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Rams Cheerleaders in Mexico to Shoot Swimsuit Calendar


[Rams Cheerleaders in Mexico Gallery]

Working It! The 2015 St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders Auditions

This past Thursday, the St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders held their final auditions at The Pageant theater in The Loop. 50 finalists were competing for one of 32 coveted spots on the team. The evening’s festivities would include an interview portion, a swimsuit segment and a final dance routine. And I was fortunate to be there once again to capture all the excitement.

STL 2015 227

STL 2015 135

STL 2015 280

STL 2015 268

STL 2015 194

STL 2015 239

STL 2015 229

STL 2015 109

STL 2015 100

STL 2015 087

STL 2015 082

STL 2015 075

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Congratulations 2015-16 St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders!

Click here for photos from this year’s audition process.

Rams 2015

2015 St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders Finalists Announced

50 dancers have been selected to advance to the final round of this year’s audition. The ladies will spend the next week or so attending interviews and rehearsals to prepare for the big finals event on Thursday, April 23. Click here to see who is still in the running!

Justice Alexis

St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders Auditions – April 11th

St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders

When: Saturday, April 11. Registration begins at 9:00 a.m.
Where: Rams Park, Indoor Field

Registration Fee:

$100.00 Cash or Credit Card (Will be accepted at the door on Saturday, April 11, 2015 from 9 a.m. – 11:30 a.m., prior to the start of auditions).  Please bring your resume, references, headshot and completed registration

Who is eligible:

All Participants must be 18 years or older by May 1, 2015. (No exceptions.)

You must be able to attend all home games, rehearsals on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:30-10:30 p.m. immediately following the final announcement of the 2015 Squad on Thursday, April 23.

You must attend a minimum of 20 public relations and charity events within a 12 month period.

You must be available for appearances on Thursday, April 30, from 6-10 p.m.

You must be able to attend a mandatory training camp scheduled for another weekend in July – date TBD and a week long calendar shoot in May – date TBD.

Participants may not cheer for Rams and another professional or college team concurrently.

Audition attire:

Crop top or sports bra of your choice (sleeves or sleeveless is fine)

Trunks or briefs (these look like the lower half of a leotard or bikini bottoms)

Neutral colored pantyhose

Tennis shoes, black or white jazz shoes

No Bike shorts, dance pants, thongs or colored hose

Dance preparation:

A dance team precision style is emphasized. Various styles of dance are used by the St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders. Turns, kicks and leaps are incorporated into routines.

St. Louis Rams Cheerleader benefits:

Perform in front of a live crowd during all home games

Uniforms and apparel provided

Opportunities to travel nationally and abroad

Exposure through media events and community promotions

For more information:

Keely Fimbres, Director
St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders

Rams Cheerleader Meghan Is The 2015 Face of AKD


On their website the Rams have a video of Meghan getting the great news. You can watch it here.

Alicia’s Journal: Rams Cheerleader Tours Australia

From StLouisRams.com

G’day mates! I was fortunate enough to spend Super Bowl XLIX weekend in the Outback of Australia with our U.S. Service men and women! While away for a week I kept a journal to bring back and share all of my favorite experiences with my fellow Rams fans. Enjoy!

Day 1:
After 27 hours of traveling I have finally arrived in Australia and in none other than the beautiful city of Sydney! Fortunately we had the entire day to ourselves to relax and do some sightseeing. Joining me on my Military ProTour are fellow NFL Cheerleaders and Players from around the league! Darrel Young #36, Shawn Lauvao #77, and cheerleader, Tiana are all here representing the Washington Redskins, Karen is here representing her hometown, Minnesota Vikings, and Heather is here for the Tennessee Titans. Together the 6 of us explored Sydney all day in the warm, summer weather Australia currently has to offer. Typical tourist we are, our first stop had to be the famous Sydney Opera House! After having lunch on the Sydney Harbour, we took a scenic ferry ride to the Taronga Zoo. I’ve only been Down Under for 12 hours and I can already say I’ve seen koala bears and kangaroos! (Fun fact: koala bears sleep 17-22 hours of the day.) I’ve had such an incredible experience already, and it’s only day 1. Wheels up again tomorrow, we’re headed to Alice Springs!

