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Former Bucs Cheerleader on CSI this Saturday


Brooke Newton guest stars on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation episode  “If I Had a Hammer”  airing Saturday, May 22nd @ 8:00pm E/PT on CBS.

[Brooke on Twitter]

[Brooke on imdb.com]

Former Seattle Sea Gal Amber Lancaster in the Maxim Hot 100

amberlanYou started out as a Hometown Hottie in 2004, and now you’re an MTV star. We think we deserve a cut of your next paycheck!

Oh, for sure! After being voted into the Top 10, I decided to move to L.A. permanently. It kind of launched my career. I am loyal to Maxim through and through.

What were you doing before you became a Hottie?

I was a loan coordinator at a mortgage company in Seattle. My roommate thought I should enter the contest, so we made a video of me dancing around my living room looking like an idiot. If you guys repost that video, I might boycott you.

And you were a Cheerleader for the Seattle Seahawks as well, right?

Yeah. We were technically called dancers, but we had pompoms, so it did get a little confusing. The problem is, you tell people you’re a dancer and they think you work at some place called Déjà Vu.

Let’s talk The Hard Times of RJ Berger. What’s it about?

RJ Berger is your quintessential nerdy high school kid, and his friend Miles is always trying to get them noticed and help them move up the social ladder. Anyway, in the very first episode, RJ’s member is exposed at a basketball game.

His member?

You know, his thingy! It turns out it’s quite large, so he gains a bit of notoriety. That propels them into more opportunities at school.

Who do you play?

If the show is like Superbad meets The Wonder Years, then I’m kind of the Winnie Cooper… but a little more scandalous.


Yeah, I’m the down-to-earth girl next door, but RJ is constantly having dreams of me ripping my
dress off in the hallway and showing up to school naked.

That sounds intriguing. So MTV is really doing a non-reality show?

People can’t comprehend that MTV is doing something scripted. It’s a really big deal for them. They’re kind of changing their whole image.

Have you partied with the Jersey Shore folks?

I did! They’re pretty fun, but I don’t know if my liver could handle hanging out with them on a daily basis.

Did the Situation show you his abs?

Definitely. I told him it looked like they were slipping a little bit, and I think it hurt the guy’s feelings.

Do you go out and party very often?

Not so much anymore. When I first got to L.A., I’d go out all the time, but now I’m way more of a homebody.

So what would be a better approach for a girl like you?

Just talk to me about normal things, like music. Also, I love guys who know something that I don’t know.

Such as?

Even if I have absolutely no idea what a dude is talking about, like stocks or something, it’s actually really hot.

[Maxim 2010 Hot 100]

Jill Marie Jones: Former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Gets Gig with TBS

From ClutchMagonline.com

jmjEver wonder what happened to ‘Girlfriends’ actress Jill Marie Jones?

Well, she’s landed a gig — that is on, putting her in great company.

Following in the footsteps of TBS’s highly-successful micro-series ‘My Manny,’ which starred Elise Neal, comes a new series starring the woman who played the brazen real estate saleswoman Toni Childs.

The Baileys spokesperson and former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader will star as the title character Gillian in a new series called ‘Gillian in Georgia,’ which follows a hip, single New Yorker who visits her family in a small town in Georgia.

The show will also star ‘Stomp the Yard’ actor Darrin Henson as her love interest, ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ actress Shondrella Avery as her sister and James Mathis II, who appeared in ‘The Matrix.’

It will make its debut during commercial segments following TBS’s ‘Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns’ at 8 pm on April 28 with two new episodes showing each Wednesday for five consecutive weeks within commercial time.

‘Gillian in Georgia’ is sponsored exclusively by Chevy Malibu, which will be prominently featured in the show, particularly to show how the show’s main character uses a Chevy Malibu car to get around town.

Amber Lancaster’s Hard Times

Amber Lancaster is a former Seattle Sea Gal

By By J.Everette Perry

Amber Lancaster plays the cheerleading dream girl of a well-endowed geek on MTV’s first single-cam comedy, The Hard Times of RJ Berger. The show premiers June 6th with a huge push by MTV, as they sober up from their ten-year reality show bender. The comedy is based around RJ’s (Paul Iacono) huge appendage being unveiled during a school pep assembly, and how his popularity goes from zero to 60 quicker then Amber can do the splits. Lancaster has played a soap star diva, been part of the gang on Entourage, and, here, tells us about going to school with no clothes on.

Describe your role on Hard Times.
I play the role of Jenny Swanson. She’s the quintessential, all-American girl-next door that is also the girl of RJ’s dreams (both literally and figuratively).

It’s a funny role that requires good comedic timing.
The show is basically a series of awkward moments. My character is funny without knowing that she is funny, not because of the things she does, but because of how obsessed RJ is with her and she is completely oblivious.

Have there been any awkward moments on set?
My most awkward moment was a scene where RJ dreams that I come to school naked, with nothing but a backpack on. So I filmed the scene with literally nothing but a backpack and 50 extras, 4 cameras, 20 crew. You get the idea. It was very awkward.

