Bearfoot Dancers Open Call Auditions

Round 2

Meet the 2016 Oakland Raiderettes

Oakland Raiders
April 20, 2016

The 2016 Raiderette squad was selected after a two-day audition process at the team’s Alameda, Calif., facility that spanned the better part of a week.

The 40-member squad will perform at Raiders home games throughout the season and will take part in various events throughout the local community.

Here is your first look at the 2016 Oakland Raiderettes – Football’s Fabulous Females.

[2016 Raiderette headshots, video, and photos]

Raiderettes 2016

Sea Gals 2016 Auditions


The Sea Gals began their search for their 2016 squad by holding an open audition at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center. [Watch Video] [Photo Gallery]

The Sea Gals semi-finals auditions are complete. Find out who moves on to compete for a spot on the 2016 roster! [Watch Video] [Photo Gallery]

Vote for your favorite Houston Texans Cheerleader Finalist!

The field of candidates has been narrowed down to the top 50. Surprisingly, there are only 12 veterans and NO twins in the running this year.

You can only choose one dancer, so make it count! Voting is open until Monday. Click here to cast your ballot. (Registration required)

Click here to see individual shots of all 50 finalists.

All the Morgans. Rookie candidates Morgan O, Morgan S, and Morgan W.

All the Morgans. Rookie candidates Morgan O, Morgan S, and Morgan W.

Congratulations 2016 Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders

Auditions are over and 26 ladies have been select to the 2016 squad. Click here to see who was chosen. Congrats ladies!

Lexie Alexis Kuyhlia

Click here for photos of all of the finalists
Click here for photos of all of the finalists in team colors
Click here for photos of all of the finalists in swimwear
Click here for photos of all the finalists prepping for the final showcase

2016 Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders Announced!

The 2016 Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders have been selected and a photo gallery of the new squad has been posted on their website.  Click on the image of 6 year veteran Blair to view the gallery.


Homecoming: The 2016 Los Angeles Rams Cheerleaders Final Auditions

Much has been written about the return of professional football to the City of Angels.  There were the many abortive attempts over the years to build stadiums that never gained traction among the various stakeholders in the community and in the NFL.  And it appeared that the league was more interested in using the threat of relocation to Los Angeles as leverage against other localities to pony up public funds for new stadiums in smaller markets.  As the years passed in to decades, fans became more jaded with the less than credible efforts to bring back professional football to Los Angeles, a land of untold riches to the right owner.  But things have a way of changing suddenly when billions of dollars are at stake.

What can be said of this long process can be summed up by the adage, “fortune favors the bold”.

Stan Kroenke orchestrated a sudden take back of the nation’s second largest television market by proposing to build, with little or no public funding, not only a stadium, but a mixed use entertainment complex…putting asunder the designs of less ambitious and less serious team owners to the north and south.

Fortune does indeed belong to the bold and Los Angeles belongs to the Rams.

Now let us reap the rewards…and the first of these is the 2016 Los Angeles Rams Cheerleaders.










On Sunday, April 17th, the Los Angeles Rams held their final auditions for their 2016 cheerleading squad.  It was held at The Forum, the venerable arena that in a prior era, was the home of the showtime Lakers.  Now it is one of the premier venues for concerts and the performing arts in southern California.  It was a fitting locale to host the auditions, being a mere stone’s throw from the future home of the Los Angeles Rams.

On this night of nights, there would be a showcase of beauty and talent on display as 66 finalists vied for one of the 28 coveted spots on the squad.  There were former cheerleaders and dancers from the Laker Girls, Clippers Spirit, Charger Girls, Baltimore Ravens, the Kings Ice Crew, the Ontario Fury and a host of other semi-pro teams.  If the Rams were creating a band, this would be the equivalent of creating a supergroup the likes of Cream, Bad Company, The Highwaymen, The Traveling Wilburys, Journey, or Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.

