Iowa Barnstormers Dance Team Auditions

Barnstormers Announce Dance and Promo Team Tryouts
Tryout Scheduled for Sunday, December 9 at Wellmark YMCA

DES MOINES – The Iowa Barnstormers will host their annual dance team tryout on Sunday, December 9, 2018 at the Wellmark YMCA on Grand Avenue in downtown Des Moines.

This year, a joint tryout will be held for both the Storm Chasers Dance Team and the Flight Line Promo Team. This audition is open to any female 18 years of age and older who is interested in representing the Iowa Barnstormers both on-field and in the community. The Open Tryout will be held under the direction of Coaches Rebecca “Perry” Perryman (Storm Chasers) and Juli Pettit (Flight Line).

The Storm Chasers Dance Team will perform on the field at every home game both pre-game and at half-time. The Storm Chasers will also lead sideline cheers throughout each and every game. The Flight Line Promo Team assists in cheering on the team and participates in all in-game and on-field promotions throughout each game. Both teams appear at different community events throughout the year.

All participants, for both dance and promo teams, will take part in learning a short sideline pom routine that they will perform in small groups and a brief interview segment. Participants will also be judged on personality, style, and appearance. Those who are interested in the Storm Chasers Dance Team will carry on to learn a one minute choreographed dance routine from Perry which they will then perform in front of a panel of judges.

Participants are encouraged to note if they have interest in both teams.

Check in and registration will open on December 9 at 10:00 a.m. CST with the tryout beginning at 11:00 a.m. CST. All participants will be required to submit a registration payment and sign a waiver and release form. Pre-registration will cost $20 with day-of registration fees increasing to $30 per participant. Pre-registration is now open, forms can be found online and printed from the Iowa Barnstormers website.

Forms for the Storm Chasers Dance Team Tryout can be found here.

Forms for the Flight Line Promo Team Tryout can be found here.


Those interested in both teams will only need to complete the Storm Chasers Tryout form.

Those who have questions about the Storm Chasers Dance Team, Flight Line Promo Team, or what to expect at the tryout can contact Juli Pettit in the Iowa Barnstormers front office at 515-564-8457 or e-mail


What: 2019 Storm Chasers Dance Team and Flight Line Promo Team Tryouts

Who: Women 18 years or older by December 9, 2018

When: Sunday, December 9, 2018 (Registration: 10:00 a.m., tryouts begin at 11:00 a.m. CST)

Where: Wellmark YMCA, 501 Grand Ave., Des Moines, IA 50309 (Group Exercise Room)

Cost: Pre-registration: $20.00, day-of: $30.00

Attire: Cropped dance or athletic top (mid-drift must be showing), hot pants or shorts, skin-toned tights or hose, dance sneakers, jazz shoes, or sneakers, performance ready hair and makeup.

Season Tickets for the Iowa Barnstormers 2019 season are on sale now for as low as $80 per seat. Call the Barnstormers front office at (515) 633-2255 or log on to for more information.

Cedar Rapids River Kings Dance Team Auditions

Prep classes will be offered for prospective participants leading up to the final tryouts. Classes will be held in the studio of the River Kings Front Office building. On the evening of the prep classes, participants can check-in at the River Kings office located at 240 33rd Ave SW, Suite D in Cedar Rapids.

The first two prep classes will be offered on Friday, November 9th from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. and Sunday, November 11th from 2:00 to 3:30 p.m.

Participants are not required to attend prep classes but are highly encouraged. Classes are available at a cost of $15 per class or two for $20. Registration for the prep classes will be handled on-site the day of the classes at the River Kings Front Office.

Dance Team Tryouts will a two-day, closed event at the River Kings Front Office building with the first round being held on Friday, December 7th and call-backs and interviews taking place on Sunday, December 9th. All participants must be 18 or older at the time of the tryouts (December 7, 2018).


First Round – Friday, December 7, 2018, at the River Kings Front Office building.

Registration opens at 5:00 p.m. There will be a $25 fee for participants, cash only. Participants will also be required to complete information and waiver forms and provide a 5” x 7” or larger head-shot, all photos are non-returnable. Registration forms are available online at

Instruction begins at 6:00 p.m. with the sessions lasting until approximately 8:30 p.m. Tryouts are led by Dance Team Director Jen Marks. They are a closed event and not open to public viewing.

Participants should wear form-fitting, two-piece dance outfits, and comfortable shoes. No jazz pants or baggy pants will be allowed. Please wear dance briefs or boy shorts. It is suggested that participants bring make-up, hair products, a towel, a bottle of water and a snack.

