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Quick – Someone Get Roger Godell on the Phone

That’s a photo from last Sunday’s Grey Cup, the championship game for the Canadian Football League. Every Grey Cup features cheerleaders from all the CFL teams. They perform at events leading up to the game and the game itself. How awesome would it be if the NFL brought in all their cheerleading squads for the Super Bowl?

  • BC FeLions
  • Calgary Stampeders Outriders
  • Edmonton Eskimos Cheer Team
  • Hamilton Ti-Cats Cheerleaders
  • Montreal Alouttes Cheerleaders
  • Saskatchewan Rider Cheer Team
  • Toronto Argos Cheerleaders
  • Winnipeg Blue Bomber Cheer Team
  • Roughrider Cheerleader Tryouts in Regina

    Blair Malazdrewich
    Global News

    On March 18, 2012 The Queen City Kinsmen Gymnastics Club hosted try-outs for anyone wanting to show off their skills. All in the hopes of donning the green-and-white as part of the 2012 Saskatchewan Roughriders Cheerleaders.

    Five year Riders cheer coach, Nicole Bidwell says there are three major areas, “Dancing: they are doing to have to learn a quick dance from us. Gymnastic assessment: to see what level of tumbling expertise that they have, and then the stunting aspect of it.”

    The most difficult maneuvers are called stunting which involves someone being held high or even, thrown into the air.

    Coach Bidwell says just because you made the roster last year doesn’t mean you will this year, ”Everybody does have to try out again so there is no secured spots, even if you have been on the team with me for the whole 5 years, your still trying out again. It allows and fresh slate for every body.

    Katelyn Perry, hopes her background helps her claim a spot. “I danced at Martin School of Dance in Regina for 13 years. I cheerleaded for the Huskies in Saskatoon with the U of S for two years, and then I was with Riders last year and hopefully…this year.”

    Katelyn knows what “Rider Pride” is all about. “Love for the team. I love cheerleading and I love to support Saskatchewan through my cheerleading, so it is just great to be a part of a CFL team. Also loving your province, just kind of goes hand in hand.”

    Just like the players they are cheering on, these athletes will also be leaving it all on the field but Coach Bidwell knows cheerleading makes a difference in the athletes futures, ”Lots of great skills such as teamwork and leadership that they translate into their careers and into their personal lives.”

    [Rider Cheer Team]

    Cheerleaders Mark 50-years of Riders’ Cheers

    By Murray McCormick

    Deb Ruhr said there were the usual challenges associated with organizing a 50-year reunion of the Saskatchewan Roughriders cheerleaders.

    One of the tougher ones involved getting in contact with the hundreds of women who have been part of the cheerleading squad since it was formed in 1961.

    “Do you know how many women have changed their names?’’ Ruhr, chair of the organizing committee for the 50 Years of Cheers reunion, said Monday with a chuckle.

    That takes place with women, especially after they get married. Ruhr and her six-person organizing committee contacted many of the former cheerleaders and 110 are to be on hand this weekend for the reunion. There are many events planned, including an appearance at Saturday’s game when the Riders play host to the Toronto Argonauts. All of the cheerleaders and the members of the current Riders cheer team are to form a line and cheer on the Roughriders when they run out of the tunnel.

    While that event will be exciting, Ruhr feels there will be other highlights.

    “Seeing it all come together and all of the smiles on their faces will be one,’’ Ruhr said. “It will also be nice reminiscing.’’

    Ruhr was a member of the Riders’ cheerleaders from 1969 through 1974. She joined the team while in high school and remembers it was far different from the modern-day cheer team.

    “Today it’s a stunt team,’’ Ruhr said. “We’ve seen many variations of cheer teams over the years. We didn’t have any sponsors and the first team that had a sponsor was the Molson Golden Girls.’’

    It’s the second reunion marking a milestone for the cheerleaders. One was also conducted for the 25th anniversary of the team which was formed by Carol Gay Bell in 1961. She directed the cheer team until 1977 and is to serve as the master of ceremonies during Saturday’s wrap-up dinner. George Reed is the keynote speaker.

    “It should be a lot of fun,’’ Ruhr said.

    2011 Saskatchewan Roughriders Cheer Team

    Click here to see who made the team.

    Rider Cheerleader Profile: Jocelyn

    jocelynsaskAge: 20

    Hometown: Saskatoon

    Occupation or student status: Dietary Aide

    Year on team: Second

    Dancer or Stunter: Stunter

    Tell us about your previous cheerleader and/or athletic experience.

    I have been cheerleading for seven years now. I loved both track and cheerleading equally growing up until I graduated high school and had to choose which one to do at the university level. Cheerleading won the battle and now I am doing things I never thought I would as a stunter for the Riders!

    Were you a fan of Riders before joining the 620 CKRM Cheerleaders?

    I was and still am a very big fan of the Riders!!! I grew up watching each game with my parents and learning a lot about football.

    Who is your favourite Rider player of all time?

    I can’t say that I have a ton of knowledge on the history of Riders players but being on the cheer team has allowed me to see first-hand the talent and dedication each player has. If I had to name one I would say Number 60, Gene Makowsky. He is a great role model for the sport and after 16 years as a Roughrider I would think he has a ton of Rider Pride!

    What’s the scariest thing that’s happened while you were cheerleading?

    The scariest thing for me is learning a new skill. It takes a lot of trust to be thrown 10-20 feet in the air and do an inverted skill, hoping to land safely in your base’s arms.

    What should the fans in the stands know about your work as a dancer/stunter?

    I think that the fans should know that we put an enormous amount of time into the skills we show on game day. When we do perform the skills, we are performing them on cement with all kinds of weather. It is very challenging to stick stunts in rain and snow but we are out there each game cheering on our team and getting the fans pumped up!

    Outside of cheerleading, what is the talent or accomplishment of which you are most proud?

    I am most proud of my track accomplishments. As a sprinter I have broken many records, some of which I still hold.

    What are your future plans?

    I am as of now on my way to becoming a registered nurse. I am still quite young so I try not to look too far into my future. I’d rather live life in the present and let what happens happen.

    [Saskatoon Rider Cheer Team]