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Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Auditions This Saturday

MDC South Florida Auditions

For more information on the MDC auditions, click here.

2016 L.A. Rams Cheerleaders Announced

The 2016 L.A. Rams Cheerleaders were announced last night at their final auditions.  You can see the Rams announcement here.  I was there on behalf of and as I review and post process the over two thousand photos, let me tease you with this…it was an awesome event and this squad will be one of the hottest in the NFL with former cheerleaders from the Laker Girls, Charger Girls, Ravens, and several other local teams that made the squad. So stay tuned for my upcoming article.

And on a separate note, congratulations to two former Ladies of Ontario Fury dancers who made this squad, Sativa-Skye and Stephanie. They join a growing list of former Ladies of Ontario Fury dancers who made the jump to major league dance teams over years, like the Charger Girls, Laker Girls, Clippers Spirit, Golden State Warriors, and this year, the Gold Rush.


Former Ladies of Ontario Fury Dancer Sativa-Skye

2016 Philadelphia Soulmates Opener


The 2016 Philadelphia Soulmates made their debut last Monday at the Wells Fargo Center.


Squad 1 on the concourse.


Captain Jackie and Co-Captain Crystal.


Jenae, Co-Captain Danielle and Captain Kayia




Squad 2 in the corner.





[Philadelphia Soulmates]

[Soulmates Opener Gallery]

Something to cheer about: McDonough is a Patriots cheerleader

By Lloyd Jones

April 14, 2016

Jamie McDonough is now a cheerleader for the New England Patriots. (COURTESY PHOTO)

Jamie McDonough is now a cheerleader for the New England Patriots. (COURTESY PHOTO)

CONWAY — Jamie McDonough has dreamed of dancing professionally for as long as she can remember. That dream will become a reality this fall at New England Patriots games.

Jamie, 23, formerly of Kearsarge and now of Boston, learned last week she’s one of the newest members of the Patriots cheerleader dance squad.

“I am so overjoyed,” Jamie, daughter of Alena and Tom McDonough of Kearsarge, said Friday by phone from Florida where she was visiting her sister, Lauren. “Trying out for the team was very personal to me so I kept it pretty quiet and didn’t tell many people about it.”

Jamie was one of 33 women — and 20 rookies — selected from a field of 420 women to cheer for the Patriots.

The dance team performs at all home games. They are required to attend a minimum of two rehearsals per week.

Jamie is a 2011 Kennett High graduate, and her news was greeted with excitement on the Conway campus.

Junior Esmae Doucette called it “crazy and awesome,” as she gave the student representative’s report to the Conway School Board on Monday.

“We’re all very proud of Jamie,” Principal Neal Moylan said. “We’ll be rooting for her and the Patriots, of course.”

When Jamie cheers in her first game at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Mass., in August, when the Patriots play the New Orleans Saints, it will be her first time cheerleading.

But she has been dancing for as long as she can remember.

“I’ve been part of the Act I dance troupe at Tina Titzer’s (School of Dance in Fryeburg, Maine) since the age of 3,” Jamie said. “Tina is like family;, she’s been such a great figure in my life.”

Jamie also was captain of the dance team at Kennett High, and remembers competing as an Eagle around New England.

“It was such a great experience,” she said.

Jamie continued to dance at the University of New Hampshire. She graduated last May with majors in international affairs and communications and minors in dance and Spanish.

At UNH, “I became an advanced tapper,” Jamie said. “I love to tap dance.”

Jamie, who works by day as a study abroad facilitator in Boston, sees joining the Patriots cheer squad as a way to continue her love of dance.

“I’m psyched to be a part of the team. The (squad) has less of a focus on stunts but more on performance, which I want. As long as I can remember I wanted to dance professionally, and now it’s going to happen.”

Tryouts for the squad took place at Gillette Stadium on March 5.

