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2015-16 Pittsburgh Penguins Ice Crew Auditions

The Pittsburgh Penguins have chosen of their 2015-16 Ice Crew. It’s the largest squad ever with 24 members. Check out the video for more on the selection process.

Video: Behind the Scenes at the Pittsburgh Penguins Ice Crew Photo Shoot

Laura Spencer, Ice Crew Coordinator for the Pittsburgh Penguins gives us a peek behind the scenes and shows off those new uniforms!

SI.com: NHL Ice Crews

This week, Sports Illustrated has photos from just about every team that has Ice Girls: the Ducks, Bruins, Flames, Storm, Blackhawks, Bluejackets, Stars, Oilers, Kings, Panthers, Predators, Islanders, Flyers, Penguins, and Lightning. Click here to go there now.

NHL Ice Girls Gallery

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Addition of Six Males Completes Pens Ice Crew Roster

2010-pens-boys-auditionBy Jason Seidling
Pittsburgh Penguins

Two weekends ago the Penguins picked half of the team’s first-ever Ice Crew when team coordinator Laura Spencer chose eight females. Spencer rounded out her squad on Wednesday night with the addition of six males following tryouts at the Penguins’ Iceoplex at Southpointe practice facility.

The night began with about 80 male candidates vying to join the girls. Following a pair of group interviews and an on-ice session, Spencer and her panel of judges narrowed the field down to 18 finalists. Those 18 then went through a longer individual interview before Spencer emerged to deliver the good news to the six who made the final cut.

“I couldn’t be more satisfied with the six guys we chose,” Spencer said. “Their personalities both on and off the ice really shined through. These guys are exactly what we are looking for on this team.”

With a plethora of talented skaters competing for the few openings on the final roster, Spencer and her judges had their work cut out for them.

“It was a huge challenge picking from this group of guys because they were all really great skaters and they came from hockey backgrounds,” Spencer said. “It was also challenging for them because they couldn’t spray stop. They are used to hockey skating but as members of the Ice Crew we have to clean up the ice not mess it up more.”

Now that the Ice Crew roster is complete, Spencer plans to get started right away getting the team ready to perform when the Penguins’ home preseason opener against the Detroit Red Wings rolls around on Sept. 22 at CONSOL Energy Center.

“It is going to be so exciting to have the whole group together,” Spencer said. “I can’t wait for them to all meet each other and then to get on the ice and get them practicing as a whole unit.”

Each of the men picked for the Ice Crew were ecstatic when they glanced at the board where the final numbers were posted.

“I am very excited to be chosen to the team,” Dan Dugan said. “I can’t wait to get on the ice. I am getting goose bumps just thinking about it. To be able to be a part of the games is going to be amazing.”

“This was a really amazing experience, especially getting picked for the team,” Dan Thiessen added. “I was pretty nervous getting on the ice with a lot of guys there. I wasn’t sure how I would shape up compared to the other guys, but once I got skating some of the nerves got out.”

Wednesday’s evaluation process began with each of the competitors interviewing twice before the panel of judges. Each was asked to provide their name, how long they played hockey and why they wanted to join the Ice Crew the first time. The questions were more in-depth the second time around and included a little Penguins trivia.

“I like talking to people so I wasn’t too nervous,” Thiessen said. “I like interacting with people and answering questions. That’s all that it is.”

“I feel like I have a good personality so I wasn’t really worried about the interview,” Dugan said. “I wasn’t going to be tripped up on Penguins trivia either.”

While the interview process for the men was very similar to what it was for the females, the on-ice portion of tryouts differed slightly.

The men did not have to use any of the snow shovels, but rather the first time through they skated to center ice, did a hockey stop without spraying snow and skated backwards to the opposite goal line. When they came back down the ice they were allowed to perform a trick for the judges.

“On the way back we got to do a trick, so I shot the duck,” Dugan said. “It was a lot of fun.”