After instruction and warm-ups, participants will learn combinations including basic kicks and turns integrated into a few short, repeating sideline dance routines. Participants will perform in small groups and first cuts will be established after the completion of the first round.

Finalist Interviews – Sunday, December 9, 2018, at the River Kings Front Office building

Finalist Interviews will take place from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m.

Each finalist will be scheduled for a private interview with a small panel of judges consisting of the Dance Team Director and River King Front Office Staff. Participants should dress business casual for their interview and look professional.

Finalist Callbacks – Sunday, December 9, 2018, at the River Kings Front Office building

Finalist callbacks will take place from 11:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Callbacks are mandatory for all tryout participants who are selected to advance after the first round. Finalists will be chosen based on scores compiled from their dance routines and interview scores. This round is also closed to public viewing. The 2019 River Kings Dance Team will be selected that evening.


For more information about prep classes and tryouts fill out the form on this page (to the right on desktops) or email River Kings Dance Team Director Jen Marks at

Sioux Falls Lightning Girls Auditions

Lightning Girl Tryouts are set for December 2nd!

Sioux Falls Convention Center

1:00PM – Registration
1:30PM – Learn dance, sidelines and technique
3:30PM – Break to prep for auditions
4:00PM – Auditions
4:30PM – Interviews
5:00PM – Team Announced

Not quite the dancing queen or can’t make practices but would love to be involved?
To help on game day and be part of the community, contact Nickole:

Click to Download 2019 Tryout Application


Q: What are the requirements to be a LG?

A: You must be 18 years of age. You must be a high school graduate as of June 2018 for the year you are auditioning. You must be a full time college student, mother/homemaker or employee.

Q: Do you consider being a LG a full time job?

A: No, this is a part-time job. Most of the Lightning Girls are also a full-time college student, career women or mother/homemaker.

Q: Are there any age requirements?

A: You must be 18 years of age by the Open Audition. Ages of LGs have recently ranged from 18 ? 34. There is no ?maximum? age limit.

Q: Are there any height or weight requirements?
A: No. We require that LGs must be in good health, look well proportioned in dancewear and can meet the demands of the LG uniform. There are no specific height or weight requirements.


Q: Are you required to have any cheer or dance experience to audition?

A: No, it is not required, though most candidates typically have some performance experience.

Q: How many people audition each year?

A: The number of applicants varies from season to season. We usually host about 20-30 women at Open Auditions. Do not worry about numbers though! Be confident and go for it! We want to see YOU this year at tryouts!! Attending the prep class will help you feel more confident!

Q: What should I wear to auditions?

A: Nothing loose fitting. A crop top or tight tank and hot pants or trunks is desirable. Dance shoes and skin tone tights (non-shimmer) are suggested, but not required. Wear what makes you feel confident! It just needs to be form fitting. Any color attire is fine for Open Auditions. Come dressed to perform. Bring a warm up jacket/pants to wear in between audition segments to keep warm.

Q: What should I bring with me to auditions?

A: Bring a water bottle and a snack for the day. You will also need a non-returnable recent photograph of yourself to be used for identification, tryout application, and the non-refundable application processing fee of $25 (cash or check made payable to Lightning Girls). You may wish to bring some personal items such as make-up and extra nylons ? just in case. You will be able to touch up after learning the routine and before auditioning in front of the judges.

Q: If I do not advance to making the team, will my application be kept on file?

A: No. Each person must re-apply and audition from year to year. Also, no photos will be returned, so don?t use a photo you cannot ?part? with!!!!

Q: If I am not selected for the team, may I call the LG office to receive the judge?s comments/scores?

A: No. The judge?s sheets are not kept on file and comments about your audition are not available. The judge?s decision is final and confidential. Thank you for understanding. The waiver you sign will acknowledge you understand this and release rights to any feedback.

Q: How can I best prepare to audition if I want to become a LG?

A: Dance!!! Call your local dance studio and take a class. Attend our optional prep class, led by the LG coaching staff and alumni LG, to learn more about the Lightning Girls program. Work on your flexibility. Take workout classes or do workout videos. (These help build stamina and increase your speed for learning choreography.) Be confident!

Q: Is the Prep Classes required to audition?

A: No. The prep class is optional, but if you are available and can make it we suggest you attend to feel most prepared. We provide excellent preparation details for the upcoming audition. Evaluations from past participants reveal they feel much more confident when they attend. Material is taught by the LG Coach, alumni or captains.

Q: What will the judges look for at Open Auditions?
A: ?The Whole Package?

