Photo of the Day – May 19

Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders outside M&T Bank Stadium

2015-2016 San Diego Socker Girls Auditions

Attention Southern California dancers, the San Diego Socker Girls will be holding open auditions on Sunday, May 31st at the Town & Country Resort.  For more information, please visit the Socker Girls facebook page.



From NFL Cheerleader to Nat Geo Explorer, Mireya Mayor Takes Viewers to the World’s Wildest Places in Order to Save Them.

by David Schmalz
Monterrey County Weekly

Mireya Mayor is an unlikely adventurer. Raised in Miami by Cuban immigrant parents, she had a “girly girly” upbringing of ballet, dance classes and little contact with nature. The small hills outside of Orlando she thought were mountains were actually landfill. When she asked her mother if she could join the Girl Scouts, she was told it was too dangerous. But Mayor always had a passion for animals, and as a child kept dogs, cats, birds and fish. She carried that love with her to the University of Miami, where an anthropology class that introduced her to the work of Jane Goodall and Dian Fossey planted the seeds of a dream. “It changed the course of my entire life,” she says. “I realized that I could turn that passion into a career, and make a difference in the animal world.” Mayor got a grant at the end of her senior year to study monkeys in South America for five months, launching a decorated career that includes discovering a rare and critically endangered mouse lemur in Madagascar. A chance meeting with National Geographic producers followed, and ultimately led to her becoming a Nat Geo TV host and celebrity that earned her the nickname “female Indiana Jones.” But before all that, as a college student, she became a Miami Dolphins cheerleader. “It wasn’t a very straight line into this career,” she says.


Weekly: Were you at all prepared for what was in store on that first trip to South America?

Mayor: I went to South America with a brand new passport, and I had never been camping. I had a designer Calvin Klein field vest that was dry clean-only. It was a comedy of errors, but I threw myself in heart first, and it was a steep learning curve, but it was amazing.

Were there moments you were afraid?

There were definite moments of discomfort, if not straight-up fear. There were times I’d wake up to being bitten by a vampire bat. Or I’d find a spider the size of a dinner plate in my tent. Those were moments where I was thinking, “Shit, what am I doing here?” But those moments are fewer than waking up to howling monkeys, or seeing river otters playing around your canoe. Or discovering a species new to science.

What changed that first trip?

I went out on the initial expedition with a specific scientific-minded goal, and I came out of it a passionate conservationist. It became more important to me to protect these animals than to document their behavior. If they were to go extinct, they’d become the stuff of history books, not science books.

What are some of the most incredible things you’ve seen?

Coming face to face with a silverback gorilla in the wild. There are moments it can be scary; it is a 450-pound silverback gorilla. They’re not aggressive, but you know their strength and potential to harm you if they wanted. There were some moments when I was charged, like when one of the male silverbacks was getting blown off by the females all day, and I was getting the brunt of it. But it’s almost like peering through your neighbor’s window, seeing their daily ins and outs and arguments. It’s real life, but it’s the world of gorillas. To be able to catch even a glimpse of that is really special. I still pinch myself.

Scariest moment?

I was in the Congo on a flight that went down. It started to go down over a forest, and I looked out the window and suddenly we’re skimming trees, and we were going downward rather quickly, but they managed to maneuver the plane into a clearing, and luckily everyone walked off unharmed.

What’s the most important message to tell people about conservation?

Every single creature on the planet serves a role. Without the lemurs, the forests of Madagascar are certainly doomed. We’re learning more and more about the symbiotic relationship they have with the forest. Most immediately it affects the people locally, but globally, extinctions will start to have a domino effect of biodiversity and the sustainability of life everywhere on the planet. They’re just a drop in the bucket, but even if you don’t want to like lemurs, you sort of have to.

Latest Casting Calls

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Vikings Cheerleaders Tease Swimsuit Calendar

From their Instagram account here’s a few of the MVC in their swimsuits.


[Vikings Cheerleaders on Instagram]

[Vikings Cheerleaders on Facebook]

Photo of the Day – May 18


A Trio of Arizona Rattlers Sidewinders Roundup

Lots of great stuff on Sports Illustrated!

Cheerleader of the Week: Charo

SI 2015 MDC audition
Miami Dolphins Cheerleader Auditions

SI 2014 blackhawks
Chicago Blackhawks Ice Crew Girls

SI 2015 AZC audition
Arizona Cardinals Cheerleader Auditions

SI 2015 Viz
Washington Wizard Girls

SI 2014 Bucs Cassie
Cheerleader of the Week: Cassie

SI 2015 Jags Sam
Cheerleader of the Week: Samantha

SI 2014 Grizz
Memphis Grizzlies Grizz Girls

Lightning Girls Advance To Final Four

The Lightning Girls, along with the players of course, have advanced to the NHL Final Four by giving the Canadians a revenge beating. This is my quote from last year’s playoff elimination loss to Montreal:

“Comprenez-vous? No, I don’t understand how the Lightning’s great 101 points season could end up in a playoff sweep loss to the Les Habitants! It’s all french to me. BUT, wait until next year, the foundation is set.” Wow, what a prognosticator!!!!

The next opponent is the Blue Shirts from Broadway. Unless the Rangers borrow the Knickerbocker’s City Dancers this Cheer competition is the Lightning’s by default.

