Buccaneer Cheerleaders At Training Camp

The Buccaneers opened training camp this week with great enthusiasm and expectations for a very successful season. The positive thinking in Tampa is that this is potentially a playoff talented squad–it better be because the Rays seem poised to steal the September and October headlines.

As always the Bucs Cheerleaders are a huge attraction at training camp getting attention from young and old alike. There is change this year, after 13 years with the organization, cheering, assisting and eventually managing the TBBC the last 4 years, Cathy Boyd has relocated to the great Pacific NorthWest and now makes Seattle home for her family. Melissa Valdez Fitzgerald takes over the 2013 squad. Melissa has been with the Bucs 4 years and her impressive resume includes 5 seasons as a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader representing the DCC in the 2002 ProBowl. Melissa also cheered 3 years for the San Francisco Gold Rush. A great highlight of Cathy’s and Melissa’s tenure was when the TBBC were invited last December to perform on the TODAY show in New York.

This year’s squad consists of 28 talented and personable young ladies who in addition to game day cheering are all involved in community and charity initiatives around the Tampa Bay area. Enjoy the photos and check back with us for more as T Camp progresses along.

Cathy Boyd and Melissa Fitzgerald at 2011 breast cancer game.

Karrah and Kasey A.

Christina and Tricia

Crystale and Megan

Norie and Cori

Baranese, Cap’t Fear and Taylor

DarlaFaye, Cassie, Julia, Kari, Ingrid, and Kendell

Christina, Brianna, Ingrid, Theresa, DarlaFaye and Karen

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Buccaneer Cheerleaders At Veterans Wheelchair Games

Last Sunday at Raymond James Stadium the current year TBBC squad members were out supporting the 33rd National Veterans Wheelchair Games. The main event at Ray Jay was the Motor Rally where each contestant did the 40 yard touchdown dash to the end zone. Every imaginable style was implemented and some of the “spikes” would have even made Chad Ochocinco proud. I saw more touchdowns on Sunday then in 7 years of Buc ball. Fourteen Buccaneer Cheerleaders rooted on the Vets from the sidelines. One contestant actually tried to do his scoring by stopping at each and every cheerleader to introduce himself. I loved it. Touchdown Sally was my favorite.

TD Sally

Here’s a roll call of the attending gals:

Line Captain Kendell, Pirate Captain Rino and second year Kari

Theresa, Micah, Kari, Karrah, DarlaFaye and Antasia

Kasey, Kendell, Christina, Julia and Lacey



Line Captain Kasey


Check out the introduction reveal videos of the squad on Buccaneers.com

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Tampa Bay Alumni Cheerleaders Supporting Our Military Veterans

The 33rd annual National Veterans Wheelchair Games are being held in Tampa Bay this week. Close to 700 veterans have arrived to compete in multiple sports at numerous Tampa venues over a 6 day period. Due to spinal cord injuries, neurological conditions, amputations, etc all participants use wheelchairs. It’s amazing the high skill level these gals and guys compete at. You get a real good feeling just watching their drive and determination come out in sport competitions.

Tampa/St Pete’s Pro Sport Teams are very big supporters of our military and are constantly honoring returning veterans at games. This also filters down to our Pro Cheerleaders with their many community initiatives at MacDill Air Force Base and the James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital.

Armed Couture Dance Troupe is compiled of former NFL Cheerleaders and professional dancers with a passion to support our US Military. Founded this year by Buccaneer alum Lauren Spiers, the girls performed and mingled with the Veterans for over 5 hours on Sunday. They were a very big hit—everyone loves NFL Cheerleaders. Check out my photo album and also the link to the Armed Couture web site which explains in great detail their ambitious mission statement and includes bios on each member. Very impressive group of talented caring women.

The 2013 Buccaneer Cheerleader Squad were also on site and I’ll release that album under separate cover so check back with us.

LaMeitra, Sydney, Jordan, Jessica, Lauren and Julianne.

A happy veteran poses with the Troupe.

Jessica (JJ) is a two year alum of the TBBC. She presently utilizes her Master’s Degree to teach HS Social Studies.

Jordan trained with the TBBC and joined Armed Couture to express her strong passion for supporting our military.

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Tampa’s Pro Cheerleaders and Busch Gardens

Tampa’s pro cheerleaders have a circular relationship with Busch Gardens Entertainment. Some times the girls hone their dance skills at Busch before Pro auditions and sometimes they join BG after their cheerleader days are over or even multitask doing both simultaneously.

The other day I ignored my honeydo list and journeyed over to Busch Gardens to catch up with my cheer bestie–the lovely talented Tiffany Jimenez (Bucs 2006-10). The trip was long and scary but starting in Morocco I bopped through Nairobi and then navigated the Congo Rapids and finally hitched a ride on SheiKra over the Serengeti Plains to track Tiff down at the Timbuktu Desert Inn. At least if you are going to travel all the way around Africa for a Rock & Roll Show it was nice to find a Bavarian Beer Garden next door. Those Anheuser executives must have designed these geographical liberties during an all night Octoberfest beer sampling meeting.

