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Roughrider Cheerleader Tryouts in Regina

Blair Malazdrewich
Global News

On March 18, 2012 The Queen City Kinsmen Gymnastics Club hosted try-outs for anyone wanting to show off their skills. All in the hopes of donning the green-and-white as part of the 2012 Saskatchewan Roughriders Cheerleaders.

Five year Riders cheer coach, Nicole Bidwell says there are three major areas, “Dancing: they are doing to have to learn a quick dance from us. Gymnastic assessment: to see what level of tumbling expertise that they have, and then the stunting aspect of it.”

The most difficult maneuvers are called stunting which involves someone being held high or even, thrown into the air.

Coach Bidwell says just because you made the roster last year doesn’t mean you will this year, ”Everybody does have to try out again so there is no secured spots, even if you have been on the team with me for the whole 5 years, your still trying out again. It allows and fresh slate for every body.

Katelyn Perry, hopes her background helps her claim a spot. “I danced at Martin School of Dance in Regina for 13 years. I cheerleaded for the Huskies in Saskatoon with the U of S for two years, and then I was with Riders last year and hopefully…this year.”

Katelyn knows what “Rider Pride” is all about. “Love for the team. I love cheerleading and I love to support Saskatchewan through my cheerleading, so it is just great to be a part of a CFL team. Also loving your province, just kind of goes hand in hand.”

Just like the players they are cheering on, these athletes will also be leaving it all on the field but Coach Bidwell knows cheerleading makes a difference in the athletes futures, ”Lots of great skills such as teamwork and leadership that they translate into their careers and into their personal lives.”

[Rider Cheer Team]

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