During the second run the guys had to stop at the near blue line, center ice and the far blue line before coming back along the player benches.

Now that the final roster is complete the men who made the squad can begin looking forward to the different things Spencer will have them doing over the course of the coming season.

“I am really excited about the charity events,” Dugan said. “The Penguins always do a nice job in that regard. I think it will be fun to be a part of that.”

“I am really excited to just interact with the fans and talk to people,” Thiessen said. “This should be an exciting endeavor.”

Eight Talented Females Selected to Represent Half of the Penguins Ice Crew


By Jason Seidling
Pittsburgh Penguins

When the weekend began, roughly 80 girls came to the Penguins’ Iceoplex at Southpointe practice rink to try out for the team’s first ever Ice Crew. By the conclusion of Day One on Saturday that list was pared down to 22, and following a more rigorous final session on Sunday, first-year Ice Crew coordinator Laura Spencer was pleased to announce that eight girls were selected to help comprise the co-ed team.

“This is so exciting to have our females picked,” Spencer said. “We picked the top-eight girls and I am just so excited at their talent level. We are going to have a great group this year.”

Not surprisingly, each of the girls who survived the final cut was thrilled to receive the good news.

“This means so much to me,” Dayna Abbott said. “I am just in awe right now. I wish all of the girls could have made it. They definitely picked some great girls.”

“I am ecstatic,” beamed Pamela Gerlowski. “I am such a huge sports fan. I am Pittsburgh born and raised, and I have lived here all of my life. To be on the first Pittsburgh Penguins Ice Crew has me so excited.”

“I am so excited to be a part of this team because I just started working on skating,” said Tara Coyne, a past member of the Penguins Patrol. “It paid off for me, which has me so excited. I was really driven going into this. I am really proud of myself.”

Spencer, a Pittsburgh native who was recently hired to lead the Ice Crew following two years with the Dallas Stars Ice Girls team, said the girls who tried out this past weekend – not just the eight who made the team but all of the girls – were so impressive that the pressure will be on the guys when male auditions are held on Wednesday, August 11.

“The guys are really going to have to bring a high talent level because these women really stepped it up,” Spencer said. “I am excited to see what the men have to bring.”

Once Spencer picks a group of males to join the females in rounding out the squad, she wants the team to begin practicing right away because the Ice Crew will have just a little over a month to prepare for the first preseason game at CONSOL Energy Center on September 22.

“We will be working hard towards getting ready for the Sept. 22 home preseason opener,” Spencer said. “That means that practices are going to be a must. We plan on getting the group on the ice together as soon as possible so that we are ready when that day comes.”

As a veteran of the group thanks to her Penguins Patrol experience, Coyne knows the team will be ready when Sept. 22 rolls around because of the hard work Spencer will put in getting the girls prepared.

“She is amazing,” Coyne said. “She is just what the team needed. They wanted to make the team more energetic for the fans and I think she is perfect for the job.”

Speaking of being perfect for the job, judging by the excitement level of the girls who made the team, Spencer did great work choosing the right candidates who will add to the energy level at CONSOL Energy Center.

“I am looking forward to being involved in the action,” Michelle Moore said. “We have great fans and I can’t wait to help get them fired up during the games.”

“I can wait to come to the games and interact with the fans to get them excited,” Annie Federoff said. “I think I have great people skills to be good at that.”

Perhaps more importantly than the talents the girls will bring on the ice, each of the eight women selected are very accomplished off the ice.

Coyne is a Westminster graduate who was recently hired to teach kindergarten in the downtown Pittsburgh Kinder Care facility, while Federoff, who graduated from Alderson-Broaddus College with a biology major and chemistry minor, serves as a personal trainer while she job hunts.

All of the other girls are also either recent graduates or currently enrolled in local colleges.

Gerlowski graduated from Duquesne University in May with a double major in sociology with criminal justice and integrated marketing communications. Moore, who attended Slippery Rock, also graduated in May and is an elementary education major.

