2015 LA KISS Girls Audition

Auditions for the 2015 LA KISS Girls kicked off over the weekend in Irvine, CA. It was the first day in a four part audition process that includes an open call, panel interviews, finalist bootcamp, and a final dance audition.

* (Skip all the blah blah blah and check out the photos)

It was obvious from the word go that this ain’t your momma’s dance team. Usually when I walk into a pro dance team audition, it’s all candy-colored track suits, Swarovski crystals, and long flowing hair extensions. Not here. Here the ladies were dressed in black, with metal studs, edgy hair, and lots of ink. We ain’t in Kansas anymore.

Outside in the corrider, six members of last year’s team, Vanessa, Alexis, Xandi, Julianne, Sheldon, and Niaps were on hand to greet people at the door and direct them into the audition. These six (and perhaps a few others from last year’s squad) will join the audition process at finals, in hopes of keeping their spots on the team.

Before the audition started, I had a chance to say hello to the new KISS Girls Director/Choreographer Lindsay Rodolico.

First impression: enormous blue eyes, big bright smile, and tons of positive energy. Warm and friendly, but make no mistake, this one takes care of bizness.

While all of the dancers were filling out their applications, I eyeballed the group to see if I recognized anyone from last year’s audition.

2015 Kiss Girls Audition_0014

I saw at least four or five that I recognized.

But THIS was someone I’d never seen before. Six feet tall. Flaming red hair. “Big Red” is her handle, and you couldn’t possibly miss her. I bet that hair glows in the dark.

I am in awe of that hair. That takes guts. I could never pull that off, but she totally owns it. (She did admit, however, that the maintenance is a nightmare.)

I also noticed this lady. Isabella, the only one who auditioned in a KISS shirt. Smart! In retrospect, I’m shocked that nobody else thought of this. Especially since they had no idea whether the members of KISS would be present.

There was also a dancer from last year who I did not recognize at all. And can you blame me? Last year Ellie wore pink. This year, she didn’t even look like a distant relative of the girl I remember.

If not for the Aussie accent (she’s from Perth), I never would’ve realized it. When I asked her about it, she said her overall look last year was “orange.” Hence, the makeover. LOL.

When it was time for the audition to begin, Lindsay gathered everyone together to explain how the audition would work. The dancers would be taught a combination, which would then be performed for a panel of judges in groups of three. At the end of the day, finalists would be announced, and those chosen would move on to the next phase in the process. Simple enough, right?

She also introduced last year’s KISS Girls and said that they were an example of what the organization is looking for. She also explained that the members of last year’s team only had an advantage until the end of the day. Once the open call was over, the dancers had to turn in their costumes, and from that point on, they were the same as every other finalist.

And then it was time to get started. The dancers spread out on the floor and Lindsay began teaching the first eight-counts.

2015 Kiss Girls Audition_Lindsay_0101

2015 Kiss Girls Audition_vets_0290
Sheldon and Niaps

2015 Kiss Girls Audition_Xandi_0144

2015 Kiss Girls Audition_0061

It was a little nerve-wracking for the dancers, as tons of gym-goers were loitering around, openly staring through the windows.

Lindsay has a very fun, relaxed teaching style, and the dance was just right for the occasion. Challenging but not too hard. Fun, and full of attitude, although Lindsay did have to warn them not to go too far over the top with the sexy. Some (relatively few) women can successfully pull off the sexy/sultry thing when they dance. Everyone else should just stick to a pretty smile because – it has to be said – what they think is a sexy face, looks more like stankface.

2015 Kiss Girls Audition_0071

2015 Kiss Girls Audition_0214

2015 Kiss Girls Audition_Alexis_0244

2015 Kiss Girls Audition_0159

The music was “The Beautiful People” which samples Marilyn Manson, with a hard, driving beat that is enough to get anyone’s blood pumping. The combination had break for a tiny solo in the middle, before repeating the from the beginning. The dancers would essentially have a chance to do the combination twice. Lindsay explained that this was by design. She and the judges want to see the ladies dance as much as possible, to get a good read on their abilities.

(Apologies for the quality. $100 Flip cam + gym lighting = you get what you get.)

