The Ironettes

The Ironettes (cheerleader-esque backup dancers) appear in the beginning of Iron Man 2 (in theaters May 7th). On of the Ironettes is played by former Denver Broncos Pro Bowl Cheerleader Renee Herlocker.

Renee was supposed to have a bit of dialogue, but because Robert Downey Jr. was having a hard time remembering his lines, they shortened the whole scene and her lines were cut.



[Renee Herlocker Website]

[Renee on Twitter]

2 comments to The Ironettes

  • Fan

    Melanie the blonde in the middle was also the Seattle Seahawks ProBowl Cheerleader two years ago and is now apart of the San Diego Charger Girls! GO Mel!!!

  • Laura

    Yay! And one of the Ironettes is Melanie from the Charger Girls! (Former Seagal PBC, too!) Love you girl!