The Making of the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders Follow along the audition process for the 2013 Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders by watching “Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders: Making The Team” on Fox Sports North. This three-part series will chronicle auditions which start with 150 ladies all the way through the final selection of 35.

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MDC vetarans/alumni Amy, Ariana, and Tatiana

Random thought: the Dolphins recently unveiled their new logo. So now all the cheerleader uniforms are S.O. L. What a shame. They got some really cute new alternate uniforms last season, and now they’re no good. It will be interesting to see if the cheerleader uniforms change, or if they just update the existing uniforms to carry the new logo. They’ve had the current main uniform for the past four seasons. Maybe it’s time to switch it up?

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Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Open Auditions at Sun Life Stadium

Miami New Times: Saturday, the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders held open auditions at Sun Life Stadium. Hundreds of women turned out hoping to make the cut and be part of the prestigious squad.

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TopCats Auditions Live!

Watch the TopCats Semi-Final Audition tonight on beginning at 7:00 p.m!

Good Luck, Flight Crew Finalists!

Hundreds turned out, but after one very long weekend, only twenty-eight dancers advanced to the final round of the New York Jets Flight Crew Auditions. These twenty-eight ladies will be joined by returning Flight Crew veterans at the Finals in two weeks.

Hopefuls shake and shimmy to join New York Jets Flight Crew Cheerleaders

This year’s squad is looking for 15 rookies to fill out the 40-woman roster. About 170 tried out on Saturday at MetLife Stadium.
By Joseph Stepansky AND Corinne Lestch
New York Daily News
Saturday, April 13, 2013

The New York Jets hosted their 2013 Flight Crew Cheerleaders auditions at MetLife Stadium.

Dozens of fresh-faced New York Jets fans hoped to fulfill life-long dreams — dressed in skimpy sports gear — by competing in Flight Crew Cheerleaders tryouts Saturday.

Crew director Denise Garvey said it was the “Year of the Rookie” — 15 spots out of 40 needed will be filled by beginner beauties who can shake their stuff and stand out in a crowd.

Tia Dipietro dances during the Flight Crew Cheerleaders auditions.

“I want no regrets,” said Lauren Strumpf, 22, a graduate student at Hunter College. “I’ve been hitting the gym really hard.”

A Flight Crew hopeful kicks things into high gear during tryouts.

A Flight Crew hopeful kicks things into high gear during tryouts.

Wearing a sequined Jets tank top, the Hoboken, N.J., native echoed many other hopeful Gang Green girls who said they jumped at the chance to combine two passions: football and performing.

Mary Papuyo competes during the Flight Crew Cheerleaders preliminary round.

About 170 flexible females between ages 18 and 30 stretched, twirled and did splits in the Lexus Club, overlooking the 50-yard line at MetLife Stadium.

“It’s very important being in the right technique, but holding your core for that long can be difficult,” said a nervous Tia Dipietro, 23, wearing a gold-sequined sports bra.

Dana Gioia takes a minute to pose during Flight Crew auditions at MetLife Stadium.

Dana Gioia, a special education teacher from Long Island sporting a tiny Jets tank top, came back to audition a second time.

Kathleen Christatos does the splits while competing during the Jets' Flight Crew Cheerleaders auditions.

“I’m more mentally prepared,” the 27-year-old said. “This would mean the world to me. It’s pursuing a career in something I love.

Victoria Nunez (left) from Long Island, Beth Sergeant (center) from Manhattan and Christie Kascak (right) from Manhattan pose during the auditions at MetLife Stadium.

Dana Gioia takes to the dance floor during tryouts for the Jets' Flight Crew. About 170 hopefuls showed up for the auditions.

Dancers wait for their turn to try out during the Jets' Flight Crew Cheerleaders auditions.

Tia Dipietro warms up before the auditions. There are 15 spots open for rookies on this year's squad.

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WOW, that’s a lot of finalists! Finatics, it’s your turn to help us choose the 2013 Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders! Vote on your top five by clicking on your favorite photos. [HERE]. Voting is open until Friday, April 26th at 12:00pm.

Also, don’t miss the live Final Auditions at Fin Fest on Saturday, April 27th at Sun Life Stadium at 10:00am, where you will have your last chance to vote for your favorites via text. Fin Fest is free of charge and open to the public!

Raiderette candidates prep for finals

Final auditions for the 2013-14 Oakland Raiders cheerleaders are tomorrow. Earlier this week, the finalists learned the dance routine for tomorrow’s dance off. Click here to check out the photos.