I particularly enjoyed the hair whipping about 35 seconds in. I find myself doing this move at random moments throughout the day. Very awkward when I’m at the office, where we generally don’t see much stomping and head banging.

After about an hour of learning the choreography, it was time for the audition to begin. Lindsay left the music on repeat for the dancers while she gathered the judges around to talk about what they were looking for and how to score the dancers.

2015 Kiss Girls Audition_0293

The judges were an eclectic group, each one more accomplished than the next. The panel included a professional dancer/choreographer with a resume as long as my arm (Diddy, Rihanna, BEP, Katy Perry, Pussycat Dolls, Romeo, Snoop, and on and on), radio hosts from Playboy Radio (they broadcast from the concourse at home games), the General Manager of the fitness club hosting the auditions, and representatives from the LA KISS organization, including a wide receiver, the social media director, and the team president.

2015 Kiss Girls Audition_judges_1395

Personally, the judge I was most excited about was Bonnie-Jill Laflin (in orange above). Bonnie-Jill is a reporter for Fox Sports. Before that, she was a scout for the Lakers. Before that she was a cheerleader for the San Francisco 49ers and the Dallas Cowboys. She’s also a huge advocate for animal welfare and for our armed services. I’ve seen her everywhere for years, and had no idea she was a close friend of Lindsay’s. So it was a chance to say hello to someone I’ve admired for ages.

Once the judges were assembled, last year’s KISS Girls took the floor to dance together for the last time as members of the 2014 team. #bittersweet.

No pressure, right?

The ladies auditioned in groups of three. Some groups were asked to do the combination a second time. My theory on this is in some cases, it was because they’d completely screwed up and Lindsay was giving them another chance. But in other cases, there was one dancer who did such a great job, the group needed to go again so the judges could pay attention to the other two ladies in the group.

2015 Kiss Girls Audition_Abby_0462

2015 Kiss Girls Audition_Alisha_0382

2015 Kiss Girls Audition_Christina_0317

2015 Kiss Girls Audition_Ellie_0663

About half of the groups had performed when team President Schuyler Hoversten did something I’ve never seen before at an audition. He pointed at one dancer and said the group had to do the combination again because she’d completely screwed up the whole thing. OUCH! I am sure she was mortified. After the group did the combination, Schuyler called a halt to the proceedings to remind everyone what they were here for. The KISS Girls are the best. They aren’t like any other dance team. They go hard. They have attitude. Their dances are challenging. And they know the frikkin choreography!

Ok, he didn’t say that last bit, but that’s what he meant, and we all knew it.

On the one hand, I couldn’t blame the guy. It’s extremely frustrating to watch one lukewarm performance after another. It’s boring, and as a judge you feel like their time is being wasted. You’re trying to do something great here, and it’s annoying when the dancers don’t deliver. On the other hand, a lot of girls audition for a pro dance team just for the experience of doing it. They aren’t professionals, they aren’t used to learning choreography so quickly, and the whole experience is stressful. Stressful and very very scary. But after Schuyler read the whole room, they knew they needed to get it together. Immediately, if not sooner. Because the reality is this: LA KISS would rather have NO dancers than mediocre ones.

Well ok then.

Lindsay had the six KISS Girls come out and do the dance again. Think of it as sort of a palate-cleanser. A way to hit everyone’s mental “reset” button on this process.

2015 Kiss Girls Audition_vets_1333

And we’re back…And many of the dancers visibly upped their game.

2015 Kiss Girls Audition_Jessica_0533

2015 Kiss Girls Audition_Michelle_0355

2015 Kiss Girls Audition_Suzie_0366

2015 Kiss Girls Audition_Jacquelyn_0543

2015 Kiss Girls Audition_Melanie_0784

2015 Kiss Girls Audition_Sally_0782

After the dancing was done, the judges went off to deliberate. When they returned, Lindsay announced the 27 finalists.

2015 Kiss Girls Audition_1411

She congratulated everyone and explained the next steps in the process.The purpose of the interview is to get to know each dancer. The purpose of bootcamp is to learn the rest of the choreography, see how these ladies work, and see if they can look fabulous while doing it. The purpose of finals is to blow. the judges. away.

2015 Kiss Girls Audition_finalists_1401

Then she served up some audition realness.

