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Miami Dolphins Top New York Jets For First Win Of Season

The Miami Dolphins celebrated their NFL Fantennial Game weekend with multiple events culminating in a thrilling victory over their AFC East main rival, the New York Jets.The Dolphins are winless no more, final score 26-18. Hopefully now the word “tanking” will disappear from the local news media. Congratulations out to first year coach Brian Flores in besting prior year coach Adam Gase. Coach Flores was emotional after game “we didn’t get off to the best start this season, a lot of adversity but these guys knew how to deal with it and have played well recently”. The rivalry will continue!
Game day is always very active at Hard Rock Stadium. The Dolphins did their military “everyday hero salute” to Command Sergeant Major, David S. Davenport Sr. (retired). With multiple deployments to Bosnia, Kosovo, Haiti and Irag the Major also served as sergeant major of the United States Army Training and Doctrine command. The fly over after the anthem was completed by the 482nd Fighter Wing of Homestead Air Reserve Base. Never gets old, chilling!
Every NFL cheering squad will occasionally step outside the box with something unique. The Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders live outside the box. Innovation is their middle name. This year the ladies will be performing at the Broward County For The Performing Arts with UNIR, a show celebrating the power of dance! Tickets are now on sale for the February 20th show. Can a call from Broadway be far off? Link for more information is on the website HERE. 
Our thanks out to Ariann Denison, Manager, and Natalie Chernow, Coach and Choreographer, for letting Ultimate Cheerleaders spend a “winsome” Sunday with such a talented group of young professionals.





Emily M.


Shayla and Molly







Davia, Kayla C, and Katie

Start of our game album photos is HERE

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