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Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness

Our good friends with the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders sent us a head up regarding a recent photo shoot the MVC did to celebrate breast cancer awareness month.  Click here to view the gallery.







Remember, screening saves lives!   And if you would like to support the NFL’s breast cancer awareness efforts, you can purchase special BCA gear at the NFL shop.

MVC Jessica Chronicles the Home Opener

Our friends over at the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders sent us a head up regarding MVC Jessica’s photos gallery chronicling their home opener.  You can view Jessica’s gallery here.



MVC Debut New Uniforms

Our good friends from the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders write us that the MVC debuted new uniforms and two new dance routines at last week’s game against the Green Bay Packers.  Check them out here.





And here are a couple of photos of their classic “Baby Helga” uniform.



Did I mention that purple is my favorite color?

The Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders New “Ice” Uniform

Our good friends from the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders sent us a copy of a blog post from one our sponsors, The Line Up, regarding their new “ice” uniform.  Check it out.

Team Spotlight: The Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders’ Icy New Look
From The Line Up Blog
Posted by Trista on Sep 13, 2016

Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders in front of US Bank Stadium

After three years of anticipation for the Minnesota Vikings organization and local fans in Minnesota, the football team’s new US Bank Stadium is finally here!  The Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders (MVC) celebrated the stadium’s inaugural season with some new digs of their own: a stunning new signature uniform!  

The team revealed their new look yesterday with a fabulous photo gallery on their website.  Excitement has been running high at The Line Up – we’ve waited months to share MVC’s custom cheer uniform with you!  Read on for a sneak peek behind the scenes of the team’s makeover!

Finding Inspiration

The design for the custom cheer uniform began last winter, well before the stadium was finished.  Inspiration was drawn from the Vikings organization’s new branding strategy, as well as the design of the stadium itself.  MVC director Tami met with costume designers Michelle and Deb and account manager Megan at The Line Up, and gave them the download on some of the prevalent themes:

  • Modern and structured cuts, a lot of angles, and V’s in everything (ex, concession fronts, the building’s exterior shape)
  • Texture and mixed metals: gold accents, steel, brushed aluminum (ex, half the stadium way finding is gold, the other half is purple)
  • Elegant finishes (ex, white halo lighting)
  • Height (ex, world’s tallest glass pivot doors at 95′ tall, 270′ exterior west prow)
  • Shields, as opposed to swords (ex, Legacy Ship and art collection)
  • Nordic theme, highlighting a cold and snowy Minnesota winter (ex, “Defend The North” marketing campaign)

The final request was that the uniform be white, in order to pop on the field, pay compliment to the rest of the team’s purple uniforms, and embrace the wintery concept behind the branding.

Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders costume inspiration

US Bank Stadium rendering

Inspiration images from the Vikings brand platform (top) , and a rendering of the stadium by HKS Architects (bottom). 

Five Sketches and Two Prototypes Later …

With these themes in mind, designers Michelle and Deb got to work. The team went through five rounds of design sketches before landing on two options.  Sample prototypes of each option were created so Tami and the Vikings team could better visualize the final result.

In the end, the team settled on the design on the right (below)!   “Overall, the theme was very Nordic – that was a word that came up a lot during design,” Michelle stated.  “A lot of white and silver, points, and fringe to represent icicles.”  Some features of the uniform included:

  • Deep V neckline, inspired by the structured angles of the stadium and use of v’s in the branding graphics.
  • Beaded fringe, inspired by the “capture the north” branding and icicles of a true Minnesota winter.
  • Lots and lots of sparkle, this uniform has 2,400 heat transferred sequins and 1,500 rhinestones!!!
  • White and silver dominate, with minimal purple and gold, to again  ice and snow.
  • Jagged skirt hem and “shield” dangles, referencing the Vikings shield and icicles.

“[The uniform] was something different than they have normally done, but still went with the Vikings look,” said Megan, account manager.  “The white was a fresh new look, but the jagged skirt still fit with their other costumes.”


Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders custom uniform designs

Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders custom uniforms

Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders uniform by The Line UpMinnesota Vikings Cheerleaders uniform by The Line Up

The Making of the Uniform

Before production could start, Deb and account manager Megan went over to the Vikings practice facility to fit the dancers.  With over 40 uniforms, it was a big order!  With so many different embellishments, Megan made sure the specialty fringe, fabric, and rhinestones were ordered well in advance to meet their August deadline.

So much sparkle and detail meant a labor intensive production process.  Each uniform took 5 hours to produce (that’s 5 times longer than our average project!).  The Vikings lettering was embroidered on the back.  The sequins had to be heat transferred onto each pattern piece.  Careful attention was paid to the delicate bead fringe during the sewing process.  The purple rhinestones were both machine and hand applied for the final touch.  All this added up to be one of our most expensive costumes to date!

Vikings cheeleaders ICE costume in production

Rhinestones were placed on transfer sheets by machine (right), before being hand placed and pressed on to the skirt piece (left)

Vikings cheeleaders ICE costume in production

The top before all of the purple rhinestones were applied (above).

Vikings cheeleaders ICE costume in production

The top in sewing (left), and in rhinestoning (right).

A Dazzling Debut

The final result is an innovative uniform with one very strong theme: ICE!   “The fun part about working with Tami and the Vikings is that we get to be creative and expand upon their look,” said Deb, creative director at The Line Up.  “They are always willing to try something new!”

Throughout the process, Megan worked diligently to make sure the project was on track, so the uniforms could be delivered in time for their photo shoot.   The stunning pictures from the shoot were debuted on their website yesterday, and featured the dancers in their new stadium.  MVC likes to name each of their uniforms, and no one had to think twice about the name for this uniform – ICE, of course!

