The PACK Dance Team Auditions

Recently, the PACK Dance Team, the official dance team for the California Wolfpack, held two auditions for their upcoming season.  On July 15, 2018, they set out in search of its inaugural team and 11 ladies auditioned.  And on August 5, 2018 The PACK Dance team hosted a second audition where an additional 10 ladies tried out.

Both auditions lasted 6 hours in total and consisted of 3 rounds, which featured an across the floor portion, a jazz portion and a hip hop section.  Cuts were made after each round and finalists were chosen to take part in a group interview.  At the conclusion of the process, 14 ladies were selected for the squad.

The California Wolfpack is an adult professional developmental football organization that is gives aspiring athletes a platform to excel on the field, but most importantly off the field.  We are an organization that focuses on developing our athlete’s talent to a professional level using world class facilities, professional certified coaches, and professional training resources.  What we pride ourselves on as a program even more so than developing our athletes as football players is developing them as men.  We understand the rigorous process and odds of becoming a professional football player is very slim, but what is 100% guaranteed is that every one of our athletes will have to be men, fathers, sons, employees, friends, and upstanding members of our society.

The Wolfpack organization provides life tools to help young men transitioning in and out of sports.  In addition to helping them earn professional football opportunities, we also help our athletes find employment, and other assistance as well.  Our league the DFI (Developmental Football International) parallel the same values FAITH, FAMILY, FOOTBALL.  As an organization we will do our part reaching out to our local communities to effect positive change.

We are a program that builds men of high faith and character. 

Indiana Pacemates Audition Showcase Video

The Indiana Pacers have posted a video from their 2018-2019 Pacemates Audition Showcase.   Let’s take a look at the proceedings.

Laker Girls Audition Photos

The Los Angeles Lakers held auditions for the 2018-2019 Laker Girls last month and they have posted a couple of galleries of images from the event.  Click here to view the galleries.

Golden State Warriors Dance Team Auditions


Saturday, August 25
10 a.m. Registration | 11 a.m. Audition
2675 Mitchell Drive
Walnut Creek, CA, 94598

What do we look for in a Warriors Dance Team member?

  • Technically talented dancer, entertainer
  • Ambassador/Representative for the Golden State Warriors organization
  • Positive, energetic, with a great personality
  • Athletic
  • Professional
  • Team player
  • Must be 18 years of age by October 1, 2018. No exceptions will be made.

What commitment is required to be a Golden State Warriors Dance Team member?

  • Attend and perform at all Golden State Warriors home games
  • Able to attend rehearsals on: Monday evenings / Wednesday evenings / Thursday evenings. Additional rehearsals may be scheduled during the season for games, appearances, dance clinics, special events and playoffs.
  • Available for personal appearances for:
    • Media interviews
    • Photo shoots
    • Dance clinics
    • Team bonding camp

What is the Golden State Warriors Dance Team audition process?

Auditions for the 2018-2019 Golden State Warriors Dance Team is a multi-step process. The process includes the following but is not limited to:

  • Application submission
  • Preliminary audition
  • Interview
  • Boot camp
  • Final audition
  • WDT training camp
  • Monday, August 20th: Final day to pre-register for auditions. At this time the application, resume, and head shot (5×7 or larger) must be submitted to the Warriors’ office at 1011 Broadway, Oakland, CA, 94607. Walk-ins day of auditions will also be accepted.
  • Saturday, August 25th: Preliminary auditions. Two-cuts will be made at the prelims. Candidates will learn a jazz and a hip hop dance combination that will be performed in front of a panel of judges. At the end of the audition a group of finalists will be selected and continue to the finals.
  • Finalist mandatory dates: Finalists selected on August 25th must be available from August 26-30 to attend the interview, boot camp and final auditions.

