Fans Pick Kylee In Latest MDC Showdown

Miami Dolphin’s Kylee, who cheered in 2011 & 2012, is the DolFans pick in the latest MDC Showdown poll which matched Favorite Blonds versus Favorite Brunettes. Here’s a few photos of Kylee and runner up Lily:






Kylee-2012 action versus Buccaneers


Kylee-2012 action versus Buccaneers


Kylee-2012 action versus Buccaneers


Lily-2013 action versus Panthers


Lily-2013 action versus Panthers

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Former DCC Brooke Soreneson Nix Named New Miami Dolphins Cheerleader Choreographer

We’re pretty excited that former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, and good friend of UC, Brooke Soreneson Nix was just named the new Choreographer for the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders. She’ll be teaching the last prep class and the audition routine.

Brooke was a judge at last year’s MDC Finals

Auditions for the 2015-16 MDC start April 25th. Full details here.

Photo of the Day – April 1

A Miami Dolphins Cheerleader

Former Dolphins Cheerleader Releases New Single



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Dolphins Cheerleaders Mic’d Up

Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Brianne, Melissa, Brittany, and Kelly were mic’d up for the last game of the season against the Jets.

Photo of the Day – February 18

A Miami Dolphins Cheerleader

Florida’s Representation At Pro Bowl In Phoenix

It was an pleasure this year to photograph the three Pro Bowl Cheerleaders from the Florida NFL teams. Melissa of the Dolphins, Sam from the Jaguars and Cassie representing the Buccaneers.

Melissa in her fourth year was a Line Captain for two years and was lucky enough to be invited on her second overseas tour with Armed Forces Entertainment.

Line Captain Sam of the Jaguars ROAR is in her third year. I covered two of her games this season.

The Buc’s Cassie cheered for her fourth year and was selected Line Captain for the second time.

Congratulations to the ladies, being picked for the NFL Pro Bowl is a very impressive accomplishment.

Note to David Tyau—at your Pro Bowl coverage this year please see if you get a photo of these three lovely ladies together. Thanks.


Melissa, Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders

2 Melissa

Melissa, Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders

3 Sam

Sam, Jacksonville Jaguars ROAR

4 Sam

Sam, Jacksonville Jaguars ROAR

5 Cassie

Cassie, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders


Cassie, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders

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[Sam at]

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Wedding Bells

From The Miami Herald


Former Miami Dolphins Cheerleader and Miami PR maven Lynn Lewis went to Paris as just another American New Year tourist, and she’s coming home a soon-to-be-bride.

Lewis agreed to marry former state Sen. Dave Aronberg, a Democrat who’s now the state attorney in Palm Beach County.

Aronberg, 43, popped the question atop the Eiffel Tower.

While the lovebirds were not reachable for a chat, they posted photos of Lynn sporting a huge rock on Facebook.

The UF grad started Lynn Lewis Public Relations after her 2007 season with the Fins. She specializes in special events and has offices in Tampa, New York and London. Hollywood legend George Hamilton is a client.

Aronberg, meanwhile, is an ambitious pol with ties to both parties (he once worked for GOP Attorney General Pam Bondi) for whom state attorney could be a stepping stone for statewide office.

Photo of the Day – January 5

A Miami Dolphins Cheerleader

Dolphins Cheerleaders Return From Military Tour

Recently the Miami Dolphins continued their annual 14 year tradition of visiting and supporting our military personnel serving abroad. Retired Dolphin Lousaka Polite along with MDC members Brianne, Melissa, Kasey, Jessica, Chantal, Jodi, Alexis and Allison spent a 15-day trip visiting U.S. bases in Afghanistan, Kuwait and Djibouti, Africa. The tour, in concert with the Department of Defense’s Armed Forces Entertainment, stopped at six camps, our embassy in Kabul and included a great variety show, autograph signing, photo opportunities and many chats with our brave men and women serving overseas.

The Dolphins organization does a great job with these world wide tours as well as the NFL’s Salute to Service initiative. This marks the fourth tour for Brianne, the third for Kasey and the second for Melissa and Lousaka.

After returning from the tour, the group performed the same 45 minute showcase for a special family and friends audience at the beautiful cheerleader workout studio at Sun Life Stadium. The show opened with each cheerleader introducing themselves and offering their unique perspective/experience on the trip. The common theme was that although they were on tour to give, they also received just as much gratitude and thanks from the troops in return. Everyone’s a hero in this transaction.

Many props go out to these beautiful talented cheerleaders. The prep time commitment before getting on the plane was extensive–learning new choreography, detailed rehearsals, all to be ready to devote 24/7 for a 15-day tour. The performance included rapid fire dance routines in multiple outfits followed by interactive skits with the audience. Very entertaining–I can visualize the wide smiles the solders were left with.

