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NFL Cheerleader Photos From Week 4



NFL teams that hosted games during week 4 of the regular season have uploaded photos of their cheerleading squads to their team sites.  Click on the links below to go to the team page galleries.

Cincinnati Bengals
Jacksonville Jaguars
Houston Texans
Washington Redskins
New York Jets
New England Patriots
Atlanta Falcons
Baltimore Ravens
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Arizona Cardinals
San Diego Chargers
San Francisco 49ers
Minnesota Vikings



Is the Jacksonville mascot wearing a San Diego Charger jersey? I believe he is.

Is the Jacksonville mascot wearing a San Diego Charger jersey? I believe he is.

SI.com: NFL Cheerleaders Week 4

SI.com has uploaded a gallery of NFL cheerleaders from week 4. Click here to view the gallery.

Cards cheerleaders NFL: Los Angeles Rams vs Arizona Cardinals University of Phoenix Stadium/Glendale, AZ 10/02/2016 SI-571 TK1 Credit: John W. McDonough

Carolina Panthers v Atlanta Falcons

Raiders Ravens Football

Dolphins Bengals Football

Indianapolis Colts v Jacksonville Jaguars

Seahawks Jets Football

Saints Chargers Football

Cowboys 49ers Football

Photo by Bruce Adler / Washington Redskins

Snatching Victory From The Jaws of Defeat in San Diego

San Diego, CA. (October 2, 2016).  The Saints came marching in and snatched victory from the jaws of defeat.  Yep…they sure did.  Looking to exploit a weak Saints defense, the Chargers took a 13 point lead deep into the fourth quarter, only to turn the ball over twice in their own territory.  The Saints, led by former Charger quarter back Drew Brees, scored two touchdowns to turn what should have been a humiliating defeat into an improbable victory.

Final Score:  Beignets – 35, Crispy Fish Tacos – 34

I heard an odd statistic on the drive home.  The Chargers are 1-2 this season while leading by 13 points in the fourth quarter while the rest of the NFL is 25-0 in similar games.  That’s quite an indictment against the Chargers, who cannot seem to finish games strongly and win.  This past Sunday was particularly disappointing in that the Saints were a team without a win, playing on a short week and reeling from a crushing loss to division rival Atlanta on Monday Night Football.

This was a winnable game…a game that the Chargers should have won easily.  But Melvin Gordon returned to his fumbling ways, putting the ball on the ground late in the fourth quarter and on the next possession, a fumble by Travis Benjamin with 4:50 left in the game, set up the dramatic come from behind win for the Saints.

So disappointing.  But Sunday wasn’t a total loss…if you see what I mean.










We begin this week’s coverage of the Charger Girls with the Line Captains: Marissa, Delani, Bridget, and Teran.





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NFL Cheerleader Photos From Week 2


NFL teams that hosted games during week 2 of the regular season have uploaded photos of their cheerleading squads to their team sites.  Click on the links below to go to the team page galleries.

Carolina Panthers
Detroit Lions (Yes, they have cheerleaders this year!)
Houston Texans
New England Patriots
Washington Redskins
Arizona Cardinals
Los Angeles Rams
Denver Broncos
Oakland Raiders
San Diego Chargers
Minnesota Vikings


The Chargers Ride The Jaguars To Victory

Tour De Force: \ˌtu̇r-də-ˈfȯrs\ noun – an impressive performance or achievement that has been accomplished or managed with great skill.

This past Sunday, the Jacksonville Jaguars roared into town to play the San Diego Chargers, who were fresh off a disappointing meltdown loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.   Things would be different this week as the Chargers stormed out to a 35 point lead and never took their foot off the accelerator.  Philip Rivers threw four touchdown passes, tying a career high, and Melvin Gordon ran for 102 yards and another score.  A strong defensive effort by the home team doomed the hapless Jaguars, who crossed midfield only six times during the game. This game was over at half time.

Final Score: Navy Blues – 38, Teal Blues – 14.