Among those still in college, Abbott is a junior marketing and public relations major at Duquesne. She hopes to do PR for a successful company one day where she can “make a difference for that company.”

Based upon the talents shown on the ice this weekend, and the genuine personality of each girl off the ice, Penguins fans should be happy to know the organization is going to be represented by a first-class team when the Ice Crew makes its debut on Sept. 22.

“I can’t wait to be a part of the whole atmosphere,” Gerlowski said. “I’m looking forward to having a strong bond with all of the girls on the team and being a part of the excitement and energy we hope to bring to the fans. Hopefully we can add to their entertainment value and make them proud to watch us.”

Pens Ice Crew Auditions: Day Two Recap


By Jason Seidling
Pittsburgh Penguins

The Penguins wrapped the female portion of tryouts for the team’s first-ever Ice Crew on Sunday morning as 22 finalists gathered at the team’s Iceoplex at Southpointe practice rink to put their best skills on display in hopes of securing one of the coveted roster spots.

[Day Two Photo Gallery]
[Day One Photo Gallery]

Following a three-hour session which included a more extensive round of interview questions and on-ice skating drills, Ice Crew coordinator Laura Spencer and her group of evaluators pared the finalists down from 22 to the eight girls who will comprise one half of the co-ed team.

“This was a really tough competition, but everything was really well organized and it went a lot faster than I expected it to,” Lauren Thomas said. “The interview was a little intimidating with a panel of 12 people standing in front of you, but it was still a great experience.”

The team will be complete when Spencer holds male auditions on Wednesday, August 11 – also at Southpointe.

Day Two of tryouts began on Sunday with the 22 finalists once again interviewing before a panel of judges. Unlike Day One, Sunday’s interviews were one-on-one instead of groups. The girls were also asked a handful of questions as Spencer attempted to get to know each one’s personality.

Each girl was given a different set of questions, although all of them were instructed not to talk about what questions they were asked until everyone was done.

Just like Saturday, some of the girls entered and exited the interview room eager to strut her stuff, while others felt more of a nervous feeling.

“It was a little nerve-wracking because some girls came out happy while others were a little shaky,” Erica Corteal said. “That got you wondering, ‘What are they going to ask me?’ They asked me who influenced me the most and what were the most inspirational words they have said to me. I told them my parents because they have always told me to have fun and be myself.”

Another of the finalists, Sarah Cammarata, was confident that she had a good interview, a fact she credited to Spencer and the judges.

“They did a great job to make sure that you felt comfortable,” Cammarata said. “One of the things they asked was what would be the most challenging part of being on the Ice Crew? I told them being on the dirty ice in hockey skates because I am used to clean ice and figure skates.”

Besides questions based upon getting to know the girls, Spencer also had some Penguins’ trivia questions ready for the girls just like she promised on Saturday.

“My hockey question was to name my favorite player,” Corteal said. “I said (Marc-Andre) Fleury because who doesn’t love Fleury? He’s like the best goaltender ever. I just love his accent.”

“My hockey question was to name the years the Penguins have won the Stanley Cup,” Cammarata said. “I got it right because I spent time going over all my trivia.”

Not all of the girls were asked hockey-related questions, and a few were actually disappointed because they had taken Spencer’s advice and went home and brushed up on their Penguins’ trivia.

“They actually didn’t give me a hockey question,” Thomas said. “I have good knowledge of the Penguins so I was wondering where my trivia questions were!”

After each girl finished her 5-7 minute interview, the women laced up their hockey skates and hit the ice for the second half of tryouts.

Sunday’s on-ice session saw Spencer add a higher degree of difficulty as the girls had to skate two drills with the large shovels they will use to clean the ice during games.

The first time the girls started along the far boards at center ice. With the shovel in hand, they skated to center ice, stopped, held the shovel in the proper upright position and waved towards the crowd. Then they skated into the far zone where they did a figure-eight around the faceoff circles. They completed the drill by skating the length of the ice along the benches, where they had to keep the shovel against the boards.