2015 Kiss Girls Audition_1386

Dancers were expected to show up looking and acting the part at every stage of this process. From now on, they are representing the team, and need to comport themselves accordingly. They would be provided with tips and tools for how to do this, but it’s up to them to take advantage of that. She also mentioned that dancers could be cut at any point between now and finals. Dancers would be excused for having shady crap on facebook and instagram. And – this was interesting – Lindsay would likely be doing an additional invitation-only open call, so there might be some new faces at finals. (So don’t be giving the new girls the side-eye, all “Who is SHE???”, okay?)

The competition is just beginning.

So by now the dancers have been through interviews, and bootcamp is next on the agenda. What new faces will be in the mix? Will any of the other veterans audition? Who will ultimately be chosen for the squad? Patience, my friends. All will soon be revealed…

In the meantime, click here for more photos from the open call.

Charlotte KnightinGals Auditions are Next Month


2015 Audition Schedule:

February 8 – Preliminary and Semi Final Rounds
Registration Begins at 10AM
First Round Begins at 11AM
Location TBA

February 9 – Mandatory Finalist Practice
All Black Attire
Anne-Marie’s Academy of Dance , Charlotte

February 12 – Mandatory Finalist Fitness Camp
All Black Attire
Anne-Marie’s Academy of Dance, Charlotte

February 13 – Mandatory Finalist Practice
All Black Attire
Anne-Marie’s Academy of Dance, Charlotte

February 15 – Finals
Registration Begins at 10AM
Black and Gold Attire
First Round Begins at 11AM
BB&T Ballpark, Charlotte

Pre-Audition Dance Clinics:

January 16, 8:00PM (Hip Hop)
January 23, 8:00PM (Technique)
January 30, 8:00PM (Beauty/Pageant/Interview Prep)
February 5, 8:30PM (Jazz/Pom)

For More Information, please contact Jennifer, Director of Cheerleading: charlotteknightingals@gmail.com

[KnightinGals Audition Information]

[KnightinGals on Facebook]

[KnightinGals on Twitter]

[KnightinGals on YouTibe]

Inglewood LadyHawks Pre-Audition Workshop & Auditions

LadyHawks Audition Flyer2

LadyHawks pre-Audition info

LadyHawks Audition Info

[Lady Hawks Dance Team]

L.A. KISS Girl Auditions Next Weekend!

Bring Your Talent, Your Heart, and Your Swagger on Saturday, January 17th

Auditions for the 2015 LA KISS Girls are just around the corner! (Details below.) The team has a new Director, Lindsay Rodolico, and we’re all looking forward to the energy, experience, and creativity she brings to this role.

When it comes to the AFL, this definitely isn’t Lindsay’s first rodeo. She’s a pro, having danced for the Philadelphia Soul’s Soulmates from 2005 to 2007. In her final year on the team, she served as a captain of the squad, and represented her teammates at Arena Bowl XXI in New Orleans.

Lindsay Rodolico

After retiring from the Soulmates, Lindsay relocated to Los Angeles, but remained involved with the Soul, as director of their junior dance team. Meanwhile, she also continued to pursue her passion for dance, choreography, and working with children. Lindsay joined the LA KISS organization last year, taking on the positions of Stage Manager and Junior Dance Team Director. And this year, her role has expanded to include an additional title: Director and Choreographer of the LA KISS Girls. Lindsay took a few minutes to speak with us about the KISS Girls audition and her plans for the upcoming season.

Ultimate Cheerleaders: Congratulations on taking on this new role! It’s great to see a former AFL dancer taking on direction of an AFL dance team. Were you always interested in directing a professional dance team of your own?
Lindsay Rodolico: Directing my own professional dance team has always been a career goal for me. I am so driven by all of the fine details it takes to create a successful team and I am excited to have the opportunity to pull from such a talented pool of dancers in LA to create something amazing and unique for next season. Representing such a legendary brand, Kiss, is also a dream come true and a humbling honor.

UC: How does directing the “big girls” team differ from working with the junior team?
LR: I hold a high standard for both the junior and pro squads and the products both need to exude professionalism and quality entertainment. I would say the main difference is the expectation I hold for the “big girls” to find a balance of maintaining their sexy, talented demeanor while also serving as role models for the juniors. My goal for the juniors is to encourage and mold them and, with the pro squad, I focus a little more on how to model their role with confidence and maturity. Big picture, the leadership is similar with an age-appropriate approach and respect to crowd appeal!