However, the news wasn’t all good.  For the second week in a row, the Chargers lost a key player for the year due to injury.  Versatile running back Danny Woodhead tore his ACL and joined Keenan Allen on injured reserved.  Who’s next?  Philip Rivers?

Well…on to the good stuff…the hottest dance team in the NFL, your San Diego Charger Girls!










I play fantasy football (five championships and counting!) and I have never seen a beginning to a season like this, where there have been so many serious injuries to key players…star players. It’s mind boggling. Let’s hope this misfortune doesn’t plague our favorite sideline entertainers, our beloved cheerleaders.

Okay, let’s begin this week’s coverage of the Charger Girls with the Captains: Marissa, Delani, Bridget, and Teran.





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The Charger Girls Salute To The Military – NFL Preseason Week 4

The Chargers closed preseason against the San Francisco 49ers in their annual Salute to the Military game.  Special performances and appearances by current and former military personnel highlighted the festivities.  San Diego is a military town and the irony was not lost in that this game would be played against the 49ers, whose controversial quarterback, Colin Kaepernick would be heavily featured.

In a surprisingly high scoring affair for a week 4 preseason game, the Chargers took a 21 – 9  lead into the fourth quarter only to surrender three touchdowns to lose the game.

Final Score: Sourdough Sams – 31, Bolt Men – 21.

Okay, so 49er Christian Ponder was a star for a day while leading his team to victory, but in the whole scheme of things, none of this really mattered as anyone of significance, except for the aforementioned Colin Kaepernick, did not play.  What does this mean?   Not a whole lot.  Anyone who made a difference in this game is not likely to be on the team come the regular season and if they are and playing meaningful minutes…your team has big time trouble…including the aforementioned Colin Kaepernick.  This was a scrub city game, through and through.

For me, the highlight of the evening was seeing the Charger Girls in military themed uniforms.  Woo!  Hoo!












Now before we all get excited and everything, I want to take time to mention the lengths I had to go to get these shots.  Once again, the game management people, in all their wisdom (sarcasm) decided to place a HUGE stage with flood lights in front of my section, which virtually obliterated our view of not only the field, but the Charger Girls as well.


Yeah…that’s my seat with the clear bag…and you can imagine the view at eye level.  (Click on the image above to see my field of view.)

This has become an ongoing issue over the years, but as long as they continue to obstruct the view of our section, I will mention this stupidity for all to read.   Good luck in getting my vote for the new billion dollar stadium ballot measure.  Of course my vote wouldn’t matter, because I live in Los Angeles….LOS ANGELES.  Maybe it will someday…when they move up here and want another public subsidy.

Okay, I’m stepping off my soap box…until next time…which I hope is next season, but I fully expect it to be sometime later this season when all of this happens again.

So let’s begin this week’s coverage of the hottest dance team in the NFL with the Captains: Marissa, Delani, Bridget, and Teran.





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Chargers Kick the Cardinals into Submission – NFL Preseason Week 2

On Friday, the Arizona Cardinals flew into town to play the San Diego Chargers in a game that saw the home team mount a stout defense and kick four field goals en route to a 19-3 victory.  But before we get ahead ourselves, this was a preseason game and the starters for both teams played sparingly. This contest looked like a typical preseason game…lots of errors and uninspired play.  On their second series, Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer threw an interception to defensive back Brandon Flowers, who returned the pass for a pick six.  That would be the only points needed to win the game for the boys in blue and there were more than 50 minutes of game time yet to play.  Several Charger drives sputtered to a premature end, forcing them to kick four field goals…which was a good thing for Josh Lambo fans, but for most of us the lack of big play touchdowns was somewhat of a disappointment.

But hey…its a preseason game.  And I didn’t drive 120 miles to see second and third string football players struggle to secure a roster spot.  No, I came to see the new crop of Charger Girls and I was not disappointed.











