Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders Preliminary Audition Photos

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New York Jets Flight Crew Audition Photos

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New Orleans Saintsations Audition Photos

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The ROAR of the Jaguars Audition Photos

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Chasing The Dream: The 2017 Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders Auditions – Day Two

The selection process for the 2017 Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders was a long and grueling process, spanning several days and several rounds of judging.  Twenty four hours earlier, over 150 girls began the process with the hopes of making one of the few spots on the 2017 Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders squad.  Several hours and two cuts later, the mass of hopefuls was whittled down to the sixty best candidates.  They would return on Sunday to perform two more dance routines in front of a panel of judges who scrutinized every detail from their appearance, dance technique, public speaking and overall look.  It was another chance to stand out and make a lasting impression…and more than a few did from my perspective.










In part two of our coverage, we feature the most memorable images from the semi-final round.  So let’s take a long look at the remaining candidates.

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Random NFL Cheerleader Pic of the Day

Chasing The Dream: The 2017 Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders Auditions – Day One

“One Team.  One Dream.”  That’s the motto for this year’s Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders.  This past weekend, the Arizona Cardinals held their preliminary auditions for their 2017 cheerleading squad.  Over 150 young women were in attendance, vying for one of the 28 positions on the team and a chance to share the dream.  With 15 or 16 returning veterans trying out again, the competition for one of the available spots on the squad would be fierce.











Spanning several days, the 2017 auditions would be a grueling process.  For the preliminary auditions, three dance routines would be taught and performed in front a panel of judges before the finalists would be announced.  The remaining girls would undergo an extensive interview and then endure a two day final audition before the team would be announced.

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Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders Audition Photos

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Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders Audition Photos

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2017 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Auditions Dates – May 6


When are the registration deadlines and audition dates?
Registration deadline is May 3, 2017
Preliminaries:  May 6, 2017
Semi-finals:  May 7, 2017
Interviews:  May 12, 2017
Finals:  May 13, 201

What is the audition process?

Auditions are a multi-step process beginning with Application, Preliminary Audition, Semi-Final Audition, Personal Interview, Written Test, and Final Talent Auditions follow for selected candidates. The DCC Training Camp Candidates will be selected from participants in the Finals. Each day will begin at 8:00am. DO NOT BE LATE! Plan on spending the whole day. Detailed information will be handed out to you each day at registration, but here is a brief overview:

Preliminary Dance Audition:

Candidates will have the opportunity to perform “freestyle” dance moves in groups of 5 for the judging panel. At the end of the performances, the judges selections for Callbacks will be posted.

Semi Final Dance Audition:

  • Learn a dance combination and kickline. (You will be expected to perform the dance combination and kickline many times throughout the rest of the audition process)
  • Candidates will perform the dance combination and kickline in groups of 5
  • Written test: A test on general knowledge about the Dallas Cowboys Organization, the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders history, the National Football League, current events, and dance terminology.
  • Judges retire to make Finalist selections
  • Announce Finalists
  • Finalists have a brief meeting with Cheerleader Director, Kelli McGonagill Finglass to schedule their personal interview appointment and to discuss Final Audition Components: Solo Talent Presentation, Written Essay, Panel Interview and Test

Personal Interview:

  • Panel interview with the judges. Candidates will participate in an interactive interview with selected judges from the Judging Panel.


  • Perform a ninety second individual talent presentation, (e.g. – singing, dancing, dramatic interpretation). This will be your opportunity to impress the judges with your creativity and talent. All finalists will be responsible for emailing their music at the appropriate time.  In addition, please bring a CD backup to the final audition. You may wear whatever costume design you wish to enhance and complement your performance. If your talent is singing, make sure there are no lead vocals on your musical accompaniment track.  Please note: hand-held props only; do not incorporate the use of a chair in your choreography.
  • Perform the dance combination and kickline taught previously at Semis in groups of 5 for the judges panel.
  • Judges retire to make selection for DCC Summer Training Camp Candidates.
  • Announce Training Camp Candidates.
  • Training Camp Candidates stay for a brief meeting with Director, Kelli McGonagill Finglass.

What should I wear to auditions?

You should wear:

  • 2-piece attire:Top: Dance/Athletic Bra TopBottom: Hot Pants (No Tank Tops or Bike Shorts)
  • Skin colored Dance Tights (non-shimmery)
  • Any type of dance shoes (for example: jazz, ballet, character, split sole Dansneakers by Capezio, etc…)

Where can we find audition attire?

Audition attire can be found in dance wear stores, or ordered online.  Link to a company we recommend here: http://thelineupstore.com/Shop-Online/Tryout-and-Apparel Use promo code: COWBOYS for 10% off!

What does it take to become a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader?

Our judges will focus on the following:

  • Dance Technique
  • Enthusiasm
  • Poise
  • Showmanship
  • Personal Appearance
  • Figure
  • Personality
  • Energy
  • High Kicks
  • Splits


For more information, please click here.

Houston Texans Cheerleaders Photos From Their Open Call Auditions

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First Ladies of Football: Photos From Day 1 of the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders Auditions

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