For their second routine the girls started in a hockey position along the goal line – again with shovel in hand. They sprinted towards center ice, stopped, waved to the crowd and came back to the goal line.

“I was really surprised because I thought the shovel was going to be very hard to carry and very heavy,” Kelli Murawski said. “Actually, it wasn’t. It was very easy to move around the ice.

“I don’t think that it really changed your balance all that much. You just had to use more force because there was more weight you were pushing.”

“It was pretty heavy so it made skating a little more difficult,” Cari Breed countered. “You had to push it really hard because if you didn’t push hard then it would go wherever it wanted.

“You had to put pressure on it because it had to stay along the ice. Skating around with it the wind kind of takes it if you don’t keep it straight. You just had to bend your knees and really get into it.”

After the girls went through the on-ice testing they returned to the holding room on the other side of the rink where they awaited their fate.

“I think they had really hard decisions based upon how well everyone performed,” Murawski said. “I think that these tryouts went very well.”

Following a brief meeting with her fellow panelists, Spencer emerged in front of the group. She thanked everyone for trying out, congratulated them on an outstanding effort and said that she hoped to see all the girls try out again next year.

Unfortunately 14 girls had to see their dream come to an end this season, but the eight girls who were chosen to help comprise the Penguins’ first-ever Ice Crew represent a hard-working, talented and all-around gifted squad which will make the Penguins’ organization and the city of Pittsburgh very proud in 2010-11.

Ice Crew Finalists Pumped For Sunday’s Tryout


By Jason Seidling
Pittsburgh Penguins

[View Photo Gallery]

The Iceoplex at Southpointe was filled with many smiling faces on Saturday as the Penguins hosted Day One of female tryouts for the team’s first-ever Ice Crew. However, none of the smiles shone brighter at the end of the day than the 22 lucky girls who were chosen to return for Sunday’s final tryout.

Male Ice Crew auditions will be held on Wednesday, August 11.

Ice Crew coordinator Laura Spencer, a former dancer for the Dallas Stars Ice Girls team who is in charge of leading this year’s squad, was ecstatic with both the talent level and the positive attitude the girls brought to the rink.

“I am very pleased with how Saturday went,” Spencer said. “We had a great group of girls who came out. I am really looking forward to Sunday because it is going to be tough to make those decisions.

“The talent both on and off the ice was outstanding on Saturday. The judges rated the girls on their scale of numbers. Once we rated them it seemed like the same girls who were great skaters also did the best in the interviews.”

Needless to say, each of the 22 girls who were chosen as finalists were equally as happy to come back on Sunday as Spencer was to have them back.

“I am ecstatic,” said Michelle Moore, echoing the sentiments of the group. “I am just blown away to be a finalist. I can’t stop smiling inside and out.”

It probably went without saying that these girls were so happy just minutes after receiving the news they woke up on Saturday dreaming of hearing, but another reason a couple of the ladies said they are so pumped up to return on Sunday is the energy and passion Spencer exuberates.

“I think she is so cute,” Kelli Murawski said. “She reminds me of a cheerleader because I was a cheerleader. I just think she is so adorable and energetic out on the ice. It makes me want to be like that.”

Many of the girls who will be back on Sunday competing for final roster spots agreed with Spencer that things went very smoothly on Saturday, especially because this was the first time the Penguins have ever tried assembling an Ice Crew.

“I think that it went great,” Stacey Farkosh said. “It was really well organized considering this was the first time that Pittsburgh has had an official Ice Crew like this. I think Laura did a great job running this. I hope it’s just as smooth on Sunday.”

“I think that tryouts went really well on Saturday,” Murawski said. “I think there were a lot of really talented girls that showed up from Pittsburgh. I didn’t know that we had this much talent in the city. It was so well organized for the first time.”

