Amanda is the Cardinals Pro Bowl Cheerleader


Congratulations to 5-year veteran Amanda, who also is a former Phoenix Suns Dancer.

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Eagles Cheerleaders Around Town

Thanks to the indefatigable Reader Mike for these photos of the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders .





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Patriots Strong Second Half Dooms Chargers

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This past Sunday, the New England Patriots were in town to play the Chargers in a nationally televised game.

This was a big game.  An important game.  One that had playoff implications for both teams.  The first half was a see saw affair, with the Patriots scoring first on a 22 yard field goal by Stephen Gosktowski.  But the Chargers scored the next fourteen points on a touchdown pass from Philip Rivers to Malcom Floyd and a 53 yard fumble recovery returned for a touchdown by defensive back Darrell Stuckey.  It was the Patriots turn next and they scored ten points to end the half.

After the break, you got the feeling that the Patriots were on the verge of something big.  An injury to punter Mike Scifres in the first half meant that kicker Nick Novak would have to take over punting duties for the Chargers and in the second half the Chargers lost the battle of field position.  Every Patriot possession seemed to start from their 40 yard line because the Chargers couldn’t seem to move the ball beyond their 30 yard line.  And though Tom Brady wasn’t having a particularly Tom Brady-like day, when you start your drives near midfield, you are eventually going hit pay dirt.

And in the fourth quarter, the Patriot struck gold twice, scoring 10 points that would be the difference in an otherwise, tight game.

Final Score: Minute Men – 23, Scoreless Second Half Chargers – 14

Sunday Night Football always attracts a big crowd and there were many Patriot fans in attendance.  They must have heard about the great weather we were having out here and decided to join us for this game.  I overheard some fans with distinct northeastern accents mentioning how that this was great…if I recall correctly, they said the weather was “wicked good”.  Okay, I made that wicked good part up, but they were having a great time and did mention the mild weather…as if to lord it over their relatives and friends who were stuck in the cold back east.

We did have good weather.  It was about 70 degrees at kickoff and I came to the game wearing shorts.  Weather this good in December means that the Chargers Girls get to wear the equivalent of “shorts”, their regular skimpy uniforms.  Same old, same old.








Once again, I ventured out to the Bud Light Power Party to visit the Charger Girls and take some posed photos of the other two lines that I didn’t snap the last game.  Here’s a few samples of what I got.





The rest will be posted on my personal blog in a few days.

Since this was a nationally televised game, the Chargers organization arranged for a special half time performance of local band P.O.D.  What that meant for me was the return of the big stage in front of my section…so I got no photos of the Katelyn’s line and only a few photos of some of Clarisse’s line…heavily cropped photos and not what I would consider my best stuff.


Fortunately, they moved the stage after half time and my view of Angela’s and Natalie’s lines were blissfully unaffected.

So let’s begin with the three line Captains that I did get some photos of…Clarisse, Angela M. and Natalie.  My apologies to Katelyn and her girls.




This week’s Charger Girl of the Day is our first two time winner of the season. She’s a second year veteran who hails from San Diego and someone whom I refer to as the CG’s golden girl. Introducing…Lindsay!


Lindsay was killing it during this one sequence.








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Photo of the Day – December 10

A Hartford Colonials Cheerleader

Golden State Warrior Girls Calendar Unveiling

Monday night at BLU 42 in Walnut Creek the Golden State Warrior Girls released their 2015 swimsuit calendar. Fans got a chance to cheer on the Warriors vs the Timberwolves at a viewing party and then things heated up as the calendar was unveiled.






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Cheerleader Charo To Represent Redskins At 2015 Pro Bowl



The Redskins Cheerleaders selected Charo Bishop to represent them at the 2015 NFL Pro Bowl in Scottsdale, Ariz.

Charo has been a member of the Redskins Cheerleaders for four seasons and is currently in her first season as one of the four team captains. She works full time as a public accountant and is a graduate of the University of Maryland.

The Redskins announced Charo as the Pro Bowl Cheerleader during Sunday’s game against the St. Louis Rams at FedExField. The team was excited to surprise her at the game with her parents and brother on the field as she received flowers and a sash from 2014 Pro Bowl Cheerleader, Maigan, and 2009 Pro Bowl Cheerleader, Tiffany.

“I am so excited. Is this real life?” Charo said. “You make the team and see girls go to the Pro Bowl, and you never think it will be you! I am beyond humbled and grateful — thank you so much to my incredible, kindhearted teammates.”

