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Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders Photos from Preseason Week 2

The Philadelphia Eagles have uploaded a gallery of cheerleader images from preseason week 2.  Click here to view the gallery.

Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders Photos From Preseason

The Philadelphia Eagles have posted a gallery of their cheerleaders from their final preseason game at Lincoln Financial Field.  Click here to view their gallery.


And click here to view their gallery from their first preseason game.


Frankly My Dear, Billie O’Hara Goes Like the Wind to Build UFL Cheerleading

Billie surrounded by her Florida Tuskers Cheerleaders after the last home game

Billie surrounded by her Florida Tuskers Cheerleaders and mascot after the last home game

In April 2010, it seems like Billie O’Hara was given a Herculean task.  Billie was named Cheer and Dance Development Director for the new UFL; not just for a team, the entire league!  Billie had the responsibility to establish five complete cheerleading squads, in cities stretching from California to Connecticut.  They all needed their own budgets, directors, auditions, more than two dozen dancers per squad, choreography, uniforms, and more.  Plus, Billie had the task of establishing the UFL’s dance team procedure manual.  Oh yeah, and have that all ready by the 2010 fall season, thank you very much.  And if you have attended UFL games in person or viewed them on Versus and HDNet, you will see those squads not only came to being, but that they have the look, performance, and field presence of squads that have existed for years.

But wait, there’s more!  Oversight over an entire league not enough for you?  Well, Billie is also Director of the UFL’s Florida Tusker Cheerleaders, the franchise that call Orlando’s Citrus Bowl home.  This includes creation and development of her own new squad, including organizing and conducting auditions, final team selection, serving as team choreographer, and overseeing practice and game presentations.  Whew!  So Billie has all the work of high level management of the entire league’s cheerleaders, and the daily hands-on responsibilities of a brand new squad.  How did Billie pull it off?  Did she find a little local Harry Potter magic or some of Tinkerbell’s pixie dust?  We interviewed Billie as the UFL season wound down to learn her formula for UFL success with both speed and quality.

Billie is a native Floridian, originally from Jacksonville, and has been dancing from nearly the beginning.  “I started dancing at the age of three and never stopped.  It’s all I know!” recalls Billie.  Billie’s dance development hit its stride when she began participating in competitive events.

I wondered if she was ever nervous about these public performances, and Billie remembers, “My first dance competition, I was twelve years old, and I was competing for Miss Petite Dance of Florida.  Forty-seven girls were entered into the competition, so it was a long night!  I was very nervous!  I knew I had a great jazz routine, but I was nervous about my costume.  I was the only contestant with spray painted silver jazz shoes!  I kept telling my dance teacher and my mother, ‘I’m going to lose because I have alien and outer space shoes on.’  They tried to reassure me, but it didn’t work well!  They announced the top ten, then got down to #1 and #2.  All I could think about was the shoes, and I was staring at them as they announced the second place winner. But it wasn’t my name that was called, and I was in shock, looked out into the crowd, and mouthed to my mom, ‘They liked my space shoes.’ I had won the competition. My mom told me afterward, ‘It wasn’t your space shoes they like; it was you and your talent!’ I’ll never forget it! I still have the dance on video.”

“That was the beginning of many competitions to come,” Billie added, “I never wore silver shoes after that ever again and I rarely get nervous win it comes to competing.  I love to compete!”

Billie’s dance training continued at several prestigious dance schools, including the Tremaine Dance Center in Hollywood, and the Douglas Anderson School of the Performing Arts, where she was accepted into the All-American College Program at Walt Disney World.  Billie has also served on the faculty of the Dance Conservatory of Orlando and Academy of Performing Arts.

Billie (lower right) during 1995-1996 Orlando Magic Dancer season

Billie (lower right) during 1995-1996 Orlando Magic Dancer season (courtesy of Jeanine Klem-Thomas)

Billie’s excursion into pro sports dance included being an Orlando Magic Dancer for four years, and also on the squad for the AFL Orlando Predators.  Eventually, Billie moved into managing the Predators dance squad, the Prowlers.  Her Predators connection is especially strong because Billie’s husband, Pat O’Hara, is their current head coach, and was previously the Predators quarterback, playing for coach Jay Gruden.  Together, with Pat as QB and Jay as head coach, the Orlando AFL team won two ArenaBowl titles.