Judging by the performances we saw on Saturday, Spencer is going to have her hands full paring down a supremely talented group of finalists. As a result, she is going to kick the tryout process up several notches for Day Two.

“Sunday there are going to be more interviews with a lot more questions asked to get a better feel for the girls,” Spencer said. “On the ice they will be skating alone as opposed to groups. They will also have the tools to skate with.”

With less than 24 hours between the two tryout sessions, the ladies probably don’t have enough time for more on-ice practice, but all of them plan to spend Saturday night honing up their Penguins’ knowledge in anticipation for the trivia and team-related questions Spencer promised to throw their way on Sunday.

“I am going to go online and review everything on PittsburghPenguins.com,” Erica Carteal said. “I’m also going to call my brothers – that’s for sure. They grew up playing hockey so I’m going to have them grill me like crazy until my brain is fried.”

“My brother and my dad are going to quiz me all night,” Moore added. “I am a huge hockey fan so I know the basic rules.”

One of the reporters quickly decided to test just how extensive Moore’s knowledge was, so he asked her to name the three years the Penguins have won the Stanley Cup.

“1991, ’92 and 2009!” said Moore before the question could even be completed.

Yes, I think she does know her hockey. But really, should we be surprised at that coming from a Pittsburgh girl?

Absolutely not, and that’s what is going to make Sunday’s final tryout such an amazing experience for each of the 22 finalists as they push each other thanks to each girl’s outstanding skating skills and great understanding of Penguins’ history.

If Saturday is any indication, Spencer and the Penguins are going to have themselves quite an Ice Crew to represent the team in 2010-11.

Ice Crew Auditions: Day One Recap


By Jason Seidling
Pittsburgh Penguins

The ice surface at the Iceoplex at Southpointe is usually home to shots, saves and checks as the Penguins use the Washington, Pa. skating rink to practice throughout the season. On Saturday it was spins, smiles and waves which filled the ice as the Penguins held Day One of female tryouts for the team’s first ever Ice Crew.

Male tryouts will be held on Wednesday, August 11.

Roughly 80 girls competed against one another in hopes of securing one of the 22 coveted invites to Sunday’s final tryout as Ice Crew coordinator Laura Spencer ran the group through tryouts.

While competition settings such as this can be mentally exhausting, Ice Crew tryouts had more of a family feel as many of the girls quickly formed a strong bond throughout the three-hour session.

“It was very refreshing to see all of the positive attitudes both on and off the ice,” Amanda Petrovich said. “Girls were clapping for each other when they came off the ice, especially if somebody fell, and that was very nice to see. Everybody showed great maturity out there today.”

“There was just a lot of encouragement today,” Megan Worbs added. “From Coach Spencer all the way down to my fellow girls, the support was just awesome to see. It made this a great experience.”

Saturday’s tryout began with a brief two-part interview session as the girls were divided into groups of five, with each group called into an interview room where they stood in front of three evaluators. Once in the room, the girls were asked why they want to be a member of the Ice Crew, and then they were asked to perform a spin or similar dance move.

There were two rooms conducting the interviews, so after the entire group went through once, the order was reversed and the girls were sent in a second time to the opposite room for Round Two.

Talking and performing in such a setting can be a bit nerve-wracking, but these girls seemed up to the challenge.

“I feel a little bit nervous, but I have auditioned before and nerves can actually be a good thing,” said Sonja Capuzzi prior to entering the interview room. “I keep reviewing some of the things that I plan on saying, so I hope that will help.”

Capuzzi’s practice must have paid off, because when she emerged from the first interview, she had a huge smile on her face and she was pleased with how things went.

“It wasn’t bad at all,” Capuzzi said. “You were able to feel very relaxed because Laura kept smiling at you and making you feel like a big deal. That made me even more comfortable. I think that helped me give a good answer. I told them I love to perform, I will work very hard for the team and I will do any tasks they ask me to fulfill.”