Day 2:
I have officially seen what Australians refer to as the Outback! Alice Springs is located in the very center of Australia, where the weather is about 20 degrees warmer and the flies here know no boundaries. We got to spend the day with the Australian Army, where they took us off-roading in their heavy duty vehicles and sightseeing at Anzac Hill Lookout. This city completely differs from Sydney, but scenic-wise it is just as beautiful, with mountains, hills, and desert covering every angle. Have I mentioned I’ve gotten the Aussie lingo just about down already? The Australian Army men were kind enough to give us some vocabulary to use while we’re here so we’re not completely lost during conversation and I’ve been dying to share with fellow Rams fans! Take a look below:

breakfast = brekky
hungry = peckish
photos = happy snaps
the bush = the Outback
maccas = McDonalds
‘straya = Australia
joey = a baby kangaroo



Day 3:
I know yesterday I said I had officially seen the Outback, well I OFFICIALLY saw it again today! Our U.S. Air Force showed us today what it’s really like to go off-roading in the bush. After about 20 minutes of nothing but bumpy rock roads we made it to the top of a plateau overlooking Alice Springs’ Outback. From that point, as far as the eye could see was desert from every corner. I even saw a full grown kangaroo hopping it’s way through the wild! After about ten minutes of taking in the incredible view the flies won and we got right back into off-roading and doing some more sightseeing of this quaint city. The Air Force men even showed us a little of the work they do and a gave us a tour of their base. While there, I felt home away from home after I found a signed football on display by our very own Marshall Faulk and Tory Holt! They had visited that same base this past summer!

Day 4:
We spent today doing what we love – interacting with fans! We made sure today was all about the 70 U.S. service men and women that are apart of the Australian base. Although no one was from St. Louis or even Missouri for that matter, I did end up meeting a man who had completed his basic training at Ft. Leonard Wood, a base that I had recently visited with the Rams and NFL’s Play 60 this past summer – what a coincidence! Later in the evening we had the chance to meet with our military’s families. It was a blast! Myself and the 3 other cheerleaders taught dance routines and cheers to girls ages 5 and up while the players ran drills and workouts with anyone else who wanted to participate. The kids all did so great! It was so much fun getting to know everyone, I also learned all about the different places these families have lived just to serve our country. The people there were the sweetest and made tonight one I’ll never forget! They even bought us all our own Tim Tams, a famous Australian cookie/biscuit brand that Americans are crazy about. Among Tim Tams, I can also say I’ve tried kangaroo steak during my time here in Aussie. (Another fun fact: Australia is the only country that eats and serves their national animal in just about every restaurant!) When in Australia…

Day 5:
Happy Super Bowl Monday! We made it to the Alice Springs Cinema at 9am to watch Super Bowl XLIX live along side our U.S. Military. After getting to know everyone yesterday, it made watching the big game fun and feel like I was back at home watching it with a big group of friends – only difference, it was Monday morning and I’m 9,000 miles away from home!

We ended our time in Alice Springs with a trip to the Kangaroo Sanctuary. A place where Brolga Barns created to raise orphaned baby kangaroos. He gave us all a personal tour of his grounds and we even got to meet some of his furry friends! It was the absolute perfect way to end our time in Australia, all thanks to Master Sgt. Dover, our personal history teacher and tour guide all in one for the last few days!

From Sydney to Alice Springs I got a true, once in a lifetime, incredible Australian experience and I am so honored have represented the St. Louis Rams along the way!

Xoxo Rams love,

[Gallery of Alicia in Australia]

LA Rams Cheerleaders on C*H*I*P*S

With the rumor mill up an running about a possible Rams return to Southern California, thought I’d dig out this old clip of the LA Rams Cheerleaders, The Embraceable Ewes, appearance on C*H*I*P*S. Look for actress Jennilee Harrison.

Rams Cheerleaders season finale

No Rampage, you cannot fool us with that facade disguise!  We know the real Rams Cheerleaders!

No Rampage, you cannot fool us with that facade disguise! We know the real Rams Cheerleaders!

Like any last game of the season, there were some group hugs and tears among the St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders. But there were some local cheers of relief earlier in the week that the NFL will not allow teams to move to LA for the 2015 season, so this was the Rams season finale, but not their St. Louis farewell game. See ya next season St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders!