Among her other multiple gigs, Tiffany performs a few days each week as a Busch Gardens singer/dancer. This young star would probably still be roaming the Bucs sideline if it wasn’t for the hideous mandatory 5 year retirement rule that some NFL teams have implemented. Enjoy some photos of Tiffany in action and I’ll continue to explore the Continent in search of the other Tampa Pro Cheers.

Tiffany performing in the Busch Garden’s “Born to Rock” show.

Throwback–Tiffany and teammate Sahara as 2006 rookies.

Tiffany’s ProBowl season 2010.

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Tampa Bay Storm Loses Latest Battle in War on Interstate 4

The Orlando Predators came into the Tampa Bay Times Forum on Saturday and beat the Storm 55-48. The all time series record now stands at 26-26 between these fierce intrastate rivals. The national televised game was tight all night and turned on a controversial instant replay reversal of a Storm interception touchdown in the final minute of play.

The Storm cheerleaders did their job by keeping the fans up and cheering all evening. The dancers are again led by Director Kindra Ebanks and many of the girls honed their talents at the University of South Florida and/or the University of Tampa. In addition to cheer/dance, the girls also support community initiatives both locally and at MacDill Airforce base.

Arena football is very fast paced, action packed, fan friendly and family affordable. Come on out to a game. The Arena Bowl Championship will be in Orlando this year.

Enjoy the photos:

Shani, University of Tampa, 3 words: fun, sassy ,silly.

Rookies Philippa and Theresa, both University of South Florida co-eds.

Co-captain Stephanie, USF, works as Designer.

Jalyssa, Rachel, Stephanie, Shani, Alexandra and Philippa.

Co-captain Savenah, graduates USF this year.

Brittany, Salina, Savenah, Theresa, Bre, Lexxie and Shaniqua.

Rachel, Philippa, Alexandra, Jalyssa and Bubba.

Shaniqua cheered for the Bucs in 2010. Jalyssa does dance and modeling. Both USF gals.

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Former Bucs Cheerleader Joins Cast Of All My Children

From Deadline.com:

The Online Network announced today that Brooke Newton is taking on the role of Colby Chandler, described as the spoiled entitled daughter of patriarch Adam Chandler, and Jason Pendergraft is checking into Pine Valley Hospital as new character Dr. Anders, an all-business physician. Newton’s episodes begin streaming May 16, and Pendergraft’s episodes begin running May 27. Newton’s TV credits include Gary Unmarried, CSI, Glee, How I Met Your Mother, Mad Men, Happy Endings, and Suburgatory. She also has appeared in the feature films Natale a Miami, Real Premonition, Sydney White, Little Fish, Strange Pond, and RoboDoc. She currently stars opposite Rob Lowe in the feature Knife Fight and appears in the films Jake Squared, Hamlet’s Ghost, Jet Set and A Leading Man, all set for summer release. Pendergraft’s TV credits include Law & Order, As the World Turns, CSI: New York, Gossip Girl, Army Wives and White Collar. On the film side, he’s appeared in When Will I Be Loved and Frat Brothers Of The KVL. New 30-minute episodes of All My Children are streamed Mondays-Thursdays on TOLN partners Hulu and iTunes.

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Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Final Auditions

Every year the NFL cheerleading auditions have a plus and minus theme attached to the process. The negative is that the known cheerleader retirements of multiyear fan favorites become official. The plus is that hundreds and hundreds of very attractive artistic young ladies are knocking at the door. The MDC loses some pretty impressive talent this year; Amy, Sam, Tatiana, NatalieD, Nikki and others were all well known fan favorites. Fortunately, the South Florida (and beyond) talent base will allow Dorie Grogan and Emily Snow to reload and mold an impressive 2013 squad.

Last Saturday’s all day finals were open to the public and coincided with the Dolphins Fan Fest activities being held through out Sun Life Stadium. The building was buzzing with alacrity. The day started with 79 candidates paired down from the semi final process of the last two weeks. In a very fast pace precision presentation the candidates showcased themselves to the judge’s table multiple times. They started with introductions, groups of five dancing, kick lines and culminated with a one-minute individual talent dress sketch performance that was very entertaining to the audience. The afternoon session included another performance on the club level stage before heading out for a final performance on the field stage.

Joy and sadness was experienced as the live introduction of the 2013-14 Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders were announced at end of day. By my count the 44 person squad consists of 21 rookies and 23 returning vets—I would have voted to keep all 79 but that’s just me.

Props out to Ariann Denison, MDC dance choreographer and show coordinator, for a great showcase. Now hoof over to that maternity ward and have your baby.

I sure hope the Dolphins “call me maybe”—I want to return to see a game day performance. Enjoy the photos everyone.

Lauren J.
Lauren J.

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