Carla Fuccaro agreed with Capuzzi that the interview process went well once inside the room.

“They really made you feel good,” Fuccaro said. “I think that allowed all the girls to give good answers. I thought that really helped me as I described myself as an outgoing personality and positive role model.”

Heather Martz said that getting a second chance to interview was a huge confidence booster for the girls.

“The first time through you are a bit nervous,” Martz said. “I realized that confidence matters and getting that second chance to show off a greater confidence was really important.”

Following the interviews it was time for the girls to hit the ice. Again, there was nervousness amongst the group as they all hoped to display their skills as best as they could.

“I am so nervous about having to stop,” said Ashley Faderewski just minutes before taking the ice. “I spent the whole week taking lessons on how to stop, so I hope they pay off.”

“I’m pumped to go out there even though I have never stopped before,” said Chelsea Garlick, Faderewski’s friend. “I’m hoping that I will have a wonderful first attempt.”

Faderewski, Garlick and the other girls had two cracks to impress during the on-ice portion of the tryout.

The first time the girls had to skate to the blue line, stop and wave, and then proceed to the next blue line where they had to properly pick up a puck. Finally, at the end they were able to perform a trick.

Speed was the theme the second time the girls hit the ice as they had to sprint to the opposite end, touch the far red line and then skate back. When they got to center ice on the way back they had to stop and do another wave.

“That went so much better than I expected,” said Dayna Jones following her second run.

“It’s such a rush and there is so much energy after you do that,” Tara Coyne added. “Everybody seems to have an extra bounce when they get off the ice.”

Nobody had more bounce it seemed than Faderewski and Garlick, each of whom was happy with how they performed.

“I stopped!” Faderewski exclaimed.

“I tried to stop and it ended up turning out decent,” said Garlick. “No matter what happens, though, at least we had fun out there.”

Once all the participants went through twice, all the girls left the ice and removed their skates. They then waited as Spencer and her group of evaluators deliberated who would make the final cut.

Following a one-hour break, Spencer emerged, gathered the group together, thanked everyone for coming out and delivered the news on who was advancing to Sunday’s final tryout.

Naturally, there were screams of joy and long faces of disappointment depending on the news each girl received. While a large majority of the ladies saw their dream come to an end on Saturday, perhaps Martz summed the day up best for everybody as she talked about what an honor it was for each of the girls to try out no matter what the end results were:

“This was just a great experience for everybody, whether you advanced to Sunday or not. I know that this is something that I will take with me as a positive experience and I hope all of the other girls do as well. What a great day the Penguins gave each one of us!”

Ice Crew Candidates Prepare for Saturday’s Tryout

2010-pens-audition-prep_1By Jason Seidling
Pittsburgh Penguins

Fifty potential female candidates for the Penguins’ first-ever Ice Crew descended upon the Penguins’ practice facility at Southpointe on Wednesday night as Ice Crew coordinator Laura Spencer hosted the first of two practice skating sessions leading up to this weekend’s tryouts.

Spencer, a Pittsburgh native who spent two seasons with the Dallas Stars Ice Girls team, ran the girls through a one-hour practice session which was designed to mirror what the ladies should expect when they arrive for Saturday’s tryout.

“I would say that they got a good understanding of what we are looking for in a female Ice Crew team member,” Spencer said. “It takes a lot more than just skating well. It’s how you present yourself on the ice and how you carry yourself.

“Saturday will be very similar to what the girls saw on Wednesday. On Saturday the girls will audition by performing skating drills that showcase their speed, agility and ability to stop quickly. Sunday is going to be more focused on the on-ice positions. There are six on-ice positions (Snow Plow 1 and 2, Benches, Bucket and Long and Short Goal), and we are going to be performing 2-3 of those.”

2010-pens-audition-prep_2Considering the excitement and energy level from the girls who attended on Wednesday, Spencer is excited with the group she has to work with.
“I was extremely pleased with the large turnout we had Wednesday night,” Spencer said. “Not only because of the large turnout we had, but also because of the talent level we had there.”