And thanks and congratulations to all the NFL cheerleaders taking the field for the last time of the year today!

More photos of the Rams Cheerleaders last game of the season at this link.










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Halftime surprise proposal brings extra holiday joy to Rams Cheerleader Karielle and fiance Drew

Edward Jones video of proposal of Drew to Rams Cheerleader

Edward Jones Dome video of proposal of Drew to Rams Cheerleader Karielle

There was a monumental shift from the first to second half of the Rams game at the Edward Jones Dome. No, not on the field, as the Rams trailed throughout. The big change was on the sidelines, as Rams Cheerleader Karielle went from Rams Cheerleader during the first half to engaged Rams Cheerleader, to fiance Drew, in the second half.

At halftime, the Rams Cheerleaders lined up at midfield to watch a highlights video. But instead, it was a proposal from Drew, and eventually he was on the field on one knee. Karielle said yes and a super big group hug ensued.

When Karielle returned to the sidelines for the third quarter, the fans cheered in support of her change in status.

Rams Cheerleade Karielle shortly after her surprise at halftime

Rams Cheerleade Karielle shortly after her surprise at halftime

Karielle is originally from Kansas City, was on the Golden Girls dance team at University of Missouri, and now is a Rams Cheerleader. What a way to end the season!

But I must ask, usually the surprise proposal this time of year is the future groom dressed as Santi Claus, and also the Rams Cheerleaders were not donned in any holiday apparel during the game. Did the Grinch claim he was taking their Christmas-y costumes to the North Pole for emergency mending? Well, just like Christmas in Whoville, the joy of the Karielle-Drew engagement could not have been more joyous than it was.





More photos of engaging Karielle are at this link.

Get to Know Rams Cheerleader Jennifer

By Sarah Bricker

Driven. Passionate. Bilingual.

ramsFifth season Rams Cheerleader Jennifer is, to say the least, extremely multitalented. The Granite City, Ill. native is a Rams Cheerleader, a talented salsa dancer, a skilled merchandise planner and an avid intellectual explorer. She’s also fluent in Spanish.

At only 29, Jennifer works full time as a merchandise planner for Brown Shoe Company and is currently working towards her MBA through the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s online program. She attended college at the University of Illinois where she double majored in international studies and Spanish. Her love of Spanish flourished during her junior year when she studied abroad in Spain, and led her to return in 2008 in pursuit of a master’s degree in Spanish language and translation.

“I’d been in Spain during my junior year of college and loved it, and New York University’s accelerated master’s program allowed me to go back and pursue something I was passionate about,” Jennifer said. “I don’t really do much with my Spanish now, but when I am done with my MBA (2015) the plan is to go on for a J.D. degree and practice international law. I’m already taking some law classes now through Washington University and will take the LSAT soon.”

But Jennifer isn’t only a skilled intellectual and professional, and despite a late start to dance in high school, she has a natural talent. “I started dancing later than most girls, with maybe one year of tap or ballet when I was little, but I was busy with other things like tennis and horses. My parents never made me go to dance class, so I just sort of tried different things until middle school and high school.” Jennifer cheered during her junior high years and when she got to high school, encouragement from friends and family led her to go out for the school’s dance team. She made the team, dancing all four years and served as captain in her senior year.

High school was critical for Jennifer as well, for it put her on the path towards her current Rams position. “Friends of my high school dance coaches who had gone on to be Rams Cheerleaders, or were at the time, would come to our practices and help us with skills and routines,” she said. “My family had season tickets and we were Rams fans, but that was my first up-close experience with them. After that, I’d always hear about how they were involved with the community and what great role models they were.”

Jennifer continued to dance in college, dancing for a year on the Illinettes Dance Team and then performing with Dance 2 Excess’s salsa division. While with Dance 2 Excess, Jennifer actually practiced and performed with fellow Rams Cheerleader Autumn, but she said when Autumn tried out for the team neither recognized each other. “It’s funny because we knew each other in college and were friends, but at tryouts it had been so many years we just didn’t recognize each other. I didn’t think of her with kids or married and she didn’t think of me with red hair. I had blonde hair back then and we hadn’t seen each other in over four years,” Jennifer said.

