Former Charger Girl Kara Kay is a Contestant on Survivor: David vs Goliath

Check out former San Diego Charger Girl Kara Kay on the reality series, Survivor: David vs. Goliath, Wednesdays on CBS.


Kara Kay
Age: 30
Hometown: San Diego, California
Current Residence: San Diego, California

“Kara is a favorite to win. I think a lot of people will say, ‘Really?’ But the more I watch her, the more I see her blend. ‘I’m not standing out at all. I’m just one of the Goliaths! They’re all very good!’ And what do you do? ‘Well, I came from a very good family. I was a cheerleader in the NFL. I’m in real estate.’ If you ask her about her looks, she’ll say they absolutely open doors. She doesn’t ever defend and say, ‘But I have to work hard!’ What you see is what you get. ‘I’m successful, I’m pleasant, I have a great attitude.’ She’s still dealing with the loss of her mom, which I can’t imagine. I really think Kara could be a surprise player, where all the sudden you say, ‘Oh my god… she’s going to win.'”

Bio by Josh Wigler, The Hollywood Reporter

Topekan on LA Clippers dance team to be featured on new docuseries

(Photo by Juan Ocampo/LA Clippers via Bernstein Associates, Inc.)
Taylor Clark, Washburn Rural High School graduate, moved to LA in 2013
By Katie Moore
The Topeka Capital-Journal
January 17, 2016

A native Topekan will be featured on a new docuseries premiering on E! network this spring.

Taylor Clark, a dancer for the Los Angeles Clippers, will be part of the show titled “L.A. Clippers Dance Squad.”

“I’m excited to see how (the show) will come out and how it will all be put together,” she said.

Clark graduated from Washburn Rural High School in 2012 and attended Kansas State University for a year. Though college was a positive experience, she opted to put school on hold and pursue her dancing dream. Her parents, Bruce and Cindy Clark, were supportive of the decision.

In July 2013, Clark headed to Los Angeles. Moving was “one of the greatest risks I’ve ever taken,” she said. However it’s been rewarding, Clark said, as she has gotten to learn a lot about herself and make new friends.

In California, she began seeking out opportunities, going on auditions and castings and finding some success in getting booked. Additionally, a dance agency picked her up.

In July 2015, she auditioned for the L.A. Clippers’ Spirit Dance Team. Filming for the docuseries began at the audition. The cameras followed the prospective dancers as they progressed through the process — from auditions, interviews, selection, practices and performances at games.

Clark said the show is an inside look of what it is like to be an NBA dancer, from the hard work that goes into the job to some of the members’ personal lives.

At first, Clark said, it was weird to have cameras around so much and to always be hooked up to a microphone. But it is something she has gotten more used to.

Being a dancer on the team has presented some challenges and special opportunities. The coach of the team has changed up the style of dancing — in the past, there were cheerleader-type routines. They now are incorporating “industrial dance,” which has more of an urban and hip-hop approach. Clark said the change hopefully will let fans see that they are “not just pretty cheerleaders,” but athletes.

The dancers practice on Sundays and Mondays and before each game, arriving before the basketball players on game day. It is more commitment than people assume, she said.

At times, extra rehearsals are necessary to ensure the team has the choreography down.

“There’s a great team atmosphere,” she said.

Clark has had the opportunity to travel on the squad, performing in many parts of the U.S. and in China and Taiwan.

“It’s been an incredible experience,” Clark said. “It’s so much fun.”

In February, Clark — who was named a co-captain — will travel to Toronto for the NBA All-Star Game. Only one dancer from each of the NBA’s basketball teams was chosen to participate.

A date for the debut of the eight-episode series hasn’t been set, but Clark said she expects it will be sometime in March.

Young Families Sought For TV Show


HGTV seeks young families, with parents under 50, that have just moved from city/suburbia life to country life! Family can be located anywhere in the United States.

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Amazing Race 2015: Staten Island Contestant Defies Borough Stereotypes

By Kathryn Carse

When the 27th season of “Amazing Race” takes off Friday on CBS, Richmond resident Krista DeBono will be atop a water bike with teammate Tiffany Chantell Torres, peddling and paddling from Marina del Rey to Burton Chase Park in Los Angeles for the first leg of a 21-day race around the world.

Former NFL cheerleaders, they will be one of 11 teams starting out on the Emmy-winning series’ premiere at 8 p.m., Sept. 25, striving to avoid being eliminated while heading for unknown destinations that include China, India, Zimbabwe and Netherlands.

The goal with each challenge is to avoid coming in last and face elimination. The ultimate goal is to win $1 million.

The prize was a big motivation. It would enable DeBono to repay college loans that include a masters in speech pathology. But regardless of whether she achieved the ultimate goal, DeBono set her sights an equally valuable one.

“We only wanted to make our hometown and family proud,” said the 29-year-old. “People already have stereotypes from ‘Mob Wives’ and ‘Jersey Shore.’ That’s what they expect from you when they hear you’re from Staten Island.”


Working the role as “The Cheerleaders,” she relished being underestimated and revealing there is “so much more to us than cheerleading.” Her day job is at a private school in Brooklyn as a speech pathologist. Torres, who lives in Hoboken, N.J., is a consultant with Physicians in Healthcare.

Not that cheerleading isn’t important to them. On the New York Jets Flight Crew Cheerleading Squad, the two became best friends. And they say in their introductory video, the preparation and discipline getting ready for the season was rigorous.

Still, when it came to the “Amazing Race,” they both hired personal trainers to work on cardio and strength training three of four times a week to take their fitness up a few notches. DeBono says she did a lot of mental gymnastics too – puzzles and brain teasers. It was the combination of challenges, both mental and physical, that made this particular reality show right for her, she said.