“It’s a Small World” in Orlando’s football and dance communities, so the stars aligned for the UFL and Billie to coalesce.   Fast forward to 2010, and Jay Gruden is now Head Coach of the UFL’s Orlando franchise, the Florida Tuskers.  The dominoes started to fall when Gruden called Billie with an idea last March.  “I originally went in to interview for the Director position for the Florida Tuskers Cheerleaders with no expectations beyond that.  Jay Gruden asked me if I would be interested, and if I could meet with Brian Melekian, Team Business Director of the UFL.  I said of course! I was thrilled to meet with Mr.Melekian.”

“The interview went very well, and long,” Billie recalls, smiling, “He asked me back for a second interview to sit down with Bill Peterson, the Chief Operating Officer of the league a week later. I had to prepare budgets, proposals, timelines, visionary ideas and concepts, et cetera. About an hour after that meeting, I received a phone call that not only would they like to hire me for the position of the Florida Tuskers Cheerleaders’ Director but also the UFL Cheer and Dance Development Director. I was honored and more than excited to accept.”


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2009-10 Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders

Bios and uniform shots now online. Go check ’em out!


Eagles Cheerleaders Heading to the Middle East


Cheerleaders Heading To Iraq
June 25, 2009

On July 1, 2009, six Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders will depart for Iraq and Kuwait as part of a 12-day goodwill military tour. This marks the second consecutive year that Eagles Cheerleaders will travel to the Middle East to visit US military servicemen and women. The tour is designed to entertain and boost the morale of the soldiers, many of whom are serving lengthy tours of duty in Iraq and Kuwait.

The cheerleaders will be performing variety shows at the bases in addition to meet-and-greets and autograph sessions. The cheerleaders will truly get a sense of the soldiers’ sacrifice as they fly in Black Hawk helicopters, sleep in the barracks and endure the severe climate.

Amanda Bedford, a fourth-year member of the squad, will be one of the six current cheerleaders making the trip.

“I’m going to Iraq and Kuwait not only to boost the morale of our brave soldiers and show my support, but also for more personal reasons,” she said. “I have friends and family currently serving our country in the military, as well as family members who have given their lives to protect our freedom. This tour is my small contribution to those who have sacrificed so much for us.”

Joining Bedford will be Krystle Campbell of Media, PA, Tiffany Monroe of Absecon, NJ, Janelle Stangl of Bethlehem, PA, Alexandra Stephan of Shamong, NJ, and Priscilla Williams of Pennsauken, NJ.

The new cheerleaders embarking on the 2009 tour are looking forward to the visit in part because of the experiences that the cheerleaders had during last year’s tour. Rachel Washburn, who was part of the 2008 tour said, “It was a life-changing experience. It was an opportunity for me to express my appreciation and thank them in person for the sacrifices they are making to protect us and people throughout the world. They are so courageous!”

In addition to traveling to Iraq and Kuwait, the Eagles Cheerleaders have also traveled previously to Bosnia and Kosovo for goodwill military tours. The Eagles Cheerleaders are very active in making appearances at military bases and veterans hospitals in PA, NJ, and DE. Most recently, they appeared at the Walk for the Wounded in Delaware County, a fundraiser for injured soldiers, and at a welcome home celebration at Sovereign Bank Arena for 1,600 members of the Army National Guard that just returned home from Iraq.

“These outstanding NFL cheerleaders will have a tremendous impact on the military personnel serving our country. All of the participants have expressed their passion for our troops overseas and are looking forward to a successful tour and once-in-a-lifetime experience,” says David Chavez, President of Pro Sports MVP.

You’re Invited to the Eagles Cheerleader Calendar Party


Philadelphia Eagles: Be the first to see the new calendar images at the Eagles Cheerleaders 2009-2010 Calendar Unveiling Event. This previously private event is now open to the public! All of the Eagles Cheerleaders will be modeling their eco-sexy bikinis that were worn during their calendar shoot in Aruba. The show will also include a cheerleader dance performance followed by the announcement of the new cover girl.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009 at 7:30 pm
Prince Music Theater, 100 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA

Tickets are $22.50 and include a copy of the new 2009-2010 Eagles Cheerleaders Calendar!

Click here to purchase tickets

Eagles cheerleaders go global, local

By Peter Mucha
Staff Writer
Philadelphia Inquirer
Jun. 9, 2009

Photo Gallery

Content to remain on the sidelines?