What was is like playing a cheerleader?

It was fun!! Although, I didn’t get to wear the uniform as much as I would have liked.

What are your three favorite possessions.

My grandmother’s pearl necklace, old photo albums and music

Other then PAPERMAG.com what are your everyday websites?

Well I have a few, I am an absolute Google fanatic. I must Google at least five things a day. And I love facebook, gilt.com, and imdb.com

What is one of your favorite areas of LA and why?

I love living in Brentwood. It’s a bit removed from Hollywood, close to the ocean, and I can walk anywhere from my apartment, which, in my opinion, is priceless in LA!

The Ironettes

The Ironettes (cheerleader-esque backup dancers) appear in the beginning of Iron Man 2 (in theaters May 7th). On of the Ironettes is played by former Denver Broncos Pro Bowl Cheerleader Renee Herlocker.

Renee was supposed to have a bit of dialogue, but because Robert Downey Jr. was having a hard time remembering his lines, they shortened the whole scene and her lines were cut.



[Renee Herlocker Website]

[Renee on Twitter]

Former Patriots Cheerleader in Doritos Super Bowl Commercial

As a New England Patriots Cheerleader Elizabeth Hanson cheered her team to victory over the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl XXXVIII.

Now she’s an actress living in California and yesterday she starred in a Super Bowl commercial; she plays the weeping girlfriend.

Anjelah Johnson on Ugly Betty Tonight

anjelahjohnsonComedienne and former Oakland Raiderette guest stars on tonight’s episode of Ugly Betty (10pm E/PT on ABC)

Former Tampa Bay Bucs Cheerleader on CBS Sitcom Tonight

“The Perfect Week” – When Barney is about to complete the perfect week – landing seven different girls in seven days – the gang roots him on in order to forget about their own miserable week, on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, Monday, Feb. 1 (8:00-8:30 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. CBS Sports Broadcaster Jim Nantz and 2009 World Champion New York Yankee Nick Swisher guest star as themselves. Brooke Newton guest stars as Christy.

The Not–So–Hard Times of Amber Lancaster

From high school to spokesmodel and back to high school.
By James Ross Gardner
Seattle Metropolitan Magazine

amberlancastreAmber Lancaster giggles when she explains The Hard Times of R. J. Berger, the MTV comedy that will likely pole–vault the 29–year–old Tacoma native from well–known pinup girl to well–known actor. Set in an Ohio high school, the show centers on nerdly R. J. Berger, a sophomore who compensates for his broomstick physique and lack of social skills with, well, what’s in his trousers. “He has a gift, you might call it, which sort of throws him into the spotlight,” explains Lancaster, who plays Jenny Swanson, R. J.’s study buddy and object of desire.

Billed as Superbad meets The Wonder Years—essentially, raunchy coming–of–age comedy with a heart of gold—Hard Times is the latest stop on a scantily clad odyssey that started in 1999, when Lancaster was a senior at Tacoma’s Franklin Pierce High School, the same year she made the Sea Gals squad. After five years of shaking pom–poms for the Seahawks, Lancaster loaded up the U–Haul and rolled down to LA, where she quickly landed a gig with Makita power tools. As Miss Makita 2005, she appeared on the company’s calendar and scooted around the country to help shill drill guns in agrarian burgs like tiny Carroll, Iowa, where she was the talk of the town. “I was on the cover of the newspaper. It was hilarious.”

Other modeling stints followed: bejeweled trophy presenter on the Primetime Emmy Awards and Showcase Showdown siren on The Price Is Right, on which she still appears and frequently jaws about Seattle sports with host and Sounders FC co–owner Drew Carey. Then she got a callback early last year from a TV audition. “I was a little scared about it. I mean, it’s pretty edgy,” she says of the Hard Times pilot script. “But at the same time it was really funny.”

A leitmotif of the show, in production now and scheduled to debut this spring, is R. J.’s constant fantasizing about Lancaster’s character. “In one episode he’s at his locker, and I’m like, ‘Hey R. J., I came to school naked today.’ And he looks at me and it’s me in just a backpack. And then he’s like ‘What?’ And I’m like, ‘Hey R. J. I said, Is it cool if I can’t make it today?’ And then I’m clothed.”

[Amber at imdb.com]

Contest Winner

Congratulations to Randy from Easton, MD, who correctly identified 1984 SF 49ers Gold Rush member Terri Hatcher as the only Professional Cheerleader (as far as we know) who appeared on Star Trek.

I do know Sasha is scouring the Internet for an actual photo of Terri in her Gold Rush uniform. Still no luck.

Former Bucs Cheerleader Lands Role on CBS Sitcom

brooketbFormer Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleader Brooke Newton is now an actress living in LA. Yesterday, she tweeted that she landed a role on CBS’s How I Met Your Mother.