“It had to be a family show. I would not have done anything that was not right,” she said.

Completion of the first challenge got you a plane ticket to the next one in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

“When you watch, it looks so easy. But when you have no sleep or food, you’re just exhausted; it’s a whole different ballgame,” said DeBono.

That is as much as she could reveal. Although she knows the outcome (which she is under contract not to reveal), she is as anxious as anyone to see the final edit of hours and hours of taping.

She discovered that there is an extra interest for some – they are betting on an Amazing Race Fantasy League.

“You can see on the threads [comments]: These two will be the first ones out,” she said. “Hopefully we will inspire other women, and teach you should not judge a book by its cover.”

“I’m just really excited for people to see us travel around the world and for them to get a glimpse into other places. It was amazing to see them first hand,” she said.

DeBono is not the first Staten Islander to compete in the “Amazing Race.” One of the most successful Islander competitors was fellow St. Joseph-by-the-Sea almuna Danielle Turner who competed in 2006 with her classmate Danielle (Dani) Torchio. Turner returned in 2007 to win with Floridian Eric Sanchez, who she met her first time competing.

Casting Call: Single Women in the NYC/Tri-state area that Love to Cook

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NEPC on new dance show

Julianne Hough, left, and Maria Menounos, right with one of the teams in the upcoming 'Dance Battle America.' (Courtesy ABC)
Julianne Hough, left, and Maria Menounos, right with one of the teams in the upcoming ‘Dance Battle America.’ (Courtesy ABC)

Boston Herald
September 14, 2015

Ever since she finished her stint on “Dancing with the Stars,” Medford homegal Maria Menounos has had the Boogie Fever — and the only cure was to make another TV show about dancing!

“After I left ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ where I was dancing on a daily basis, I really missed it. It was hard to detach,” Maria told the Track. “And I said to (partner) Keven (Undergaro), ‘We need to come up with something for everyone, because there’s no dance shows for everyday people.’ ”

While she was thinking those big thoughts, Maria and “DWTS” pro-turned-judge Julianne Hough had caused a social media sensation with a series of “Dance Wars” via YouTube. The videos went viral and other celebrities, including Kate Hudson and Kristi Yamaguchi, jumped onboard. And thus “Dance Battle America” was born.

“It’s not something where you have to have actual skill,” Menounos said. “I had no business challenging The Hough to a dance off. I just wanted to dance. I love to dance, good or bad.”

The special, which will air tomorrow night after “DWTS,” will have eight dance teams battling it out for the Dance Battle Trophy. The dancers, who were recruited via social media, will go through a week of dance boot camp, training with top choreographers, to create a routine for their chosen song. After four rounds, a winner will be chosen.

One of the teams, The Retired Cheerleaders, stars four former New England Patriots cheerleaders, who will do a routine to Katy Perry’s “Firework.”

2013 Pats Finalists_Stephanie Petronelli_yr42013 Pats Finalists_Amber Smith_yr3
2013 Pats Finalists_Angela Lavoie_yr42013 Pats Finalists_Stephanie Sanchez_yr4

“They’re very competitive and have a taste for winning after cheering in several Super Bowls for the Patriots,” the show’s publicity says. “The competition is their ‘comeback,’ so to speak.”

The special will be hosted by Alfonso Ribeiro (“America’s Funniest Home Videos,” “Unwrapped 2.0”) and singer Jordin Sparks.

Menounos, arguably the ­hardest working gal in show biz with her E! Network gig, producing, acting and wrestling projects, said after the special airs she has another big project lined up: She might finally be ready to be a mom.

“We’re kinda working on it,” said Maria, who has been with her partner, Undergaro, for 17 years. “We’re both onboard. We’re ready. I’m 37 and I’m glad we waited but it’s time to make something happen. I hope it’s not too late!”

File Under: Battle Ready.

Former Former New England Patriots Cheerleaders Featured on New ABC TV Show “Dance Battle America”

Former New England Patriots Cheerleader Stephanie Sanchez and 3 other former teammates, Amber, Angela and Steph P., are going to be on a new television show called Dance Battle America.  The show, produced by Julianne Hough and Maria Menounos, features two surprise celebrities who will host eight teams from all over America.  They will be facing off in four battle rounds and the first ever Dance Battle America Champions will be selected by a studio audience.


Tune in on Monday, September 14th at 10pm following the season premier of Dancing with the Stars on ABC network to see how Stephanie and her  former NEPC do!  Their team name is The Squad! (Retired Cheerleaders) and you can follow them on Instagram: @TheSquad_RetiredCheerleaders.

New Reality Show Casting Women Having Group Weddings

Do you know anyone who is engaged, planning wedding, and stressed by budget restrictions? They really want a unique wedding that represents their love but just don’t have the means or vision to make it happen?
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Bring It! Lifetime Launches New Dance Show ‘Step It Up’

Victoria Leigh Miller
Yahoo TV
August 27, 2015

“Get right, or get all the way left.” That’s the mantra of Traci Young-Byron, former Miami Heat dancer/team captain, and current dance studio owner and star of the new eight-part Lifetime docu-series Step It Up. Based on the preview, it looks like Traci’s students better step it up – or step outta there. This outrageous dance studio owner makes Dance Moms’ Abby Lee Miller look like a wuss. For realz.

Lifetime’s latest fierce, fabulous (and feared) dance diva has a rival: Bring It’s Miss D and those Dancing Dolls, so she resorts to some unconventional methods to train her co-ed troupe at the Young Contemporary Dance Theatre in Miami. This dancing drill sergeant wields a purple baseball bat and pits her students against one another to earn a spot in weekly performances, which means students can get can get cut at any time. If you can’t take the heat…

Step It Up premieres Friday, Sept. 25 at 10 p.m. on Lifetime.