For the San Diego Chargers, 2016 is a season of change.  I know several season ticket holders, long time fans, who have changed their allegiance and no longer support the team because of the attempt to relocate to Los Angeles.  That may still happen and judging by the number of empty seats at Qualcomm stadium, things look bleak.  And while the Chargers are desperately trying to secure approval and funding for a downtown San Diego stadium project, that seems to be a long shot at best.  So what does the future bode for the home team?  No one knows for sure…but things cannot remain the same.

We hope that it is a season of change for the play on the field.  Melvin Gordon, the second year running back, has looked surprisingly good this preseason.  We hope that he is fully recovered from microfracture surgery and becomes the dynamic back that fans hoped he would be when he was drafted last year.  And there is a new sense of urgency and hopefulness in that the team can be competitive in an AFC West division that looks more open than ever and that success on the field can propel voters to approve the downtown stadium ballot measure in November.

For what is the alternative if the ballot measure fails?  Will the Chargers take the NFL’s one year offer to move to Inglewood’s two billion dollar stadium?  Or will the Raiders snatch the option to relocate to Los Angeles if the Chargers pass on the opportunity.  And if they do, what does that mean for the Chargers.  Will Southern California support three NFL franchises within 100 miles of each other?  Certainly there are the numbers…people and dollars, sure…but that’s a tough sell if you don’t put a competitive product on the field and we all know what happens to teams that don’t.

So, this year is shaping up to be monumental for the Chargers…the team and its fans.

Let’s see if I got this correct and start our coverage off with the 2016 Line Captains: Marissa (welcome back!), Delani, Bridget and Teran.





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Introducing the 2016 Charger Girls

Charger Girls 2016 640
Top: Bridget, Blake, Melissa, Shelby, Rose, Lauryn, Courtney, Sydni, Whitney
Middle: Teran, Elaine, Kayla Ann, Anna, Delani, Shelbi, Madison, Karissa, Glory, Angelica
Bottom: Denise, Marissa, Kayla Nicole, Tina, Rebecca, Tawnie, Devin, Emily, Tyler

April 08, 2016


After deciding to hang up her gold pom poms three years ago, Marissa never fully imagined this day would come.

The former veteran was a Charger Girl for a trio of seasons before deciding to take a break to start her own business. But on Thursday night, she did what few have done, and inked a spot on the hottest dance team in the NFL after a lengthy hiatus.

“My heart is on this team, I’m brightest when I’m on this team and I wanted to be a bright light for my teammates once again,” she said after she took her team photo. “It’s indescribable. It doesn’t feel real. I’ve been wanting to come back for so long. I still have friends on the team so for me, it was hard to see them on the field (performing without me). I’d help out on game days, but I really just missed being out on the field.”

This season, America’s Finest City will be represented by 15 veterans and 13 fresh-faced rookies. The group features a veterinary technician, pediatric nurse, medical sales representative and real estate professional. There are also eight local students on the roster, including four from San Diego State University and four from the University of San Diego.

According to Marissa, coming back wasn’t any easier this time around than it was three years ago. Having been a veteran, she felt that familiar pressure Thursday night.

“It was a lot more difficult this time around. I knew what to expect and I knew what (the judges) would expect of me. But I also knew that they’d be watching and making sure that I knew what it took to be able to come back on the field.”

Veteran CG Delani echoed Marissa’s sentiments and added that although the competition is fierce, knowing what being a Charger Girl is like and all that comes with it is something she wasn’t ready to give up.

“I’ve been a dancer since I was three years old so the pressure is always on for me,” said the veteran entering her third season with the team. “But I guess this is a good thing because it just means that I care about it. If I didn’t care, I probably wouldn’t be nervous… Being on the team, you realize how incredible it is and how many amazing experiences you have. You never want to lose that, so coming back each year makes it that much scarier.”