Congratulations Vikings on your new home – we hope to see you dancing in style for years to come!

Vikings cheerleaders receive new white Ice uniform

Vikings cheerleaders at practice

MVCs at practice, on the day they received their new uniforms (above)!

Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders new uniform Ice

Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders new uniform Ice   Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders new uniform Ice

Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders new uniform Ice

Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders new uniform Ice

Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders new uniform Ice

Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders new uniform in front of US Bank stadium

Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders Photos

Our friends over at the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders sent us some photos from their preseason Week 4 game against the Rams.  New stadium…new uniforms…hot…hot…hot.







Click here to see their gallery of images.

Photos From the Vikings First Game In New Stadium

Our friends over at the Vikings sent us some photos from their first ever game at the new U.S. Bank Stadium on Sunday.  Festivities included a pre game performance by the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader alumni, featuring over 200 alumni cheerleaders from the 1984 team to the current team.







The Vikings have posted a large gallery of images from this game.  You can view it here.

Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders at the Opening of the U.S. Bank Stadium

Our friends from the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders sent us some photos of the MVC at the opening of their new billion dollar venue, the U.S. Bank Stadium.









Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders Calendar Cover Model Announced

Second year veteran Jordan graces this season’s calendar.


Order your copy here.

MVC Visit Devil’s Lake, ND

By MVC Jessie, 3-year veteran

All aboard! Nikki and Jessie hopped on the train and headed to Devil’s Lake, ND, for Military Appreciation Day on June 20. This annual event offers the community an opportunity to join together in showing their appreciation for the military. Nikki and Jessie were both happy and proud to bring some Vikings cheer to Devil’s Lake and show their appreciation as well! They enjoyed the powerful speakers and meeting many men and women who serve our country, along with their spouses and children. They also had an opportunity to take a tour of the city of Devil’s Lake!


Nikki and Jessie met many members of the North Dakota Patriot Guard. This group of riders has one thing in common besides motorcycles, and that is their unwavering respect for those who risk their lives for America’s freedom and security. This group of motorcyclists made a powerful impact on the event as they came riding in together in honor of the military. Once the day came to a close, the girls hopped back on the train for their 8-hour ride back home.

MVC Calendar Cover Girls Named

Minnesota Vikings

After several weeks of voting on vikings.com, Vikings fans have once again helped determine the ladies who will grace the cover of the 2009 Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders Swimsuit Calendar.

2009-calendar-vote_kristina are the three ladies who came out as the winners after the process started with eight candidates vying for a spot on the cover.

“We have a beautiful team for 2009-10 and have our most gorgeous cover to date,” said MVC Head Coach Tami Krause. “I know Vikings fans are going to LOVE the new team calendar! This season will be memorable in every way.”

Annalisa is an elementary school teacher who is entering her second season as a Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader. She was named the 2009 MVC Rookie of the Year and hails from Tomah, Wisc.

Kristina, who is from Vadnais Heights, has been a MVC for three seasons and is a Marketing and Administrative Assistant. Her favorite Vikings player is Chad Greenway and is the 2009 Team Glamour Captain.

The third cover girl is Melissa, who is currently a student at the University of Minnesota. She has been on the team for four seasons and is from Burnsville. Like Kristina, her favorite current Vikings player is Greenway.

Calendar sales will launch during the Fourth of July weekend. Cheerleaders will be out in the community at calendar sales events and we will begin taking online orders shortly thereafter. Calendars will be available during Verizon Wireless Vikings Training Camp, at the Metrodome during all home games and at official Minnesota Vikings Locker Room stores.

Vote for the MVC Cover Girl

2009-calendar-vote_finalsIt’s down to the final four. Who will win the coveted cover spot on the annual Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders swimsuit calendar? Click here to cast your vote.

Tami Krause is Mrs. Minnesota International 2009!

Tami KrauseTami Krause (Mrs. Bloomington) was crowned Mrs. Minnesota International 2009 on March 15th in St. Cloud. Minnesota, where she competed with other “county/city” title holders from across the state. These women are recognized for their achievements as individuals and as a vital part of the family unit.


“The HEART of the Matter!” Tami has been a volunteer speaker bureau with the American Heart Association since late 2004. She is also an advocate for the AHA and serves on the Go Red Education Committee. She is very excited to be assisting with the development of the AHA Ambassador program later this year.

She began research on heart health after her husband Aaron was diagnosed with a genetic heart condition called a bicuspid aorta. Tami discovered that the AHA offered programs, services and education in so many areas that were relevant to her life. Her husband is living a healthy lifestyle and doctors have said – so long as he is following the “heart healthy plan” they don’t anticipate any further monitoring of his condition until he reaches age 50.

With three young children, and as the Head Coach and Coordinator for the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders and Swarm Performance Team, she is working everyday in an industry where health and fitness are tremendously important. She knows first hand how rewarding it can be to take charge of your health, get educated on health topics, share your knowledge with others and to make it a family priority! It is her hope to inspire people to consider the “Heart of the Matter” and how it affects their and their families lives.

More at MrsMinnesota.com

Former MVC needs your votes

You may remember that we’ve mentioned Tami Krause a time or two. Tami is a former Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader who went on to become the current Director of the cheerleaders.

Tami, Mrs. Bloomington International 2009 is now in the running to become Mrs. Minnesota International! (You can read more about her here.) One of the awards to be given out is the People’s Choice Award. The winner of that award is up to you. This is last minute notice, of course, but I encourage you to click here to vote for Tami and help her win that award. I do have to warn you ahead of time – voting isn’t free. But if you’re an MVC fan, this is a nifty way to show your support.