Jamie McDonough in 2009 at Tina Titzer's Dance Studio. (JAMIE GEMMITI PHOTO)

Jamie McDonough in 2009 at Tina Titzer’s Dance Studio. (JAMIE GEMMITI PHOTO)

Jamie said she did a lot of research and prepared thoroughly.

“Walking in there at Gillette was incredibly intimidating,” she continued. “I have to say all of the girls were just so nice. The director (Tracy Sormanti) is a dream. She told all of us she was so proud we were here and willing to do this.”

The prospective cheerleaders were called in one by one to perform a freestyle dance to their own choreography in front of four judges.

“I felt like I made a good introduction,” Jamie said. “The Patriots are looking for someone who is happy and nice, who interacts with fans and is well-spoken and confident.”

The audition continued with everyone learning a group dance. “It was an opportunity for us to show the judges what we remembered,” Jamie said. “I started out with no expectations, which is why I was so surprised I made it to the next round.”

The final audition was a one-minute solo dance along with an interview with the director.

After the finals audition, the coaches trimmed the field to just 48 women, who were invited to attend the Patriots’ four-day boot camp held over two weeks (from 7 to 10 p.m. midweek and from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. on the weekends, plus an hourlong exercise with a personal trainer each day), which would eventually determine the 33 to make the team.

“It was physically intense,” Jamie said, “but I really loved it. I got to meet and dance with the Patriots cheerleaders who were already on the team. Everyone was so nice. The Patriots audition process is one of the longest in the NFL.”

The 2016 team was announced April 3. The roster was posted online that evening.

“I did my best to distract myself all day,” Jamie said. “I wanted it so badly for myself and also for the other girls who have overcome so much adversity. I really made some good friends from this experience.”

Jamie McDonough (right) said Alyssa Crane (left), her UNH colleague, also made the Patriots squad. (COURTESY PHOTO)

Jamie McDonough (right) said Alyssa Crane (left), her UNH colleague, also made the Patriots squad. (COURTESY PHOTO)

Jamie was delighted to see Alyssa Crane, her teammate on the UNH dance company, also made the squad.

“We decided independently to try out,” Jamie said. “It was pretty much, see you there, but after each rehearsal we’d text each other.”

The cheerleaders started practice Tuesday, April 12, with a team orientation.

“I am so thrilled,” Jamie said.

According to the website, Patriots cheerleader earn about $75 a game, though NFL cheerleaders with prior professional experience can earn up to $1,500 per month.

Cheerleaders also get free perks like beauty care, gym memberships, season tickets, travel, photoshoots and team gear, the website said.

“During the season we’ll be going to the games and making professional appearances,” Jamie said.

She said she looks forward to meeting the Patriot players.

“Julian Edelman is first on my list,” she said laughing. “I’ve never been anything but a Patriots fans; it makes this all so exhilarating. My mom and dad and sister have said they’ll be there for the first game.”

Jamie hopes her success will inspire other dancers.

“If you have the passion, you can persevere,” she said.

You can follow Jamie and her teammates online at

Student Balances Classes, Being An NFL Cheerleader

Bridget Martin2Claire Messersmith
The Vermont Cynic
April 14, 2016

While most UVM students cram into dorm rooms to view New England Patriots football games in the fall, one student drives three-and-a-half hours every home game to cheer for the team at Gillette Stadium from the field.

Sophomore Bridget Martin, a transfer student from the University of Rhode Island, found out she had been accepted as an alternate cheerleader for the Patriots in spring 2015, right after she had transferred to UVM.

“It was pretty ironic, I ended up creating a three-and-a-half hour commute versus a 30-minute commute [to Gillette Stadium, the home stadium of the New England Patriots],” Martin said.

“But it wasn’t really planned because I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to go to UVM or that I was going to be a Patriots cheerleader.”

The audition process lasted about two months, and consisted of “an interview, dancing, talking in front of a panel of judges, workouts and a two-week boot camp, to make sure [applicants are] fit enough to endure a whole game of cheering on the sidelines,” Martin said.

