Congratulations 2014-15 New England Patriots Cheerleaders

I was holding off on posting this, hoping for some photos, but there still aren’t any, so here ’tis…~sasha

2014 Patriots Cheerleading Squad Announced
By Tracy Sormanti
May 3, 2014

The Patriots Cheerleaders’ audition process began in February with an optional workshop, followed by preliminary and final auditions, interviews and a two-week boot camp. Today we’re proud to announce the 2014 Patriots Cheerleading squad!
The Patriots Cheerleaders’ audition process began in February with an optional workshop, followed by preliminary and final auditions, interviews and a two-week boot camp. Today, May 3, we are proud to announce the 2014 squad, to include 17 veterans and 11 rookies. The Patriots Cheerleaders will jump right into their season activities, preparing for the May Junior Patriots Cheerleaders clinics at Gillette Stadium and June calendar and video shoot in Cancun, Mexico. 2014 Patriots Cheerleading Squad

Alexandria Stavropoulos
Allison Smedley
Amanda Soucy (Returning after 2 year hiatus. Previously on the team 2011-12)
Amber Smith
Brittany Bonchuk (Returning after 3 year hiatus Previously on the team 2009-11)
Brittany Dickie
Camille Kostek
Erica Cadigan
Hannah LeBeau
Jensine Rich
Kelly Bennion
Kikco McMahan
Lasondra Greene
Leigha Marie Hervey
LisaMarie Iannuzzi
Michelle Nigro (Returning after 1 year hiatus. Previously on the team 2010-13)
Zoe Bucuvalas

Alyssa Merkle
Jacqueline Jamiel
Karen Link
Kristen Sherrerd
Lauren Schneider
Madelyn Wilson
Megan Swain
Mary Babbitt
Melanie Sanches
Stefani Swaim
Victoria Spadaro

NBA Auditions are coming sooner than you think!

And our friends at The Line Up are offering a discount to those who get their orders in early. LOVE these little jackets, especially the mesh one. Perfect for layering over a little top, without making it too warm to wear for an all-day audition. Besides, layering is a fantastic way to make sure nobody else turns up in your exact same outfit. 😉

Vote for your favorite Dolphins Cheerleader finalists!

The judges narrowed the field down to 76, and they’ll choose the final team tomorrow. Help them out by voting for your top 5 candidates to make the team. Click here to vote now!

A few rookie candidates showing those team colors

Watch the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Finals Live and In Person Tomorrow at SunLife Stadium

Admission and parking are free. Enter at at Gate C. The fun starts at 10am!

Houston Dance Team Audition Opportunity

Houston’s ABA Basketball team will be having a dance team for the FIRST time starting this season! And they are looking for some wonderful ladies that are ready to join the new team! This is a hip hop dance team that will also be doing other things such as Jazz and modern and contemporary dancing as the team progresses.

The prep classes will definitely give you a feel of what the audition will be like. Prep classes are May 17, 24, 31 and June 7 at Soundbox Studios from 6-8pm. The prep classes are $10 each. The audition will be at Soundbox Studios on June 14 from 5-9pm.

There is a registration fee of $25. Please register online prior to the audition to save time the day of the audition.

Any questions or concerns email the director/choreographer at or contact her on Twitter.

[Lady Assault Dancers on Twitter]

[Lady Assault Dancers on Instagram]

Also follow the team on twitter @ladyassault and on instagram @ladyassaultdancers for more information and updates!

USA Cheerleaders Philadelphia/South Jersey Auditions Rescheduled for July 13th

[USA Cheerleaders on Facebook]

Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders 2014 Auditions

Last Saturday was the opening and semi-final rounds of the current year auditions to become “your” Miami Dolphin Cheerleader. Always a fun day in Dolphinland as hundreds of potential candidates invade Sun Life Stadium following their dream. Every year the MDC loses some very impressive talent to retirement etc, but I have to admit that the new candidates knocking on the doors are stunning. I did hear the word “wow” a few times during introductions.

The skillful candidates who made it through to Finals number 56, they will complete with 25 returning veterans for the approximate 44 member cheer squad. Sharpen your dancing shoes young ladies as the pyramid starts to narrow.

Finals are this Saturday, May 10 and are open to the public. If you’re in South Florida come out and see the showcase that these talented and beautiful young ladies present. Fan voting is available online: (voting link).

Lily demonstrating choreography for tryout candidates

Candidate Miwa

Candidate Kelsey

Candidate Amy

Candidate Kasey (last cheered on MDC in 2012)

Fan favorite alum Amy Madill now doing the judging

Candidate awaiting start of registration

MDC Showtime demonstration

[Dolphins Cheerleaders Audition Gallery]


Second Chance to Audition for the Philadelphia Fight Vixens Dance Team

[Vixens on Facebook]

Photo of the Day – May 6

From Last Night – Rachael and Morgan backstage at Eagles Cheerleaders Finals

Congratulations 2014 Sea Gals

Final auditions for the 2014 Seattle Seahawks dance team took place last night, with a live web cast so fans, and friends and family of contestants could follow along. I’m always impressed by the way they are able to keep the live webcast moving, with live commentary and video clips to keep you interested between dances. It’s also a way to get to know the candidates and the Sea Gals in a way that makes you see that these are real people, not just pretty girls in photos. I wish more teams would follow the Sea Gals example!