Each season the team’s Pro Bowl cheerleader is selected by their teammates and is announced at a Redskins home game. The Pro Bowl representative then takes a lap around the entire stadium waving to the fans with family by their side.

Maigan, the Redskins Cheerleaders 2014 Pro Bowl representative, said she was very excited to pass down this honor to her fellow teammate & captain, Charo.

“Charo is not only an awesome dancer and beautiful girl, but she’s a positive influence and helpful leader,” Maigan said. “She loves the team and is dedicated to continuing our traditions and making our team the best it can be. Charo is one of my good friends and I’m so proud of her! I know she will be amazing and will represent WRC well. Congratulations and welcome to the Pro Bowl Cheerleader family!”

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Dallas Sidekicks Dancers


The Dallas Sidekicks Dancers can be found performing at the Allen Event Center during home games of the Major Arena Soccer League Dallas Sidekicks. The dancers are under the direction of Emily Scoville and Dusty Solis, owners of Pure Movement Dance and Fitness Studio in Allen, Texas.

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Photo of the Day – December 9

A Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader

Photo of the Day – December 8


From yesterday – Jacksonville ROAR Captains Kayla, La’Farrah, Karen and Sam

Alice is the Falcons Pro Bowl Cheerleader

2014 Falcons_Alice Fair3Atlanta Falcons: Voting is still taking place for the Pro Bowl team rosters, but the Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders have made their selection and co-captain Alice F. will represent them in Arizona

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Kemptville teen joins Ottawa 67’s cheer and dance team


By Kelly Kent
Kemptville Advance
Dec 04, 2014

In Canada, where hockey has sometimes been likened to a religion, cheering for one’s favourite hockey team can feel like a profession.

For one Kemptville teen, cheering for the local Ontario Hockey League (OHL) team has become exactly that, when she became a member of the Ottawa 67’s Cheer and Dance Team in October.

Kera Briggs, 16, has been dancing for most of her life. Starting when she was just eight years old, she continued to excel in styles like pointe, jazz and hip hop until she decided to take her skill to the competitive level last year.

Since then, Briggs has been thinking about the future of her dance career, and so when she saw the ad from the Ottawa 67’s Cheer and Dance Team recruiting new members, she decided to apply.

“I thought, ‘Why not?'” she said in an interview last week. “I thought it would be fun, if I could cheer with them as part of the team.”

After just one audition with the girls of the team, Briggs was in. She was now a uniform-wearing, pom-pom-carrying cheer squad member, and would begin her training in the 28 routines the girls perform at home games on a regular basis.

As a Grade 11 student at North Grenville District High School with a full plate of academics, extra-curricular activities and the vital social life of a young adult, Briggs doesn’t have a lot of time to spare. However, she says the opportunity to cheer for the Ottawa 67’s is worth it all.

“It’s really fun,” she said. “I like being at the games and going to the events. The fans are always really great.”

Though Briggs isn’t paid to be a member of the cheer and dance team, she can use the hours she spends with the team towards her mandatory 40 hours of volunteer work necessary to graduate high school – and with the time she dedicates to the team, Briggs says it can sometimes feel like a job.

Busy schedule After it was decided that she would become a member of the team, Briggs did a series of training sessions with the coach, who is the captain of the cheerleading team for the CFL’s Ottawa Redblacks. During those three weeks, Briggs learned all of the routines the girls usually perform, committing them all to memory for future use.

In addition to regular practises, Briggs and the nine other girls on her team (of whom she is the youngest) spend most Friday and Saturday nights at the Ottawa 67’s home rink at TD Place, cheering on the team and encouraging fans to do the same. Sometimes, there will be a weekday game to attend as well – and then there are the events.

Like most hockey teams, the Ottawa 67’s attend a number of community events, such as golf tournaments, parades, and Little League games. Most of these, like the kids’ day Briggs was recently at, are attended by the cheer and dance team as well. At events like these, Briggs and her team perform in front of crowds of 10,000 people or more, something that she says is exhilarating.

“The kids really love seeing us perform,” Briggs said, laughing. “Afterwards they come up to us and want to take pictures with us. It’s almost like being a celebrity.”

While the Ottawa 67’s Cheer and Dance Team doesn’t perform stunts like a traditional cheer squad and instead opts for elaborate dance routines with props, Briggs said she’s interested in spearheading a team like that for her school. She’s now working on starting a cheerleading team at her high school, recruiting students from grades 9 to 12 to join her.