UC: You’re still working with Jr. Soulmates. That must involve a lot of travel! Is it difficult to juggle gigs on both coasts during the season?
LR: I have decided to focus my heart and attention on the west coast this season and am no longer working with the Jr. Soulmates. I have so many special memories and bonds with the Philadelphia Soul and hope to collaborate at some point with their dance team choreographer and one of my best friends, Michelle Spaventa, and maybe even throw in a little game day surprise!

UC: Last year, in addition to directing the LA KISS Junior Dancers, you were also the on field stage manager for the home games. I’m sure those two jobs kept you insanely busy on game day. What made you decide to take on even more this season?
LR: Insanely busy is pretty accurate but I am one of those people who thrive off of a productive dose of insanity! I am extremely passionate about dance, sports, and rock n’ roll and this was an offer that I absolutely could not pass up to combine all of those fields. Everyone has the same amount of hours in the day and I might as well fill mine doing things that I love and pursuing opportunities that will enhance my life.

UC: It’s always fun to see a new director put her stamp on a dance team. Last year, Paul Stanley said he wanted the KISS Girls to be powerful, edgy, and sexy with tons of attitude. Can we expect this year’s team to have a similar vibe and direction?
LR: Paul’s vision is spot on and I have so much respect for the image, brand, and career he has created and endured, along with Gene Simmons and the other admirable members of KISS. I plan to continue to collaborate with our ownership in envisioning and creatively constructing a team that best represents our iconic brand.

UC: How would you describe your style as a choreographer and the type of dance/performance we will see on the field this season?
LR: Crowd-pleasing, diverse, entertaining, creative, and fun! I find inspiration in so many different places and it is tough to pinpoint one certain style to describe me. I like to remain open to whatever my creative soul wants to entertain and explore. I believe that leadership is the key to a happy and motivated team and I plan to use my skills and previous experience to showcase the talent on our team.

UC: I know you have lots of exciting plans in mind for the KISS Girls. I’m sure you want to save some surprises for the season, but can you give us any hints about the changes to come?
LR: Bigger, bolder and better in 2015! The element of surprise is what keeps our crowd engaged…Get ready LA KISS fans!

UC: Auditions are only a week away. What kind of dancers are you looking for? Who is your ideal LA KISS girl?
LR: We are looking for sexy, edgy and highly talented dancers looking to be part of a premier dance team representing one of the most iconic rock bands of all time. “Ideal” is boring to me and I want dancers to show up, with an abundance of confidence and talent, and show me why they should be in one of our uniforms. This is not a cookie-cutter squad and I want unique individuals who are willing to embrace their inner rock star and commit to the responsibilities and benefits of being a part of a professional dance team.

UC: The inaugural LA KISS Girls were 13 strong. Are you looking for the same number of ladies this year?
LR: I am looking to build a squad of qualified dancers, not just fill spaces, and do not have a magic number in my head at this point. I do not want to sacrifice quality for quantity but would be open to increasing the number of girls to around 20 if the talent is present at auditions.

UC: Is registration only on the day of auditions, or will dancers be able to register in advance?
LR: Dancers can pre-register at www.lakissfootball.com for email updates or just show up at the open call on January 17th.

UC: Being an LA KISS Girl is a fun job, but it’s also a commitment. Can you tell me a little about what the job entails?
LR: Responsibilities include rehearsals (minimum 2x/week), performances at all LA KISS home games (10 weekends), participation in team appearances, and being a brand ambassador for the LA KISS and KISS brands in the community and in social media.

UC: Thank you so much for your time Lindsay!

Aspiring Kiss Girls, please make a note of the important information below. See you on the 17th!

Audition Details

Alexis represented the LA KISS Girls at the Arena Bowl last summer.

Alexis represented the LA KISS Girls at the Arena Bowl last summer.

* January 17: open call, @ Equinox in Irvine, 1980 Main St Irvine, CA 92614 (Registration at 10, audition starts at 10:30)
* Dates for interviews and finals will be posted soon!