Spencer will have a second chance to work out potential candidates prior to Saturday’s tryout when another group of potential team members arrives for a second prep class on Friday night. In total, 88 of the roughly 160 girls expected to try out will have the chance to experience one of the instructional sessions. Spencer had to cut off the number of girls at 88 because of the high interest level among the girls.

“Due to the great interest in the Ice Crew I had to shut the prep class off at 88 girls,” Spencer said. “I wanted the classes to be helpful and productive.”

Things certainly figure to get pretty crazy on Saturday morning when Spencer needs to take the 160 girls trying out and then pare that number down to a more manageable figure. To help her with that process, she will have a handful of talent evaluators on hand, including a former NHL Ice Girl.

While it won’t be easy for Spencer to narrow down the list, which includes several candidates with impressive resumes, she does have a checklist of criteria she will follow to help herself out.

“Speed would definitely be the first criteria we are looking for,” Spencer said. “We only have two minutes to clean the ice. You also need agility because you never know when a player or referee is going to stop right in front of you so you have to be able to account for those things. Finally, the personality that they are going to bring to the ice is going to be very important.”

2010-pens-audition-prep_3Wednesday night’s practice, which included a small crowd in the stands and sports bar overlooking the ice, began with Spencer watching each of the girls skate and then dividing them up into two groups at opposite ends of the ice.

Group 1, which was a little smaller than the second group, spent most of the hour working on their shoveling and figure skating skills.

Because removing excess snow from the ice during television timeouts is going to be among the girl’s most important duties, Spencer spent more time focusing on the finer points of snow removal. Towards the end Spencer began going over more figure skating techniques, as another function of the Ice Crew squad will be to entertain fans during the intermissions.

“When we do the TV timeouts, it is strictly the on-ice positions,” Spencer said. “When we go out there during the intermissions I want them showing off and showcasing their talent.”

At the opposite end of the rink a larger group of girls focused more on skating and stopping techniques. Many of these girls were taking advantage of the hour-long practice to get adjusted to the hockey skates that the Ice Crew will wear after growing up on figure sktates.

Once both ends finished working on their specific drills, Spencer brought the entire group back together at center ice for a five-minute review session that encompassed everything the girls learned. After a brief pep talk from Spencer, the girls then called it a night as they prepare for what should be a fun and demanding tryout on Saturday morning.

Penguins To Hold Auditions For Skating “Ice Crew”

Pittsburgh Penguins
Friday, 07.09.2010

The Pittsburgh Penguins will introduce a skating “Ice Crew” for the 2010-11 season – a team of energetic girls and guys who will help clean the ice, interact with fans and take part in other promotional activities.

Putting the crew on skates will add a new level of excitement to the Penguins’ game presentation as the team enters a new era at CONSOL Energy Center.

“We’ll be looking for energy, athleticism and passion for the Penguins,” said James Santilli, the team’s vice president of marketing. “We think it’s a great way for fans to get even more involved with Penguins hockey and help make games at CONSOL Energy Center an even greater entertainment experience.”

The first set of auditions for the Ice Crew will be for girls 18 and older who will skate and help clean the ice during TV timeouts. The auditions will be held at Iceoplex at Southpointe on the weekend of July 31-Aug. 1 and will include interviews and skating.

Preliminary auditions for girls will be held Saturday, July 31 from 9:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. and final auditions will be Sunday, Aug. 1. Applicants 18 and older with skating experience or the desire to learn are encouraged to complete an online application at www.pittsburghpenguins.com/icecrew.

Prep classes will be held Wednesday, July 28 from 8 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. and Friday, July 30 from 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. at Iceoplex at Southpointe. Prep classes will give participants an opportunity to meet with the Ice Crew coordinator and gain a better understanding of the audition process.

Auditions for guys will be held at a later date.