  • Personal Appearance (physical fitness level, poise, confidence, orderly and polished presentation, facial beauty, etc.)
  • Dance Ability (flexibility, versatile performer, crowd-pleasing, grace, style, strength, routine confidence, technique, etc.)
  • Showmanship (smile, eye contact, projection of positive support for the team, positive body language, posture, etc.)
  • Personality (bright, outgoing, enthusiastic, professional, mature, responsible, a ?team player?, a strong desire to support the Storm and the LGs, willing to accept and show improvements on constructive criticism, availability in schedule to meet team demands, etc.)
  • Enthusiasm (energy, hard working, goal oriented, improvement focused, driven, exciting to be around, etc.)

***The judges will be looking for potential, not necessarily perfection!!!!!

Q: How should I wear my hair to auditions?

A: We are proud to be sponsored by Vanessen?s Hair Design. You might consider making an appointment for a consultation with one of their trained experts before auditions. They can make suggestions on how to style and wear your hair and/or make-up. Their staff helps to make the LGs beautiful! Basically, we are looking for a hairstyle that is complimentary, has IFL glamour and can ?dance? well. Remember, if selected to the team, we will work to ?establish your look? with the professionals!

Q: How should I wear my make-up for auditions?

A: The main thing is to wear your make-up in a manner that is flattering to your natural features, makes you feel confident and will stay in place for the long day at Open Auditions. More suggestions will be offered at our prep class.


Q: How many spots will be available on the team? 

A: The number of team members varies from year to year, but is approximately 14-20. All returning veteran team members must still go through the audition process. Our incoming team captain or captains may be waived from the audition process. This varies from year to year.

Q: Is it ok to audition if I have a tattoo or body piercing?

A: YES! We may require some to be covered or removed during public appearances/games during the season though.

Q: What should I expect during the Open Auditions?
A: You will arrive on time to registration, where you will turn in your application packet if haven?t mailed in already including an application, your recent photo and application fee, sign a release/waiver agreement, and be assigned an audition number.

  • You will have time to warm up/stretch. You may be asked to perform a warm-up of skills across the floor. You will learn the first routine and then be assigned an audition group of approximately 3 or 4 women. You will be allowed a short time to practice in your small group and then you will begin performing for the judges in your small groups. If you can tumble, you will be given an opportunity to demonstrate this during the audition, but is an optional skill only. Plan to stay the whole time! You will NOT need to prepare your own choreography for Open Auditions. Reminder to pack a water bottle, warm up clothes, snacks, touch up products/tools, etc. as it can be a long and exciting day!

Those selected for the team will be announced at the end of the day. Open Auditions and Interviews are closed to the public.

Sioux Falls Sisters Join Vikings Cheerleaders

By Jill Callison
The Argus Leader

Karmen and Kirsten Nyberg, twin sisters and graduates of Lincoln High School and Augustana College, have been named to the Minnesota Vikings cheerleading team.


The Sioux Falls women in the past were cheerleaders for the Sioux Falls Storm Lightning, the local indoor football team.

The Nybergs, 23, are the daughters of Kevin and Linda Nyberg of Sioux Falls. They graduated from Augustana last spring.

“This is a life long dream come true,” Karmen Nyberg posted on her Facebook page.

Any interviews must wait until after a cheerleading team meeting Wednesday night. This year is their first with the team, and they join 33 others.

2015 Colorado Ice Snow Angel Auditions


The Colorado Ice of the Indoor Football League (IFL) is pleased to announce the open auditions for the 2015 Snow Angels Dance Team.

Audition to become a cheerleader for the Colorado Ice Indoor Football team and enjoy many numerous opportunities such as:

Make public appearances throughout Northern Colorado in support of our communities’ charitable organizations
Perform for 5,000 fans during all home games
Model for the Colorado Ice Cheerleaders’ annual calendar poster
Create memories that will last a lifetime!

Tryouts for the Colorado Ice 2015 Cheerleader Squad will begin with preliminary auditions on December 7th and January 4th at Rocky Mountain Cheer & Dance Company in Loveland, CO. Final auditions will take place on January 11th at Rocky Mountain Cheer & Dance Company. All tryouts are closed to the public.

Preliminary Auditions

Sunday, December 7th
Registration: 1:30-2pm
Finalists announced: 6pm

Sunday, January 4th

Registration: 1:30-2pm
Finalists announced: 6pm

Finals (Closed)

Sunday, January 11th
Registration: 1:30-2pm
2015 Snow Angel Dance Team announced: 4pm

[Complete Audition Information]

The Axes!: Dance team for Axemen, all BSU students, are having fun with energetic job

By Maggi Stivers
The Bemidji Pioneer
March 16, 2014

When the idea of the Axemen first came to Bemidji, not many people knew a dance team would become part of the Indoor Football League franchise.