Marissa and Delani were two of hundreds who auditioned on Saturday for a coveted spot on this year’s squad. After two rounds of cuts, Charger Girls Director Lisa Simmons and a panel of judges sent 70 women through to finals. After rigorous interviews through the week, the 70 convened downtown on Thursday night one final time. They performed two routines – a pre-choreographed dance that they did in groups of three and then a solo, the latter being the final opportunity to showcase their individual strengths and leave everything out on the dance floor.

After a long, arduous deliberation process, Simmons narrowed the 70 down to 28.

“We welcomed a lot of new talent at this year’s audition which was really refreshing for us as judges,” Simmons said. “(But) our job was extremely difficult tonight. We had so many incredibly talented, unique, gorgeous and dynamic women who auditioned and made it to the final round. We are confident we put together the best possible team for this year’s squad.”

Talent was aplenty and Simmons even had to bid farewell to a few veterans from last season who re-auditioned. While she closed doors for some, she opened ones for others and said her favorite part of the evening is calling out the numbers of the girls who made the team.

“It’s always a pleasure to be the one to call out their numbers and see those ladies who have continued to audition year after year after year who don’t (originally) make it, but make it tonight. To be a part of that journey with them is one I hold dear to my heart and it’s a real exciting time for us tonight.”

As one of the lucky ones who heard her number called, Rose said it took some time for the reality that she’s a Charger Girl to set in.

“I, for some reason, can never (comprehend) my number being called,” said the rookie. “I always assume it’s someone else’s and then all the girls next to me said, ‘Oh my gosh, Rose! That was you!’ I was like, ‘Are you sure? Really? There’s no way they called my number.’ But they did!”

New not only to the team but also San Diego, Rose is excited and eager to cheer on the Bolts in the city she now calls home.

“I’m most looking forward to just representing the team, immersing myself in the city and being part of the culture. I moved out to California out for adventure and since I grew up in Texas my whole life, this is the best way I can give back to a city I’m new to.”

Charger Girls Auditions Photos

The Charger Girls held open call auditions this past Saturday and the Chargers have posted a large gallery of images on their website.  Click the photo below to see the images.


Former Guam SKIP dancer makes it to the big leagues

Beatrix P.
March 30, 2016

In this exclusive first-person perspective, San Diego Chargers cheerleader Beatrix reflects on her journey from taking ballet lessons on Guam to being a cheerleader in the NFL.

Beatrix is the fourth known NFL cheerleader from Guam, following Pia Gillan (Seahawks), Maria DeCabooter (Cardinals), and Deborah Luck (Raiders.)

I’ve been dancing and modeling since I was 4 years old. I quickly realized that ballet wasn’t my thing after seeing SKIP Entertainment perform at the Micronesia Mall. I immediately begged my mom to enroll me in jazz. Jumping forward, there was a talent show competition at my school and I won first place.

Mrs. (Teri) Knapp, the director of SKIP, happened to be one of the judges and that’s when she began to notice me. I auditioned to advance to the junior and senior production and it wasn’t long until I began touring with SKIP to compete at national and international competitions.

We won 1st place Regency Talent Competition (1999), 1st place Starpower National Talent Competition (2000), National Champions of Starlite “Battle of the Stars,” Showtime National Finals runners-up (2000), Starlite National first runners-up, and 1st place ShowStopper National Finals (2001). I’ve had the opportunity to work with renowned choreographers. In addition to performing at our annual Christmas and Spring concerts, I had the pleasure of performing for charity and fundraising events.

Aside from dancing, I was a runway model for United Colors of Benetton, Boy London and Esprit at the Acanta Mall. I also modeled various jewelry pieces for Tiffany & Co. and was the cover model of VIBE Magazine February 2002 issue. I was also featured in the Marine Drive Magazine and Business News Magazine.

I was first exposed to cheer during my freshman year at John F. Kennedy High School and cheered for the basketball and football games. In my senior year, I was requested to choreograph a dance routine for my senior class production. In 2002, I was selected for Guam’s Outstanding Women of the Year Award which was published in the Marianas Variety newspaper. After graduating as valedictorian, I moved to San Diego and attended the University of San Diego to pursue my education in accounting. I continued dancing at the USD Spring Concert and was on the USD Dance Team.