Not the Eagles cheerleaders.

They’re back from Aruba, where they shot their second “eco-sexy” calendar – this time to raise awareness about global warming.

Early next month, six squad members will be off to Iraq to entertain the troops.

Then come two new local events for fans – a July 15 calendar-unveiling show and an Aug. 2 Linc extravaganza.

The calendar show will feature photos on a big screen, dance routines and swimwear modeling, capped off by the grand finale – revealing the woman on the cover, according to Barbara Zaun, the team’s director of cheerleading.

“That will be the first time that she finds out,” Zaun said.

Tickets for the 7:30 p.m. Prince Music Theater event should be on sale at the end of next week. The $22.50 admission includes a copy of the 16-month calender, which covers the Eagles season and all of 2010, Zaun said.

The cheerleaders also will perform at family-oriented Flight Night, which replaces the annual carnival and auction. The new football team will practice, and fans will be treated to giveaways, videos, appearances by former players and mascot Swoop, as well as fireworks.


Autographed merchandise will be for sale, but autograph sessions with players are no longer in the game plan.

Proceeds from the tickets, starting at $10 for children and $20 for adults, will benefit the Eagles Youth Partnership. Club seats, at $45 each, include the chance to meet cheerleaders and ex-Eagles. Tickets are available through Ticketmaster at 1-800-745-3000.

The calendar shoot went well, and Aruba’s desert area fit into this year’s global-warming theme, said Zaun.

Except when one cheerleader stepped on some cactus.

“We were able to get that feeling of being very hot and dry,” said Zaun.

“I kind of felt like a jungle woman,” said rookie Tracey Dunn, 22, of Philadelphia.

She posed in a bikini by an exotic tree, a tangle of interconnected roots and branches, at the resort hotel, and “the way they did my hair and makeup was really unique,” said the Muhlenberg grad, who works as a casting assistant at a talent agency.

A little yellow eyeliner. Red straw woven into her teased and braided red hair. Yellow earrings made of “hardened leaves.” A belt of sculpted bits of coconut shells.

She didn’t wear any messages, though others did – one T-shirt read “100 Percent Naturally Grown,” she said.

Dunn really enjoyed the experience, from the photo shoot to dance rehearsals, and activities like snorkeling, pool aerobics and mingling with the handful of Eagles fans who booked special trips.

“It was amazing,” she said. “To be there with everyone was just an unbelievable experience.”

Of course, seaside shots were required.

Jennifer Kaiser, 26, back for a fifth season with the squad, posed in the surf at sunset, wearing a necklace whose mini-stop signs with a flaming Earth symbolically say “Stop Global Warming.”

The piece was from Cool Planet Jewelry, whose sales benefit www.stopglobalwarming.org, said the LaSalle grad and longtime Philadelphia resident.

Garments and jewelry were mostly made of natural or recycled materials, to fit the eco-friendly objectives pioneered last year.

Kaiser is also part of the contingent slated to visit Iraq, touring bases from July 1 to 12.

“I’m really excited,” she said. “A lot of people ask me if I’m scared but I’m really not.”

A financial analyst for the Defense Department, she already helps the troops in her job, which involves getting them equipment and supplies.

But she’s happy to entertain them too.

Also heading over are Amanda Bedford, Priscilla Williams, Tiffany Monroe, Krystle Campbell and Alexandra Stephan.

Besides doing some dance routines, they’ll host fun and games, like push-up competitions and trivia contests, and answer questions from the crowd.

“It’s a great opportunity to go over there and visit the troops, and give something back,” Kaiser said.

Tips for hopeful 2009 Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader contestants

Get Your Eagle on: Beauty Tips for hopeful 2009 Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader contestants

By Alyssa D’Egidio
NBC Philadelphia
Mar 2, 2009

Former Philadelphia Eagles’ cheerleader Alyssa D’Egidio gives tips on how to nail this year’s audition.

Astounding dance ability and physical fitness will separate the good from the bad at the 2009 Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleading Open-Call Auditions but there are other elements that are often overlooked by many aspiring cheerleaders.

A contestant can have years of dance experience and six-pack abs but something that usually lowers contestants’ scores is their appearance.