[Brooke on Twitter]

[Brooke at imdb.com]

Former Seattle Sea Gal to Star in MTV’s First Scripted Comedy

amberlargeFive-time Seattle Sea Gal Amber Lancaster landed a huge gig and will be starring in Hard Times a new comedy on MTV. Hard Times, which is billed as “Superbad meets The Wonder Years,” is scheduled to debut in January.

In addition to working as a model on The Price is Right, Amber has appeared on Entourage, My Own Worst Enemy and Friday Night Lights.

[Amber at imdb.com]

Former Scramento Kings Dancer Vanessa Born says New ‘Bring it On’ Movie Kicked Her Butt

Kiko Martinez

After three seasons as a professional cheerleader for the NBA’s Sacramento Kings from 2001-2003, Vanessa Born decided to head south to L.A. to pursue her dream of becoming an actress. Since making the trip to Hollywood, she has earned small parts on shows such as “Hannah Montana” and “CSI: NY.” Born, who is part Spanish, now stars in “Bring it On: Fight to the Finish,” the fifth installment of the popular cheerleading series.

Vanessa Born and Christina Milian star in “Bring it On: Fight to the Finish.”

Were you a fan of the first four movies?

Oh, yeah. The very first movie set it off for me. I was a cheerleader in high school and college and then in the NBA. Basically, these are movies that you live and die by.


So, you were one of those cheerleaders that knew all the dialogue word for word and loved spirit fingers?

(Laughs) Yes! I remember slumber parties and reciting those movies verbatim.

Since the “Bring it On” series has its own fan base, did that put more pressure on the cast to live up to expectations?

There was actually pressure to give it something new like the different mechanics and different cheerleading combinations. The writing is really funny. Our two writers are comedy writers that gave us something amazing to work with. Then, luckily, we were working with an awesome director, too. If you felt like there was something you wanted to improv, [director Billie Woodruff] would let you go and do it. We just went with it.

With all your experience in cheerleading, I’m guessing there wasn’t anything too challenging in terms of choreography.

You’d be surprised. I was a professional dancer in the NBA for three years with the Sacramento Kings. Even still, the training was so intense! I was surprised. My butt got kicked on that set a lot.

So, are you a Sacramento Kings fan?

Of course. It’s so hard living in L.A. Everybody’s got something to say.

Tell me about cheerleading in the NBA.

Cheerleading in the NBA really prepared me a lot for acting. I was really shocked. You go through so much media training and how to present yourself. In Sacramento, to be a cheerleader, you have to go through a lot. It’s hard work. I give it up to every dancer in the NBA who is going for the gold. They have a really tough job but it’s a really fun job.

After three seasons with the Kings, why did you decide to leave?

I wanted to be an actress. I was the clown on the squad. I was always cracking jokes. I was always the one with the cheesy smile. I thought about it and I really wanted to go to L.A. and act. Luckily, I had a very supportive team. They were very supportive when I left.

Since you have so much experience, were you the one on the set everyone would go to if they wanted cheerleading tips?

If anyone wanted to rehearse I was always available. I was always the one saying, “Okay, let’s do it again!” Everyone would be like, “Alright! We’ve done it 6,000 times already!” But 6,001 would make you even better.


Any bumps and bruises along the way?

(Laughs) Yes! I got very injured in a stunt that we tried. It was pretty awesome, but I pulled a back muscle. It was my first pulled muscle ever. I’ve never broken or pulled anything in my entire cheerleading career. I was out for a couple of days. You get a lot of bruises on your legs, but it’s nothing you can’t handle.

So, for those people who say that cheerleading isn’t a real sport, you just show them your bruises?

Oh my gosh! Anyone that says cheerleading isn’t a real sport is crazy! Just look at any of the ESPN cheerleading competitions. They do some of the most amazing acrobatic performances I’ve ever seen in my life.

[Vanessa at imdb.com]

Wizard of Oz Star Taps Her Heels

By Roger Schlueter

amyhollandpenellramsWhen Amy Holland Pennell delivers the classic “There’s no place like home!” line tonight, she’ll mean it more than most in the audience might imagine.

For the past three years, this multitalented 1999 Granite City High School graduate has been in Los Angeles, working her way up the star ladder. Just recently, she put the wraps on her starring role as Alice Bordeaux in John Ward’s “The Ten Commandments,” which is due out later this year.

But by a stroke of luck, she returned to St. Louis recently for another audition, and Beverley Scroggins, her high school drama coach, pounced on the opportunity. Scroggins landed her former student for the lead role of Dorothy in the Summerstage production of “The Wizard of Oz” at 7:30 p.m. tonight through Saturday at Granite City High School.
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Former Sea Gal on Bold & The Beautiful


Former Seattle Sea Gal and current The Price is Right model Amber Lancaster will appear on CBS’s daytime drama The Bold & The Beautiful this Wednesday and Thursday. The plotline involves a visit to the game show and will feature the show’s cast including host Drew Carey.

[Amber at imdb.com]