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Gotham City Cheerleaders Are Tough

Who said Pro Cheerleaders weren’t tough? The Gotham City Cheerleaders, dubbed as the Unofficial Dancers of the NY Giants, will take on the 12 mile obstacle course in New Jersey next week and are inviting fans and supporters to ride by their side in the city’s most challenging indoor-cycling ride – Revolve’s RIP Ride as they get ready for the Tough Mudder.

As if training for football season all summer wasn’t challenging enough, this group of professional football cheerleaders is taking their training to the next level in an effort to fundraise for the current season; and they are willing to work for it. The team is participating in the Tough Mudder Tri-State 12 mile obstacle course at the Raceway Park in Englishtown, NJ on Oct. 12. The Gotham City Cheerleaders (GCC) rounded up a few sponsors to place silent bids for the team to make it across the finish line under the average time in order to collect any of the bids. The current average completion time is 3.5 hours, according to Tough Mudder’s website.

The peak of the GCC’s Tough training now culminates in a 60 minute indoor cycling RIP Ride class at Revolve where Giants fans and athletic enthusiasts alike can join the team as a final motivation before the big day. The class is set for Wednesday, Oct. 9 at 8:30pm at Revolve studios located in Union Square on 52 E. 13th St. between University and Broadway.

“This year we are taking our training up a notch while raising funds for our team and we are sure working for it. It’s exciting to participate through what we expect to be the hardest physical challenge we have yet to overcome as a team,” said BriAnna, the GCC’s 2nd year team captain.

Training for the Tough Mudder began in July. CheerFIT, the official trainer of the GCC, has incorporated several intense cardio and interval training sessions into the team’s regular season training. CheerFIT’s founder, Danielle Wechsler, will also run with the team.

“Since July, we have had weekly cheerFIT bootcamps to get the team Tough Mudder ready and prove that yes, cheerleaders are tough! Training incorporates total body exercises to not only build endurance and strengthen the core, arms and legs, but also works to sculpt and define. The team has seen amazing results and crossing the cheerFIT training with Revolve’s RIPRide will be a perfect final prep before the big event,” assures Wechsler.
Rhythm In Motion, LLC a deejay and entertainment company based out of Brooklyn, is one of 5 companies sponsoring the team in a silent bid. To ensure the timely completion, the CEO of Rhythm In Motion will also join in on the race along with other marathon runners.

Any riders interested in joining the GCC on the RIP Ride can visit the Revolve site at www.revolvefitness.com starting Monday, Oct. 7 at 8:30 a.m. Riders will receive complimentary spin shoes for the class, autographed team cards and the chance to win various prizes from both the GCC and Revolve.

[Gotham City Cheerleaders]

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