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NFL Victory Cheers–Week 8

Titans 34-31 Colts
Saints 36-27 Buccaneers–(Bakah)
Rams 38-22 Texans
Eagles 44-6 Lions
Patriots 27-24 Chargers
Cowboys 20-16 Vikings
Panthers 19-13 Falcons
Seahawks 31-7 Jaguars
49ers 33-22 Bears
Broncos 17-10 Washington
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One thought on "NFL Victory Cheers–Week 8"

  1. keef666 says:

    Its a shame we have lost the Sanitations, Charger girls, Dallas haven’t posted a picture this year, Washington have gone co-ed and also disappeared from their web site! Other squads are few and far between and seem to be dumbing them down. I wonder how long it will be before they all disappear, So sad!

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