“I hope we can get to enter competitions next year,” she said, “but for now we’ll probably just practise. It all depends on how many students are interested.”

In the near future, after Briggs graduates high school, she says she has plans to have a career in dance. She’s looked into becoming a dance teacher, maybe, so she can pass her talents on to others.

For now though, Briggs is looking forward to what she’ll be doing with the Ottawa 67’s over the next few months. She cheered at her first game at the end of October, and will be continuing to cheer at all of the upcoming games this season.

“If you’re at a game, look for me in the stands,” Briggs said. “I’ll be there, cheering my butt off.”

Philadelphia Soulmates Finals

The 360 Club at the Parx Casino in Bensalem was the place to be when the Philadelphia Soulmates held their Final Auditions last month.










Former Soulmates Kat and Gabby with former Soulmate Director and Eagles Pro Bowl Cheerleader Marla Viturello


Retiring Soulmates Rebecca and Danielle

Look for the new squad on the field some time in the spring.

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Titans Cheerleader Shares Healthy Habits With MES Students

By Jeff Edwards
The Moulton Advertiser

hannahHannah Smith has come a long way since she was a student at Moulton Elementary School.

Her journey has taken her to the NFL sidelines as a cheerleader for the Tennessee Titans.

But she welcomed the opportunity to come back home and speak to the Moulton Elementary students about the amount of hard work and healthy choices it takes to be one of the faces of an NFL franchise.

Smith was the featured speaker at the kickoff to Moulton Elementary’s Fuel Up to Play 60 program that will take place throughout the year.

The program encourages children to be active and live a healthy lifestyle, two things Smith said is crucial to her success as a professional cheerleader and dancer.

“It’s really important for me to give back because this community is what has built me and what has helped make me what I am today,” Smith said. “(The message) is just how important it is to exercise daily and eat healthy. It helps clear stress, keeps you focused and gives you a lot of energy.”

Lawrence County Child Nutrition Program Coordinator Michelle Chenault said the program’s goal is to increase physical activity at school and outside of school and create good habits for nutrition.

As part of the program, Chenault said the students will take part in a “100 mile” club, where they will attempt to walk 100 miles in their PE classes before the end of the school year.

“They will have landmarks and the kids will get incentives for reaching 25 miles, 50 miles and the ultimate goal is 100 miles,” Chenault said. “Southeastern Dairy Association has donated pedometers, so every child will have a pedometer to mark their progress.”

Chenault said teaching children good health habits at an early age is crucial.

“The more we can influence children’s habits, the longer they have them,” Chenault said. “So many times you get into high school without establishing those habits, and it’s harder to create habits at that age.”

Smith certainly had those habits, and it has helped give her the energy and focus to perform as a Titans cheerleader.

The Moulton native is in her second year as a cheerleader for Nashville’s NFL team, and in addition to performing at all Titans home games, Smith said the cheerleaders make approximately 250 public appearances per year.

“It is very busy, but it is also a lot of fun,” Smith said.

A Titans cheerleader is only guaranteed one season, and must try out each year to retain her spot.

Smith said the cheerleaders go through a two-month training camp before the season and also have to pass five physical fitness tests per year. Even after making the squad, if a cheerleader fails a physical fitness exam, she doesn’t get to perform.

Smith said the training the cheerleaders must go through before and during the season is extremely rigorous, and much more difficult than she first imagined.

“I played club volleyball in Huntsville and I thought the work I did there was difficult, but it’s nothing compared to this,” Smith said. “This is definitely the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but the most rewarding.”

Smith said her position as a Titans cheerleader gives her a platform to speak to groups, such as Moulton Elementary students, she normally wouldn’t be able to.

“I speak to a lot of schools about health and fitness,” Smith said. “I also speak to a lot of Fellowship of Christian Athletes groups. This gives me the platform to share my faith through sports. It is very important to me to use the platform I have as a Titans cheerleader to help others.”

Chenault said Smith was the perfect person to speak to the students about fitness and a healthy lifestyle because it is something she has lived from an early age.

“She’s such a generous person and actually lives what she’s talking about,” Chenault said. “Her family helped her establish those healthy habits early on. It’s not something she had to change, and you can see how far it has taken her.”

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Congratulations Grey Cup Champions


The Calgary Stampeders Outriders are handed the Grey Cup after the Stampeders won on November 30th. Photo Credit: Mark Mennie

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Photo of the Day – December 5


A Galactic Dancer