Finalist Overview:

  • August 26 – Interviews will be conducted from 10 a.m.- 5 p.m.
  • August 27 – Bootcamp will be conducted from 8:00 p.m.- 10:30 p.m.
  • August 28 – Bootcamp will be conducted from 8:30 p.m.- 10:30 p.m.
  • August 30 – Final Dance Eliminations will occur from 6 p.m.- 10 p.m.
  • Training Assessment Camp – Will begin immediately following the Final auditions with the 2018 WDT training camp candidates. The selected final candidates will participate in a training camp beginning on September 5th with the final selection of the 2018-19 Warriors Dance Team members on September 20, 2018. Training camp rehearsal times will be on Monday’s (7:30-10:30pm), Wednesday’s (7:30-10:30pm) and Thursday’s (8:30-11:00pm)

Where will the preliminary auditions on August 25, 2018 be conducted?

2675 Mitchell Drive
Walnute Creek, CA 94598
*Auditions are closed to the public

What should I wear to auditions?

  • Two piece attire (half top with briefs or boy cut shorts)
  • Skin tone nylons
  • Non-marking shoes (Jazz, dance sneakers, athletic shoes)
  • Hair must be worn down; Full hair and make-up strongly encouraged
  • Cover all visible tattoos
  • Minimal jewelry

What should I bring to prelims?

  • Application (Online or Download), 5×7 head shot (non-returnable)
  • Water and snacks
  • Hair and make-up supplies

What can I do to prepare for auditions?

Warriors Dance Team prep classes are not mandatory but recommended as an excellent way to hone your dance skills and learn what it takes to be a GSW Dance Team member! Each workshop costs $30.00 and space is limited.

The 120-minute session includes:

  • Warm-up
  • Warriors Dance Team choreography style
  • Audition advice and tips
  • Q&A with Warriors Dance Team Director, Sabrina Ellison and/or Assistant coaches Angela Jarvis or Tarah Naismith
  • Attire: workout/dance attire and non-marking shoes

Prep Class Parking Options:

  • Renaissance Valet Parking: $5/hour
  • Street Parking on Jones St.
  • Bart Parking at the Pleasant Hill Station off Treat Blvd across the street from Renaissance Club Sport Walnut Creek

For more information, please send an e-mail to

Detroit Pistons Dancers Audition Video

Lst month, the Detroit Pistons Dancers held auditions for their 2018-2019 dance team and they have published a video of the proceedings.

Denver Nuggets Dancers Auditions Photos

We continue our coverage of the NBA dance team auditions with the Denver Nuggets Dancers, who have posted several galleries from their auditions.  Click here and here to view the galleries.

Dallas Mavericks Dancers Auditions Photos

The Dallas Mavericks Dancers held their auditions beginning on July 7. They have uploaded a gallery of images from their tryouts. Click here to view the images.

Making The Team: The 2018-19 Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders

Our good friends at the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders wanted to share with our readers this wonderful video on the 2018-2019 Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders. Enjoy.

Making The Team: The 2018-19 Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders

Get an inside look at the process of naming the 2018-19 Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders.

Charlotte Honey Bees Auditions Photos

The Charlotte Honey Bees held their auditions on June 2 and they posted a gallery of images from the event.  Click here to view the gallery.

Washington Wizard Girls Auditions

The Washington Wizards are seeking energetic and talented female and male dancers for the new Wizards Dancers squad!  Open call auditions will be held on Saturday, August 11, 2018 at Xsport Fitness, 4300 King St, Alexandria, VA 22302.  Registration begins at 10 a.m.  Check out the audition details below and pre-register to secure your spot today! If you have any further questions please email

General Information

2018 Wizards Dancers Auditions

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Registration 10:00 A.M.  

Xsport Fitness

4300 King St.

Alexandria, VA  22302

Fee: $20


Open auditions are closed to the public.  Preliminary auditions will consist of 3 rounds of choreography that will include hip-hop, jazz, and freestyle.  Finalists will be chosen and announced at the conclusion of the day.  Please bring food and drinks to keep you energized and hydrated between rounds.  Also bring items to freshen up in between rounds.  Candidates will be judged on appearance, style, technique, personality, energy and projection, completion of choreography, personality and attitude.  Audition dates and location are subject to change throughout the audition process.