* Must be 18 years of age
* Advanced dance experience recommended
* Bring photo and resume (Head-shot AND full body shot preferred)
* Must dress in shorts/briefs and crop top with flesh colored tights (only); Midriff must be showing! Rock/edgy attire is encouraged
* Wear dance/athletic shoes or boots and also bring a pair of heels

* Dancers will learn a routine and 1-2 cuts will be made at open call.
* Dancers will be presented in front of a group of 8-10 diverse and qualified judges in the sports, music, and dance fields.
* Dancers will perform for the judges in groups of 3 to 6.
* Finalists will be announced at the end of day and then will be invited to proceed to the next round!

If you’re curious about what game day is like for the team, click here for a backstage view, with photos and video!

Inglewood Lady Hawks Dance Auditions Set for March

LadyHawks Audition Flyer1

LadyHawks Audition Info

[Lady Hawks Dance Team]

Las Vegas Outlaws, Cheerleader Tryouts

Brendan Magone
Las Vegas Top Picks
January 5, 2015


The Las Vegas Outlaws held cheerleader tryouts today. Vince Neil, rock legend and lead singer of Mötley Crüe, owns the AFL (Arena Football League) team. Pictures and story below. You can also watch videos of the tryouts & hot routines by visiting our LVTP YouTube Channel.

Posse Audition

Auditions started this morning inside Rock Dance Studio. Vince Neil, Rain Hannah, Allison Kyler, and Courtney Gifford welcomed dancers with an easygoing, sweet manner that immediately set a fun and positive tone.

I met Vince Neil for the first time. Fantastic guy. Hard to believe such a massive rock legend could also be kind, casual, and accessible, but he is! Vince spoke with great passion for The Las Vegas Outlaws. He wants to build a stellar experience for fans of all ages and especially families. People can enjoy the high-energy and intimate setting of Arena Football, where fans are much closer and get more game interaction than the NFL. Vince also plans to amplify some fun rivalries, like the Vegas Outlaws vs. Kiss LA (Gene Simmons team), with winners holding a trophy for the year akin to the Stanley Cup.

Even more, Vince wants you to see some of the best dancers in Las Vegas! Considering that one of Mötley Crüe’s epic rock ballads is Girls, Girls, Girls we can be assured the dancers will be sexy. But Vince also wants the skill-level, routines, and costumes to be of high-caliber. With all this to look forward to, how can you miss any of the nine games this season?!

Allison Kyler, Director of AFL Outlaw Posse, echoed Vince’s vision of the dancers — sexy & classy. (And this aligns with the new vision of Vegas: a classier city that keeps its sex appeal.)

For the tryouts today, Allison led the girls in various choreography while instilling in them another key theme: support the team.

Of course today was just warm-ups and tryouts, but routines still looked very cool and very hot. The few guys present in the room were pretty quiet. Again, videos of today are here.

Allison said the AFL Outlaw Posse would have twelve women, and along with the usual dance routines and cheering, the posse ladies need to greet fans, sign calendars, and help maintain a high-energy all around. They should also maintain a positive image off the field, aligning with the Vince Neil brand.


I’m sure Allison’s four years of experience as a lead dancer with Mötley Crüe will keep the girls fired up, hot and rocking!

Alas, I may have missed the sexiest part of the morning. When I stepped out, Chuck Ojeda of Lotus Broadcasting put on a number and tried out for the team. I did catch the last 30 seconds of his performance, however, as well as everyone in the room laughing. When they post that video, I will add it to the Las Vegas Top Picks YouTube Channel.

Till then, you’ll have to settle for the videos I’ve already posted, as well as the pics of the lovely posse hopefuls. And we can look forward to the first game in March – Go Vegas Outlaws!!

New Team Owner Vince Neil Promises Arena Football’s ‘Hottest, Sexiest’ Cheerleaders

by Nick DeRiso
Ultimate Classic Rock
January 3, 2015

It’s unclear what kind of football team Vince Neil will field when his Las Vegas Outlaws open their inaugural season against Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley‘s LA Kiss team in March. But the Motley Crue frontman intends to have the most memorable cheerleading squad in the Arena Football League.

“We are going to have the 10 hottest, sexiest girls in Las Vegas leading the team, the best beauties in the league,” Neil tells the Las Vegas Sun. “The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, who once made headlines around the world, will pale by comparison to what we assemble.”

