Buccaneer Cheerleaders Perform During Tampa v Arizona Game

Glad my primary job is to present the Bucs Cheerleaders because I certainly can’t come up with many superlatives for the players performance. Rough NFL season so far–my Giants and Buccaneers are both sitting at 0-4. Wow, didn’t see that coming!!

The TBBC were in fine form on Sunday as they added to their normal game routine an impressive halftime performance in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. The ladies honored the region’s roots by performing to popular Latin music.

Next weekend is the Bucs bye week but we will be publishing another batch of pictures so check back with us.

Enjoy the photos.

Line Captain Kendell






Line Captain Cassie


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Tampa Bay Buccaneer Cheerleaders—Saints Game

Second week in a row that the Bucs snatched defeat out of the jaws of victory. But alas we’re here to highlight the Tampa Bay Buccaneer Cheerleaders. Kudos to the ladies for handling the trying conditions of 95 degree temps giving way to sudden wind, rain and lightning. The TBBC kept their glam up and performed admirably for a 5 hour start to finish game. I don’t know what happened to the philosophy of women and children first but once the game was suspended the players, coaches, officials and support staff just about stampeded over the cheerleaders on the race to the locker rooms. Haha–self preservation is alive and well when lightning strikes.
We have a ton of photos but we’re off to NJ to meet our first grandchild/daughter so I’ll follow up next week with additional photos to celebrate the anticipated victory up in New England. Enjoy.




Darla Faye




Kasey H.

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Tampa Bay Lightning Fan Fest

Tampa Bay Lightning Fan Fest

The 2013-14 Lightning Girls were out Saturday welcoming hockey fanatical’s to the Team’s Annual Fan Fest. The squad has 6 rookies on the 15 member crew. Crystal and Marissa are co-captains. The home opener is scheduled for October 10 versus the Florida Panthers.


Erica and Crystal

Brittany, Crystal, Alyssa, Kelsey, Kori, Erica, Isabella and Marissa

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Redskins Scalp Buccaneers in Pre-Season Wrap Up

The Buccaneers lost to the Redskins last Thursday evening on a beautiful Tampa night for football. Unfortunately the Bucs came out of the game with more injuries but hopefully most of the walking wounded will be available for the season opener against the Jets in the Meadowlands. Preseason games can be boring but it gives me an opportunity to shoot extra TBBC photos. The injury bug must of also hit the cheerleaders because five of the ladies didn’t perform at the game. Two weeks to be ready for the Voodoo Saints invasion.

Some alumnus cheers were working the sidelines—it’s always nice to see them return, especially with baby bumps. Enjoying the successes that they deserve. The TBBC promotes the sorority togetherness—–Sisters for Life philosophy.

Opening game tickets are still available–order the swimsuit calendar at the same time. Enjoy the photos:

Kasey is a Captain in her 3rd year on the squad.

Popular Ashlee is in her fourth year, second as Captain.

Rookie Cori was a USF SunDoll and Storm Dancer/Cheerleader.

Antasia is in her second year on TBBC.

Baranese is a rookie and graduate of USF’s SunDolls.

Theresa is featured on a nice video from auditions.

Crystale is a small town Florida beauty.


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Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Shine In Pre-season Debut

The Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders had to show patience by waiting until the fourth pre-season game to appear on their home field. They certainly proved to their fans that the old axiom remains true: “Good Things Are Worth Waiting For”. The 2013 pre-season debut for the 41 member squad was very majestic in their new uniforms. Starting with the introductory routine choreographed with the junior cheerleaders, the squad received standing appreciation from the crowd all night long. Performances at quarter end and the two minute breaks were equally well synchronized and entertaining. Even when the MDC move around the stadium you can’t take your eyes off of them, they strut so gracefully with their famous prancing gait.

I find it amazing that on a hot, humid, drizzly South Florida night that the ladies are able to maintain their cool look, with no sign of energy loss, in such draining conditions. I’m sure it’s a testament to the rigid training and practice schedule they have followed since auditions. As impressive that the on-field performances are, these young professional women are also very generous with “give back” time on charitable work in the community. As a collective group they make some 400 appearances during the year.

Team captains for 2013-14 are multi-year veterans Kiley, Elizabeth, Melissa and Natalie for her second year.

The swimsuit fashion show and calendar unveiling party benefiting the Miami Dolphin Foundation will be on September 5th (here).

Our thanks go out to Emily Snow, Cheerleader Director & Coordinator, and her staff for the hospitality which allows us to cover these fine talented women. The Dolphins organization runs a very high class operation at beautiful Sun Life Stadium. The Miami Dolphin Football Operation is well known internationally and the Cheerleaders represent this global brand very well. Come on out to opening day and enjoy the scenery and of course see a good football game.

Oh yea—Bucs 17 Fins 16

Lily and Lauren C greeting fans pregame.

Rochelle and Jennifer ready to pose with field pass fans.

Brianne who has seniority (4th year) on the squad always seems to be included on all the latest NFL Cheerleaders “Top” lists being published.

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Buccaneer Cheerleaders Welcome 2013 Pre-Season

Exciting week in Tampa as the Bucs wrapped up the TC sessions opened to the fans and then played their first pre-season game. The rain gods threw in an extra bonus in the form of a 20 minute summer rain shower during the Bucs v Ravens game. My accord with the TBBC is if they perform in the rain I’ll stay and photograph in the rain. The 2013 Buccaneer Cheerleaders debuted last Thursday at Ray Jay Stadium with an impressive 28 person squad including 16 rookies who were warned that football continues in all weather conditions. Florida summer nights.

The line captains this year include 4 year veteran Ashlee, and 3 year veterans Cassie, Kendell and Kasey. Melissa Fitzgerald is welcomed in her first year as Director Manager.

Tickets are still available for the September 15 home opener versus the Saints—come on out and meet the attractive talented young ladies of Tampa Bay. Enjoy the photos of the Bucs/Ravens game and check out the additional images added to the Training Camp album.




Ashlee and Kasey leading pre-kickoff performance.

Line captain Cassie

Line captain Kendell.
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Bucs Cheerleader Alumnus Courtney At Busch Gardens

As promised, I took a second safari out to the Dark Continent at Tampa’s Busch Gardens to catch up with another Buccaneer Cheerleader alumnus. Courtney Russ Pascual is presently performing as a singing dancer at various BG shows.

The lovely and talented Courtney cheered in the 2009-2011 seasons and was a very big fan favorite performer. Photographing Courtney with her golden tresses whipping in the air always resulted in great pictures. Courtney stays involved with the TBBC and belongs to the Alumni Ambassadors on game day.

Courtney on stage at Busch Gardens



Courtney cheering in 2011.

Courtney at the Bucs 2013 training camp night practice.

Tiffany and Courtney are presently performing in “Born To Rock” at Busch Gardens. Great entertainment—-come on out to see them.