I took a break from dance to develop my career and obtain my CPA license. In the meantime, I continued to model for local designers and participated in the San Diego Thread show. I found enjoyment traveling to exotic places such as Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and Hong Kong.

During my travel to Indonesia, I had the honor of visiting an orphanage for children with special needs and was able to learn about them and personally hand out gifts to each of them. I also support and volunteered for various charities such as the American Cancer Society, San Diego Food Bank, Make-A-Wish Foundation and United Cerebral Palsy.

It wasn’t until I lost my mom to lung cancer (last year) that I decided to audition for the San Diego Charger Girls. The audition process was extremely challenging as there were over 400 beautiful and talented girls competing for a spot on the team. It was my first time auditioning and I didn’t know what to expect. The audition process was about a week long and when I heard my number announced at the finals, I was beyond happy! Of the 28 girls, I was one of the 11 rookies selected for the 2015-2016 season.

Being able to say that I am an NFL Professional Cheerleader is a huge accomplishment. All those years of dance classes my mom took me to was all worthwhile. Performing in front of over 65,000 fans is such a unique experience. It’s definitely an adrenaline rush to run out on the field with our sparkly signature uniform and pom poms to keep the fans pumped throughout the game. In addition to game days, we have rehearsals, games, promotional appearances, and charity events that can definitely fill up our schedule.

My favorite parts of the season are performing on game days at Qualcomm Stadium and producing our swimsuit calendar. I was featured as September 2016 and had so much fun being a part of it. I am very lucky to receive an overwhelming support from my friends and family near and far. Many friends who are season-ticket holders and would shout my name whenever I ran by them. It is such a rewarding feeling to experience one of my goals come to life.

Being the oldest on the team and continuous rehabbing from a back injury, I am extremely proud that I pushed myself and became the best Charger Girl I can be. Most of all, I am glad that I can dedicate this achievement to my mom who has always supported my dance career.

What they said

Teri Knapp, SKIP Director: “She was very smart in her academics as well as a smart dancer. She was also very strong. We were going into the national finals which we won. She had a sprained ankle, but made it through with lots of tape and a brace.”

Jimmie Yi, grade-school classmate: “She’s very smart with a great personality. She has a strong will and a super big traveler.”

Sherwin Paet, met as friends in San Diego: “I always knew her as a dancer from SKIP when we were in high school. We weren’t super close, but every time she came around to hang out with our crew in Mira Mesa, she was very down to earth and a person who was easy to get along with. We kind of lost touch when I moved back to Guam in 2005 and just this past season I was stoked to see her as a Charger Girl with me being a huge Charger fan. When I was on the Chargers site reading up on our new draft picks, I came across the new Charger Girl roster and SOMEHOW clicked on the link and, what do you know, I see Beatrix. I immediately checked her Facebook and congratulated her.”

Charger Girls Pre-Auditions Workshops

Want to be a part of the hottest dance team in the NFL, the Charger Girls? Well here’s your chance.



Sunday, March 6, 2016
Sunday, March 13, 2016


Participant Check-In: 1:30 p.m.
Workshop: 2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.


University of San Diego
Jenny Craig Pavilion
5998 Alcalá Park
San Diego, CA 92110

More information here.


2017 Pro Bowl Cheerleaders – Charger Girl Delani

Third year veteran and 2016-17 Captain Delani has been selected to represent the Charger Girls at the 2017 Pro Bowl.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing

Image may contain: 5 people, people smiling, people on stage and outdoor

2015 NFL Regular Season Week 15 – The Dolphins vs. The Chargers: The End of an Era?

I’ve been going to Charger games in San Diego since 1995 and I have been a season ticket holder since 1999. That’s a long time.  And the guys that sit next to me have been going to games for 25 years, but I only seem to remember sitting next to them for about eight of them.  It could have been more, but I don’t remember.  And over the years, I’ve gotten to know some game management people, who are always in my area…the first few years blocking my view of the Charger Girls with an EMT cart or some portable stages for guest performers, but I’ve gotten to know them by asking them to help me out by moving their stuff to the side and they did do their best.  And I’ve meet some security folks that staff the gate I go in every week and other people like the video board camera man and his cable puller.