Cassandra Schram and Kristi Reid were two such people, but now they are the coaches of the first-year dance team, the Axes.

With much learning and two weekly practices, the Axes dance team has become a group of 12 strong dancers who are learning how to catch the crowd’s attention.

At each game, the dance team enters the field for the pre-game show on motorcycles. In one word, the atmosphere can be described as “energetic.”

“The crowd is a lot different than I’m used too — they are involved and really loud,” said Meghan Herron, one of the Axes.

The Axes, who all happen to be Bemidji State University students this year, have varied backgrounds, from cheering to figure skating to gymnastics to show choir and dancing. But all have performance experience.

Schram and Reid both are gymnasts, so they are incorporating those moves into the Axes’ dances.

“Last game, we got to do aerials,” said Sydney Wold, Axes team member.

After entering on the motorcycles, the Axes typically perform a dance, always offering something new.

“We learn two dances every game, so we are constantly challenging ourselves to new moves and routines,” said Mariah Moen, Axes dance team captain.

Each game plan, which is scheduled to the minute, consists of a similar pattern. After the pre-game dance, “Half of us at one point go and do promotions and find people from the crowd while the other half is doing dance combos in the stands,” said Wold.

No matter what song is playing, which the group has no control over, the Axes have to be able to perform. “Our captains will discreetly tell the group what they are going to do and they have to start (at) the same time and end at the same time,” Reid said.

The biggest challenge the team faces is being able to adapt to the football turf. The team typically practices in a dance studio or in a hallway area on the BSU campus.

“It gives the dance a whole new feel because we are used to practicing on wood floor,” Moen said.

And games are quite different from practices.

“It’s not the same with the fog and lights shining on them and the glitter,” Reid said.

The reaction from both the fans and Axemen leadership has been encouraging.

“After games, the football team always make sure to come over and take pictures with us, and tell us that they are our No. 1 fans,” Herron said.

“I was at church the Sunday after the last game, and people that I didn’t know saw my dance director jacket and they had positive feedback,” Schram said.

Nevertheless, both Schram and Reid have big goals for the team this season. The team is hoping to be named the best dance team of the year, an Indoor Football League award, but also hopes to just keep getting better each and every game.

“If we look back even to tryouts, there has been so much improvement and everything is a learning experience,” Reid said.

The trend right now for IFL dance teams is for a two-piece uniform, often full of glitter and sparkles. The Axes’ uniforms are silver.

Both coaches would also like to see the team be able to get another set of uniforms before the season is over. “We would like to be able to mix it up,” Reid said.

This goal and several others are being made possible through the team’s sponsors. Currently, Del Sol Tanning, X Static Salon and Snap Fitness are sponsors of the team, providing the dancers a place to tan, people to do their hair and makeup for each game and a place to work out. American Family Insurance has also sponsored the team’s new warm-up suits.

And the adrenaline rush of each game is a new feeling for everyone involved.

“Seeing the crowd gets you pumped up and I have never seen the Sanford Center do the wave before (now),” Reid said.

Cedar Rapids Titans Announce 2014 Titans Dolls Dance Team


The indoor football season is just around the corner. The Titans Dolls audition took place on Sunday October 20th at the Eastern Iowa Sports Complex where a large group of doll hopefuls were taught choreography from former Miss Iowa USA 2013, Richelle Orr along with Iowa State dance captain, Stephanie Leeds.

The 2014 squad includes Megan Cooley, Megan Milito, Brittany Lenth, Kaytie Allen, Mallory Stites, Sara Snow, Catie Maher, Lainee Yarkosky, Amber Keplinger, Sara Burroughs, Kayleigh Beatty, Morgan Johnson, Jennifer Baxa, and Sara Trinkle.

“We had a fantastic turn out and saw many talented dancers today”, said Dolls Dance Director Lindsay Wray. “With Titans games being held at the new US Cellular Center, I think we’ve upped the ante and people are more excited than ever to be a part of the Titans organization. I am thrilled to be coming on board at such a great time!”

Although this will be Wrays first year coaching the Titans dance team, this isn’t her first time coaching a dance team in the IFL. Wray has experience both dancing and coaching for former IFL team, the Wichita Wild.

“My husband and I have just moved to the Cedar Rapids area from Kansas and the timing was just perfect for me to step into the new position. So far it’s been a blast and I am so excited to get to do what I love. We’ve selected 14 dolls this year- 7 returning dolls and 7 new members. The dolls have already begun practices and are looking forward to getting out in the community, starting up our junior dolls program, and getting to do what they love best… cheering for the Titans! It’s going to be a great season”.