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Bandettes at the Bandits-Rock Game

Out friend Phil from the Buffalo Pro Cheer Blog has photos and video from of the Bandettes from their latest game.


[Bandettes Photos and Video]

The Bandettes in Action at the Bandits-Swarm Game

Our friend Phil from the Buffalo Pro Cheer Blog has the latest from the last Bandits game, including The Bandettes with Ironman and Hawkman:


[Buffalo Pro Cheer Blog]

Buffalo Bandettes Home Opener

Courtesy of our good friend Phil at the Buffalo Pro Cheer Blog here are the NLL Buffalo Bandettes at their home opener.



[Buffalo Bandettes]

[Bandettes Home Opener on The Buffalo Pro Cheer Blog]

The Bandettes and the Jills at the 1st Annual Dance Fair and Expo

From the Buffalo Pro Cheer Blog:

Chrissy, Beth, and Jessica

Chrissy, Beth, and Jessica

Dance is a big thing in the world today and we regularly see that in the movies, tv, and, at sporting events, performed by the Buffalo Bandettes and the Buffalo Jills. As a way to draw awareness to the dance culture throughout Western New York, and to support and encourage local dancers, local organizers put together an event bringing in local studios, schools, organizations, clubs, dance teams and more including the Buffalo Bandettes dance team and the Buffalo Jills cheerleaders!

Check out the photos and video at Phil’s blog.

Bandettes Home Opener

Our good friend Phil was at Buffalo Bandits home opener a couple of weeks ago.

Check out Phil’s blog and photos of the Bandettes here.

[Buffalo Bandettes]

Bandettes Season Finale

The Buffalo Bandettes finished out their 2011 season this past weekend as the Bandits hosted the NLL East Finals.

All the news and photos at the Buffalo Pro Cheer Blog.

The Latest from Buffalo

Lots happening up in Buffalo. Check out the links from the Buffalo Pro Cheer Blog:

[Bandettes at Round One of the NLL Playoffs]

[Jills at the Draft Day Party]

[Bandettes Regular Season Finale]

[NLL Girl of the Week Stephanie]

[Video from Jills First Cuts]

[Jills Optional Workshop]

The Bandettes at the Bandits-Stealth Game

From the Buffalo Pro Cheer Blog:

This week’s game was all about the children as the Bandits hosted several area high school lacrosse teams in the stands and the Jr Bandettes at halftime performing with the 2011 Buffalo Bandettes. With all the Jr Bandettes on hand, the Bandettes got some help in the form of former coach Erin J and former captain Meghan, who helped keep things running smoothly with the Jr’s.

More at Phil’s blog.

[Buffalo Bandettes]

The Latest from Buffalo

Our friend Phil reports:

The last few years, Citadel Radio has been a big sponsor of a fun event geared towards men called the Buffalo Men’s Show. Seneca Niagara Casino is the location where they bring in various vendors with lots of big boy toys like televisions, cars, and drinks. In addition, since guys love beautiful women, a lot of models are on hand each year as well. This year, one of those models was the Martin Archery Girl…who we all know as Laura of the Buffalo Jills.

Also, this event is a big one for the Jills with several members of the squad in attendance signing autographs, selling off their calendars, and posing for lots of pics. But this year’s event went a little further than previous years…joining the Jills at the show were several members of the Buffalo Bandettes dance team. Throughout the event, I did some catching up with the Jills, whom I haven’t seen in 2 months and some even longer, as well as get plenty of photos of both the Jills and the Bandettes.

Photos and Video from the show here.

Also from Phil:

2009 Jills Ambassador Heather is working with a new website called Pro Player Insiders dedicated to NFL players and their fans. Heather’s focus will be cheerleading and she’ll have articles up on a weekly basis on the subject as well as interviews with girls from around the league. Check out her column called Leading The Cheer at http://proplayerinsiders.com/category/column/cheerleader/

[Buffalo Pro Cheer Blog]

The Latest from the Buffalo Bandettes

I missed the latest posts from our friend Phil and his Buffalo Pro Cheer Blog. He’s got two games worth of Bandettes photos and video.

[Phil’s Bandette Report  #1]

[Phil’s Bandette Report  #2]

Checking in with the Buffalo Pro Cheer Blog

With the Pro Bowl, the Super Bowl and the server move, I have not had a chance to check in on our friend Phil at the Buffalo Pro Cheer Blog.

[Reports, Photos and Video from the Jills Comedy Show]

[Photos and Video from the latest Bandettes game]

The Bandettes at the Bandits Open Practice

The latest from our friend Phil:


More at the Buffalo Pro Cheer Blog.

2011 Buffalo Bandettes Tryouts


Think you have what it takes to join a professional sports dance team and perform for fans at HSBC Arena? The Buffalo Bandettes Dance Team is now looking for applicants to fill out their 2011 roster. The Bandettes are the hottest dance team in the National Lacrosse League as they dance for the perennial championship contenders, the Buffalo Bandits.

Auditions will take place over two days; Saturday October 2 & Sunday October 3 from 12 p.m. until 3 p.m., at Gold’s Gym located at 1402 French Road in Depew.

On Oct. 2, you will learn the dance routine from the Bandette choreographers, and on Oct. 3, you will perform the routine as well as interview with the judges. The 2011 team will be announced that Sunday evening.

When attending on Saturday, please remember the $20.00 Non-Refundable Application Fee as well as a current photo (photo will not be returned). Candidates must be at least 18 years old and have at least a high school diploma or its equivalent.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the procedure for auditions?

A: Saturday – you will learn the dance routine. This is the only time the routine will be taught.
A: Sunday – Candidates will perform in groups of two. You will introduce yourself, perform the required routine and go through a personal interview by the Judges.
A: The Judges will retire to make final selection and the 2011 Dance Team will be announced.

Q: What does it take to be a Buffalo Bandette?

A: You will be judged on the following criteria: Dance Technique, Enthusiasm, Poise, Showmanship, Personal Appearance, Figure and High Kicks!!

Q: What type of time commitment is required for a Buffalo Bandette?
A: TOTAL COMMITMENT IS REQUIRED. Practices are Tuesday and Thursday evenings, there will be opportunities for personal appearances, full participation in the Junior Bandette Dance Camp and of course, the Bandits games!!

Q: How should I wear my hair/makeup for the audition?
A: Your hair and makeup should be current, up to date and flattering to your face. No ponytails please.

Q: What should I wear for the audition
A: Top: Dance/Athletic Bra Top Bottom: Hot Pants ( No Tank Tops or Bike Shorts)
A: Skin colored Dance Tights
A: Any type of Dance shoes or sneakers

[Buffalo Bandettes Auditions Info]

The Bandettes at the 2010 Regular season finale


Probably the last game appearance of the Buffalo Bandettes, unless the playoffs break in their favor.

Phil’s got photos and video from the game.

Bandettes at the Rock-Bandits Game

The Bandettes perform to Janis Joplin’s Piece of My Heart:

Head on over to the The Buffalo Pro Cheer Blog for more.

[Buffalo Bandettes]