When envisioning a professional cheerleader, there are a few key things that come to mind—polished hair and flawless make-up. Contestants may be able to dance like a “Pussycat Doll” or have a body like Giselle but if their hair is not up to superstar standards, scores are going to drop.

There are some simple things an aspiring cheerleader can do for her appearance that will wow that judges.

Put The Scissors Away: If your hair is long don’t cut it. Most cheerleaders have shoulder length or longer hair, which judges tend to admire. Melvin Silverman owns Salon De L’Etoile– the official salon of the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders. “In the last two years, none of the cheerleaders have had short hair,” he says. If your hair is short, don’t fret because there are options. Some women feel they look better with short hair and if you’re one of them then go with what feels and looks best on you. If you want to quickly change your look then try some of these options:

Jessica Simpson Hair Extensions: This easy fix to lengthening hair is inexpensive and results are instantly drastic. They can be ordered on the Internet in various colors, lengths and styles. All you have to do it clip them in securely and the extensions will blend in your natural hair.

Salon Hair Extensions: If you want something a little more permanent, many girls pay for hair extensions done at salons. Lauren Gerner, a stylist at Giovanni and Pileggi Salon in Philadelphia, highly suggests that cheerleader hopefuls get extensions if they have short hair. “The only requirement is that hair has to be at least four inches long,” she says. “The extensions should last about four to six months depending on how fast hair grows.” Great Lengths hair extensions will cost in the range of $1,000-$4,000. One of the advantages is that treatment for the extensions is almost the same as normal hair except products with silicone and sulfate cannot be used. Flat irons, curlers, etc. are all usable on these extensions. Salon De L’Etoile also offers services for hair extensions.

Color, Color, color: Whatever your natural hair color is…amplify it. If you have dirty blonde hair, go blonder. If it’s mousy brown, put in an allover dye to make it shiny and really powerful. Whatever the color, make it stand out. Eagles fans that sit higher at the stadium have a hard time seeing the cheerleaders and by having a really great color is helpful for them to distinguish between cheerleaders. This said, avoid odd hair colors or too many different shades. “When they color their hair, with the right conditioner, the hair will shine more,” says Melvin. “ Hair colors add a lot of excitement and makes the girls look a little more attractive.” He suggests brunettes sticking to brown shades while blondes should be very light or bleached.

Style: On the day of the audition, don’t style your hair like you would for everyday things. Hot rollers, curling irons and flat irons are your friends. Although you will be flipping your hair around during the audition, judges take a minute to look at your overall appearance. At this point your hair should look polished. Melvin Silverman suggests, “Moroccan oil or high sheen spray will help it from tangling.” He also adds that there are distinct ways the cheerleaders like to style their hair.

“Seventy percent of the girls wear their hair flat or straight ironed which helps it last throughout the game while 30% of girls will want their hair curled.”

Tease Please: Have a straight part in the front of the head and tease the back. Teasing will add a lot of volume.

“Take a section of hair around the crown of your head and hold it in the air with one hand,” Melvin said. “With the other hand, use a comb to tease the root up and down.” This will add a little lift and dynamic to your do.

Caution: Melvin Silverman cautions cheerleader hopefuls from showing up with their hair anything but down.

“The cheerleaders can’t wear their hair in pony tails or half up,” he said. “ It should be down and flowing so they can swing it around when dancing.”


Natural Foundation: Salon De L’Etoile also provides make-up artists to the cheerleaders. Professional cheerleaders shouldn’t look like they have caked on foundation, but on the other hand they shouldn’t appear as if they are going to the gym. Make-up is a must. It enhances the eyes, lips and cheeks in order for the judges to notice. Foundation should look natural and blend nicely into the skin.

Glamorous Eyes: Melvin Silverman says that dramatic eyes are a must Contestants should spend the most time on their eye make-up.

“Fake eyelashes to are worn by most of the cheerleaders,” said Melvin. “Use natural colors like browns, blacks, smoky grays and lots of black eye liner.”

Luscious Lips: Lips should be very subtle but still evident.

“Pinks are commonly used and subtle,” Melvin said. “Lip liner two shades darker than the lipstick should be used to blend the lips.”

Caution: Sparkles are a no-no. No blue eye shadows and bright red lipsticks either.

Make-up and hair are essential parts of a contestant’s appearances and will either help or hinder a contestant’s chance of getting through the auditions. Use these simple beauty tips to polish your appearance and impress the judges. Check back for more tips on what to wear for the audition.

