Over 1000 Turn Out For Houston Texans Cheerleader Auditions


More than 1000 Cheerleader hopefuls fill the Methodist Training Center.

By 11:15pm on Saturday night, the numbers had been whittled down to 300.

By Sunday Night there were only 50 left.

Final tryouts will be April 17th.

And the winners announced at the Texans Draft Day Party.

This year’s squad will consist of 32 Cheerleaders on the field, and 8 appearance-only cheerleaders who won’t dance on the field.

[Texans Cheerleaders Auditions Gallery]

Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader Auditions Underway

2013-14 MVC Starts To Take Shape

Vikings.com: The first step toward comprising the 2013-14 Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders took place on April 7 as Open Auditions were held at the Winter Park Field House.

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Purple, gold, and white from wall to wall. I must say, this is certainly the best dressed group of auditionees I've ever seen.

2013 Gold Rush Tryouts: Opening Round

Check out photos from the opening round of 2013 Gold Rush tryouts here.

Vote for your favorite 2013 Texans Cheerleader Finalists

HoustonTexans.com: There are 51 finalists who are vying to represent the Houston Texans Cheerleaders during the 2013 season. Help us decide who will make the final squad!

View the finalists [here], and vote for your favorite cheerleaders by texting the designated keyword to 88222. (*Message and data rates may apply.)

Meet your 2013 HTC hopefuls! Video 1 l Video 2

Voting is open from April 8, 2013 – April 16, 2013 at 5 p.m. CT.

Moving on to Raiderette Finals

Rebecca Corman

Yesterday, the 2013 Raiderette Preliminary Auditions, a significant step in becoming a member of Football’s Fabulous Females, were held.


Yesterday, the 2013 Raiderette Preliminary Auditions, a significant step in becoming a member of Football’s Fabulous Females, were held. Hundreds of women from around the Bay Area, across the country, and even a few from Japan, gathered to try to prove to the panel of judges that they deserved the opportunity to earn a spot in the next step in the Raiderette process.

“There is no experience like Raiderette Auditions,” said Raiderette Director Jeanette Thompson. “Whether or not the candidates make the squad, they have participated in a unique Raiders tradition.”

Over the last couple of months, boot camp classes were held at Core Dynamics Fitness in San Leandro, giving Raiderette hopefuls a chance to get in shape for auditions. Several preliminary audition participants took advantage of the classes, not only to get in shape, but also learn the stamina it takes to cheer on the field on game day.

A prep class was also held March 23 with over 100 Raiderette hopefuls in attendance. The class was a fun opportunity to learn dance techniques, as well as Raiderette choreography. Current Raiderettes helped the choreographers teach the class and answer questions from the attendees.

All of this preparation led to the preliminary auditions. Hopefuls, who had never auditioned before, those who were auditioning again, and former Raiderettes making a comeback, took their turns in front of the judges. “This morning I had to set three alarms because I didn’t want to oversleep. I set one for 4:30, 4:45 and 5:00 which is when I actually got out of bed,” said first-timer Sarah. “I was just rushing around to get ready this morning and do full hair, full makeup. Then I drove from San Jose here. There was actually a lot of traffic and I was stopped on the freeway for about 15 minutes. I was like, ‘do I get out and walk? What do I do? I can’t be late for this.’ It ended up working out. Everything was fine.”

The day was filled with nervous energy, excitement and anticipation of the results. Even those who had been through the process before were anxious. “I’m nervous. It never gets any better,” explained Brooke, who cheered for the Raiderettes in 2009. “You feel more prepared but it doesn’t get any easier.”

Brooke is returning because of her previous experience as a Raiderette. “I’m auditioning again because I love performing and I feel like there’s no better audience than Raider Nation,” said Brooke. “They’re the best fans in football. I tried out for the Raiderettes in 2009 and it was my rookie season. It was just amazing, such a different experience than anything I’ve ever done before. It was incredible and I’d love to try it again.”

Jennifer from New Jersey, whose uncle is a die-hard Raiders fan, auditioned for the first time. Although her family’s fandom was factor in her choice to audition, the biggest reason was Football’s Fabulous Females commitment to the community. “The number one reason I want to be a Raiderette is because of all the charity events they get to do,” said Jennifer. “I really enjoy those the most, outside of performing. It’s my understanding the Raiderettes do a lot of that kind of work.”

After going through the preliminary audition process, finalists’ numbers were called. There was excitement and disappointment in the room. Those whose numbers were called move on to the next step in the process – the final audition prep classes. Each finalist, including returning 2012 Raiderettes, is taught the same routine to perform for the judges. Two classes are held to teach the choreography before Sunday’s finals.

