Photo of the Day – October 13

A Hartford Colonials Cheerleader

Eagles Cheerleaders Around Town

Thanks to Mike for a few more photos of the Eagles Cheerleaders



Snow and Emily

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‘Bring Back the Jills’ T-shirts now a thing
October 9, 2014

BUFFALO, NY – If you’ve been on Twitter and Facebook lately you may have been seeing a lot of the hashtag “Bring Back the Jills.”

A former Buffalo Jill is rallying to bring back the NFL cheerleading team with a new T-shirt campaign and she’s using that hashtag to help do it.

Gabrielle Farah has created these shirts to bring awareness not only for the fans who are feeling the loss of the Jills on game day but to show that the Jills are missing being out on the field as well.

“It’s pretty much to get our name out there,” she told 2 On Your Side. “People are missing us on the field. We were such a big voice in Buffalo.

We had such a strong leadership role for women in our community.”>

She hopes that under the new ownership of Terry and Kim Pegula that the Jills will be back someday soon.

The shirts come in red and blue with the phrase “Bring Back the Jills” on each side.

There is also a limited edition grey shirt as well.

The proceeds from the shirts will go toward fundraising for their comeback, and a portion will be donated to Hunter’s Hope.

What’s In Your Fridge: Former Patriots Cheerleader & Current Fitness Instructor, Paula Fonseca

By Caroline Earle

Dance, fitness instructor and most importantly, mother: Those are all of the roles Boston-based Paula Fonseca balances each and every day.

And while teaching exercise classes is an incredibly rewarding job, it is crucial to fuel ourselves properly so we can maintain our energy levels to motivate our classes and clients.

So without further ado, let’s sneak a peek inside the fridge of this Equinox instructor who radiates positivity and high energy each and every day.

Caroline Earle: You’re a busy lady. From teaching classes to picking up your daughter from school – what healthy on-the-go snacks do you nosh on?

Paula Fonseca: Finding time to eat can be challenging, with little time to digest in between classes, I stick to small meals throughout the day. I have nuts stashed in my car, just found coconut covered cashews at TJs today!

Love the Fage Greek Yogurt, and I get the 2%, fills me up longer and I feel satisfied. I can mix it up by adding some agave & cinnamon to the plain flavors.

I’ll always throw a couple pieces of fruit in my gym bag, and although this isn’t considered a snack, I need my morning coffee every day to start it all off.

Keeping it real.

CE: Where do you grocery shop and why?

PF: There a few places I shop at and they all depend on where I am at when I have time to stop and shop, pun intended, this is one place I shop, very close to my house.

Love Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods for fruits and vegetables. I find fall to be the most fun season for vegetables. We just got purple cauliflower, rainbow chard, and stalks of brussels sprouts. The colors are so yum!

CE: Do you adhere to a strict diet – i.e Paleo, vegan, GF, etc.?

PF: I do not follow any specific diet. We don’t have any food allergies, so the possibilities are endless.

The one constant thing I do keep to is color in my food and try to use whats just right in season. The more color, the more nutrients and antioxidants, and with each meal I got to have protein and fiber. Make each calorie count!

I do enjoy GF pastas from time to time. The quinoa blends are good, sturdier, and nuttier in taste. The groceries end up being 99% organic, and for the rare times we eat red meat, I go to Meat House or Whole Foods to get the best grade.

CE: When both you and your daughter Lina are home, what’s your favorite meal to cook together?

PF: Lina is a good sous chef. She gets into the preparation, washes, drains, chops, all the veggies. She can toss a serious caesar salad [laughs]!

Lately, as the temps go down, we get a little more into comfy food. Kale soup with chick peas, grated carrot, onions, garlic until it comes out of your pores, in a low sodium chicken broth, is perfect and so easy after a long day. We prep it days in advance so it’s ready to go, and I cheat and use stock from a box.
CE: Keeping up energy levels throughout the day can be tough – what tips can you give to those who are feeling the afternoon slump?

PF: Ah, that afternoon slump can get tough, especially during winter months.

I catch myself in a slump when I don’t eat or sleep enough. Sleep is so important! I don’t always get the minimum 8 hours that our bodies need to recover, but napping is a good alternative. I’ll try to fit in a 20 minute nap whenever possible, and drink lots of water, especially if you like your coffee!

Be sure to catch Paula teaching at Equinox Dartmouth, Franklin Street and Chestnut Hill!