The team has since posted an announcement for tryouts, to be held on Monday (Jan. 5). Specific requirements about attire are noted, including that candidates wear “booty shorts.” That’s in keeping with previous comments by Neil, who offered a direct reference to one of Motley Crue’s best-known songs in talking about the squad: “This really will be ‘Girls, Girls, Girls‘! They will look as if they have stepped right out of the hottest music video of all time.”

2015 LV Outlaws audition ad

This debut season has actually been a long time coming for Neil, who should have more free time on his hands now that Motley Crue are leaving the road.

He previously bought a minority share in the Jacksonville Sharks arena football team, he tells ESPN, “just to kind of get my feet wet — and then asked to get the franchise, and all the team owners approved it. It’s like a dream come true. Getting an expansion team in a league is pretty hard, as it is. So it’s exciting.”

Last chance for Sidewinders prep classes!

Phoenix ladies, please note that auditions have be pushed back until after the Super Bowl!

2014 sidewinders prep class_2

San Jose SaberKitten Auditions Are Fast Approaching


How do I get an application?

The best way to apply is to complete the application below and submit it. You may also print out the application from this website and mail it to the San Jose SaberCats office at 600 East Brokaw Rd, San Jose, CA, 95112. If you are unable to print the application or submit it online, please contact the San Jose SaberCats office at (408) 673-3400 and we will mail you one.

What kind of photograph should I submit?

Although a professional photo is not required, it is recommended. Photos are used for identification purposes so please make sure your hair color and length are the same as the photo. The photo should be one that you feel makes you look your best. Headshots, half body or full body shots are acceptable (preferably 8×10). You may only submit one photo. Photos WILL NOT be returned under any circumstance. Please bring the photo with you the day of the audition. DO NOT mail it in ahead of time.

Can I register on the day of the audition?

Yes. Applications will be available the day of the audition at the registration area and walk-ups will be accepted at the door. Although you may register the day of the audition, we recommend you submit an application ahead of time.

How should I wear my hair and make-up for the audition?

Hair does not need to be a certain length, color or style. At games and appearances, the SaberKittens wear their hair either completely down or half up/half down. Please choose a style that looks best on you. Make-up should be worn a little heavier than your everyday make-up. Please wear colors that complement your skin colors and the audition outfit you are wearing.

What attire is required for the audition?

A two-piece leotard and flesh colored tights/nylons ARE MANDATORY. This outfit should complement you both in color and in style. Biker shorts, hot pants, skirts, capri pants and stretch pants are NOT ACCEPTABLE. Jazz shoes or athletic shoes (non-marking soles) are also MANDATORY. You may NOT dance barefoot. You may want to bring a couple of pairs of shoes to try out since you will be dancing on a gym floor.

Are there any special requirements to audition?

You must be at least 18 years of age by January 17, 2015 and must be a high school graduate. There is no maximum age limit.
There are no height or weight requirements.
All team members must have flexible schedules for rehearsals, games and promotional appearances throughout the season.
We are looking for bright, friendly, attractive women to perform at all San Jose SaberCats home games.

What time commitment is required as a member of the SaberKittens?

Being a member of the SaberKittens is not a full time job but does require 100% commitment. Most squad members work, attend college or both. The SaberKittens practice one or two nights during the week and on weekends. All home games are MANDATORY and the 2015 schedule can be found on the home page of the SaberCats website.

What can I expect the day of the audition?

Upon arrival, you should proceed to the registration table to check in. If you have not filled out an application you might want to get there early so you have time to fill it out completely. You will also be required to submit your photo at this time. Once everyone has checked in, you will go through a short group warm up. We recommend that you start stretching upon arrival. Then a choreographer will teach a short dance combination for each phase of the audition. You will be required to learn and perform these dance combinations in small groups in front of a panel of judges. A cut will be made after each phase. At the end of the preliminary audition, a group of finalists will be selected to continue onto finals the next day. Throughout the day you will be judged on your dance/cheer ability, showmanship and crowd appeal. If you are selected as a finalist, you will then receive instructions as to what will be required of you at the final audition on Sunday, January 18th.

What should I bring with me to the preliminary audition?

