Just Another Day In Paradise: The Chargers vs The Raiders

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It was another beautiful day in sunny Southern California. The weather was a warm 73 degrees and it finally feels like fall has arrived. Yeah…fall for is us 70 degree weather and clear blue skies…just another day in paradise.

And what a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than with some football. This week the Oakland Raiders were in town to test their mettle against the Chargers. After losing the last three games, the Boys in Blue were looking to get healthy against the win less Raiders. Everyone wins against the Raiders. It’s been a year since the Raiders last won, that’s 16 straight losses.

In a rather dull affair, Charger quarterback Philip Rivers threw a 22 yard touchdown pass to Malcom Floyd on the third play of the game and that was the only points needed to vanquish the Raiders as they could only muster two field goals all game. The Chargers added two field goals of their own to finish the scoring.

Final Score: Chargers – 13, Raiders – 6

Where was I? Oh yeah, paradise. When you live in paradise, this is what your cheerleaders wear in November.









It was Salute to Service week in the NFL, so the Charger Girls donned sexy military themed uniforms to celebrate the occasion. No parkas and dance pants for the Charger Girls, booyah!

As is customary, we begin this week’s coverage with the Captains: Katelyn, Clarisse, Angela M., and Natalie.





This week’s Charger Girl of the Day was born in Delaware and raised in California, introducing…Denise.







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Chiefs Shock the Chargers on a Last Minute Field Goal

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You couldn’t have asked for a more exciting game with a last minute field goal deciding the outcome. Unfortunately for Charger fans, you could have asked for a better outcome as it was the Chiefs who kicked the winning 48 yard field goal to end the Chargers five game win streak.

Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith deftly managed the ebb and flow of the game, passing for an efficient 221 yards and a touchdown on 19 of 28 passes. Jamaal Charles added 95 yards on the ground and the Chiefs defense held the Chargers to 251 total net yards.

Final Score: Chiefs – 23 Chargers – 20.

All good things come to an end, like five game winning streaks. But as far as the Charger Girls and their fans are concerned…the good times continue to roll!








The Charger Girls changed the order of the lines this week, so let’s begin by introducing the Captains in the order they appeared in my section: Kaitlyn, Clarisse, Angela M, and Natalie.





This week’s Charger Girl of the Day is a six year veteran and four year Captain…introducing Santa Maria’s own Natalie.








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The Chargers Ground the Jets

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Everyone who plays fantasy football knows that you need a good quarterback. He’s the most important player on your team because of the impact that he…one player…can have on your future success. If you want to win a Championship, you need an elite quarterback, one that can actually win your fantasy match up on his own…a difference maker.

Real football is a lot like fantasy football. If you don’t have a serviceable quarterback, you can’t move the ball. And if you can’t move the ball, you can’t score. And if you can’t score, you can’t win.

For the most important position on the field, you need a guy that can influence the outcome of the game, a winner. And the Jets don’t have one…yet. And that’s why this past Sunday, the Chargers held the Jets to 151 total net yards in route to a 31 – 0 slaughter.

In a stark contrast, the Chargers have a serviceable quarterback…a good quarterback…a former league leading quarterback in Philip Rivers. And he was able to move the ball at will with a group of journeymen receivers and an undrafted rookie running back as his supporting cast. Rivers threw for 288 yards and three touchdowns against a team with a fairly decent defense. This is what a good quarterback can do for you.

Final Score – Well you know that already.

Fantasy football doesn’t have cheerleaders, but if they did…you have to have a squad like the Charger Girls…difference makers!








You know it’s going to be hot when you look outside and it’s like the world is overexposed by two stops.

I heard a rumor that Fall is finally here, but you wouldn’t know it in Southern California. It’s still Summer and it was another scorcher Sunday, 100 degrees on the field.  I can’t help but wonder if the hot temperatures affected the play of the Jets, like it did the Seahawks a few weeks ago. I mean, the Chargers can’t be this good…can they?