Come Sunday, each finalist will interview and perform that dance routine for the judges. The judges will then determine members of the 2013 Raiderette squad.

Exclusive coverage from the 2013 Raiderette Final Auditions can be found on Raiders.com. Follow along on Raiders.com for live streaming video from inside the audition room, interviews with prospective Raiderettes, and more.

Photos: Cardinals Cheerleaders host tryouts for 2013 squad

by Alice Kleinpeter
April 7, 2013

[Photo Gallery]

PHOENIX — It was a rush of nerves for many of the women auditioning for a spot on the Cardinals Cheer team.
Just ask Amanda Kukkola, who has dreamed of trying out since she was five years old. And to top it off, the 18-year-old has had to work harder than most to get here.

“I had actually gotten open heart surgery over… last year, winter break,” said Kukkola adding, “Once I ended up healing, going through my full recovery from having my open heart surgery…I’m able to be able to prepare myself more physically now.”

The 18-year-old did just that by attending the Cardinals Cheerleaders Audition Bootcamp in February as well as the dance clinics taught by current cheerleaders.

“I’ve done everything that I could possibly do to prepare myself for this audition,” she said. “I’ve gone to the clinics and I’ve done all the tips that the girls have given out and that Heather has given us. So I’ve prepared myself mentally and physically for this and I’m just so excited to be here right now.”

Cardinals Cheerleaders Director Heather Karberg has been with the team for ten seasons and has high expectations for those who want to be a part of the organization.

“I am looking for the perfect girl,” she said. “Somebody who not only can dance but has the communication skills because a lot of what we do is out in the community.”

Karberg is looking for girls who are well-rounded and prepared to take on the responsibility that comes with the title, adding that she wants, “good dancers but also people who are goal-oriented and understand that this is a job as well. It’s not just your typical high school cheerleading team.”

Nearly 250 team hopefuls attended the clinics. About 40 finalists would make it through by the end of Saturday’s audition. And returning cheerleaders had to put in just as much work as the newcomers.

“Their spot isn’t guaranteed,” said Karberg. “I think that the returners know what they have to lose and so I think that they’re almost more nervous than the people who are in there who have really no idea of what the whole program entails.”

There is no set number of finalists or team members, but Karberg expects the team to be, “anywhere from 25 to 32.”

The finalists who would make it through to audition Sunday were announced and Kukkola was excited to hear her number called.

“It’s so so exciting to make it to finals,” she said. “All these thoughts are just going through my mind and I’m just so excited to be here right now.”

Members of the team will be announced later this week.

Charger Girls Kick Off 2013 Auditions

Ricky Henne, Managing Editor

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At the end of the long day, which included two dance routines and seven hours of performances and judging, only 72 remained to move on to round two. Eventually 28 members will be named to this year’s squad.

“The first phase of the process was actually really fun,” said Kahlee, a newcomer who was one of the lucky 72 who survived the day. “All of the girls around me were really engaging and really supportive, so it was really easy to get into the movement. And it was taught over a long period of time so I had plenty of time to practice. I really enjoyed it. It was fun choreography and I got my groove on, so it was great.”

Returning members got a bye early in the morning, not having to perform the initial routine and jumping right into the second dance number.

“This process as a veteran is very different,” said Anjelica, a member of the 2012 team. “From your rookie year you kind of come in with the expectation of seeing all these beautiful women and getting just the idea of how tryouts are run. Then you come in as a veteran and you feel more prepared, so it’s really nice to know you know what’s coming. So it feels better as a veteran because you’re prepared and ready for it.”

The next step in the audition process takes place on Wednesday when the remaining girls will interview for the gig. Then, on Thursday April 11, the final dance routines will take place and the 2013 Charger Girls roster will be announced.

Stay tuned to Chargers.com for videos, photos and much more from the auditions.

Nearly 1,000 hopefuls show up for Texans cheerleaders tryout

by KHOU.com staff
April 7, 2013 at 11:33 AM

HOUSTON – Nearly 1,000 hopefuls came out Saturday to see if they have what it takes to cheer on the Houston Texans.

KHOU 11 News Anchor Lily Jang and Sports Anchor Daniel Gotera were judging the tryout held at the Methodist Training Center across from Reliant Stadium. The field of about 1,000 candidates was cut down to just 35, so the competition was fierce.