Eagles Cheerleaders Around Town

Reader Mike was at the King of Prussia Mall on Saturday where the Eagles Cheerleaders were making an appearance.

Eagles Cheerleaders
Amanda is a Criminal Justice Major at Kutztown University. More on Amanda here.

Eagles Cheerleaders
Maria and Lauren. More on Lauren and her work with autistic children here.

Eagles Cheerleaders
First-year Cheerleader Tina is a student at Penn. Check out our list of Ivy League Cheerleaders and Dancers here.

[Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders]

2009 Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader Workshop

Eagles Cheerleaders

Over two hundred young ladies turned out for the 2009 Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader Workshop this past Wednesday. The hopefuls participated in sessions on Fitness, Hair & Make Up, Choreography. They also ran through a Mock Audition and got to pick the brains of current Eagles Cheerleaders in a Q&A. All this was designed to let them prepare and know what to expect at next month’s Open Call Auditions.

See photos from the workshop at the Eagles Website.

Watch a report from Philadelphia’s NBC10 here.

See a slide show from Philadelphia’s CBS3 here.

Open Call auditions are Saturday, March 28th. Full details here.

Eagles Cheerleader’s NFL Japan Blog

Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader Lauren recently returned from a trip to Japan, sponsored by NFL Japan. Read all about her trip and view her photos on the Eagles website.

Eagles Cheerleader Around Town

Reader Mike sends some photos of the Eagles Cheerleaders from last Saturday, quite possibly the last photos of the 2008-09 squad we will have.

Eagles CheerleadersEagles Cheerleaders
Alexandra and Kristin at the Travel Expo Event at the Linc.

Eagles Cheerleaders
Dana and Marisa at the Vorhees Town Center

Eagles CheerleadersEagles Cheerleaders
Marisa and Dana

Open Call Auditions for the 2009-10 Eagles Cheerleaders are Saturday, March 28th. Full details here.

Eagles seek new cheerleaders

By Peter Mucha, Staff Writer
Philadelphia Inquirer
Feb. 17, 2009

[Last] weekend’s combine isn’t the only talent search gearing up in the NFL.

During the next nine weeks, the Eagles will host a series of events to restock their cheerleading squad.

Every year, about 15 rookies earn spots, along with about two dozen returning vets.

“We have a really busy couple of months planned,” said Barbara Zaun, director of cheerleading.

And that’s not including late April’s NFL draft party, the yearly May calendar shoot, or the July visit by six cheerleaders to Iraq to entertain troops.

Regular Eagles fans should know that only two of these events are open to the public, the draft party and the April 21 cheerleader audition finals.

This year, the finale will be at a smaller venue, the Prince Music Theater in Center City. So the tickets – $22.50 each – are likely to disappear quickly when they go on sale later this month, Zaun said.

Here are the dates that rah-rah wannabes, who must be 18 and a high school graduate, will want to know:

Pre-Audition Workshop, Feb. 25. Optional event at Lincoln Financial Field. Experts, including team choreographer Suzy Zucker, will advise about dancing, hair and makeup, and health and fitness. Includes mock tryout, plus question-and-answer session with current cheerleaders. No judging. Cost is $45.

Open Call Tryouts, March 28. Lincoln Financial Field. Required for would-be rookies. Hundreds of women learn a dance routine, then take turns performing in groups of five before two panels of judges.

Audition Semifinals, March 30 and April 1: About 130 invitees, including squad members seeking to return, will be given a dance routine to learn at the NovaCare Complex in South Philadelphia. The following day, they’ll perform in groups of three, and talk with judges about themselves.

Audition Finals, April 21: Sixty finalists will compete in a variety of categories, including dance, fitness and beauty at Prince Music Theater, 1412 Chestnut St.

Next week’s workshop will be limited to 250 contestants, who will automatically be registered for the open-call auditions, Zaun said.

The workshop helps women who might be worried about their confidence, and can improve prospects’ chances, Zaun said. They get how-to tips on everything from fitness (“to firm up your abs, exactly”) to beauty (“to help them understand the glamorous aspect of being an Eagles cheerleader”) to proper nutrition.

Improve your diet, she said, and “your body’s going to look much better in just a month’s time.”