2014 St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders

Aaaaand…bringing up the rear, the St. Louis Rams have finally gotten around to updating their cheerleader pages. Still no bios, but they’ve got everyone in uniform. ‘Bout time, y’all! NFL Cheerleaders, Week 5

Week five brings the pinkness. Click here to get your blush on!

Arizona Rattlers Audition Prep Class This Month!

Think Pink – Houston Texans Cheerleaders

Pink shorts, pink boots, pink pomp, even pink sweatbands! No one does pink like the Texans Cheerleaders

[Texans Cheerleaders Gallery]

[Houston Texans Cheerleaders]

Argos and Ti-Cats Cheerleaders

A few more photos from North of the Border courtesy of our new friend Rick:

[Argos Cheerleaders Gallery]

[Ti-Cats Cheerleaders Gallery]

[Argos Cheerleaders Official Site]

[Ti-Cats Cheerleaders Official Site]

Philadephia Soulmates Auditions Are November 1st

[Complete Audition Information]

Photo of the Day – October 10

A member of the New York Jets Flight Crew

The ROAR–Jacksonville Jaguars Cheerleaders

Here’s another photo shoot from the pre-season when I attended the Buccaneer v Jaguars August game at EverBank Field in Jacksonville. My first opportunity to photograph The ROAR and the weather cooperated with the storms ending just as the stadium opened to fans.

Half of The ROAR were available on the plaza for pre-game autographs and posing for fan photos. It’s nice to catch the Gals all glammed up before they hit the Florida summer heat and humidity.

The Jags have added quite a few amenities to Everbank; swimming pool, largest video boards, and field seats. Maybe next time!!

The ROAR are an impressive group of talented and attractive young ladies and their full squad theme dances were very entertaining to the fans. Hopefully we can get back to cover The ROAR later in the season–maybe even someday across the Pond?

Enjoy the photos.

These selfies are going to put me out of business!! Caitlin and Whitney

Rachel previously appeared in our pages as a Sharks Attack Dancer

Emily H.





Midfield Performance

[ROAR Gallery]

[The ROAR of Jacksonville Official Website]

Former Blinn Dance Team Captain Joins Dallas Mavericks Dancers


Blinn College alumna Hayley Webb may have discovered her talent for dance before she knew her multiplication tables, but she credits her time at Blinn College for helping her turn her passion in to a career.
Webb was drawn to the Blinn College – Brenham campus in 2011 for its award-winning Treasures dance team. After her freshman year, Webb was named captain in 2012. Blinn placed second at the annual National Dance Alliance (NDA) College Nationals in Daytona, Fla. in both her freshman and sophomore years.

“I loved the dance team at Blinn College,” Webb said. “It was a really great two years to grow as a dancer and as a student, too. When you’re involved with athletics you have to always be on your “A” game. Our coaches and instructors made sure we had access to tutoring and that we stayed on top of assignments.”

A dancer since the third grade, Webb said Blinn opened her eyes to a different kind of competitive dance. In high school, her dance team would feature eight routines during competitions, but at Blinn, the team only had one shot to take home a victory.

“We learned one routine and practiced it for six or seven months,’ Webb said. “It was hard, but I loved it. It’s kind of like trying to win one game for a national championship. Everyone was giving it their all.”

After two years at Blinn, Webb transferred to the University of Louisville, where she joined the Ladybirds dance team and studied exercise science. She then transferred to the University of Texas at Arlington to be closer to home. She expects to earn her bachelor’s degree in exercise science in May 2015.

This summer, Webb auditioned and was selected for the Dallas Mavericks Dancers. After more than a week of the grueling tryout process, including a freestyle routine, several new routines and an interview process, Webb was chosen to the team of 20 dancers from 300 women who auditioned.

“I was extremely nervous,” Webb said. “I tried to keep to myself and just stay focused. I’ve watched the Dallas Mavericks since I was little and have always admired the dancers. I can’t wait to be one of them. I am so thankful for my dance coach at Blinn, Sarah Barland, for always inspiring me and pushing me to become a better dancer. She’s been a blessing to me and my dance career.”

Barland said Webb was a great motivator, a hard worker and a beautiful dancer.

“She made practice fun, but also knew when it was time to work,” Barland said. “I had a great two years with Hayley and I know she’s going to make a wonderful Mavericks dancer.”

Blinn has competed in intercollegiate athletics since 1903 and captured 29 NJCAA national championships since 1987, including national championships in cheer and dance last season.

Photo of the Day – October 9

A Washington Wizards Girl

2014-15 Laker Girls

The Laker Girls really stepped up their game with their new website. Much better than in years past. Be sure to check it out.


[The Laker Girls]