“All of these workouts, obviously, you have to do with a smile, because that’s how it’s going to be on game day,” she said.

This past fall, Martin’s first fall semester at UVM, she tried to schedule classes around Thursdays in order to balance school as best she could while honoring her new commitment to the Patriots.

“You never know when you’re going to have to go to a Thursday night football game,” Martin said, “but I did happen to have a few classes on Thursdays. I just used good communication with my professors.”

She said her professors have been understanding, especially because of the higher level of commitment during the fall semester rather than in the spring, when the Patriots are not playing their regular season.

“They happened to be Patriots fans too, so that helped,” Martin said.

During the fall, which is when the New England Patriots’ season takes place, Martin said she usually spends her Thursdays through Sundays near Gillette Stadium.

During the spring, the cheerleaders have practices Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Patriots cheerleaders also have a quota of charity events that they are expected to attend each year based on everyone’s availability.

“For the cheerleaders, we do about 50 a year, and those are random,” Martin said.

“The fall is a huge commitment because we have the practices, games and the charity events,” she said.

The Patriots Charitable Foundation, run by the Kraft family, is the foundation which organized each of the charity events that the cheerleaders took part in.

Martin said one of her favorite things about being a Patriots cheerleader is the people she has met.

Some of the people Martin has met through her new position include the Kraft family, who own the New England Patriots, she said.

“Between that, the fans and the charity events, I’ve been able to make networks through all different types of people,” Martin said.

“And even when I was attending about 50 charity events this past year, each event, no matter how small or big, there was someone who would really move me and touch my heart,” she said.

The commute to Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts from Burlington is an easy drive, and the job is well worth it, she said.

“Those personal experiences were really things I would have never had the chance to have if I didn’t have this job,” she said.

Congratulations 2016 GoldRush

Auditions for the San Francisco 49ers Cheerleaders are over for this year, and 40 dancers have been selected to the team. Among this year’s rookie class are three former San Jose Saberkittens, Natalie, Marissa, and Danielle. Danielle is also an alum of the Golden State Warrior Girls. Click here to see the entire 2016 roster!

Natalie Marissa Danielle2

Natalie Marissa Danielle

Tennessee Titans Cheerleader Auditions

Lots of photos from this year’s open call for the TTC. Click here to check out the photo gallery!

I do believe this is former Miami Dolphins Cheerleader Lacie (2004-2008) . If she makes the team, that would be a pretty terrific comeback. Go Lacie!


A Time To Shine: The 2016 Arizona Cardinals Cheerleader Auditions

Over the years, one of my favorite events to cover has been the Arizona Cardinals Cheerleader auditions. It’s not because I get to photograph some of professional sports most beautiful cheerleaders. It’s not because I am able to shoot in one of the most amazing locations to hold auditions…University of Phoenix Stadium. It’s because of the people I meet here, from the Cardinals staff to the cheerleaders to the other photographers covering the event. They are very nice and so welcoming to me, that I thoroughly enjoy my time here.

Okay, maybe the beautiful girls have a small part in my fondness for this event. Long hours, slaving behind the camera…shooting an endless line of beautiful and talent young women…a lot of hard work and passion goes into covering this event. And like the girls trying out for the squad, for me it is also a time to shine.








I have been covering this event since 2009 and every year, it gets better and better. Better in terms of the sheer number of gorgeous girls that try out. And better in terms of the dance talent that the Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders attract. This year, I noticed a number of Phoenix Suns Dancers trying out to make this squad. This was in addition to two girls who came from Japan and a couple of NFL cheerleaders from other teams who tried out their luck.

Over 170 girls registered for this year’s auditions. This included 18 returning veterans who were trying to secure their spot on the 2016 squad. Preliminary auditions would span over two days and include three rounds of dance in front of a judging panel. At the end of the first day, 170 candidates would be whittled down to 57 semi finalists…and that’s when the real competition began.

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