen in as Jacie shares her extensive dance background that took her from the Dallas Cowboys sidelines to the world famous stage of the New York Radio City Music Hall.

Jacie inspires the ladies with her positive perspective and fearless decisions to pursue all of her passions instead of feeling forced to choose just one. During this week’s Cheer Chat, Brittany and Mhkeeba give an update on the status of the newly formed coed NBA dance teams. Jacie gives the ladies a funny Locker Talk story of a show group solo performance gone wrong.

Click here to listen to the latest episode of the Pro Cheerleading Podcast.


Random Cheerleader Pic of the Day – The Manly Seabirds

Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders Photos from Week 3

The Kansas City Chiefs, one of the presumptive AFC Super Bowl favorites, played host to the Baltimore Ravens and fans were treated to a surprisingly competitive game.  The Chiefs took at 23 – 6 lead into halftime, but the Ravens found their stride in the second half and made a game of it. Ultimately, the Chiefs proved why they are one of the best teams in the NFL and prevailed, 33 – 28. 

Might these two teams meet in the playoffs?  We shall see.

So with the game summary completed, let us turn our attention to the Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders, the real reason for checking out the game.  Click here to view the Chiefs gallery of images from Sunday.