For sign-up information, go to www.philadelphiaeagles.com and click “Cheerleaders.”

Once the squad is set, following the finals, members quickly prepare for the new squad’s debut at the annual draft day party.

Then comes the calendar shoot.

“We are looking for a tropical destination again, and most likely it would early to mid May,” Zaun said.

The cheerleaders, who are paid an hourly rate, make $400 to $1,000 a month and usually hold other jobs.

Tips for hopeful 2009 Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader contestants

Get Your Eagle On!
Tips for hopeful 2009 Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader contestants

By Alyssa D’Egidio
Feb 25, 2009

BCPhiladelphia.com intern, Alyssa D’Egidio, cheered for the Philadelphia Eagles during the 06′ and 07′ season. She will be providing tips for contestants on how to nail this year’s audition.

It has been almost three years since I had my first audition for the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleading Squad. Although a few years ago, memories of my first audition are still fresh in my mind as I think about stepping into the crowded room at Lincoln Financial Field.

For anyone who is planning to audition, this is the most intimidating part. Sprawled across the upper level of the stadium awaits nearly 500 girls who are primping, stretching and practicing dance moves while waiting to learn the routine. Seeing this will most likely raise your blood pressure but it is important to stay calm and rely on all the preparation you’ve put in prior to the open call.

As far as preparation goes, the most important thing to concentrate on is physical fitness and dance ability. At the open call audition contestants will be put into groups and walk into a room with a long table of judges. At this point, the judges are focusing on two main things: fitness and dance ability.

Focus: Fitness

With just a few weeks left until the March 28th auditions, it is important to start sculpting and toning your body. The judges are looking for toned stomachs, arms and legs. One thing they are not looking for is stick thin women. It is important to look healthy but fit.

Stephen Williamson, a trainer and owner of Body Blast at Weston Fitness has a few helpful tips for perfecting physiques in a short period of time.

“I think women trying out for the team are going to want to look aesthetically pleasing. The girls need to be able to move which is why an integration of strength training, plyometrics and cardio will be best for these women,” Stephen said.

Let’s break down what each of these consist of and how many times a week they should be done:

Strength Training is important for being able to push your own body weight. Exercises to do include lunges, leg presses and calf extensions. For toned arms and back muscles, push ups are great.

Cardio is also good for keeping your lungs in good condition. “Cheerleaders don’t need to run marathons therefore a combination of sprints and jogging at a pace will keep their lungs in good shape for their dance routines,” Stephen said.

Lastly, plyometric training is used for speed and agility. This training helps the neuromuscular system for quick steps and foot moves. This is great for dancing and picking up choreography quickly.

Stephen suggests doing a combination of these three. “A full body routine twice a week which is made up of half strength training and half plyometrics should do the trick,” Stephen said. “Cardio should be done two or three times a week for 20-30 minutes.”

Diet is also an important part of a cheerleader’s life, so sticking to a high fiber diet will help keep the pounds off. “Taking in a diet of 40 percent protein, 40 percent carbohydrates and 20 percent fat will energize the body and keep it slim,” Stephen said.

Focus: Dance

Once your physique is at its peek, the next goal is to get your dance moves down. At the audition, a short choreography routine will be taught, which contestants have about 20 minutes to learn and an hour to perfect. Obviously contestants can’t practice the dance until the day of the audition, but there are some ways to help make this part a lot easier.

Many college campus gyms offer dance classes from hip-hop to ballet. College students who are auditioning should try to go to at least three dance classes a week prior to the auditions. I did before I auditioned and it really helped me pick up the choreography much quicker. Try taking a hip hop or jazz class which is more the choreography style of the Eagles Cheerleading Squad.

Not a college student? Well, many dance classes are offered in the city and surrounding areas.

Society Hill Dance Academy and Koresh School of Dance in center city offer hip-hop classes for $15 to $20. Classes focus on cardio, movement training and choreography.

The Dancers Studio on Passyunk Avenue offers an hour long Wednesday night jazz/hip-hop class at 6:30 pm. A four-week session costs $15 and will give contestants four paid classes to work on their dance techniques. Call 215-271-6277 for more information.

If you are not sure what kind of dancing the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders do, then it would be helpful to watch last year’s Final Audition Webcast on the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders web site. Before I auditioned, I watched the previous year’s webcast which helped me get a feel for the style of dance the squad does.