Oh well…as is custom around here, we begin this week’s coverage with Captains: Angela M., Natalie, Kaitlyn, and Clarisse.





This week’s Charger Girl of the Day is a rookie who hails from Ladera Ranch, CA…introducing Delani!








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Only Half Good: The Jaguars vs The Chargers

[This article was originally published on Thehottestdanceteam.wordpress.com.]

This past Sunday, the Jacksonville Jaguars leaped into town to play the surging Chargers.  In an effort to shake things up, the winless Jaguars started their quarterback of the future and Blake Bortles showed us why he is so highly regarded.  With a strong arm and a fearless mentality, Bortles completed 29 of 37 passes for 253 yards and one touchdown.  But he also threw two interceptions and showed off why he is the Jags’ quarterback of the future, not the present.

The Jaguars scored 14 first half points, but were held scoreless in the second half as the Chargers put together two solid halves of football and scored 23 unanswered points.  Charger QB Philip Rivers played a complete game, passing for 377 yards and three touchdowns with no interceptions, leading the Boys in Blue to the victory.

Final Score:  Chargers – 33, Jaguars – 14

With the victory, the Chargers improved to 3 -1, good enough for first place in the AFC West.  The loss drops the Jaguars to 0-4 and keeps them in the running for the first pick in the 2015 NFL Draft along with the winless Oakland Raiders.  Might I suggest Todd Gurley, RB from the University of Georgia…or perhaps an offensive lineman or two in next year’s draft.

Well if the Jags were only half good…the Charger Girls were good…all…game…long.









So a little birdie told me that the Charger Girls were wearing new uniforms…new in the sense that they were newly made, but the same classic Angela King design that is one of the most iconic uniforms in professional cheerleading…if I may say so myself. And if you look closely at some of my prior week’s photos, you could tell the old uniforms were getting threadbare under the sleeves, but these newly made uniforms looked neat, crisp and classy. I guess what I am saying is that the Charger Girls looked sharp…all shiny and brand new.

Well enough uniform chit chat. On with the show! Let us begin with the lovely Line Captains: Angela M., Natalie, Katelyn and Clarisse.





I call this week’s Charger Girl of the Day, the Charger Girls’ Golden Girl because…well…she looks golden on the sidelines. From the first day she stepped on the field to this past Sunday, she has always caught my eye with her on field personality, dance ability and All American good looks. This week’s CGOTD is a native San Diegan…introducing second year veteran Lindsay.









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Hot and Bothered in San Diego: The Seahawks vs The Chargers

It was hot in San Diego. Unseasonably hot.  Blazing hot. This game, which on paper seemed to overwhelmingly favor the defending Super Bowl Champions, was really not all that competitive. I mean as the game progressed, it appeared that the Seahawks were being outplayed, out-muscled and out-executed, if that is a word.  They just weren’t really in it after the second quarter and I think it was due to the heat because the Seahawks played like I felt…lifeless.

[Update: Per ESPN it was 118 degrees on the field.]

Final Score: Chargers – 30, Seahawks – 21.

Hot and bothered. I mentioned the heat. Now the “bother”. I was looking forward to this game. It was a day game. It was against the defending Super Bowl Champions and I was hoping to get some great shots of the Charger Girls in a mid afternoon game setting. When I arrived at my seats, my old nemesis was there again…the big, black mobile stage. The stage that I wrote about in the past. Anyway, not to rehash this issue, which you can read about it here, this was a bad thing. Essentially, preventing our section from seeing half of the game. Thus, the “bothered” portion of the title.

My apologies to the first two lines (Angela’s and Natalie’s ) as I did not get the type of images that I would have liked, but I did my best and managed to get a few keepers during the day.







I guess that’s how it’s gonna be sometimes. If there’s going to be a field performance with a stage, it’s going to be located in my section.

We begin our regular coverage of the Charger Girls with the Captains: Angela M., Natalie, Katelyn and Clarisse.