  • Must be 18 years or older by August 11, 2018 (valid I.D. required on the day of audition)
  • Must be at least a part-time student or hold a part-time job
  • Completed waiver and professional/dance resume
  • Must provide a non-returnable headshot and full body shot
  • Must be available for 35 of 41 home games and be able to attend all evening rehearsals
  • Must be able attend a certain number of appearances and Wizards related events
  • If selected , a year contract and commitment are required
  • Walk ups day of auditions are welcome


  • Professional dance audition attire required
  • Sneakers or dance shoes/boots with non-marking soles

Training Camp

Mandatory Finalist Interviews

August 13-14 (by Appointment only)

Capital One Arena (4th Floor)

601 F Street NW, Washington DC 20004


Finalist Training Camp Rehearsals

  • August 13-16 (3-4 evening rehearsals)


*Final team will be selected at the end of the training camp 

Milwaukee Bucks Dancers Auditions

Open Call: Saturday, August 11th

  • Wisconsin Entertainment and Sports Center
    1111 N 4th Street
  • Registration: 10:00am-10:30am
  • Participants must be available to stay as late as 10:00pm

Call Backs: Sunday, August 12th

  • Wisconsin Entertainment and Sports Center
    1111 N 4th Street
  • Registration: Noon-12:30pm
  • Participants must be available to stay as late as 10:00pm


Only completed audition packets will be accepted

  • You may turn in completed packets at audition prep classes
  • Audition packets will be accepted the day of auditions


  • Must be 18+
  • High school graduate or GED
  • Available for all home games & two evening practices per week
  • Must have dependable transportation

What to Wear:

  • 2 piece audition clothing.
  • Non marking Sneakers (no jazz shoes)

What to Bring:

  • Dance Resume
  • Completed Audition Packet
  • Proof of ID
  • Snacks

Format of Auditions:

  • Warm Up
  • Across the floor combination (cut)
  • Teach hip hop combo (cut)
  • Gymnastics
  • Call backs August 12 for finals
  • Interviews
  • Teach finals combination
  • Select dancers

Golden State Warrior Girls Auditions



Saturday, August 25
10 a.m. Registration | 11 a.m. Audition
2675 Mitchell Drive
Walnut Creek, CA, 94598

The 2018 Phoenix Suns Dancers Auditions

There is a new sense of optimism in the Valley of the Sun.  With the number one overall pick in the 2018 NBA draft, the Phoenix Suns selected a potential franchise changing player in Deandre Ayton, the former five star prospect from the University of Arizona and the consensus top overall draft prospect.  It is hoped that he will evolve into a difference making pro player and one that will stick around after his initial rookie contract expires.  Having played his high school and college ball in the area, Ayton might prefer to stay at home instead of shopping his services around to the highest bidder.  So things are definitely looking up in the Valley of the Sun.

And with the advent of this year’s dance team auditions, there is a renewed sense of optimism as well for those of us who enjoy the game day entertainment.  Every year, a new group of dancers courageously give it their all with the hope of making the cut and securing one of the coveted spots on the Phoenix Suns Dance Team.  And I was there for a portion of the proceedings.

This was the sixth time that I have made the trek from Los Angeles to Phoenix to cover the Suns Dancers auditions.  Having photographed two games with Phoenix Suns, I can tell you that the dance team is an integral part of the game day experience, so I was excited to renew my relationship with the organization and to see the new crop of hopefuls and the returning veterans.









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Cali Wolfpack Dance Team Auditions


Brooklynettes Dancers Audition Photos

The Brookynettes Dancers held auditions for their 2018-2019 dance team last month and they have posted several galleries from the proceedings. Click here, here and here to view the galleries.