This year’s squad of 32 includes 21 veterans and 11 rookies. has tons of video and photos and the webcast from this year’s auditions, and they already have individual pages and galleries for this year’s team. Now that’s FAST!

A few interesting factoids:
Veterans Allie, Bianca, and Brittany are all returning to the team after a year off

Two rookies come to the Sea Gals with experience from other pro teams. Jalanda was a Tennessee Titans Cheerleader and Leisel was a Portland Trailblazers BlazerDancer.

Three other rookies have a Sea Gals family connection.

Gretchen’s sister Geraldine was a Sea Gal from 2011 thru 2014. Kylie and Taylor are both daughters of Sea Gals alumni. Kylie’s mom Dawn Gray and Taylor’s mom Heather Melvard were teammates in the 1980s.

Sidebar: One of the most important things I learned from the Sea Gal auditions is they have a Director of Cheerleader Social Media. OH. MYLANTA. This is a thing now? This is somebody’s actual job??? Here I am, slaving away at a boring cubicle job by day, and blogging by night. Meanwhile, I could be somebody’s manager of cheerleader social media. Getting paid to do my hobby?

Ahem, ladies and gentlemen, I am officially announcing my availability. Anyone needs a social media person for their team, call me. I’ll freelance. I’ll relocate. Whatever. I need to get in on this, ASAP. Call me!
(Good grief, that sounds desperate)

Welcome, Gentlemen! Dallas Cowboys Dance Team Goes Co-Ed

Watch the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders Finals Tonight

For those who don’t have a ticket to the Finals, you can logon to tonight at 7:30pm (ET) and watch the show.

San Diego Sockers Girls Auditions Are May 18

[Soccer Girls on Facebook]

Georgia College student wins spot on Falcons cheerleading team

By Phillip Ramati
May 2, 2014

Alexa Gregory has danced nearly her entire life. However, it’s a safe bet that she’s never danced on as big of a stage as she will this fall.

As a new member of the Atlanta Falcons cheerleaders, Gregory, 21, a graduate of Mount de Sales Academy, will be dancing in front of nearly 75,000 fans at the Georgia Dome — and millions more on television — when she takes to the sidelines this fall.

“I’ve never performed in front of that many people,” Gregory said Friday with a laugh. “But it’s something exciting to look forward to.”

Gregory nearly made the cheerleading squad last season, but she fell just short. But over the past week, Gregory was one of the 36 dancers who stood out among nearly 200 women who auditioned.

Gregory said the audition was a grueling process in which the dancers had to learn routines, survive the early cuts, then be interviewed before the final round of dancing.

Chato Hendrix, the cheerleading team’s coordinator, said Gregory managed to stand out among so many.

“She had a great performance,” Hendrix said. “She did exceptionally well in the interview, which is 50 percent (of the criteria). She had great showmanship. We really thought she would be an asset to our team.”

Gregory, a senior at Georgia College in Milledgeville, is majoring in biology. She said she hopes to become a physician’s assistant. Gregory said the Falcons require cheerleaders to be either employed in a full-time job or be a full-time student.

“They’re always looking out for your best interests,” Gregory said. “They want women who have something in their lives besides the Atlanta Falcons.”

She said she’s not worried about time conflicts between her studies and the team because the Falcons know all the dancers have full-time jobs or are in school, so they plan their schedule accordingly.

While Gregory has never before been a cheerleader, she said she’s danced competitively throughout middle and high school. She said she had a feel for what she needed to do during the tryouts.

“I’ve always had a passion for dancing,” she said.

The Falcons cheerleaders work on one-year contracts, Hendrix said. Veteran dancers must try out along with everyone else for positions on the cheerleading roster.

That means Gregory had to go against many veteran Falcons cheerleaders during her audition. But Hendrix said the team uses a blind judging process that puts everyone on equal footing.

“We try to give everyone a fair shot,” she said. “The judges aren’t familiar with who was on the team last year and who wasn’t.”

Gregory said she wants to put the money she earns into a savings account and use it to help pay for her post-graduate studies.

After learning routines and getting to know their fellow cheerleaders in May and June, Gregory and the squad will make their first appearance in August at the Falcons’ Friday Night Lights exhibition. The NFL’s preseason starts soon after that.

“I’m just grateful for everyone who has encouraged me, especially my parents,” she said.

“They told me that anything you set your mind to, you can achieve.”

Scenes from 2014 Bucs Cheerleader auditions

Click here to check out the gallery on the Bucs website!