Our Charger Girl of the Day is one of the more popular Charger Girls and has developed a loyal fan following. And I count myself as one of them…introducing Shelbi.









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Charger Girls Unveil 2014-15 Swimsuit Calendar

Ricky Henne, Managing Editor
September 4, 2014

[Photo Gallery]

The hottest dance team in the NFL debuted their calendar Wednesday night.

For the Charger Girls, nothing beats cheering on the Bolts from the sidelines of Qualcomm Stadium each and every home game.

However, their annual swimsuit calendar is an awfully close second.

“This is definitely second to game day, and at this moment right now it may even be first,” said Natalie, a team captain and longest tenured member of the squad. “It’s just a different experience when they unveil the photos because you don’t know what to expect. You were there and wore the outfits but you don’t know what it looks like until tonight. So this is a really nice surprise for all of us and it came out great.”

The Charger Girls honored San Diego by shooting against the backdrop of the iconic Hotel Del Coronado. Team photographer Mike Nowak has shot the calendar since 1999, and this year’s ranks among the most proud finished products of his tenure.

“We went back to the beach this year, but we had the opportunity to shoot at the Hotel Del,” he said. “You can’t beat that because it’s iconic San Diego with the hottest dance team in the NFL! The girls are amazing to work with. They’re all professional women, amazing dancers and are very easy to work with. They make every day fun to go shoot on location, and the calendar came out great.”

Overall, Charger Girls Director Lisa Simmons is particularly proud of the 2014-15 calendar because of this iconic tie to America’s Finest City.

“This year’s calendar is extremely special because it represents San Diego in a way we’ve never been able to capture it,” she said. “Shooting at the iconic Hotel Del Coronado, we were able to get the beautiful surrounding beaches and the unique parts of the hotel that truly represent San Diego and what a beautiful city it is.”

The shoot occurred over a four-day stretch earlier this summer, and the finished product was held tightly under wraps until Wednesday night at Moonshine Flats in the Gaslamp Quarter. With the entire team in attendance, Simmons unveiled each photo to loud cheers and a standing ovation. The girls also learned who would grace the cover, which was especially moving for veteran Tawnie who was selected to be on it for the first time.

“Seeing my photo on the cover, I just couldn’t believe it!” she said. “When they showed it my view was kind of blocked, but then all the girls starting shouting ‘Congratulations’ and then it kind of hit me. It’s an incredible honor to be on this team, so it’s incredible to even be on the cover.”
Be the first to showcase the 2014 Charger Girls Cheerleaders to your home or office! The 2014-15 Charger Girls Swimsuit Calendar is now on sale for $17 or get an Autographed Calendar, signed by all 28 Charger Girls for $45

2014 Charger Girls

The San Diego Chargers website has been updated with individual profiles for this year’s Charger Girls. Click here for more!

Rookie Charger Girl Brittney

Chargers and Cards Kick Up Their Heels In Preseason Finale

The Arizona Cardinals flew into town to play the Chargers in the preseason finale, a prelude to the season opening rematch in Phoenix next week. Their were high kicks a plenty all game long…unfortunately I’m not talking about the Charger Girls. When the final gun sounded, both teams combined to kick seven field goals in a predictably dull game. Without the starters playing for either team, that was the best that could be expected.

Final Score: San Diego Field Goalers – 12, Arizona Field Goalers – 9.

At least the Charger Girls were in mid season form.









I have said this pretty much every year that I have written for this blog and I will say it again…the only thing good about preseason games are the Charger Girls. It’s just, plain bad football and we get to drive out on a Thursday night and pay full price, we season ticket holders, to watch some football played by guys that won’t be on the team in 48 hours.

The only redeeming aspect is the Charger Girls.  This game was my first chance to see the girls in their regular game day uniforms and that was worth the price of admission.

