Titans Cheerleader Auditions are underway!

The Tennessee Titans kicked off their 2013 cheerleader audition process over the weekend. Their website has lots of coverage, so go check it out! Photos | Video

Philadelphia Fight Vixens Dance Team Auditions

Auditions for the 2013 Philadelphia Fight Vixens Dance Team took place April 7th in the Dances by Diane Studios in Westville, NJ.

Dance Team Director and Choreographer Heather Grasso




Look for the new squad when the Fight open up their home schedule on June 8th!

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Broncos Cheerleader Finals Tomorrow Night!

Which of these 59 finalists will be chosen for the team? Find out tomorrow.

Spirit of St. Louis: The 2013 St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders Auditions

The spirit of St. Louis is alive and well and last Tuesday night it was at The Pageant theatre, where the St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders were holding their final auditions.

Though they might not get as much attention as some of their more famous cheerleading sisters, the St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders are one of the most beautiful and glamorous squads in the NFL.  The girls are absolutely beautiful.  They wear Angela King designed uniforms, which in the opinion of this reporter, are both sexy and classy.  And they put on one fabulous final auditions show.

This past Tuesday, I was fortunate to be present for the 2013 St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders final auditions, a pageant style affair.  It was an exciting evening of entertainment, consisting of an interview segment, a swimsuit portion, and a final dance audition.  Just the thing for the most ardent cheerleader fan.

People started lining up a little after 3:30 pm to ensure that when the doors opened an hour and half later, they would have a prime seat for the start of the festivities.  I was lucky.  I had a media credential that allowed me all access to the event, so no waiting for me!

Well, that’s not quite true.  I misunderstood the show time and arrived inauspiciously early, but that wasn’t all bad as I was able to photograph the pre-event preparations.  The girls began arriving a little after 3:00 pm to get their hair and make up done.  With 49 finalists, this would be a huge logistical undertaking.  Around 4:00 pm, the retiring veterans and 2013 Captains arrived to rehearse their dance performance which would kick off the night’s events.

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More from Broncos Cheerleader Auditions

The Broncos have photos from this year’s open call audition. Check out the photos and the video coverage.
Gallery 1| Gallery 2 | Video

Denver Broncos Cheerleader Auditions 2013

WestWord Denver: “Just a few short months ago, the Denver Broncos’ best season in years ended in disappointment. But hope springs eternal, and so do those wishing to become members of the Broncos cheerleading squad that will whip crowds into a frenzy at what we all anticipate will be even more victories to come. Our Brandon Marshall (no, not that Brandon Marshall) was on hand at the weekend event.”

[photo gallery]

A beaming George H.W. Bush poses for a photo with Texas cheerleading squad (and wears patriotic socks for the occasion)

By Margot Peppers
The Daily Mail (UK)
April 18, 2013

Former President George H. W. Bush donned American flag socks to a ceremony Wednesday, where he gleefully posed for a photo with the newly-announced Houston Texans cheerleaders.

The 88-year-old – who paired his flashy socks with a blue shirt and beige suit – was on hand to give a presidential congratulations to the 34 women who were selected for the competitive squad.

And he couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear as he presented roses to each of the cheerleaders, some of whom had visited him while he was unwell in the hospital earlier this year.

All smiles: Former President George H. W. Bush grinned from ear to ear as he met with the Houston Texans cheerleaders at their training facility on Wednesday
George H. W. Bush

Stars and stripes: Ever the patriot, he paired his summery beige suit with American flag socks that stood out during the photo op

The 41st president had been in poor health recently after a lingering cough associated with bronchitis landed him in a Houston hospital in November.

The cough soon improved, but he remained hospitalized for other health reasons and was moved to an intensive care unit in late December.

He also suffers from a form of Parkinson’s disease which has forced him to use a motorized scooter or wheelchair to get around.

Following a rumor that he was on his death bed, Mr Bush’s aide Jean Becker announced to the press: ‘Please put the harps back in the closet. He has every intention of staying put.’

Arm-in-arm: The 88-year-old presented each of the 34 girls with a rose to congratulate them on being selected to the highly competitive squad

Mr Bush reportedly cheered on the Houston Texans football team while in the hospital, and was even visited by the a few of the team’s cheerleaders.

The former President was released from hospital earlier this year, and appears to be in good health.

Indeed, he seems to have had all kinds of fun since his release from hospital.

In March, when he went on one of his regular visits to Texas A&M University, a group of students greeted him with a surprise dancing flash mob.

Biggest fan: Mr Bush reportedly cheered on the Houston Texans football team while in the hospital earlier this year, and was even visited by the a few of the team’s cheerleaders

The dance crew had re-recorded the lyrics to Boot Scootin’ Boogie, a Brooks and Dunn song, to be tailored to the former President and the school named after him.