These are some of the relationships that I have made over the years…people you see at every game…people who are working for the organization or other Chargers fans, season ticket holders such as myself.  And even though these are just people, who like myself, enjoy watching the Chargers play, we share a bond.  One that I didn’t quite understand until this past Sunday.

You see this game felt like it was the last Charger game played in San Diego.  For those of you that may not know, the Chargers are one of three teams that have let it be known that they would like to relocate to Los Angeles.  I didn’t believe it and as recently as that morning, I felt that the Chargers would be playing in San Diego at least until next year because…there is no stadium in Los Angeles and won’t be until 2018 at the earliest.  I couldn’t believe that any team would be playing in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum or the Rose Bowl for two years until the new one was ready.  Maybe one year and that would give the NFL enough time, another twelve months or more to come up with a consensus as to which team or teams would win the relocation lottery.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the NFL owner’s meeting in January.  This game was different than all the others I have attended and it left me with the feeling that this was the end.  There was a different vibe and the San Diego fans in attendance were very loud and vociferous, cheering on the Chargers to victory.  Midway through the fourth quarter, the video board played a retrospective of some the the great Charger players of the past.  They even pulled Philip Rivers, Malcom Floyd and Antonio Gates from the game so that the crowd could applaud them one last time.  Some of the Charger Girls became a bit teary eyed as the game came to a conclusion, perhaps thinking this was the end of something special.  And when the game was over, a few thousand fans gathered near field and just stood there, taking in the atmosphere as the Charger Girls danced for what seemed like an unusually long time.  The security people who normally try to shoo you out of the seating area in the time it takes me to put away my camera equipment, they let us stay and enjoy the moment.  They just stood there, along with the rest of us.  And the sound people played songs of remembrance, like “Auld Lang Syne” and Green Day’s, “Time of your life”.

It was surreal and it did feel like this was the last time that the Chargers would be playing in San Diego.  I mean if the stadium staff and Chargers management were sending us a message, it was loud and clear.  This was an end of an era.  Heck, a guy wearing a game management badge came up to me and introduced himself, saying that he enjoyed my Charger Girl photos…I thought that this was one of those instances where you come by and pay your respects when you know things will never be the same.  I had never met him before, but he wanted to say “hi” or was it “goodbye”.

And then it dawned upon me that this may have been my last game in San Diego…the last time I will shoot the Charger Girls here at Qualcomm.  I became a little sad and felt a loss, if this was in fact the end of the Chargers in San Diego.  It was something that I really didn’t believe possible…until that very moment.

It was my time to leave, so I said my goodbyes to my game day friends and as I hugged my seat mates, something I’ve never done before, I got the sense that in doing so, this was the last time that I would ever see them.

*               *               *               *               *

I understand why the NFL wants to relocate a team to Los Angeles, the second largest market in the nation.  But I don’t understand why they want two to move.  Perhaps its because they want to collect an additional $500 million relocation fee or perhaps the era of the NFL dangling the L.A. market out as bait to extort other localities has run its course.  I don’t know.

It makes sense to me why the Rams would want to move to Los Angeles.  By changing their address, owner Stan Kroenke can triple or quadruple the value of his team.  And I get why the Chargers and Raiders want to explore the Los Angeles market…they have crappy stadiums and why should they have to do with out what other owners get to reap, the financial rewards of a modern venue.

But something deep inside of me says that the Chargers belong in San Diego.  San Diegans deserve the Chargers, heck they’ve only supported them for 54 years.  And if the Chargers do relocate to Los Angeles, it just won’t be the same.  Even though I live in L.A., I enjoy going to Chargers games in San Diego.  I enjoy the laid back vibe of city.  I enjoy the people I meet at the games.  I enjoy photographing my San Diego Charger Girls.  I enjoy the long drive home, where I get to relax my mind as I listen to audio books on CDs.  These are all a part of my game day experience.