Now, Jennifer is underway with her fifth season and has no intention of it being her last. “Every year is different,” she said. “The team is always doing something new and St. Louis is always changing. You can get bored after four years with most jobs, but with this it’s totally different. There is always something new, someway to better yourself and some way to grow. That opportunity for constant self-improvement, it’s my favorite part of it.”

Get to Know Rams Cheerleader Kate

By Sarah Bricker

ramsHer promptness isn’t overlooked. And prompt she is. In fact, she’s early.

“I’m Kate,” she says extending her hand forward with a smile. Her blue infinity scarf and clear blue eyes offset her soft grey t-shirt and dark blue jeans.  In navy letters, “South City Prep” is printed across the front of her shirt, and on her hand is a sparkling ring in the shape of a Rams’ head.

Kate is a 23-year-old Quincy, Illinois native, who works as a reading and writing teacher at South City Preparatory Academy in St. Louis.  A dancer since second grade, she’s also a rookie Rams Cheerleader.

2014 was Kate’s fourth year trying out for the team. Her first year auditioning she made it through the first round, the second she missed, and the third she made it to the final round but not the final lineup.

“I didn’t know what to expect my first time trying out,” Kate said. “The pageant and the interviews, it was all new to me. I made it to the first round, but that was it. I came back the next year, but that year the tryouts were done all in one day instead of over three. I wrote the time down wrong and missed it.”

Missing the second year of tryouts devastated Kate, but she said it was a blessing in disguise. “Missing the second tryout time showed me how much more it takes than just dancing to be on this team. Being organized, knowing details and keeping track of time all plays into it,” Kate said. And missing the second tryout ended up working out for Kate. She came back for a third tryout more confident and comfortable after a year of professional interviews, changes to her diet and exercise routine and becoming more well-rounded.

“Before it was like I could just get up and be ready to dance… but with the Rams there is so much more that goes into it—diet, exercise, dancing, the mindset and being a professional. It’s all of it in one,” she said.

Kate didn’t give up either, saying that’s partly because she is stubborn and determined. “Once I set my mind to something I want, I’m going to achieve it. A lot of my accomplishments in life are because I don’t give up. I push until I get what I am going for. After that second tryout, it became less about being known as a Rams cheerleader and more about proving to myself that I could do it, that I belonged there.”

And belong she does.

“There is nothing like dancing on the field,” Kate said. “The home opener—my first game—was breathtaking, exhilarating and emotionally incredible. It was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I get to be around an amazing group of women, do something I love (dance) and get to know the St. Louis community. These are experiences I wouldn’t have had without the Rams, so it’s pretty amazing.”

During the day, Kate works as a reading and writing teacher at South City Preparatory Academy (SCP). She works at the school year round to help prepare students to be successful in high school and college and has been at SCP for almost two years, landing the job in April 2013 while finishing school at Greenville College where she graduated with her bachelor’s degree in elementary education.

“Mostly I teach sixth grade, but the majority of students at our school are not reading on grade level,” Kate said. “The purpose of the school is to help get students prepared for and on a path to be successful in high school and college. A huge part of that is getting them to the right academic level.”

SCP adds a grade each year, and with the upcoming addition of opening a high school, Kate has started thinking about what that means for her long-term. “We are going to have older students reading below grade level, so I need to prepare and educate myself to teach remedial reading for those upper grades,” she said. For Kate, this means starting an education master’s program at Webster University in January 2015, with a focus on reading.

Her master’s degree will also play into her long-term goal. “I want to open an after school community center,” Kate said. “It should be a place to go where they can learn, play and have opportunities to grow that they might not have had otherwise. It could be here in St. Louis, but right now my dream is to be in Chicago. No matter what, it will be somewhere inner-city.”

[Video: Cheerleader Spotlight Kate]

Photo of the Day – October 30

Retiring 2011 Captain Shannon

Shannon of the St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders

2014 St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders

Aaaaand…bringing up the rear, the St. Louis Rams have finally gotten around to updating their cheerleader pages. Still no bios, but they’ve got everyone in uniform. ‘Bout time, y’all!

Meet Captain Michelle Kolcun: Air Force Officer & Rams Cheerleader