March on to the Stanley Cup.

We added many photos to our playoff album, enjoy.

1 Alexis


2 Rachael and Heather

Rachael and Heather

3 Taelor-Kelly-Alyssa

Taelor, Kelly and Alyssa


4 Cher


5 Alyssa


6 Allison


7 Erica


8 Lightning Girls

Allison, Megan, Isabella, Alexis, Rachael, Heather, Alyssa and Kori


[Lightning Girls Gallery]

[Tampa Bay Lightning Girls]

Photo of the Day – May 15


The NHL season was not the same without the Lady Panthers, like Jhoselyn from last season

LA Kings 2014-15 Ice Crew Profile – Chelsea R.

Kings Vision was on hand for the 14-15 Ice Crew calendar photo shoot! Check out this profile featuring Ms. December 2014, Chelsea R!

2015-16 BlazerDancer Auditions


Audition Dates & Times:

Saturday, June 20th, 12:30pm: Pre – Audition Workshop (optional) @ Lloyd Center LA Fitness
Sunday, July 12th, 8:30 a.m: Preliminary Auditions
Tuesday, July 14th – Thursday, July 16th, TBD: Finalist Interviews
Sunday, July 19th, Noon: Final Auditions


Portland Community College (PCC) Sylvania Campus Health Technology (HT) Building
12000 SW 49th Avenue Portland, OR 97219


Must be 18 years of age by October 1, 2015
BlazerDancers must attend all practices, games, training camps and mandatory Portland Trail Blazers events. BlazerDancer duties include community service events, appearances and photo shoots.
Must be able to attend practices every Thursday and Sunday evening (beginning in mid-August; times TBD). Additional practices may be added throughout the season.
Must have reliable transportation to practices, games, appearances, etc.
Must meet and maintain personal appearance, fitness level, and dancing skill requirements throughout the season.
Must abide by the other Terms and Conditions included with application materials.

What to Wear:

A two-piece dance outfit (flesh-colored tights are permitted). Mid-section and legs must be exposed. No baggy clothing other than during the hip hop round. You may wear loose fitting pants or sweats for the hip hop routine during the pre lims. You may also wear any kind of dance shoe, sneakers or perform barefoot. Please make sure shoes have non-marking soles.

Game-night ready hair and make-up are expected. Hair must be down. No pony tails.

What to Bring:

In the interest of time, we encourage participants to bring their completed and signed application and waiver forms. Applicants under the age of 18 at the time of auditions must have a parent or guardian sign the forms.
A current head shot photo as well as full body photo of yourself (at least 4×6; does not need to be professional but must be clear and contain only the audition participant). Photos are used for identification purposes and will not be returned.
$15 registration fee (cash only).
Snacks, water, make-up or hair products for touch ups. Please note that there is no extended lunch break.

[BlazerDancers Auditions]

The “Ray Team” of Tampa Bay MLB

The Rays have updated the names and photos of their interactive co-ed entertainment squad. We added some pictures from Saturday’s game versus the Texans to our Rays album. Enjoy.




Rachel with sisters Khrystle and Kiana


Clockwise from left–Loki, Sleepy, Mario and Mouse









[Ray Team Gallery]

[Ray Team Website]

Missouri Comets Galaxy Girls auditions are on the horizon

GG 5

Alyvia of the Missouri Comets Galaxy Girls, the professional cheer/dance team for the MASL Missouri Comets let’s us know that their 2015-2016 Auditions are around the corner!

INDEPENDENCE, Mo – The Missouri Comets and the Galaxy Girls announced the dates and formats for the 2015-16 season auditions. Prior to the auditions on Saturday June 13 and Sunday June 14, two clinics will take place at the KC Soccer Dome. Information packets are available at

The Galaxy Girls have been a tradition with the Comets for many years, and continue to build the relationship between the team and fans on game days, as well as strong connections with the community through public service events.

Audition schedule is as follows:

Audition Clinic #1: Saturday, June 6th, 2015 from 6-9 p.m.

Audition Clinic #2: Sunday, June 7th, 2015 from 9-12 p.m.

Auditions – Day #1: Saturday, June 13th, 2015 from 6-10 p.m.

Auditions – Day #2: Sunday, June 14th, 2015 from 9-1 p.m.

The Galaxy Girls final squad will be announced on Tuesday June 16th via the team’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Former Galaxy Girls have gone on work with the MLB’s Kansas City Royals Game Day Entertainment, NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders and with professional dance studios around the country.

For more information about auditions or the Galaxy Girls, please contact Charlie Keller at

Follow the Galaxy Girls on Social Media:

Facebook: Galaxy Girls Dance Team

Twitter: @The_GalaxyGirls

Instagram: cometsgalaxygirls

GG 3
GG 2

Photo of the Day – May 14

The Allen Americans of the ECHL host game 1 of the  Western Conference Finals this weekend.  Here is Ice Angels captain Yijiao during  game last season

The Allen Americans of the ECHL host game 1 of the Western Conference Finals this weekend. Here is Ice Angels captain Yijiao during a game last season

Philadelphia Soulmates – Home Game #3


The Soulmates are smiling as the Soul continue their undefeated season.












Co-capatin Jackie and Captain Kayia


Soul Squad

[Soulmates Gallery] (link fixed)

[Philadelphia Soulmates]