Yes, if the Chargers do come to L.A., I probably will buy season tickets…but it won’t be the same.  And if this was the last Chargers game in San Diego, it was the end of an era…and you won’t ever see this again.









Let’s begin our special holiday coverage of the Charger Girls wearing their blue velvet uniforms with the Captains: Kayla, Tawnie, Tina, and Katelyn.





Our Charger Girl of the Day is one of many CGs that call Yorba Linda home…introducing Bridget J.!








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2015 NFL Regular Season Week 13 – The Broncos vs. The Chargers: Winning is a Habit

Legendary coach Vince Lombardi once said, “winning is a habit. ” It is a part of a process of doing the right things repeatedly. He also said, “so is losing”. It may also be said, that losing is a part of a process of doing the wrong things repeatedly. And this past Sunday, both facts were in evidence.

The Broncos continued their winning ways by doing the things that they have been doing right all season long, mainly playing solid defense and running an offense efficiently, if unspectacularly. In contrast, the Chargers continued their losing ways by turning the ball over, playing inconsistently and showing a general lack of toughness that elite teams seem to exude.

So the outcome was not unexpected and the Chargers lost their ninth game of season, while the Broncos won their tenth. The Broncos are playing for home field advantage. The Chargers are playing for the first pick in the 2016 NFL draft.

Final Score: Manning-less Broncos – 17, Chargers – 3

I think Coach Lombardi said it the best:

“Winning is not a sometime thing; it’s an all the time thing. You don’t win once in a while; you don’t do things right once in a while; you do them right all of the time. Winning is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing.”

Me? I just hope the Chargers select Alabama running back Derrick Henry with the first pick in the draft next year.

Well, here’s something that will cheer up some Charger fans…










Let’s start off our week 13 coverage of the Charger Girls with the Captains: Kayla, Tina, Tawnie and Katelyn.





This week’s Charger Girl of the Day is a rookie from Ladera Ranch, California…introducing Taylor.








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2015 NFL Regular Season Week 11 – The Chiefs vs. The Chargers: A K.C. Masterpiece

This past Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs came to town to battle the San Diego Chargers.  The game was originally scheduled to be a prime time affair, but it was “flexed” to a 1:05 pm kickoff to reflect the won loss records of both teams.

How was the contest?  It was a one sided affair with the visiting Chiefs dominating the host Chargers in all phases of the game.  It was perhaps, a wise choice for the NFL decision makers to move this game from a national prime time telecast to a more modest viewing audience as this game was a stinker through and through.

Final Score: Chiefs – 33, Chargers – 3

With the loss, the Chargers moved into a tie with the Tennessee Titans and the Cleveland Browns for the honor of being the worst team in the NFL.  At least the Chargers will get a high draft pick for this season’s efforts.

The only consolation for the die hard Charger fans in attendance…the hottest dance team in the NFL, your Charger Girls!










With the flexing of this game, a night game became a day game and the late November date posed some problems with the lighting.  As the game started, there was some direct sunlight which gave way to a mix of shade and spotty sunlight which was succeeded by direct shade with strong back lighting in the fourth quarter…all of which led to some inconsistent and challenging shooting conditions.  Geez, I would have preferred the consistent dim light of a prime time game to this and who knows, perhaps the Chargers would have played better at night.

Okay, enough misery. Let’s get on with the fun stuff and begin this week’s coverage with the Captains: Kayla, Tina, Tawnie, and Katelyn.





The Charger Girl of the Day honor goes to the cheerleader who game me the most memorable photos and it is somewhat of a rarity that a girl wins this award more than once in a season, but indeed we have a two time winner this week…introducing Delani…a two time Charger Girl of the Day.


Delani…she’s special.








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