Okay, enough of the annual diatribe against preseason football…let’s get on with our regular coverage of the Absolutely Fabulous San Diego Charger Girls. We begin with the Captains: Angela, Natalie, Katelyn and Clarisse.





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SI.com: NFL 2014 Preseason

NFL Preseason is here! Click here to check out Sports Illustrated’s first NFL cheerleader gallery of the season.

The Charger Girls’ Salute to the Military

It’s football season again!  Well…pre-season football and you know what that means.  The Dallas Cowboys drove down from their training camp in Oxnard to battle the Chargers’ second teamers in a titanic battle of the bench warmers.  On this night, the Chargers second team bested the Cowboys second team, 27 – 7.  At least the Cowboys found their back up QB of the future in Brandon Weedon, who was an efficient 13 of 17 for 107 yards and a TD.

If the football was less than stellar, the Charger Girls were simply breathtaking in their military inspired uniforms, a tribute to the servicemen and servicewomen who have sacrificed so much for this country.







San Diego is a military town, the Navy and Marine Corps in particular, and each year the Chargers honor them with their Salute to the Military night.  As you can tell, the main feature of this night is the Charger Girls wearing special military themed uniforms, which is a nice way to honor our men and women in uniform.

This game was our first look at the 2014 Charger Girls in action and this is a year of change for the squad with 14 rookies making up half the team.  But before we get to the newbies, let’s begin with 2014 Captains: Angela M., Natalie, Katelyn and Clarisse.





Did I mention that there were a lot of rookies on this year’s team?  And one of them was our first Charger Girl of the Day for 2014…introducing Bridget J.








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Photo of the Day – June 20

A Sam Diego Charger Girl

Scenes from Charger Girls finals

The squad was chosen a month ago, and by now I bet the ladies have all bonded like they’ve known each other forever. Here are a few of my favorite shots from finals. Click here to view the rest of the gallery!

Yay! Alex made the team! I’ve known Alex since she was on the Clippers Spirit dance team back in 2007. Werq!

Angela G is a rookie on the team this year. I was shocked to see her at Chargers, since just a few months prior, she’d been selected to the new LA KISS Girls dance team. Unfortunately, Angela had to drop off of the team when they changed their rehearsal schedule to weekday mornings. It’s great to see that she’ll be able to keep dancing.

This year’s Pro Bowl Cheerleader Anjelica is back for season #4!

I met Bridget (in yellow) and Brittney (above) at prelims and liked them both very much. I was super jazzed that they both made the team. Brittney is an alum of the (now defunct) Dallas Vigilantes dance team.

Delani is also a rookie Charger Girl this year.

Diana wasn’t chosen for the team, but her abs are SICK.

Denise, another rookie. Two words: Shoe In.

Rookies Devin and Whitney

Rookie Jayme

Tinaiya (in black and white) and Lindsay (above) are back for their first year as veterans. With kicks like that, nobody is shocked they both made it back.

Natalie made it back for her 6th year on the team. Woot!

Our Favorite Photos – Charger Girl Jennifer O.

This month is our Tenth Anniversary and to celebrate we’re posting some of our all-time favorite photos.

San Diego Charger Girl Jennifer O. in 2008.

I’ve been a Chargers season ticket holder since 1999 and I have seen Charger Girls come and go.  There have been many memorable Charger Girls over the years and one of them that comes to mind is named Jennifer O., perhaps the most photogenic Charger Girl ever.  She oozed sensuality and for a NFL cheerleader, that makes for quite an interesting photograph.

David Tyau, National Correspondent

Congratulations 2014 San Diego Charger Girls!

This year’s team, which was announced last night, is evenly split between veterans and rookies, and includes two Angelas, two Angelicas/Anjelicas, two Bridgets, and a set of twins. Click here for photos from finals, and click here for video!

[2014 Charger Girls]

Charger Girl Finals Tonight

Charger Girl Final Auditions take place in downtown San Diego tonight. But before that, check out the photo gallery and video on Chargers.com.