Brianne stated that it was a honor to be invited on tour and she took great satisfaction in helping solder morale among the “true heroes of this country”. She cooed “hitching a ride on the C-17 transport plane was a special thrill”. All the ladies stated they would “gladly return” if the opportunity presents itself again. A great life educational experience.

Emily Snow, MDC Director, stated “through hard work and good people, we have been given the amazing opportunity to travel and boost morale with our U.S. military stationed aboard. It is a life changing trip for those selected to go. The simple things we deal with every day seem so minor in comparison to the jobs these men and women face. Our goal is to bring some smiling faces for a visit and make those few days of their deployment more enjoyable! We are very proud of our traveling crew and thankful to the Armed Forces Entertainment for selecting us to go!”

Jamie Quadrozzi, Manager of Cheerleader Media, was the behind the scenes coordinator on the trip. She tells me excitedly “being asked to travel overseas and visit troops is the honor of a lifetime and these ladies know it. Our forces are fighting for freedom, so to be asked to help them forget about all that for just a few hours and enjoy it with us is huge. There is fighting and danger everyday and the service members are selflessly doing their jobs, asking nothing of us than to not be forgotten or taken for granted.”

Speaking for the entire group Jamie states “visiting war-torn countries and the soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen will change you. Hearing their stories, seeing their everyday lives and learning about our mission there changes you. You are a different person after a trip like that.”

Lousaka Polite, who played 12 NFL seasons, was very excited to be the front man for the group and was also honored to contribute to a great tour, his second this year.

Note to the tour group–your friends at Ultimate Cheerleaders also offer gratitude for the generosity you give to our military personnel. I saw a lot of proud family members at the showcase. Thank you, all the accolades you receive are well deserved.

1 Brianne

Brianne with 1972 Perfect Season Jersey

2 Marine and Allison

A Marine must maintain composure at all times Allison

3 Melissa camouflage

Melissa camouflage

4 Chantal


5 Jessica and Alexis

Jessica and Alexis

6 Kasey


7 Chantal-Jodi-Alexis

Chantal, Jodi & Alexis

8 Traveling Squad

Traveling squad of Tour

9 Bagram Airfield

Bagram Airfield with General O’Neill (Courtesy of Armed Forces Entertainment)

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Dolphins Cheerleaders Enjoy Victory Over Chargers

The Chargers brought San Diego weather (75, low humidity) to Miami but they left their game back in California as the Dolphins put on a whipping 37-0. The South Florida heat may be subsiding but the MDC are performing hot as ever. It’s “must see” entertainment as the cheerleaders emerge from the end zone tunnel with their signature gait to a 50 yard line pre game introduction performance.

The 42 member squad is very impressive as they demonstrate their athletic and dancing skills with riveting performances at each quarter and halftime break. The MDC are one of the most accessible squads as they are always out two hours before game time, on multiple spots in the Dolphin Plaza zone, to mingle with the fan base.

Re our photo strategy, it would be nice to settle in one corner and let each cheer line rotate to us but since the MDC change outfits at the break we hustle around each half to capture all four line groups. The line captains are BrittanyM, Melissa, Kelly and Brianne. Their co-captains are Macy, Alison, Courtney and Megan respectively.

Enjoy the photos and tune in next week when we highlight the recently concluded military tour that eight MDC members made to the Middle East. It’s a good story.

1 Monica


2 Alexis


3 Jacey


4 BrittanyM, line captain

Brittany M.–line captain

5 BrittanyC

Brittany C.

6 Aylssa


7 Courtney and Adrianna

Courtney and Adrianna

8 Kaitlin and Andrianna

Kaitlin and Andrianna


Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders

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Photo of the Day – November 4


From Sunday afternoon – Macy of the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders

Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders

Just before the technical difficulties started on our Blog I was in Miami covering the August 23rd preseason visit of the Cowboys to Sun Life Stadium. I just added the following photos to Flickr and flipped the album for 50 additional pictures.

The Dolphins media guide describes the MDC best: “One of the most visible entertainment groups in all of professional sports”. Fully agree—our thanks out to Cheerleader Director Emily Snow for granting Ultimate Cheerleaders access to cover this group of glamorous and talented ladies. Magnificent and Magnificó.

Brianne-line captain

Rookie Danica

Megan was “Cheerleader of the Game”.

Melissa-line captain

Brittany-line captain

Kelly-line captain



Rookie Rachel

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Photo of the Day – September 24

A Miami Dolphins Cheerleader

Photo of the Day – August 26

On Saturday, Miami Dolphins Cheerleader Line Co-Captain Megan was Cheerleader of the Game.