At least two dozen people participated in the choreographed stunt as the former President looked on, captivated.

Mr Bush ‘loved it,’ one of the students told CBS News at the time.’He loved the lyrics. He wanted an encore.’

Read more: 2013 Texans Cheerleaders Announcement

Congratulations 2013 Raiderettes

Detroit Pride 2013 Auditions

Metromix Detroit has a collection of photos from this year’s auditions for the Detroit Pride cheerleaders, now going into their fourth season. Good for them! Too bad the Lions organization is being a bunch of buttheads about it. From what I hear, they won’t even show the cheerleaders on the jumbotron during a game. Any other group of 20+, attractive young ladies would probably be on the screen every time out. Nevermind ladies. Your day will come!

[click here to check out the photos from auditions]

Veteran Sierra

Miami Dolphins Cheerleader Auditions

Have you noticed yet that the UltimateCheerleaders staff loves to post MDC photo articles? We love our Dolphins. Here’s my contribution from my visit to South Florida.

Last Saturday’s activity icluded preliminary round tryouts in the AM and then surviving candidates were invited back in the PM for the semi-finals. The cut down resulted in a group of 67 contestants being picked to join in to compete with the returning 25 veterans. All approximate 40 spots are open competition via mano a mano over the next two weeks of interviews and clinics. Finals, open to the public, are Saturday April 27 at Sun Life Stadium Fan Fest.

Besides the obvious requirements of glamorous appearance, well proportioned, physically fit, energetic personality and dance technique, the time commitment to be a NFL Cheerleader is also extremely demanding. The pyramid of success gets very tight as the audition process moves forward and to make an elite squad such as the MDC the successful candidates must offer a strong “A Game and Bring It” under the bright lights pressure.

I have heard the NFL Cheerleader audition process be described as 50% dance, 50% cheer, and 50% beauty pageant. That’s right—–to make a prestigious squad like the MDC you have to reach above 100%. Good luck to all the candidates I met on Saturday. Fans can vote for their favorites on the Dolphins website. Enjoy the photos.

Current squad members (Lauren, Brianne and Lily) performed for the 1st year candidates.

Support staff beauties.

Stretching is a prerequisite

Smile smile smile.

Out on an island before the judges table.

The buddy system for support.

Eager to perform.

Candidate Julianne previously cheered for the Buccaneers.

[MDC Audition Gallery]


USA Cheerleaders Auditions

The USA Cheerleaders are a professional team dedicated to serving our country and honoring those who fight for it. We have performed at amazing events including the NYC Veterans Day Parade, the New Years Eve celebrations in Times Square, BGC Charity Day, and the Wounded Warrior Project Christmas party. We have had the honor of meeting former presidents, movie stars and singers. Most importantly, we bring joy to veterans and wounded warriors and their families.

The USA Cheerleaders are divided into two teams in NY and MD. This audition day is for our Maryland team, which services the PA, DC, MD and VA areas. A separate try-out for the NY team will be announced at a later date.

Auditions are May 19th and will be located at VIP Athletics in Joppa, MD. Check in is at 12 PM. Candidates are asked to pre-register by emailing Kencheer2000@aol.com.

[USA Cheerleaders]

Vote for your favorite MVC finalists

You’ve got a little over a week to take a gander at this year’s MVC finalists and vote for the ones you’d like to see on the team. You can choose up to 20 finalists, so this could take a while. Click here to get started!

Jackie, Melissa, Kate, and Bliar work the fringe

MVC judge’s scoop

The lovely Miss Polly sent us a few photos from prelims for the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders. Polly judges open calls every year, and always hooks us up with a few photos. Polly is a former MVC coach, and the MVC are a “one big family” kind of organization, so auditions are something of a reunion every year. ;-)

Polly (left) with long time friend, MVC Head Coach/Coordinator, Tammy Krause.

Veterans/Judges/staff/you name it. I doubt the guy isn’t a vet, but I make no assumptions. It’s 2013 and anything is possible!

Polly’s fancy judgin’ folder. Don’t you wish you could see those score sheets?

I love that the very first bullet is potential. I think sometimes girls who don’t have ton’s of training are discouraged by that fact. Personally, I’ve seen plenty of dancers who don’t have years of studio training, but they have IT. And the funny thing is, usually, they don’t even know it.

More veteran bonding

MVC candidates are extraordinarily lucky to have The Line Up right in their back yard. I’m not entirely sure how it works, but they must keep track of orders for MVC auditions, and make sure there are no duplicates. All that purple and gold and (and white. and black) and no two outfits alike.

2013-14 Gold Rush

Congratulations to the 32 young ladies selected for the San Francisco 49ers cheerleaders! Click here to see their headshots, and click here to watch the intro video.

Raiderette Finals

Final auditions for the 2013-14 edition of the Oakland Raiderettes took place yesterday. Click here for photos from finals.