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Miami Dolphins Cheerleader’s Swimsuit Fashion Show, Part Two

The show showcased swimsuit designs by Meg Liz Swimwear, Luli Fama, DEPSI Swimwear, Brooke and Arrow, PintArena Swimwear, Sincerely ALC and Zannikini and jewelry from Brooke and Arrow.

The theme this year was Air, Land and Sea. The show took spectators on a journey that started with “Air,” showcasing colorful birds, butterflies, peacocks and more. The next phase of the show was “Land,” featuring exotic animal print bikinis such as a tigers, snakes, cheetahs and zebras. The next stop on the journey took viewers to the beach where a live band HyRyze played tropical tunes while the ladies walked in summer beach attire.

The next scene took the show to the water, with the ladies sporting fun scuba gear, beach props and water guns. The seas then got rough and the ladies ventured into the depths of the ocean dressing as sea urchins, octopi and other dangerous animals of the deep. Progressively getting deeper and deeper, the ladies ended the show in head-to-toe glowing body paint.

Vera is in her second year, she auditioned in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Carina is a rookie this season.

Paige loves surfing and has surfed every isle in Hawaii.

Third year veteran Etta is from Winter Park, Florida.

Team captain Allison

Breann is from Cooper City, Florida.

Second year veteran Tamara is a Co-Captain this year.

Alexandria, Adrianna and Allison in finale.

Swimsuit-Fashion show album is HERE

The Annual can be purchased on

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