“It’s very hard. It takes a lot of energy, a lot of boost. You just really have to get out here and have fun and look like you’re enjoying yourself,” Michelle Mayo, who tried out Saturday, said.

The cheerleading coach said they are looking for “triple threats”- attractive girls that can dance and speak well.

“I’m so excited,” Gwendolyn Shorts, another candidate, said. “If I don’t make it this year, I will be back next year.”

The cheerleaders have to try out for a spot on the squad each year.

Video: 2013 Charger Girl Prelims

Watch the video from UTSanDiego.com, and when you’re done, check out the photos here.

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Eagles Cheerleaders Semi-Finals

Last Wednesday 127 dancers (including 32 current Cheerleaders) graced the stage of the Nova Care Complex at the Eagles Cheerleader Semi-Finals.

For the second year in a row, select Eagles season ticket holders were invited to help judge the semi-finals.

Alicia is looking to return for her 8th season with the squad.

Veteran Marissa has my vote for best audition outfit.

Chastity is finishing up her 1st year on the squad.

Teresa is hoping to come back for season three.

Melissa is a former Philadelphia Soulmate and a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania.

What’s next?

Interviews this week, then another cut down to the 60 finalists, who will compete on April 22nd for a chance to be a 2013-14 Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader.

[Semi-Finals Gallery]

Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader Auditions Underway

Cheerleader Auditions Down to Finalists
Jay Adams
April 7, 2013

The Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders kicked off their 2013 auditions Sunday, and after more than 200 hopefuls tried more, there are just 37 finalists, plus returning veterans, that will compete in final auditions Wednesday

After more than six hours of preliminary auditions Sunday at the Falcons’ training facility in Flowery Branch, Ga., there are just 34 finalists who will compete alongside returning Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders veterans during Wednesday’s finals.

Auditions began Sunday morning with more than 200 ladies from around Atlanta learning a short routine and performing it in front of a panel of judges. A first round of cuts knocked the number down around 100. The ladies then went back and learned more of a routine, which included adding their own twist to a few steps, and performed onced again in front of the judges.

The 37 finalists chosen Sunday will go through an interview process Monday and then compete against returning veterans Wednesday night.

Final auditions will be streamed live on AtlantaFalcons.com beginning at 6:30 p.m. ET.


**2013 Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders preliminary auditions photos
**Meet the 2013 Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders finalists

Scenes from 2013 Redskins Cheerleader Auditions

The photos are trickling in on Redskins.com. Click here to check out the first few pics from this year’s tryouts!

Video: 2013 Cheer Tryouts 1st Round

HoustonTexans.com: The 2013 Houston Texans Cheerleader Tryouts were Saturday night at the Methodist Training Center, and the ladies there all had a plan…AND some butterflies.

[watch the video]

Cheerleader tryouts for Arizona Cardinals


By Adam Longo
Apr 06, 2013


The Arizona Cardinals cheerleaders are hosting open tryouts for the 2013 squad through Sunday at the Arizona Biltmore Resort.

Tryouts are open to women 18 and older.

To assist with tryout preparations, the Cardinals cheerleaders hosted five clinics for applicants to learn the style, expectations and format of the cheerleading program.

Each clinic was taught by current members of the cheerleading team.

More information about Cardinals cheerleaders and the audition process can be found HERE.

The Cardinals cheerleaders perform at all home games and also appear at a variety of community activities as well as trade shows, conventions, grand openings, banquets, company picnics, auctions, fairs, parades and national telethons.

The squad’s “Show Team” has traveled to the Middle East, Greenland, Italy, Egypt and military bases around America to perform for U.S. troops for Armed Forces Entertainment.

2013 Houston Texans Cheerleader Tryouts Begin

April 6, 2013

[Photo Gallery]

The 2013 Houston Texans Cheerleader Tryouts kicked off on Saturday at the Methodist Training Center, the Texans’ indoor practice facility across the street from Reliant Stadium.

More than 1,000 women registered for the tryouts, vying for about 35 spots. The first phase of the tryouts was Saturday from 6-11 p.m. All prospective cheerleaders, including Texans Cheerleader veterans, must try out.

The tryouts will continue on Sunday. The new squad will debut with a performance at the Texans’ draft party at Reliant Stadium on Thursday, April 25.

Texans right guard Brandon Brooks and tight end Phillip Supernaw were among the celebrity judges at the tryouts, which began with a pre-recorded welcome/good luck video from 2012 NFL Defensive Player of the Year J.J. Watt that drew a huge cheer from the excited hopefuls.