Your photo
Extra flesh colored tights/nylons
Extra shoes
Lunch/Dinner and snacks for breaks

If you have any additional questions please e-mail them to sabercatssales@gmail.com or call the San Jose SaberCats office at 408-673-3400.

[SaberKittens Audition Information]

LA KISS Girls Auditions are January 17th

2015 auditions_SaveTheDate4

LAK Girls Aud update

[LA KISS Girls]

Audition for the New York Lizards Dance Team


Tryouts for the 2015 New York Lizards Dance Team will be held on Saturday and Sunday, January 17 and 18. Open auditions will be held on Saturday, January 17 from 2 PM – 5 PM at Pearl Studios in NYC. Callbacks will be on Sunday, January 18 from 2 PM – 4 PM. To register for tryouts, email Paula Sanders at PSanders@NYLizards.com.

[NY Lizards Dance Team]

Nashville Venom Dance Team Audition!

Audition Flyer

Start the new year right! Auditions are coming up for the Nashville Venom Dance Team. The Nashville Venom are the 2014 PIFL Champions and are looking to have another GREAT season!

Preliminary auditions:
January 4, 2015
Municipal Auditorium in Nashville
Registration starts at noon.
Application fee is $20, cash or money order only!

Preliminary auditions will begin promptly at 12:45. Preliminary auditions are closed to the public and will only be open to those auditioning.

Wardrobe: two piece dance attire- Stomach must be shown, Tennis shoes or Dance shoes, surface is concrete/gym floor

If you are selected as a finalist you have to schedule an interview for Monday, January 5,2015.


For the latest information or contact information, visit their website at www.nashvillevenom.com/dance-team.html or look them up on Facebook

Ohio Dance Machine Prep Classes and Auditions


2015 Audition Prep Classes

When: Monday January 5th at 8pm and Wednesday January 7th at 8pm

Where: Premiere on Sawmill

Registration is $15 per class, please wear clothes that allow you to move and dance freely. Prep class is not mandatory in order to attend auditions, but is highly encouraged.

2015 Auditions are January 17th-18th 2015

[Complete Audition Information]

Philadelphia Soulmates Finals

The 360 Club at the Parx Casino in Bensalem was the place to be when the Philadelphia Soulmates held their Final Auditions last month.










Former Soulmates Kat and Gabby with former Soulmate Director and Eagles Pro Bowl Cheerleader Marla Viturello


Retiring Soulmates Rebecca and Danielle

Look for the new squad on the field some time in the spring.

[Soulmates Finals Gallery]

Orlando Predators Announce 2015 Prowlers Dance Team Auditions


The Orlando Predators will hold auditions for the 2015 Prowlers Dance Team at 12:00 noon on Sunday, January 4th at Gold’s Gym in Dr. Phillips, located at 7733 Turkey Lake Road, Orlando, FL 32819. Previous experience is not required and anyone who has interest in becoming a professional dancer or cheerleader is encouraged to attend.The Prowlers Dance Team performs at all 2015 Orlando Predators home games and routinely makes community appearances for the franchise throughout the year.

The cost of auditioning is $20 cash at the door. During the audition, dancers will be taught various routines and will then recite them in front of judges. Those dancers selected to advance will be invited back for interviews and final auditions. Prowlers Dancers must be 18 years or older.

Prior to auditions, the Orlando Predators will hold three pre-audition classes to give all potential dancers an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the dance style of the Prowlers. The first pre-audition class will take place on Wednesday, December 10th, 2014 at 7:30pm at the ME Dance School, located at 1300 La Quinta Drive, Orlando FL 32809.

The first pre-audition class will be conducted by Chris Peterson of ME Dance School. Following the class, there will be a question and answer session with Prowlers Dance Director Nina Oh, beginning at 9:00pm. The cost of each pre-audition class is $15 cash at the door.

A second pre-audition class will be held on Wednesday, December 17th at Ignyte Dance Studio, located at 2244 Boggy Creek Rd. Kissimmee, FL 34744. The third pre-audition class will take place on Sunday, December 21st at Gold’s Gym (Dr. Phillips), located at 7733 Turkey Lake Road, Orlando, FL 32819. Further details on the second and third pre-audition classes will be released closer to the dates of the classes.

[Orlando Prowlers]